Me and Granny Haveing Fun


Me and Granny Haveing FunWell hello there. This is another true story that happened to me when I was about twenty. I had to fly to Florida and drive my granny back to Arizona. Now my granny was about seventy years old. My grandpa had been dead for several years. Granny was normal looking, kind of chubby, white hair, large boobs-she was granny looking. We drove for about ten hours and thought that was all we could drive for that day. We were about two hours out from this city and granny was drinking some hard liquor and getting a really good buzz on. The conversation between us turned to sex. Granny told me about her fantisies, and some of her experiences. I was so horny and still could not believe some of the things granny told me. She told me about a time she took on two men at the same time, a group encounter where she ate cum out of a woman’s pussy. I wanted to get to our room so I could take a cold shower. I had never thought about my granny having sex or having it with someone else other than my grandpa. We checked in and then went thru town to eat. On the way back we passed by an adult book store and granny wanted to stop and see what it was all about. I thought what the hell as it seemed granny was already wired. We got in there and it just made granny more horny. The place was full of people. Granny looked all over then wanted to check the private movie tuzla ukraynalı escort rooms. She wanted me to go in with her. Once inside the movie started to play and granny was watching. A couple of minutes I noticed someone had their cock stuck thru a glory hole. I was afraid granny would see it and she did. She looked at and asked me what that was about. I told her guys do that hoping to get a blow job or hand job or maybe more. Granny said that sounds like fun and knelt down and took the cock in her mouth, after pulling out her dentures. She worked that cock pretty good and the man blew his wad in granny mouth, she swallowed the load. I could not believe it!! She looked at me and said that it had been along time since she had done that. She went back to watching the movie, she started to rub her pussy thru her pants when another cock poked thru the hole. Granny started to do a hand job then all of sudden she pulled down her pants and turned around and backed up to the cock and guided it into her old wet hairy pussy. I told her she should at least use a condom, granny said she never liked those things. Granny pushed her pussy up tight against the wall, and the cock was banging in and out of her. Granny smiled big at me and said that it felt real good, that it had been along time since she had cock in her pussy. Then granny gasped tuzla rus escort and said to me that she could feel the cock throbing as it pumped her pussy full of hot cum. My own cock was getting hard but I was not sure what to think of all this. Granny then turned around, I guess to see the cock that had filled her cunt, but it was gone. She bent over trying to look thru the hole and as she did I got a good look at her old hairy cunt, a glob of jizz was hanging down from her cum filled hole. The sight of this made me very horny. Granny turned back to me and said she really liked that. Then another cock stuck thru the hole. Granny wanted to mount this one facing the wall and she did. Granny and I watched the cock slide in and out of her cunt. The man did not last long, only a few minutes before filling her cunt with more jizz. We watched the cock go back into the wall and I was watching the cum leak from granny’s snatch when another cock stuck thru reaching for the old cunt, granny pushed forward and the cock slide easily into her, the man thrust into her many times and then he too filled her full of sticky jizz. Granny had had enough and she dressed and we went back to the room. Once there we were going to go to bed, we had double beds. I climbed into mine with just my undies on. Granny got all naked and walked around the room and then went escort bayan into the bathroom. She came back out and walked around some more, then she bent other, giving me a great beaver shot of her wet pussy hole. My cock was so hard now it hurt and my balls were full and needed draining. I wanted granny to go to sleep so I could jack off. Then granny turned to me and asked if I would fuck her. She said that she still had not got off yet and thought that I could get her off. I thought what the hell and told her to get on the bed. I buried my face in her old hairy cum filled cunt and ate her out. Just as she was nearing her orgasim and climbed up and thrust my cock into her. My cock was so happy to be in some warm wet pussy, and to my surprise, very tight and great tasting pussy. It only took me another minute of hard fucking and some attention to granny’s clit and she was having a huge orgasim. I thought she would rip my cock off, but I kept grudge fucking all the way thru. I soon was at the point of no return and pushed my cock deep into her and flooded her insides with my own sticky load and it was a large one. I laid beside but with my cock still deep in her hot snatch as I wanted to drop another load or two in her before morning, which I did. I pegged her again in the morning and once more on the highway. I fucked granny on a regular basis after that trip. She had a couple of friends that liked young cock also so I was more than happy to fill them full of my jizz also. I had a couple of friends that porked granny also. we even had a few group fuckings. I never tired of seeing granny’s old hairy pussy full of cum, especilly mine

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