Masurbating for Linda Ch. 02


I knew that Linda would be out for the evening, so I worked a little later and arrived home just before 6.30pm. As usual, I stripped naked, put on some coffee, considered the chores that I had been instructed to perform in Linda’s absence and walked into the dining room. On the table was a note from Linda, which said:

“Get the chores done straight away.
From 8pm, sit in the car with no clothes on facing the gates, wanking until I come home.


No cheating.”

Vehicular access to the property is via a pair of wooden gates set back about 2m from the back of pavement. The garage is not used for the cars, so one car is always parked up against the wall out of sight behind the gates, and the other is reversed in facing the gates, so that the two cars form a T. As I was the first one home, I had put the car up against the wall. The first thing I had to do was put some clothes back on and reposition the car facing the gates. The second thing was to consider how long I would be sitting naked in my car, in daylight, in view of anyone walking along the pavement, wanking. As it was a summer’s evening, it was not going to get dark until after 9.30pm.

Furthermore, it is not unusual for Linda to arrive home after 10pm, and occasionally gone 11pm. I could be playing with myself for two to three hours. The instructions did not say whether or not I could ejaculate; therefore I must assume that I did not have permission to cum.

The final thing was to get into the car naked. I considered this over a microwave dinner. By the time 7.55pm arrived, I had not arrived at a solution. There was only one thing for it. Just before 8pm, I locked the back door to the house and threw the keys in through the open window, pushing it shut. Now I could not enter the house until Linda arrived home. A bit nervously I walked naked down the path. Fortunately, only the immediate neighbours overlook the path from the back door. Things get trickier once past the lounge window, as the angle of the wall meant I was walking straight towards the gates, giving anyone a full view as they drive past. Again, that would be OK, but occasionally the density of traffic causes a car to come to a halt outside the gates. Also, anyone strolling by on the pavement would see me walking down the path. From here in, there is no hiding place. I paused there, listening for the traffic, passing pedestrians, and contemplating getting to the car naked. I also knew that time was against me. I took one or two deep breaths and began walking down the path – now in view. The threat of exposure Escort bayan grew with every pace until I was at the point of no return. From here I scampered down the rest of the path, around the back of the car (now completely exposed to the neighbours, passing traffic and pedestrians) unlocked the car and got into the driver’s seat.

I closed the door behind me and heaved a huge sigh of relief. I was relatively safe, although unless I wanted to repeat the exercise of wandering around the outside the house naked, I was trapped in the car. When Linda arrived home, I could manoeuvre the car against the wall and wait while she closed the gates, and allow me safe passage back into the house.

The clock said 7.59. I adjusted the seat into a low lying position, minimising the amount that a passerby could see, until I was satisfied that my groin was out of sight to all but a particularly inquisitive neighbour. As the clock ticked over to 8.00, I took hold of my cock and began to wank.

The first few minutes were hugely exciting. The thought of being locked out of the house naked thrilled me and the fact that I was in such an exposed position got me hard and on the edge of cumming almost immediately. I was sitting in my car surrounded by a 6 foot wall, the only gap in which is the double gates. The car was parked within the yard facing the gates, and I was sitting in the driver’s seat looking out over about ten foot of pavement, a bit of road and the neighbour’s house across the road. These houses do not have a wall and are open to the road but for a small fence with double gates in it. I calmed myself down and settled down for a long wait. A couple of male pedestrians walked by without glancing over at me and a woman walked by on the other side of the road.

After about 30 minutes, the woman who lived across the road came out of her house, looked across at me in the car and opened her gates. We had never met so there was no reason to wave or acknowledge her presence. She got into her car and pulled out to her gates, again pausing to look at me, then set off down the road and out of sight.. She returned only a few minutes later, parked and shut the gates, again looking over at me. I wondered whether she had seen me get into the car naked and was wondering what was going on. Taking her car out for a few minutes may have been just a ruse to get a closer look. She would be able to see my chest and probably my arm moving as I masturbated, but I was satisfied that she could not see any further, even from her bedroom windows. I Bayan escort idly speculated about whether she would come over to investigate further. I also wondered how much could be seen through the windscreen when the sky was reflected back over it.

It then dawned on me that I needed a cover story, in case someone did see me. I settled on the fabrication that I had lost a bet with Linda the night before, the result of a football match or something. The stakes were that if I won, she had to give me a blowjob, if she won, I would have to sit in the car naked all evening. This would not entirely explain the erection, but hopefully, the panic of someone approaching the car would deal with that.

A little while later a young woman appeared from the right and stood in front of the gates with her back to me, waiting to cross the road. This gave me ample opportunity to examine and admire her figure, while wanking. She had quite a nice arse, accentuated by the figure hugging midi skirt and was the focus of my attention for some minutes. When she looked to the right checking the traffic, she had to look slightly over her shoulder, so there was always the threat that something would catch her eye and she would turn and see me, no more than ten feet away, naked and wanking. This set me off on a fantasy where I could add to my “lost bet” story. Having explained that I had to sit naked in the car, I would apologise for my erection and say that it was a natural reaction to seeing such a beautiful woman. Obviously, once she had got over the initial shock she would be intrigued by the sight of a naked man sporting an erection because of her, and either ask me to masturbate while she watched or reward my honesty with the best blowjob ever – her being the National Fellatio Champion and all. Because of the traffic, she stayed there for some minutes and every time she looked right my heart leapt and I nearly ejaculated all over my chest. The longer she stayed there the more convinced I was that the fantasy would come true, but eventually, she crossed the road and walked out of sight and I could relax. It’s amazing how an erect cock addles the brain.

As I continued to lie naked on the leather chair, sweating in the humidity of the enclosed space, I began to realise the attraction of saunas. The feeling of sweat on naked flesh is quite sensuous, and I began to enjoy masturbating in the closeness of the car and the feeling all over my skin. But I was getting close to cumming, so I had to calm down again.

The biggest crisis was after about Escort an hour and a half, when a woman appeared across the street and stopped next to the gates outside the house over the road. She glanced over at the car, but kept her attention on the road, Checking for traffic. Two or three quick glances the she crossed the road, walking and looking straight at me, appearing as if she was going to walk straight in through the gates and up to the car. I was frantic. What could she see? And if she saw what I sort of hoped she could see, what would she do? Half of me wanted her to walk over to me and the other half was hoping she would walk on. I sat in the car and tried to compose my face into a casual expression, which is particularly difficult when you are naked and wanking in a car and have convinced yourself that the woman coming straight towards you can see you. I am really not sure if I was elated or disappointed when she turned before reaching the gates and carried on along the pavement out of sight. I know that once the panic had subsided, the elation took over and I was once again on the verge of cumming.

In total, 15 people walked past the gates, and countless cars paused outside them waiting for a gap in the traffic.

At 10, Linda came home, just as a dull ache was beginning to develop in my balls – the result of two hours of wanking and staying close to ejaculation. In order to let Linda in I manoeuvred the car against the wall, and helped her close the gates. I had not received instructions to stop wanking, so I continued playing with myself as we exchanged pleasantries, closed the gates, and walked down the path and into the house. She pointed to a spot on the mat by the door.

“Stand there”

She then turned and fixed herself a drink – normally my task. I had to stand on the mat masturbating for a further half an hour, while she took her drink and checked on the chores I had been assigned. She then settled down in her favourite chair, reading a magazine and ignoring me. I was now frantic, with a sore cock from wanking, the ache in my balls was now a pulsating throb and I was desperate to cum; standing on the mat slightly to one side, like some sort of naked, perverted manservant. I had reached the stage where I was prepared to do almost anything, just for the short lived ecstasy of cumming. After a total of three hours, she simply said “You may cum now”, without looking up. Immediately the cum shot out of my stiff cock, nearly reaching the kitchen door. Further explosions splattered the timber floor as my pelvic muscles contracted, leaving a trail across the floor, from me to the door.

As the spasms died, she looked up and said, “Now clear up”. Immediately I was on my hands and knees licking up the semen that lay in a ten foot line, making sure the floor was spotless.

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