Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 10


“Did you pack my thermal socks babe?”

“Yes honey, they’re in my blue suitcase,” I yelled from the kitchen.

I sipped on my coffee and skimmed through my email using our ipad. Matt was still getting ready; we had a flight in two hours. We were on Christmas vacation and were spending it with Summer and Adam in Colorado, up in the mountains in a log cabin.

About an hour later, we had checked in for our flight and were walking towards our gate. As we walked, I began to feel a bit nauseous and light headed.

“Babe, do you mind holding up a bit, I need to use the restroom.”

Matt paused and I walked towards the ladies room. I set my purse down on the counter then washed my face. I began to feel clammy and even more nauseous. There was a stirring within me and I felt my palms go cold and sweaty. I rushed off to a stall and hunched over the bowl, I immediately began puking. It took a couple minutes for me to feel settled. I walked back to the sink and washed my mouth and face. I figured it must have been something I’d eaten the day before that had caused my stomach to be upset. After composing myself, I went back out and rejoined Matt. We walked to our gate and sat patiently, waiting to board.

We’d been married for a year and six months now and were thoroughly happy with one another. Sitting on the airplane I held Matt’s hand,

“I can’t wait to see Sum and Adam, it’s been ages.”

“I know, almost a year now,” Matt stated, referring to last Christmas when Summer and Adam came down to Miami for a few days.

When we landed in Denver, Matt whipped out his cell phone and called Adam, their flight was supposed to have arrived an hour before.

After a brief conversation, Matt grabbed the heavier of our bags and turned to me,

“They’re getting the rental car. He said to wait for them at the curb, baggage claim 15,” he informed.

I clutched our pull-along and followed Matt out.

We only had to wait a couple minutes before a silver SUV pulled up in front of us. We peered in through the window and saw Adam and Summer. Adam hopped out and helped Matt pack the bags into the rear of the vehicle. I gave him a brief hug then crawled into the backseat.

“Ohhh my god Kimmy!! You look amazing hun,” Summer squealed.

She leaned back from the passenger seat and we hugged,

“So do you Sum, it’s so nice to see you guys.”

Matt and Adam hopped in and we drove off.

The drive to the cabin was a lengthy one, almost an hour and a half, but it gave the four of us lots of time to catch up.

We stopped for lunch and just before getting back on the road, Summer wanted to take a quick restroom break. I joined her although I didn’t really have to go. I was still feeling a bit squeamish from this morning and decided to wash my face with some cold water. I heard the toilet flush and watched as Summer emerged. She proceeded to wash her hands and looked over to me,

“Everything okay babe? You look kinda pale,” she stated.

“Really? Ohh, I’m fine, just feeling a bit nauseous, maybe it’s the altitude,” I replied, “Although. . .” I stated before stopping.

“Although what?” Summer followed up.

“Well, I threw up this morning in Miami, so it can’t be the altitude, maybe it was just something I ate,” I tried to reason.

I felt Summer’s hand on my shoulder, then she began to rub my back.

“You think aspirin will help? That’s all I have on me.”

“No thanks hun, I think I’ll be okay,” I replied.

I gave my face another rinse in some cold water while Summer caringly held my hair. Wiping my face, I noticed Summer seemed to have something on her mind.

“What is it Sum?”

“Well, do you mind if I ask when your period is?” she asked.

I immediately knew what Summer was thinking. It took a few seconds for me to get my dates right, but I finally looked up at her,

“Umm, it’s supposed to be tomorrow,” I replied, tossing the paper towel in the trash.

“Have you been taking your pill regularly?” Summer asked.

“Well. . .I missed a day a couple weeks ago,” I admitted guiltily.

“Kimberly!” Summer scolded.

“What?! I told Matt, we even used condoms for a few days,” I defended.

“I think we need to get you a pregnancy test.”

I began to feel nervous, but deep down I knew Summer was right. The more I thought about it, I hadn’t eaten anything out of the ordinary.

I looked up to Summer and knew she could see the distress in my eyes,

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll buy it, there’s a pharmacy across the street. Just head back to the car and tell the guys I went to buy some snacks. We’ll do it tonight, together.”

Summer’s words were so calming. She put her arm around me and gave me a brief hug before we made our way back outside.


That night, after settling into our rooms, the boys cooked us dinner; grilled chicken and vegetables. After dinner, we found ourselves in the living room, relaxing in front of a roaring fire. Matt and I were laid out on the couch, cuddled up under a blanket. Summer and Adam were snuggled demetevler escort under a blanket of their own, on the floor in front us, on the plush shag rug. As the night drew on and the conversation dwindled, Summer announced that she was going to take a shower,

“Uhhh, Kim, want to come see those boots I was telling you about?”

It caught me off-guard, but I was quick to recognize Summer’s trivial excuse to head off together.

“Sure Sum, let’s have a look,” I replied as I crawled out of Matt’s arms.

Summer and I locked ourselves in hers and Adam’s bathroom. I watched as my friend dug through her purse and retrieve the pregnancy test. Summer opened the box and handed me the plastic stick. She breezed through the instructions, and looked up at me,

“Okay babe, do your thing,” she smiled.

I quite calmly lowered my cotton sweats along with my black cotton underwear and sat on the toilet bowl. I stuck the stick between my thighs and waited.

“Want me to run some water?” Summer joked as she took a seat on the edge of the tub.

“Just give me a second,” I insisted.

A few seconds later, the silence in the bathroom was broken by the sound of liquid trickling. When I was done, I placed the stick on the edge of the tub and went about wiping myself and pulling up my pants. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Picking up the box, I noted the two minute waiting period. Summer had her phone out and was checking the time. I was so nervous; I paced up and down in the small space the bathroom offered. Summer picked up the stick and focused her gaze.

“Is the time up?” I anxiously asked.

“Yup, two minutes just passed,” Summer replied.


Summer looked up at me with a smile, her eyes glassy,

“It’s positive babe,” she calmly stated.

The news hit me sharp, my mind began to race and my heart pounded so hard against my chest,

“Positive?!? Are you sure??!? Positive?!” I asked.

“Yes Kimmy, it’s positive,” Summer replied, holding the stick out for me to see the plus sign.

An immediate smile hit my face when I saw the results for myself. Summer sprung up to her feet and hugged me tight,

“Oh my god babe, you’re pregnant!!” she announced in hushed tone.

I wrapped my arms around Summer and hugged her with the same exuberance.

“I can’t believe it!!” I replied, tears running down my cheeks.

As we broke our embrace, Summer wiped the tears from my face, and I saw that she was also crying.

“Oh my god! When should I tell Matt?” I asked, almost dumbly.

“It’s got to be right away right? I mean, I think Adam would want to know the second I was pregnant, and besides, it’s going to be kind of obvious if you’re the only one not ordering wine at lunch or dinner tomorrow,” Summer replied.

“I’m so nervous Sum,” I admitted.

“Don’t be Kimmy, it’s Matty, he’s gonna be over the moon. Come on, go take a shower and try to relax.”

I took Summer’s advice and took a quick shower then returned to the living room. Standing over the back of the couch, I leaned over and stared down at Matt,

“Hey babe, I’m heading to bed now,” I softly stated.

“Okay sweetie, I’m gonna shower, be there in a bit,” he replied.

We said goodnight to Adam who was putting out the fire then headed to our room.

Lying nervously in bed, I couldn’t stop fidgeting; I wasn’t sure how I was going to break it to Matt. Suddenly, an idea sprung into my head. I rushed over to my purse and retrieved my lip stick; bright red lipstick. I rolled up my thick cotton jersey and lay on my back. I did my very best as I wrote on my tummy, the handwriting wasn’t the best, but the message was clear, “You’re A Daddy.” Standing up, I looked at myself in the mirror; I turned to the side and tried to imagine myself with a pregnant stomach. There was an immovable smile on my face. When I heard the shower shut off, I put my lipstick away and rushed back into bed.

Matt emerged a couple minutes later and was about to switch off the lights. I had to stop him so I made up an excuse,

“You could leave the lights on for a bit, I have to find some socks, my feet are cold.”

“I could get some for you,” Matt offered as he made his way over to our suitcase.

“Well I thought you could keep me warm for a bit,” I cutely stated.

Matt smiled and crawled onto the bed and over to me.

I smiled as Matt made his way over to me. Supporting himself with his arms so his entire bodyweight wasn’t pressed against me, Matt leaned in and we kissed. I moaned softly and stuck my tongue out just a bit. Matt did the same and we flicked our tongues back and forth against each other. I raised my legs, bending them at the knee and planting my feet flat against the mattress, holding Matt between my thighs. He lowered his face and began kissing my neck. I smiled to myself, feeling his warm tongue on my skin. As Matt continued his delicate pecking, I ran my hands through his damp hair, softly rubbing his head. After a few minutes, I began to gently pushing escort demetevler Matt’s head down, not for oral sex but rather to try to get him into position. Matt complied, making his way down my body, pausing to softly caress my breasts through my jersey. He kept moving lower, then finally I felt his hands on the edge of my jersey. Matt lifted the garment a little, and I felt cool air against my skin. He lowered his face and kissed my exposed abdomen, then up to my bellybutton. I sighed and giggled, his touch was ticklish.

Matt began to raise my jersey further, then his kissing stopped. He raised his head off me a bit,

“What’s this babe?” he questioned.

“What’s what honey? I asked, playing dumb.

“There’s some red stuff on your stomach,” he replied.

“Really? Why don’t you raise up my shirt and see what it is,” I baited.

Matt began to roll my oversized jersey up, to just below my breasts. I watched his face as he stared down at my stomach. He looked up at me with brightened eyes,

“Is this for real?!?”

I bit my lower lip and nodded affirmatively.

“We’re pregnant?!? You’re pregnant?!?” Matt shouted.

“Uh huh,” I stated.

Matt leapt onto me and hugged me tight, he pressed his lips against mine hard. I wrapped my arms around him feeling relieved. We kissed and laughed and cried together, all at the same time. I could feel cold liquid on my face as Matt’s tears dripped on to me. We both sat up and continued to hug,

“I take it you’re happy?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? This is the most amazing news ever!!” Matt immediately responded.

“I’m glad, because I think it is as well.”

We kissed again then I wiped the few tears that were running down Matt’s cheeks.

“I love you so much Kimberly,” Matt smiled.

“I love you too Matty.”

We turned off the lights and crawled under the blanket. Matt spooned me, holding my body close to his. I took his arm which was draped over my body, and raised my shirt, then placed Matt’s palm against my stomach.

He wanted to know every detail of the past few hours and I was happy to tell him.

“Do you think Summer told Adam?” Matt asked.

“No, she said she wouldn’t, we can tell him at breakfast.”

Matt was rubbing his thumb against my stomach as I wiggled my body, cozying up against him.

“So, do you think it’ll be a boy or a girl?” I asked.

“I just want a healthy baby,” Matt replied.

“I know me too, but I’m just asking . . . if you had to choose,” I pestered.

Matt giggled and kissed my shoulder,

“Well let’s see, a boy would be cool, I could teach him lots of manly stuff,”

At this point I chuckled and Matt playfully tickled my stomach as a form of admonishment.

“As I was saying,” he continued, “We could do all sorts of manly stuff, but I think I’d like a girl. Another little you running around, she’d be such a princess.”

My eyes began to well up again as I arched my head back and kissed Matt on the cheek.


The next morning I was up first. It was freezing. I walked to the bathroom wrapped in a blanket and proceeded to brush my teeth. Smiling uncontrollably, I soaked a hand towel in warm water and washed my stomach which was still covered in lipstick. After going to the bathroom, I walked back out to wake Matt. I combed my hand through his now silky soft hair and whispered into his ear,

“Daddy. . .daddy. . .time to wake up.”

I watched as his eyed opened and he turned to me with a smile,

“I’m gonna get started on breakfast,” I whispered before giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

Out in the kitchen, Summer had already started a pot of coffee and was getting the eggs out of the refrigerator.

“Morning Sum, Adam still asleep?”

“Hey Kimmy, no he’s awake, he’ll be out in a bit,” she replied, “What about Matt?”

“The same,” I answered as I walked over and switched on the stove.

“So did you tell him?” Summer eagerly asked.

I smiled at her and nodded.

“And?!?” she asked persistently.

“He was so happy Sum, it was the absolute best reaction I could hope for.”

“Awww, I’m so happy for you guys,” Summer beamed as she reached out to give me a hug.

“Morning girls!” Adam greeted as he entered the kitchen.

Summer and I broke our embrace and went back to seeing about breakfast.

“Hey Adam, how’d you sleep?” I asked.

“Like a baby, Kim,” he replied.

Summer and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“What’d I say?” Adam asked as he poured himself some coffee.

We both stared silent at him,

“Ummm, I’ll let Matt tell you,” I replied.

“Tell me what?” Adam inquired.

“Kimmy’s pregnant,” came Matt’s voice as he walked through the living room and into the kitchen.

“What?! For real?”

Summer and I both nodded at Adam.

“That’s amazing!” Adam shouted as he walked over and hugged Matt.

After the two embraced, Adam made his way over to me; he kissed my cheek and gave me a big hug,

“Congrats demetevler escort bayan Kimmy,” he whispered into my ear.

“Thanks Adam.”

We all sat down for breakfast, discussing the topic at hand.

After breakfast, we all got changed and went down to the ski resort and spent the morning skiing. Matt had never skied before so it was kind of fun to teach him. By lunchtime we’d have our fill of the slopes and called it a day. We dined at a nearby steakhouse for lunch. Summer and Adam insisted they paid, a celebration lunch for our good news she explained.

Back at the cabin, we played board games in the living room and just enjoyed each other’s company.

“Have you guys started talking about names yet?” Summer asked.

Matt and I looked at each other and shook our heads.

“Well I’m just putting it out there, “Summer” is a great name for a girl,” Summer joked.

We all laughed then Adam chimed in,

“I’ve always liked “Sarah”.”

“Babe, stop giving away all our good names,” Summer chided, playfully jabbing Adam in the stomach with her elbow.

“Don’t worry Sum, Adam’s already given me the entire list,” Matt teased.


We were all still pretty stuffed from lunch and just had a light dinner, some toast and tea. After Matt and I showered, we made our way back out to the living to lay by the fire. As we rounded the corner into the living room, we stopped in our tracks. We saw Adam and Summer laid on the floor, Summer straddling him as they made out.

“Come on, let’s head to our room,” Matt whispered as we retreated.

We couldn’t help but laugh as we closed our door,

“I guess no romantic fireside cuddling tonight,” I jested.

I crawled into bed with our ipad and Matt sat at the desk with the laptop. We caught up on some emails and Matt checked on some work stuff. My mom had written to make sure everything was going okay and that we were all safe. As I typed out my response assuring her we were fine, I contemplated telling her the good news. In the end, I opted not to, choosing instead to do it face to face.

I switched off the ipad and set it aside,

“Are you coming to bed soon?” I asked

“Uhh, yeah hun, one minute,” Matt replied.

Matt eventually closed the laptop and turned in his chair to face me. I was laid on my back, watching him, waiting for him to join me. I patted my thighs with my palms, inviting Matt over.

“What were you doing on the laptop?” I asked as Matt made his way over to me.

“Looking at cribs,” Matt admitted.

I smiled warmly as Matt crawled onto the bed. He rested his head on my thighs and laid perpendicular to me.

“Wow what a day!” he sighed

I sat up and rested my back against the wooden headboard, then adjusted Matt’s head, positioning him so he lay against my pelvis. This way I could look down at his face. Matt turned his head to me and smiled. I cradled his face in my hands and returned his smile.

“How are you feeling?” he kindly asked.

“Okay today,” I assured him.

“Did you make the doctor’s appointment?”

“Yup, first thing when we get back.”

Matt reached over and rolled up my flannel shirt, exposing my stomach. He pressed his hand against my skin and my tummy quivered. We both smiled. Matt just laid there while I twirled his hair in my fingers, his warm hand against my stomach.

“Trying to imagine it all fat and ugly?” I asked teasingly.

“You will never be ugly, and neither will your tummy,” he replied as he leaned over and kissed my stomach.

Matt planted a few sweet pecks around my belly button, then crawled up to my side. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled his lips to mine. As we continued to kiss, I rolled myself onto Matt’s body and squirmed against him. I could feel his hardon press against my thigh and I pressed myself harder against him. Reaching down, I clutched onto Matt’s t-shirt and began lifting it off him. We had to break our kiss so I could get his shirt off him. I smiled down at his chest and ran my hands across his skin. His nipples were rock hard in the cold and I playfully tweaked them in my fingers. Matt in the meanwhile had begun to unbutton my thick flannel pajama long sleeve shirt. After undoing the final button, Matt opened my shirt and gazed upon my naked flesh. My body involuntarily shivered as I felt the cool air. Matt and I giggled and he pulled me down to him. We kissed again as we pressed our chests together, Matt’s skin was so warm and comforting.

Matt slid his hands down my back and beneath my matching flannel pajama pants. I felt his hands roaming across the cotton back of my underwear, caressing my butt cheeks. Soon Matt had my pants and underwear around my ankles and I was grinding my naked sex against his still covered hardon.

I dug my fingers into Matt’s cotton sweats and pulled them down his body. We smiled lovingly at each other as I quickly straddled Matt. I pressed his cock down against his stomach, trapping it there with my pussy. I watched as he groaned blissfully as I squirmed my pussy up and down his throbbing cock. Matt placed his hands on my hips and I knew what he wanted. I raised my hips and pressed the head of his cock against my opening. Lowering myself onto Matt, I leaned over and lay down against him. With his entire cock buried inside me, I stared into Matt’s eyes and gave him a quick kiss.

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