Married women 11 – Brenda


Many years ago I was invited to participate in an Open Tournament in the USA. People from all over the world were invited, and I was really looking forward to it! Because this was a chance to see more of the country, I decided to arrive earlier and leave later.
In those days, money was a real issue with me, and I had to look for a flight I could afford. By far the cheapest way was to fly there ten days before the start of the tournament and back a week after it. I called the head of the organizing team, a certain Steve, who immediately said ‘No problem! Come whenever you wanna, you can live at our place!’
Of course I was very happy, I accepted his really generous offer, and it happened that I landed a few weeks later on a small regional airport in the south of the States, where Steve and his wife Brenda were waiting for me. Steve was about 6’ 8” tall, had a deep, booming voice and a broad smile; Brenda however was about 5’ 3” small, at first sight not really an eye-catcher, but slim, with beautiful hands and a well-filled pullover.
We at once got along very well, had a nice evening together, and on the next day I was already helping with the last organizing details! I did whatever I could, and so it happened that we became friends even before the tournament had begun. Brenda had a job as an independent alternative practitioner, a very esoteric person, and we often talked about very personal things whenever we had the time. She often took me by the hand when we were headed somewhere, sometimes even gave me a quick hug, just like that … she was a pretty special woman, I thought ….

On the last days before the tournament we were hit by the last throes of a hurricane, and we had loads to do saving everything possible from damage. On the evening before the tournament, we were totally exhausted, soaked through, and all we wanted was to go home and enjoy a nice, warm shower … when suddenly, right in the middle of the pouring rain, Brenda grabbed me and pressed her lips to mine … it took me a few seconds to realize what was happening … but then out ongues danced a wild dance together ….
This surprise kiss went on for a few minutes, then we got in the car and chatted about the oncoming tournament as if nothing had happened. I admit I had a bad conscience, because Steve had become a real friend.

As soon as the tournament started, it grew sweltering hot! I met a lot of new people, we had a lot of fun, I played some really good games – I think everybody had a real good time! After a hard week it was goodbye again, but I was looking forward to another week with Steve and Brenda.

On the second day, Steve had to go into town to meet with some of the sponsors, so Brenda promised me to show me a beautiful little lake where we could swim and where practically nobody else went. We drove there, and indeed we were all alone! We swam a bit, splashed around in the water like k**s, and I couldn’t help noticing that Brenda not only had really very beautiful hands and feet, but that her pullover had hidden very much indeed …. She was small and slim, but she had really large breasts, and although she was 45 at the time, they didn’t seem to hang the least bit. I still didn’t think she had an attractive face, but I started looking at her with different eyes, and I remembered our hurricane kiss ….

After a while we laid on our towels in the sun and enjoyed the total silence, the sounds of nature around us. I guess I even fell asleep a bit, but when I opened my eyes again and turned my head to see what Brenda was doing … she had taken off her bikini top and tanned her breasts … and they were indeed large, beautifully hard, simply magnificent ….
Since she had her eyes closed, I became adventurous … I leaned Iover her … and softly licked her right nipple ….
Brenda didn’t move, didn’t say a word … I continued to lick her nipples and softly nibble on them … then I took one of her breasts in my hand and started to knead it lightly … Brenda remained silent, her eyes were still closed, but her nipples were erect … invited me … I went on massaging and kissing her fabulous breasts … she began to breath more heavily … and the I stroked her pussy very lightly underneath her bikini ….
She still didn’t resist … only her breath and her nipples … and the smell from her crotch … told me she was enjoying it ….
But now my conscience began to resist! Steve is even now, after so many years, a very special human being, so I moved away from Brenda, laid back on my towel, and once again all was silent ….

After what seemed a very long time, we got up to go home. In the car Brenda told me it had been so wonderful, and how highly she thought of me for not having gone farther, because she probably would not have been able to resist me, and that might have meant trouble with her relationship. However, she insisted on telling Steve everything and finding out why it was never so wonderful with him ….
And that’s exactly what she did, so Steve told me, and said he was happy we had had such a nice day together, and that he considered me a real friend …. Steve and Brenda are still a couple, and although thousands of miles lie between us, we’re still in contact. I think I did everything right, and I don’t regret having pulled the brakes … only sometimes my mind wanders ….

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