Massage Parlor


Noelani walked in and dropped her robe to the floor. On the massage table lay a tall, tanned, muscular man, with a towel covering his firm buttocks; his head was turned away from her. Standing there naked, she bit her lip as she assessed her latest patient. Mmmm this is going to be fun, she thought to herself as she walked over to the table.

“Hello, my name is Noelani and I’ll be making you feel good today,” as she said this he turned his head and looked at her. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was, “Alan? What are you doing here?”

Alan looked into her eyes and smiled, “I heard you were working here and thought I would stop by. You see my muscles are all bound up and I could really use a good massage.”

Noelani grinned at Alan and nodded her head, “oh I’ll take care of you.”

She walked over to a table in the corner that had an assortment of massaging oils. She grabbed a lavender smelling oil and walked back over to the massage table. Twisting off the cap, she gently squeezed the bottle and watched as drops of the oil fell onto Alan’s naked back. Alan flinched at the coolness of the oil, but then relaxed and sighed with pleasure. Rubbing some oil on her hands, Noelani gently rubbed the sweet smelling oil over his back, massaging it deeply into his skin.

He started to relax as she pressed her thumbs and knuckles into his muscles, each motion of her hands loosening his tight body even more. Alan breathed deeply as Noelani moved from his back to his arms and pulled and squeezed his muscles bahçeşehir escort loose. She could hear his breathing become steady with each rube of her hands. Noelani stopped massaging and climbed onto the table, straddling Alan.

She grabbed the oil and squeezed a little more onto his back, pushing the cap down with one hand, the other rubbed the oil into his skin. With both hands, she pressed into the muscles on each side of his upper back and then to his shoulders. Leaning forward, her hard nipples briefly brushed against his back. He made a slight moan, as he realized what had touched him. She could feel his body tighten slightly with pleasure.

A smile formed on her face, as she leaned forward and allowed her breasts to rest on his bare back, her hands running down his arms, squeezing his biceps, pressing the stress out of them. He started to breathe deeply as his excitement grew. Her pelvis slowly rubbed against his towel covered buttocks, while she kissed the back of his neck, and nibbled on his ear.

Alan moaned with pleasure and reached behind his back, running his hands along Noelani’s smooth legs. Smiling, Noelani scooted closer to Alan’s waist, feeling his hands grasp her round buttocks. Pressing harder into the muscles in his back, she felt his hands squeeze her buttocks harder.

Enough of this, she thought to herself. She lifted her legs, placed her feet onto the table at Alan’s sides and lifted herself up into a standing bakırköy escort position. Alan felt her weight come off of him and he rolled over, the towel falling to the ground, his hard shaft standing at attention, pointing up at Noelani.

She grinned and slowly lowered herself down, then scooted to the end of the table, grabbing the oil and drizzling it around his shaft, stroking him. He moaned, watching her, smiling, one hand under his head, the other running along her cheek, and through her black hair.

Luckily for her, Noelani invested in edible oils, opening her mouth, her tongue darted out and swirled around the head, flicking along the small opening, then ran along the back, as her hand continued to stroke him, she moved her tongue to his firm sac, and sucked each side. He groaned, opening his thighs more, giving her more access. Her hand, coated in oil, continued to stroke him, moving faster, swirling around his thickness, her fingers barely touching.

She massaged his sac as she moved her tongue back up the tip of his shaft, opening her lips wider; she took his length deep into her throat, sucking him hard, her saliva coating him, pulling up off his cock with a pop, she grinned, when he looked at her with that one look that always got her. She climbed back up onto the table and stood above him, spreading her folds for him, running a finger along her clit, then to her heat, honey coating her finger, dripping down on to his cock.

Bending başakşehir escort her knees, she lowered herself slowly, sinking down onto his thick, throbbing shaft, a moan of ecstasy escaping her lips. Alan closed his eyes and moaned as her warmth enveloped him. Running his hands over her hips, he cupped her firm ass, squeezing it. He felt her hands run along his chest, then soft pressure, as she supported herself as she rode him.

She moved slow at first, allowing his shaft to stretch her, then picked up the pace, using her feet as support, lifting herself up and down, then laying on top of him as she slammed her hot pussy onto his shaft. His hands gripping her ass, smacking it hard, leaving red hand prints. She cried out with each slap, biting his shoulder, leaving teeth marks as he worked her clit with his thumb.

He thrust up into her, as she came down onto his shaft, pressing into her spot, rubbing her heat. He gripped her hair and tugged her face to the side, kissing her hard as he gripped her ass cheek and pulled it open, thrusting up into her fast and with all the passion he had for her, his shaft a blur. She moaned into his kiss, sucking on his lip as he filled her, gripping her arm, he held it behind her back as he took over, and brought her closer and closer to her climax.

He felt his sac tighten as his own climax grew close, she gasped, arching back as her whole body contorted and she cried out as her honey flowed. He groaned, waiting till she was done, her body humming, then with one hard thrust, he came, filling her with his hot sticky seed, mixing it with her honey, and held her as she panted, her face pressed into his neck.

“Now…that’s what I call a massage,” he said, chuckling.

“mmm you’ve been my best client,” she said smiling, kissing him, then slipping from his arms, grabbing a towel and looking at him, ” you can come back any time.”

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