Maven Loves Her Uncle

Full Nelson

It was a quiet evening in the New Mexico countryside.

The sunset’s blend of gold and flamingo glowed through the bedroom window, illuminating the deep maple skin and long black hair of a young woman.

“I just don’t understand,” she said, resting upon a few soft pillows in her casual pajamas, “I’m twenty now! I finished community college and everything, just like we wanted. You always said you’d marry me if you could.”

“And I would,” an almond-skinned man sighed, “but you know we can’t. It’s not legal.”

“Oh, and everything was legal before,” she scoffed. “Please just… If you don’t really want to marry me, just tell me that.”

He sat up and she rose next to him, running her fingers through his dark waves.

“Maven,” he said, “I love you. I want to marry you. But it’s not really an option, is it? The courts would never allow it.”

“They wouldn’t know,” she caressed the side of his face, “it’s not like Etiler Escort granddaddy dearest is on your birth certificate. They can’t prove my dad’s your brother. They can’t make us take any DNA test or whatever caca.”

She laughed. “…unless I’ve gotten too old for you in the past year and a half.”

“Oh, you—” he smacked her with a pillow and they laughed as they collapsed together.

They held each other’s gaze.

The man ran his palm across her thigh and ever-so-slightly beneath her cotton pajama shorts.

She maintained her gaze upon him as she slid them off, revealing her bare skin and trimmed little curls.

“Sergio…” she whispered, “make love to me.”

His cock hardened with her words.

Her legs spread and he crawled to her, taking in the sweet scent of her sex as he kissed across her inner thighs through his own soft moans.

She Fatih Escort gently bit her lip.

He carefully revealed her clit, flicking his tongue just beneath the center.

The heat from her wet sex cradled his face. God, she was hot. And beautiful.

So. Damn. Beautiful.

Maven pressed his head hard against her ever-rising body. She pillowed her face as he devoured her. It didn’t take long for her to squirm and twitch, but he held her hips tight.

Even through her strawberry-patterned socks, her feet gripped his ass, and his cock practically saluted.

She kicked about, whipped the pillow from her face, and panted.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now, you hot, son of a bitch.”

She barely finished speaking when he’d ripped the rest of his clothing off and dragged her thighs toward him.

He shoved his stone cock inside of her, delivering kisses all over Halkalı Escort her neck, her face, her mouth.

At first, he moved slowly and deliberately. But God, she was so hot.

He thrusted harder. Rougher. Maven’s maple legs wrapped around him, her fingertips pressing into his back. Her moans kissed at his ears.

He couldn’t take it.

Sergio pulled away from her and turned her long body around. He smacked that curvy ass before putting his cock in her once more.

The two moaned wildly into the growing darkness, the cool night air a stark contrast to the heat of their bodies.

He grabbed a fistful of that black hair, careful not to yank her neck, and pounded her hard.

“Oh, fuckin—”

“Come inside me!” she shouted, “come deep inside me, Sergio! Fill this fucking pussy.”

He shot his load inside of her, panting and moaning out between breathless silences.

Sergio collapsed next to her and she soon held him just against her breasts.

He looked up at her through fluttering eyes and smiled.

“The courts really wouldn’t know, would they?” he laughed. “I’ll marry you. Tomorrow, three months, eight — any time you want.”

She smiled back at him and booped his nose. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Maven.”

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