Me and Danny Ch. 04


Christmas break was speeding closer, almost at velocities that would create a sonic boom. The month of December had flown by rather quickly. Martin and I were once again thrown into our perspective work roles and saw precious little of each other. That night out on Thanksgiving weekend was but another nice memory in the sea of students, papers, other teachers, and continual restrictions on what we can and cannot say or do in the classroom.

Danny, however, always found moments during the day to sneak in some sort of interaction. Whether he was squeezing my ass as he walked by or pressing his hard cock up against me when he needed to get around me, he found some sort of way to touch me and let me know that he was still hot for me.

On another note, I found myself taking more showers when Martin wasn’t due for another few hours. I was just so dirty when I got home from work. So dirty. I definitely needed to be thoroughly washed.

Of course, I never locked my door. In fact, I often forgot to even close it all the way.

In the mornings, before I went to work, Danny would hand me a pair of panties. I eventually noticed he was handing me panties I hadn’t purchased. To my amusement, I realized that he’d gone out and bought a few himself. With a cheeky grin, I’d take them, put them on in the car, and wear them throughout my day. When I got home, I’d take them off (sometimes in front of him) and hand them to him. Then, I’d go shower.

As we played this “game”, it started to escalate a bit. Danny started testing the limits of what he could get away with. For instance, one day we were sitting in the living room together. Martin hadn’t made it home yet, so it was just us two. I was on the floor, laying on my stomach with dozens of papers that I was grading sprawled out in front of me.

Danny must’ve been enjoying the view of my ass in my mom jeans because he got down on the floor next to me and curiously asked about what I was doing. Thinking he was interested in my work (and feeling flattered by it) I started telling him about a few of my students and colleagues.

As I was to learn, his interest in my work was a ploy. He was actually after something else entirely. As I was telling him humorous and anecdotal stories of the people I encountered daily, he lifted my shirt a bit and was rubbing my lower back. Naturally, his hand slid down and under the narrow space my jeans provided for him to get to my ass.

I looked at his smirk, and I knew what he wanted. So, I rolled over a bit and let him undo the button of my jeans. With that loosened, he was able to yank them down, exposing my panty covered ass.

Even though he was barely listening, I continued talking as if oblivious to him massaging my buttocks. I even let him pull down my panties. He had his fun, spreading my cheeks to get a peek at my asshole and pussy. I did have to ask for a glass of water when he tried to put his face in there.

Another time, on a Saturday, I was walking around the house in just my nightshirt. Martin was home, so we had to be careful. Danny kept finding moments to lift my shirt all the way up to my neck and paw at my tits. He even got my nipples into his mouth a couple of times. When his hands snaked between my legs, I let him rub his fingers between the wet folds of my pussy, stimulating my clit. It was a subtle way to get my scent on his fingers so he could sniff them throughout the night.

I was drenched, so he got plenty of fluids on his digits. But once again, I had to ask for a glass of water when he tried to stick his fingers into my canal.

Aside from this, there were those amazing kisses that we did. The way he gave himself to me when we were locked up into each other was addictive. Yes, I loved kissing Martin, but I must admit that kissing Danny was much more enjoyable. By far. It made me wonder what other hidden talents that tongue was hiding.

A couple of days before I was sending my students home for break, Martin dropped a bombshell on me; one that changed the entire course of this thing between me and Danny. His job was sending him out of town. FOR A WEEK. And not a work week. He was set to go out of town for 7 days.

Five of the days he was set to be gone, I’d also be on Christmas break. That meant there would be no one in the house but me and Danny. Sure, Chris would also be home from college, but he was more a ghost in our house than a resident.

I didn’t know how to feel about that. Was that a good thing, or a bad thing? Sometimes, the only obstacle stopping our little adventures from going too far was the fact that Martin could come home or walk around the corner at any moment. With that fear removed, there was no telling what Danny would be able to get away with.

Speaking of Danny, I’ll give this to him; he had a good poker face. When Martin told him about his upcoming trip, Danny reacted ambivalent about it, much like he’d always done. But he spoke to me in our secret language when Martin’s back was turned. I could see the excitement Escort bayan in his eyes.

Oh boy.

The day Martin left was strange. When I drove my husband to the airport, I was the loving wife I’d always been. I said all the words; did all the gestures. We walked together as far as security would let me, and then I gave him a smoldering kiss goodbye to express how much I was going to miss him.

But as my car turned onto the freeway driving away from the airport, my mind was racing over what was going to happen over the course of the next week. Without the danger of Martin looming over us, my self-control would be stretched to the limits.

How many glasses of water would I need? Would I even ask for them?

When I walked into the house, I felt my stomach fluttering. I couldn’t tell if it were excitement or fear. I looked up the staircase and my eyes fell to Danny’s bedroom door.

Then, something inside of me snapped. I can’t explain it. All I knew was that all the anxiety just evaporated. It was like my body had decided.

It’s time to play this game for real.

I dropped my purse on the couch, removed my coat, and did the same to that. Then I went straight upstairs to Danny’s room. I took a second to think before knocking on his door. Up until now, our game had been about what I allowed him to do to me. That was our dynamic. This was different. This was me initiating an event.

With my decision made, I knocked on his door. When he answered, I simply said, “I’m dirty. I need a shower.” As I said this, I was lifting each foot behind me and taking off my shoes, dropping it on the floor. Then I turned on my heels and sauntered towards my room.

Danny was rendered speechless as he watched me. The reason was because, as I walked away, my fingers were unbuttoning my blouse. Button by button, I was shedding “Mrs. James.”

Many men may describe me as a MILF and say they wish they had a teacher who looked like me when they were in school, but the truth of the matter is, they probably did. When I’m at work, in teacher mode, I’m “Mrs. James”. My blouses and slacks are so conservative that they’re unflattering. I wear bland, plain jane flats on my feet. My hair is up in a bun, away from my neck and face. My glasses are on my nose. Make-up is very sparse.

I look nothing like “Veronica”, the woman my husband took to that restaurant on Thanksgiving weekend. I act nothing like the slut he tossed around the room that night as he pounded me into submission. I’m certainly not like “Aunt Ronnie”, the perverted bitch who gets turned on letting her nephew do things to her no nephew should ever do.

When my blouse fell to the floor, “Mrs. James” retired for the evening. “Aunt Ronnie” took the next shift.

Danny’s eyes watched me as I walked away and did my striptease. I could feel his lustful gaze on me, even without me turning back to look at him. After my blouse hit the floor, my pants were next. By the time I reached my room, I was only clothed in my bra, panties, and flesh-toned tights.

I then turned and gave him a final look over my shoulder before entering my room, pushing my bedroom door wide open as I did so.

Yeah, I was teasing him. Martin was gone, my son was MIA, and me and Danny would probably not get an opportunity like this for a while, if ever. There was no need for stealth. We had no one to hide from. It was time to really stress-test the limits of this “game”.

Danny walked into the bathroom just as I stepped into the shower. He was holding all my discarded clothes in his arms. He simply dropped them on the floor and took a seat on the toilet to view my oh so dirty body being washed.

Does anyone remember the movie “Weird Science”? If you do, then you’ll remember the scene where Lisa (the sexpot they created) was taking a shower with them. Here she was, freely carrying on a conversation as if nothing were amiss, all the while the shower water was cascading down her naked back and ass. All the guys could do was stare at her with their mouths open.

That’s what it was like for me in that bathroom. As Danny sat there, unable to tear his eyes away from me, I talked like I would’ve any other time. I asked him about his video game, his job, and his life in general. All I got back were distracted, short answers. His attention wasn’t focused on the words coming from my mouth. It was focused on EVERYTHING ELSE.

It felt a little surreal to be so open and uninhibited with him while being naked. Usually, the fear of discovery had me looking around every corner. But now, like a teenager whose parents were away, I felt free and liberated.

When I finally turned the water off from my longer than usual shower (I was exceptionally clean by now, thank you very much), I stepped out and reached for my towel. Of course, his eyes were devouring me the entire time. He was waiting for me to dry off, to get in between all the cracks and crevices for his viewing pleasure.

I knew what he was waiting for. I didn’t Bayan escort do what was expected. Instead, I handed him the towel. He finally met my eyes, and I told him what I wanted using our secret language. Then, I turned my back to him and held my arms out, my freshly showered ass at eye level.

He began to dry me off. At first, he was playing it safe drying my back, my shoulders, my arms, etc. When he reached my ass, he looked up at me to see my reaction. Like before, I stayed neutral, almost ignoring the fact that he was groping me. I even opened my legs shoulder width apart so he could gain access to other areas.

I needed him to dry ALL of me. If he happened to explore while he was helping me out, so be it. I wasn’t thirsty today. I didn’t need a glass of water.

He became more comfortable with this new element of the game. When he did, the gloves came off. Never before had I been so thoroughly toweled.

It wasn’t until I heard the towel hit the ground that my heart started beating fast. I had to close my eyes; I was so nervous. I knew that something was going to escalate here, and I wasn’t sure about my stance on not being thirsty.

I felt his lips begin planting kisses on my round cheeks. They were soft, almost reverent to my derriere. His hands gently stroked my hips as he literally kissed my ass. They trailed up and down my outer thighs, causing goosebumps to pop.

Between his lips and his hands, I was quivering. My pussy started to moisten. I knew I was in dangerous territory right now. My self-control, especially when it came to saying no to Danny, wasn’t one of my strongest qualities. It’s actually what started this entire thing, and why I couldn’t definitively say what was on or off limits.

His hands started moving inward between my legs. I felt his fingers on the sensitive, creamy skin of my inner thighs. When he started traveling upward, I knew what was about to happen.

I encouraged him by reaching back behind me and grabbing his head.

By now, his hands had found the hotness of my radiating pussy. His fingers played with the outer skin of my vulva. He was careful, not wanting to scare me into putting the brakes on. However, Danny was determined to press his luck as far as it would take him.

He snuck an overly cautious index finger into the opening of my hot pussy. He found no resistance. In fact, I moaned my consent.

Two fingers now entered my wet snatch. Two fingers had finally broken through the barrier he’d been dreaming about. He let out a stuttered whimper, his breath dancing on my butt cheeks.

“Oh my god.” He whispered as he started moving his fingers in and out of me. it felt good, but my clit was being neglected. No worries. I reached down there and started modulating it myself.

Between his kisses, his fingers, and my masturbating, I was on full tilt. My moans echoed off the enclosed walls of my bathroom like a whore in heat.

I heard his belt rattling. I threw a glance over my shoulder and found that he was opening his jeans and pulling his hard cock out.

In all that we’d been doing together, this was only the second time I’d seen his cock. He knew almost every part of my body on an intimate level, and I’d only seen him once before this.

I wanted to see him stroke it. I wanted to look at his hand pumping away at his rigid member. So, I did something that would help both of us. I bent all the way over with my legs straight. I mean, ALL THE WAY, holding myself up with a hand on the ground. The other hand was still stimulating my clit.

Yes, I’m quite limber.

You can imagine the view he now enjoyed. But this wasn’t just for his benefit. I could also see what he was doing, even if my own POV was upside down. Speaking of view, this move now put him ass-to-face with my spread-open cheeks. He could probably smell the lust radiating from me.

“Oh my god!” he said breathlessly as he gazed at my spread-open bottom. I could feel the air on my anus and slightly open pussy, so I knew exactly what he could see. Basically, everything I had down there.

The hand that he was using to finger me abandoned my snatch. Instead, it moved around back to grip an ass-cheek and spread it even further apart.

I heard him sniffing my essence. I felt his nose touch me. Then, what was undeniably his tongue, licked my wet, wide-open slit.

I felt the blood rushing to my head, and it wasn’t because I was upside down. From where I was, I could see his hand was going to work on that cock. He briefly stopped, grabbed a jar of my lotion that was within arm’s reach, and squirted some in his hand before going back to jerking off.

As he licked me, his nose was pressing up against my exposed anus. The sensation sent chills through me. Yes, I’m one of those weird chicks who enjoys ass play. Me and Martin have a few butt plugs in the back of our closet. We also have anal beads, and vibrating plugs.

So, when his nose kept poking my hole, I backed up into his face. He must Escort have taken the hint because his tongue’s exploration moved upwards.

The first saliva-filled stroke across my asshole made me jump. It was unexpected. I wasn’t sure if this was an anomaly or not, so I didn’t get too excited. The second stroke, however, let me know that he was going for it.

Oh my god! He’s going to rim me!

Martin enjoyed having anal sex with me, but licking my asshole was something he wasn’t going to do under any circumstances. Danny, however, was up for the exploration. His tongue not only licked the outside but probed its way inside of me.

Between watching him stroke his cock and feeling him butt-fuck me with his tongue, I was turned on like never before. This was just so…dirty. So nasty. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be bent over in my own bathroom getting my asshole licked by my nephew who was 20 years my junior.

His hand was pumping faster and faster as his tongue wiggled around inside of me. The other hand holding my ass apart was gripping my cheek so hard his fingers were digging into the pliable flesh.

The moans I was hearing coming from behind me let me know that he was ready to cum. So, I decided to gently coax him into squirting his jizz all over me.

“I want you to cum on my ass, Danny.” I said to him, my voice sounding raspy and sexy. This set him off even more. He stood up, still jerking that cock, and let out a series of grunts so loud they echoed off the walls of the bathroom. His cock was right at my open ass. He was so close that all he had to do was push forward, and he would’ve been sodomizing me.

“Uuuggghhh! Uuuggghhh! Uuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhh!” he groaned right before I felt gobs of hot cum splatter all over my skin. The first hit me right between my crack. I felt it slide down into my anus. The rest landed on my cheeks, on my lower back, on the back of my thighs, and god knows where else.

There was a LOT of it.

I giggled as I stood straight up. Looking at him, you’d have thought he just completed a marathon in record time.

I surveyed the damage in the mirror. Yep, my ass looked just like it felt. Slutty. White gobs of cum painted all over my left cheek.

“You gonna just stand there, or are you gonna get me some tissue?” I asked teasingly. He sheepishly yanked on the roll of toilet paper a few times before handing me a generous wad.

I smiled a thank you to him before proceeding to wipe the white slime from my ass. There was so much of it that all I was doing was smearing it around.

I sighed, looked at him with a fake pout, and said, “Now I have to take another shower.”

He looked helplessly guilty, like he somehow assaulted me. His apology was a sheepish, blushing, one with a worry filled face.

I giggled, rolled my eyes, and shook my head. As adorable as this shy thing he had going was, I was determined to break him out of that.

I stepped into the shower (again), turned the water on, and re-started the process of washing myself. This time, though, I turned to him and said, “You should probably get cleaned up too.”

He realized what I was saying to him and stripped with the speed of “Bruce Almighty”.

For the first time, I was able to see him fully naked. I openly appraised him, allowing my eyes to roam the length of his pale, lanky body.

He grew self-conscious underneath my gaze and cupped his hands over his deflated penis. Yes, it was true that he didn’t have the naturally athletic body of my husband and son, but he wasn’t by any means the unattractive guy he believed himself to be.

Hopefully, one day he’d see himself as I saw him.

“Come on.” I said, letting him know that his nudity hadn’t turned me off in the slightest. He stepped in behind me and shut the two of us in.

There was no more hanky panky in the shower. We washed each other, but not in a sexual way. After all the spunk he squirted on my ass, I doubt he had any cum left in those empty balls.

The rest of that evening passed by rather uneventfully. I graded some papers on my bed while Danny went to his room and did whatever it was Danny did. I cooked us some dinner at some point, but after that we went back to our respective tasks.

Around 10:00 that night, I was still knee deep in papers and tests. I heard a knock at my door, so I yelled out, “Come in.”

Danny entered and walked around to the other side of the bed. He sat down next to me, completely comfortable in doing so. It was a little strange having him sitting in Martin’s spot, leaned back against the headboard like he belonged in here. What’s worse, I had no inclination to scold him for it.

Another wave of that guilt I occasionally felt swarmed around inside of me.

“Whatcha doing?” he asked curiously.

“Same o same o. Grading papers. Looking over lesson plans for tomorrow. The usual.” I said with a shrug. Then, with a teasing grin, I redirected the question back on him. “What’ve you been up to, all locked up in your room? Watching porn on that massive computer?”

He chuckled, then trailed a knuckle down from my shoulder to my elbow. “Why would I watch porn when I have the hottest woman in America right here?”

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