Mary and I


My wife was the oldest of 11 children. I had met her in the big city when she was 18, just turning 19 when much for her family moved to the Eastern shore of Maryland to live in the rural countryside.

Her mother did not like me very much in the beginning as I had been married before. She was quite “religious” at the time and hardly managed to talk to me as I courted her daughter.

My wife Della and I were married after a year of courting. Due to her mother’s raising, she was a virgin when we married though I had given her a lot of oral sex, she jerking me off with a sock on my cock.

Her mother, Mary, warmed up to me after 10 years of marriage. The magic number I suppose when she figured our marriage was secure for the long run. By the time 20 years rolled around I could even say she was funded me.

Now, in the mix of these 11 children was John. John was a healthy and well-rounded young guy until he reached his 19th birthday and he began to suffer from seizures. A brain tumor was found to be the cause. The operation helped little in stopping the seizures. His health continue to fail and by the time he was 27, he was confined to a bed that was placed in the dining room, I suppose you could call it, off the kitchen and adjacent to one of the back doors. Both rooms were open to each other with only old and scared 4 x 6 studs dividing them. There was a wall there at one time.

I wife’s father, Mary’s husband, and passed away when John was early in this 29th year. It was a sad time for all and my daughter and her mother had a difficult time with their “religious” beliefs. I felt at the time that her mother and I became a bit closer.

John required a lot of attention, and was the center of attention as his bed was basically in the kitchen and family life revolved around the many family members in the kitchen.

Time passed and there came a time when there were only two daughters and one son left living near Mary and John. Mary refused help from anyone, though I would travel there at least twice a month to check on her. It was always an unnecessary trip, perhaps a quick to the market, but I did it because it made my wife feel better.

There came a time when my mother-in-law had the notion she was a healer. Things were happening with John that she insisted was because of her hands laid on him. I never got the impression religion was involved in this feeling process.

There came a time when I was having trouble with my shoulders and during a weekend visit, with most of the family there, she suggested I get on “her” table and let her have a go at making my shoulder problems go away. Her table was in the next room which was an extension, divided by chimney/potbelly stove and staircase. of her bedroom in the old house. Actually, it was the living room, the bedrooms upstairs, but Mary needed to be where she could help John 24/7. It was out of sight of the rest of the family mingling in the kitchen, though we could converse very easily with them.

I was 32 at the time and Mary, I figure, was in her early 50s. I lay on her table as she murmured under her breath and squeezed, massaged and poked at my shoulders. Me and a few others in the kitchen were joking about their mother’s ability, much to her scorn. Quite embarrassingly, I developed a hard-on which was quite noticeable through my jeans. I watched my mother-in-law closely to see if she had seen it. A bit of time passed and I concluded she had seen it but was ignoring it.

Ignoring it, until she reached down and squeezing it quite hard through my jeans. She slapped it smartly and promptly left me, returning to the kitchen. As she intended, I was quite sure, my cock withered. I left the table and returned to the kitchen. We avoided eye contact most of the afternoon, until Della and I, and our two kids, said goodbye.

I had found the incident humorous and for a few days pondered what my mother-in-law must have thought or was thinking about the incident.

Now, when I made my trips to visit her and John, I rarely called and she never made any comment to advise be otherwise. On a Tuesday, I was off from work and told my wife I was going to visit her mother and John. She was pleased. I had breakfast on the Eastern shore and pulled into my mother-in-law’s yard about 10:30 AM, seeing her Crown Vic in the yard assured that she was home.

Walking up the ramp on the right side of the house, I took note that the three windows had the curtains drawn and the door had a shade pulled down. I glanced back at the car wondering if someone, daughter her son, had picked her up to do some shopping. That would have to mean someone else was with John. But why with the curtains drawn?

As the pane glass in the windows were thin, I hammered on the wooden part of the door as was my custom. Apparently the shock to the door, caused the shade of the door window to fly up, causing a flapping sound as it reached the top.

I was shocked to see my mother-in-law looking up at me, with a deer in the headlight yalova escort expression on her face, as she straddled John’s midsection, her dress hiked up and blossoming out around her.

It took a few moments to determine, but there was little doubt, that Mary was having sexual intercourse with her in-firmed son, John.

Giving the lady credit, showing no concern, she lifted herself off John, putting one foot on the floor and then the other, leaving John’s erection sticking through his briefs to the open air. It listened wet. After opening the door for me, I heard disgruntled murmurings from John. Noting there was one more window, framed on the back corner, also had the curtains closed. I saw Mary’s underwear wrapped over the headboard in the corner.

Mary offered no greeting, but turned and walked into the kitchen to the sink and stood there with her hands to her face. I wondered if she was crying. She stood there for the longest time and I pondered if I should just go away, but finally she turned.

“Good morning, Press.” Mary greeted. “Why don’t you fix yourself some tea. Let me finish up here and we will talk.”

I watched my mother-in-law fetch a chair and place it midway of the bed. She sat down voicing comforting words to John and began stroking his cock. I tried to concentrate on boiling water and finding the teabags, my attention constantly being drawn to his soft moans and noises from John as his mother stroked his cock.

It did not take long and I soon heard a familiar grown of male orgasm. Mary reached into a bucket I had not seen and retrieved a washcloth, squeezed it dry and cleaned John and her hand and wrist up. She tucked his limp cock back into his briefs, whispering to him that now he would feel better and for him to go to sleep.

Before I sat down at the table, I had made 2 cups of tea, one, the way Mary liked hers. She sat down in front of her cup, gazing around at everything except me.

“About a year and a half ago,” she began, “I was bathing him and he got an erection. He began giving me a really hard time. He’s always been difficult, but that time he was just flopping around, his penis rock-hard. It is very hard to understand what he says, but I’ve gotten a lot better than most of the children. After listening very close, I was convinced I heard him say “touch it”. I did and he calmed right down.” She took a few moments to compose herself. “Needless to say I was shocked but I began stroking it and even put the head in my mouth. It only took a few minutes before he shot off. I’ve been doing that at least twice a day and sometimes in the middle of the night since that first time. It calms him down tremendously, believe me!”

I sipped my tea and studied my mother-in-law. I wanted to ask her why she went beyond the call of duty…to suck it. Such a stiff and uptight woman I had thought her to be. Now, I found out that she not only masturbated her son, but had succumbed to taste the fruit herself. I pondered whether to ask when she had started riding his erection or wait to see if she would eventually tell me. I sipped my tea and waited. I thought of her walking around panty-less. She excused herself and headed for the bathroom.

“Can I make you a sandwich or a piece of cake?” She asked on returning from the bathroom.

“Yes a sandwich would be great.” I answered.

“I know what it must look like I’m insane.” She said, gathering the sandwich items. “But a woman has needs. I usually masturbated to satisfy my needs but I was stroking him one night and I got a great desire… a great desire… to have it in me… his thing… his cock.

I could see she was truly embarrassed and frazzled. I told her I understood and she did not have to worry about me saying anything. As I ate my sandwich, I queried her about John’s health, the rest of the family on the Eastern shore and how she herself had been doing. I asked if there was anything she needed done. anything she needed to go, that I had three hours to accomplish any task.

Sitting in front of me she started crying. I leaned forward and took her hand and reaffirmed my understanding and promise not to say anything. Sniffling and trying to control her crying she affirmed that she was not a bad mother, told me the first time she had done it she cried half the night at her inability to control her needs. She explained that because of her husband’s, Bob, drinking she had shunned his attempts at intercourse, taking her sexual desires into her own hands. If he had not passed away, her incestuous desires would never had been realized. She cursed him for dieing on her.

Now, her daughter, my wife’s sister, Sarah was only 18 months older than our 10-year-old daughter. I had always wondered if a woman with 11 children, one, so late in life, enjoyed a good cock or just wanted a large family. This is from the perspective of a single child. This kind of thought also produced pondering of what it might be like to fuck my mother-in-law. yozgat escort She wasn’t my type? I would have to say I would, but I pondered fucking her not marrying her.

She soon dried her eyes and sucked it up. She stood and left the table and went to John’s bed to see if there was anything he needed. He wasn’t sleeping. She poured him some juice and helped him drink it.

“I can’t think of anything that I need doing that wouldn’t take most of the day. I can get Michael (her son, the only one living near) to do that job when he has time.”

She was at the sink again with the bucket that had been by John’s bed, her back to me.

“Couple weeks ago when you were on my table you got an erection… what caused that?” She quizzed.

“I suppose, just having a woman’s hands rubbing me.” I replied, then added partly to be humorous, to make her feel wanted or to admit to my hidden desire. “It could have been because I have had a few fantasies about you.”

“Because of that damn shade, you caught me me in a most embarrassing and compromising position. John and I were close to finishing, which you interrupted.” She told me, still, her back to me. “I took care of John but my body is still flushed and wanting. If you really wish to do something for me… show me what kind of fantasies you’ve had about me.”

In actuality, I had nothing, but that wasn’t going to be a problem. Safe family pussy was being offered. I stood and moved in close behind her, putting my hands on her hips. “I have imagined you riding me before. You are able to come on top?” I was responding to her comment that THEY had been close to coming.

“Yes, it took a little practice…because of who it was. I could tell when Bob was going to ejaculate. His cock would get really stiff and of course he would be pounding my ass off. Just like Bob, I can feel John’s cock get really hard and his little noises becomes quite frantic. His mind is quite sound. He understands completely what we are doing, but his mind and mouth is where everything gets scrambled. I just wait for that hardness…think about Bob… and put my finger there, then, get my orgasm quickly before him.”

I was quite surprised at my mother-in-law’s descriptive language. I pushed a little,

“Where exactly did you put your finger?”

“On my clit.” She answered, turning her head and smiling. “I actually prefer to be on my back having my ass pounded off.”

“You have only had two men? You husband and John? I queried.

“Of course!” She answered, a bit defensively. “You were married once, of course, but have you cheated on Della?”

“No, of course not.” I shot back. “I feel family, us, me and you, not in the realm of cheating.”

“My sentiments too.”

“Where do you us to be?” I inquired with a whisper, hoping it sounded lovingly or lustfully.

“We don’t want to upset John.” She replied. “Like I said, his mind is sound. He will know what we are doing. He has heard us talking and probably already knows what we are going to do.”

“I’m willing to do whatever you need. Tell me exactly what we are going to do.” I quizzed. “I don’t want to set my expectations too high.”

“You are very considerate. I’m sorry I gave you such a hard time early on…you are my favorite…have been for years.” She said, humor in the tone, then. “Anything you want as long as I have an orgasm during the next two and half hours. I should tell you…” Her voice faltered. “that John occasionally gives me oral. I guess you could say I forced it on him, but I wanted to try it and found it is quite enjoyable and I think he likes doing it. He’s very sloppy at it. He’s all over the place. Drives me to distraction. Let me go wash up a bit and we will go into the bedroom. You can go and start drawing the curtains. Mike is gone to New York and the girls are working… it’s passed their lunch hour. And pull that damn shade on the door down again.”

As Mary moved towards the bathroom, I walked to the door and pulled the curtain down. I then moved left to the middle of John’s bed and leaned down to his ear.

I whispered, “don’t hold it against me John, but I’m going to fuck your mother. You have nothing to worry about. I have little doubt that she will continue to give you her pussy. If I am lucky, I may be fortunate enough to fuck her more than this once. We can share her.”

I saw a smile appear on John’s face. I moved to the bedroom/living room and closed the curtains on the four windows. There was a door with no curtains at the far end of the room. It led through a sunny sitting room to another small building that was used for bedrooms when there were more children at home. I studied it a moment and accepted to leave it be.

I heard Mary tell her son to take a nap. She entered the room still wearing her jean dress with top straps and a pink cotton shirt.

“I removed my panties from the bed railing. I think it would be safe if I left on my dress. You can remove your ankara escort pants if you wish. I am interested in seeing your cock.”

“You left your panties off, yes?”

“I did!” She replied, with a child like tone.

As I strip from the waist down, she moved to the bed and placed herself in the middle of it on her back, straightening her dress, leaving her covered from the knees up. After removing everything I had on from the waist down, I joined her in the bed, to her right, on my back, letting my cock stand tall. I studied her as she looked at my cock. She slowly moved her right hand to grip it and stroked it very slowly.

“Does that feel good?”

“Very much.” I assured her.

“Do you want me to suck it?”

“Only if you like to to do it.” I answered.

She lifted herself on her elbow, maneuvering to her knees, then, began to suck the head of my cock. She was soon stroking it, taking half of it into her mouth. I watched, felling like I should pinch myself to believe all this was real. I felt I was close to coming and eased her head off me.

“My turn.” I told her, maneuvering her to her belly and pushing her dress up to uncover her bare ass. As I suspected, her ass was broad and beefy. It mattered little as I began to kiss and nibbled at her ass cheeks, running my tongue up the crack of her ass. I could smell the aroma of sweet soap with an underlying sent of her womanly odor.

After a few long minutes, I maneuvered her to her back and began kissing down her still mostly covered belly and thighs. When I reached her mound, I lifted her dress and revealed a considerable belly that creased her midsection just above her mound. But I also revealed a very thick, dark brown, forested bush. Oh, how I love a thick bush.

I rolled over atop her legs, dropping between them as she spread and lifted her beefy legs. Her upper thighs touched and I had to push her legs wider to exposed her pussy. Puffy, and a bit loose, pussy lips, were outlined with a considerable amount of pubic hair. She had birthed 11 children and perhaps it had been lovelier and tighter in her youth. Again, I reminded myself family pussy was safe pussy. Without a second thought, I put my face to it, pecked it with a few kisses, before searching every nook and cranny with the tip of my tongue. I soon found her clit.

“Oh, press! That is so good! Much better than John’s sloppy attempts at licking it. Right there! Yes! Yes! Don’t move! Noooooooo! Yes! YES! Push it deeper! I can’t believe you’ve got your tongue in my pussy!”

Her ass was humping my face as I shoved my tongue repeatedly into her loose, very lubricated pussy. I slid my hands under her beefy ass to lift her up. I was purging her juices from my mouth, it flowing slowing down my chin, her slippery thighs wetting my cheeks. I returned to her clit.

“I don’t want to wait any longer! Make me come! Make me come now! Right there! Oh, fuck! Another second! Don’t move! Rightttttt THREeeeeeeeeeeee!”

I followed her ass up, helping to support her weight, letting her down slowly as the orgasm slowly release her. I had no intentions of quitting quite yet. Still, I was purging a good amount of her lubrication from my mouth. I slowly flicked the tip of my tongue over and around her clit.

“That was wonderful, Press.” She moaned “You could do that all day long or at least until I pass out or go crazy.

She lifted her knees high and placed her feet on my shoulders as I continued to concentrate most of my attention at her clit. Her moans were soft and continuous. I lifted my eyes and saw a considerable amount of her not so large breasts peeking from under the dress. I reached with my left hand to clear the left tit and fondled it, a good hand full, stroking the nipple with my thumb. Her moans changed their pitch. Her nipple was erect, firm and sensitive.

Her second orgasm took considerably longer than the first one. I watched her study me between her legs. I felt her hands scuffle at my hair. I saw her smile at me, her eyelids heavy. “Don’t move.” were her only words when the orgasm flowed softly through her, her body trembling, her midsection flexing, before coming to rest. She sighed loudly and contently. I want to let her alone to be happy and content, but our limited time was passing.

I backtracked off of the bed, taking hold of her legs, and with her help, moving her ass to the edge of the bed. The bedside sagged slightly as I pushed her legs back against her breasts. I lightly gripped my cock and slapped at her pussy with my shaft. I scrubbed the crack, wetting most of the length in her juices. I slapped some more before pushing the head of my cock quickly to her hole, and shoved deep. I withdrew it slowly and completely. I slapped my shaft on her pussy some more before sticking her again. I withdrew with completely. Slapped it some more.

“Again. Stick it in me! Again!” She directed.

I repeat the steps three times as she grunted and moaned her approval.

“Again! Deeper! Don’t stop!” She demanded.

I performed the actions four more times. The fourth time I pushed into her deep, slipped my hands from her thighs to the outer side of her ass and gripped them firmly, lowering my chest atop hers. I began to fuck her with serious intent and determination.

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