Master fucks Sissy Eve


Master fucks Sissy EveI kneel next to you and open up your manly jeans. I’m dressed up in black stockings, suspenders, black patent high heels, bondage collar, blonde hair and fully made-up with smokey eye shadow and red lipstick. A hint of perfume tints the air. You have a leash in one hand which is collected to my bondage collar. It’s tight as you lightly slap my sissy face, calling me a slut, faggot, cum dumpster and whore. I’m so horny and beg for your cock, which you say yes.Without saying another word, I gently get out your semi-hard cock and start licking up and down the sides and down to your balls. You start to buck your hips up into my mouth a bit when I wrap my hot lips over the tip of your cock and dart my tongue quickly back and forth over the very tip. You let out a moan and I push you down onto my large kingsized canlı bahis bed. I straddle you backwards with my stocking leg over you, my cute lil ass up over your face as you start to paddle my ass, all the time verbally abuse me for being a such a pathetic cock slut, Daddy’s sissy whore and your secret sissy fuck-toy.I suck you for a while as you grope and tongue my sweet pussy hole. Just the sight of my lil hole makes you so fucking hard and throbbing in my throat. I start to explore your smooth balls with my tongue. I sit up just for a brief second and with some cock brained babble you toss me a pillow and I prop my head up as you dove your hot tongue into my clean tight lil sissy cunt. You tease and torment me for several minutes as I try and please your cock and im so horny and need to take your hot cock inside bahis siteleri me. Your cock is so fucking hard and aroused, throbbing and wet with my sissy spit. You allow me to crawl forward onto the floor, perching my ass up into the air as I beg you to “Fuck me daddy, please fuck me!”. You look down over my sexy stockings as your cockhead throbs against my hole as you push it in. My eye’s roll back as I you bottom out inside of me, my sissy cumslot tight against your hard cock. You start start to fuck me hard as I enjoy the best fuck of my life. I’m in sissy heaven and I’m trying so hard not to come but my ass-pussy is SO tight against Daddy’s cock. I moan and look over to you as your cock flexes. Just as you deep dick fuck me and pull and push your large manly cock a few more times, gaping my ass futher. I’m so close güvenilir bahis to spurting all over the bedsheets and I tighten ass pussy and clench so so hard, it feels like my pussy was sucking the cum out of you like a straw.You cant hold it and let out a big moan “fuckkk cummingggg, you sissy faggot whore!” as my hole pulses against your cock and I let out a moan and beg some stupid sissy babble, You lean your weight into me and pushed your cock as deep as it would go. Jets of warm cum ropes dumping into my lil hole breeding my sissy ass with Daddy hot cum. It feels so fucking good as I can’t help myself as I cum all over myself like a pathetic used sissy. You whip your still hard cock out my newly gaped ass and you slap my face with your against my now ruined makeup as you make me suck it clean of your daddy’s juice. All the time choking me and slapping me harder for not obeying orders not to cum myself. You order me to lick up the cum from the floor as you whip my red ass into submission for being a such a cocksucking sissy faggot.

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