Mark and Rob


This story is about me, how i ended up getting seduced by my driver and house manager. I belong to a rich family and both my parents work. I am the only son, i spend most of my time living without them since they are travelling all the time for work. I am also a loner, i dont have any friends. I usually stay at home and play video games all the time. I am chubby and hairless boy with sexy curves. I have man boobs and a big ass. I consider myself straight but i sometimes have the urge to watch nude men with hairy bodies. I dont have big manhood its about 5 inches hard. This is a story of how my driver and house manager fucked me.

A little information about them, they are both very old and working for my family before i was even born. They both are fat and have a hairy body. Driver is named mark and the manager is Rob. They both are best buds. They are both in their 50s. When my family is travelling they both take care of me. We also have a cook but he is not part of this story since he just cooks and leave. Now they both take care of me alot, and i believe they never wanted to lay eyes on me until this one incident.

Coming to the incident, i was home alone like usual and was feeling kind of horny. Now usually at night Rob checks around the house, i usually lock my room and masterbate but this one day i forgot to do that. Now Rob was doing this routine checking of the house and he came across my room. I was masterbating inside and he was shocked to see me like this, ofcourse i had no idea i was being watched. He called his friend Mark and towards my room. They both watched me masterbate completely nude. My ass was facing them, within no time they both dropped their pants and were jerking watching me. Now they both are hung, mark has a thick 8inch cock while rob has a long 9.5 inch cock. After i finished i went to the bathroom to take a shower, they both were also done by that time too. Like i said after this incident they looked at me differently. Now my parents were not to come home for about two months, this was an opportunity for them.

Next day i got up and Rob was there with my breakfast. Now usually Rob does the house work after giving me breakfast but today he decided to give me company. He also advised me to come out and play soccer with him and mark sometimes. I was getting fat day by day and i thought this might be a good thing for me after all. At evening i went out and we played some soccer. Now the next 15 days went by without anything happening, but Rob, Mark and I became closer. They would come and hangout in my room. We used to play soccer everyday. My relationship with them was getting better, they started sharing their sexual experiences with me. This things excited me probably i had no one to tell me such things or i had no friends in my life to chat about such things. They mostly told me experiences with girls, but this one day marks tongue slipped and he told me something about being with a young boy. Now it got me curious since i never heard a gay demirlibahçe escort experience. Later at night after they left i went on to watch gay porn for the first time and jerked off. Now mark and rob were also spying on me, i again left the door open but today i noticed one of them through a reflection. I instantly panicked and wore my clothes, i went to the door and saw no one there they had run off. I brushed this thought off thinking it was just in my head. Returned back to watching porn and jerking off but i kept thinking about them watching. I mentioned earlier that i liked watch hairy men, soon that thought of them watching me jerk escalated to imagining them naked and then while i was watching this hot scene in which a boy was getting fucked by 2 men the only thing i could imagine was doing it with mark and rob.

Now the next few day i was really frustrated sexually, i could not stop thinking about both of them, even when playing soccer or hanging out with them i couldnt stop myself from getting a hard on. Now it was all getting according to their plan, i was thinking about them, they also tried their best to seduce me, taking their shirt of while playing and sitting close to me or touching my thighs unintentionally. This was all making me go mad. I was jerking off twice a day thinking about them. Things gotten so escalated that i used to leave my door open while i fapped. They both took complete advantage of that and watched me. They wanted to fuck the shit out of me but they were scared the might lose their jobs, and they wanted me to initiate it.

Now i somewhat got the idea that they watch me, so i set up a camera in the hall way to record them if they do, it was night time and they showed up outside my room like they always do to watch me. I recorded all of that, saw them fap their huge cocks watching me. I knew they wanted me and i also knew they were never gonna initiate. I was horny for them, so now i planned something, i set up a camera in my room. We three were in my room, chilling and watching a movie. After the movie ended i faked taking medicine, Rob asked me what did i take and i told them that it was a sleeping pill, told them it was because i was having trouble sleeping and they bought it.

At night i got naked, left the door open and turned the camera on record to see if something happens. My plan worked, they both showed up. First mark wiggled me a bit to see if i was actually sleeping, i didnt respond. They really thought in was sleeping because then they both got naked. They made out with each other, they were hard as rock too i was pretending to be sleeping and watching them. Then they both got on the bed, started caressing my body soon mark started sucking my dick and rob was licking my hole. I was hard as fuck, i soon blew my load in marks mouth and he just swallowed it. Mark then opened my mouth a bit, and was slowing fucking my mouth with his dick. It was an experience of a life time. I then sensed a finger dikmen escort on my wet hole, slowly it was going in. It hurt, but i had to keep it together. I didnt wanted them to know i was awake. One finger then two then three were inside me, Rob was fingering me while mark was trying to shove more and more of his cock inside my throat, my cock was hard as well. My hole was pretty lose now, then i sensed Robs cock on my hole. I thought i would be able to handle it or it would be a bearable pain but i was wrong. Rob slowly started pressing his cock inside, i was paining like hell, i was also moving a bit to indicate im waking up but it was no use. I had a cock in my mouth and another halfway into my asshole, Rob gave a thrust and most of his cock was inside my hole. I was in pain, shivering and about to black out due to the pain, i was about to break my act and stop him that gave another push shoving all of it inside, that was it i opened my eyes and saw blackness infront of my eyes. Rob took his cock out and shoved it inside again in one push and i blacked out. I had no idea what they did to me next.

I woke up the next day with pain in my ass, i got up went to the toilet and spurted a lot of blood stained cum out of my hole. I was in pain and couldnt walk, my hole was wide open. I took a shower and remembered that i planted a camera, i charged it and play backed the recording. I watched everything, they fucked me for hours. Infact they didnt stop fucking me, it was the camera that died, so i couldnt figure out how long they fucked me. But the recording made me horny, i fapped watching myself get fucked.

I wanted more but then the thought of the pain came back, i didnt wanted to feel it again. I was getting mixed feelings. I thought i should take a rest today, so i didnt spend time with them, told them i was feeling sick and they were okay with it. At night i slept and woke up naked, my hole was again full of cum. They fucked me again in my sleep but why didnt i wake up. Well later i found out they spiked my food and so i slept this time while they fucked me. I set up a camera everyday to see that and everyday i slept like a horse while they fucked me. It was perfect for them they didnt had to worry about me finding out or them getting caught, they didnt know that i knew. The pain was no longer there, i fapped every morning watching myself getting fucked by both of them, i now wanted to stay up and experience it myself so one day i decided to face them.

I didnt wanted to tell them face to face. I wanted to seduce them there was still a month left before my family returned so i had time. It was one morning, i left my door open when i went for a shower, Rob came with my breakfast and sensed that im taking a shower. I was inside fapping and wanted to be caught, he came and saw me fapping, i acted like i got caught, rob apologized and i covered up. He said it was alright and everybody did that, we both sat down and started talking about fapping. ankara escort I asked him if he still does that and he said yes, i found the courage to ask him to fap infont of me, i said it was fair since he saw me. He laughed at first and then he got up, stood infront of me and dropped his pants. He was stroking his huge cock infront of me, i was sitting infront of him in a towel. He stroked for 15 mins and then he said lets do it together since he was the reason why i didnt finish. I took my towel off and he got completely naked, we locked the room and got on the bed and fapped. He grabbed my dick and was giving me a hand job, i knew i had to do the same and i grabbed his cock. We both jerked eachother off till we came. He dressed up and left. We didnt talk about this later the whole day, mark was also with us and was eyeing me. Obviously Rob did tell his best bud what happened. At night the same happened i was drugged and fucked by them. I woke up naked. I knew Rob will be coming with breakfast soon, so i laid there naked and stroked my cock till he came. He knocked the door i covered up and he laughed and said no need to be shy and that we already have a secret between us. I got up and locked the door, asked him can we jerk of together. He was happy, he stripped quickly and grabbed my cock. i grabbed his and we fapped together till we came. It was morning routine for us now, he used to come every morning and we fapped together. And obviously he also fucked me at night by drugging me with his friend.

Things were like this everyday, soon he told me he was in love with me and things escalated to us kissing and making out. He told me we can be in a secret relationship. Then soon we were sucking eachother off. Then he wanted to fuck me, i told me it will hurt and he said will try to give me least bit of pain and assuring me it will be alright. I agreed, my hole was already fucked by him, i knew that and he did too, we both were pretending. I got into doggystyle and he slowly started pushing his cock inside, and i pretended it hurt which it didnt. soon he was fucking me. i was enjoying my first fuck session while awake. He fucked me and shot his warm cum inside my hole. He fucked me again, this time i rode him. I also came on his chest and we just lay there kissing after our session.

I was now thinking would they drug me again at night to fuck me or things will be more transparent now. Well night came and i fell asleep, i woke up to feeling something in my mouth and ass. It was mark and rob they were fucking me, since i let rob fuck me, they knew i was gay, so they didnt bother drugging me tonight. I didnt resist either i let them fuck me. We fucked for hours, them taking turns. After a sensual session we all slept there, and then it was me, rob and mark fucking all the time. After that i let them fuck me all the time, whenever i was horny or any of them. This how my journey of being their fuck toy began, they fucked me everyday till my family came back home.

Even after they came back, rob and mark used to sneak up inside my room to fuck me. When my family left for a trip again, i was naked with them all the time. Having sex whenever we wanted. They also introduced me to their friends and they all gangbanged me.

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