Me and My Boy Ch. 09


The four of us collapsed on the bed while Billy went to get the little blue pills. I was laying on my back with my still hard cock pointing north. Matt and Rob lay in each others arms and Paul had his arm over me, his hand playing with my nipples. I was still so fucking horny and seeing these three naked studs on my bed was just adding fuel to my flaming erection. Billy came back into the room, his semi hard cock swinging as he walked. They all took a blue pill, except Billy. Looking at his cock and knowing his sexual stamina he didn’t need any pills to get horny and hard. As he laid at the foot of the bed his cock was already starting to grow again.

“Am guessing you like your birthday so far buddy?” said Paul. “Your cock seems to be having fun. How does your pussy feel?”

“I’m loving my birthday Paul. My ass is feeling loose, sloppy, well fucked, and hungry for more cock. Changing the subject, how the fuck are you? Not seen you for ages.”

“Yeah am good thanks. Single again and more into guys than I used to be obviously.”

“Sorry to hear you’ve broken up. What happened?” I asked.

“My fault. She caught me fucking a workmate. At home. In our bed. A guy. We had been fucking for a few months, always in the evenings she went to yoga after work. Then one week she felt too tired to go to yoga and came home early, saw me balls deep fucking my friend and ran out of the house. Only came back once to collect some stuff when I wasn’t there. And then filed for divorce. But on the plus side, it’s given me a chance to explore my passion for cock and men’s asses,” he said smirking at playing with my hard cock.

“So how come you’re here?” I asked him.

“Billy rang last week, said he wanted to give you a surprise for your birthday and asked me down. I got here a few days ago and been staying with Matt and Rob. They filled me in on Ankara escort what you guys have been up to over the past few weeks. Made me very welcome too,” he said.

I looked at Matt who was now grinning like a Cheshire cat. “He fit right in with us like he had known us forever. Had our pants off and was fucking both of us within a couple of hours. We didn’t get dressed at all yesterday and fucked all day.”

Billy moved up, started licking Matt’s balls as Matt’s cock started to get hard and was also fingering Rob’s ass with three fingers. Rob spread his legs wider to give Billy deeper access to his hole. He pushed all five fingers into Rob’s cunt while sucking on Matt’s cock. Paul’s cock had also hardened up and felt like a steel pole in my hand. Looked like all three of them were feeling the effects of the blue pills. My ass was still hungry for cock so I straddled myself across Paul and positioned his purple leaking knob head at my entrance. I could feel precum leaking out of his piss slit so I rubbed it all over his knob. Then in one go, I impaled my ass all the way down on his cock feeling every inch of his fuck rod plunging into my cunt. I pulled my ass cheeks apart so I could get as much of his cock in me as possible. Fuck it felt good to have cock inside me again.

I started playing with Paul’s nipples, twisting and tweaking them while riding up and down manically on his cock. I heard Rob moaning and when I looked over, Billy’s entire fist was almost inside Rob’s pussy. He was pushing and pulling his fist in and out of Rob’s ass, rotating his hand as he pushed it into Rob who was laying on his back with his legs in the air. Judging by the look on both their faces and the hardness of their cocks, they were really enjoying themselves.

Matt was licking and sucking on Rob’s cock, running his tongue around Rob’s knob head, his own cock Ankara escort bayan hard and pulsating, the veins standing out. Matt then stood up and said “I need to fuck.” He grabbed the lube and smeared a large dollop over his cock. I could see his cock was shining and slippery from the lube. I thought Billy is about to get a good hard fucking, but Matt came over and stood behind where I was riding Paul’s cock. Paul managed to manoeuvre us both to the bottom of the bed so his legs were hanging off the bed, and my ass with his cock in it, were on the edge of the bed.

“Oh fuck,” I thought to myself. “Matt’s going to try and get his cock in me as well as Paul.” I wasn’t too sure about that – I knew I was craving cock but two in my pussy at once? Paul pulled my body down and started kissing me while Matt positioned his cock against my hole. “Just relax buddy. You know you want this cock in your cunt,” he said. With that he started to push against my already stretched and full ass hole. After a short while of his gentle pushing, I felt the tip of his cock start to work its way inside my sphincter. As he pushed more, my hole started to open up more and then suddenly his knob head was fully inside my cunt along with Paul’s cock.

It fucking hurt so much I wanted to scream but Paul kept his mouth on mine, invading me with this tongue. I could feel Matt continuing to push his cock further into me, then pull back a bit and then push forward again. Paul stayed still and let Matt do all the fucking. He said afterwards it felt amazing to have a cock rubbing his cock while inside my ass. As my cunt got used to the second invader, it started to loosen up a bit so what was pain a few minutes ago now felt fucking hot. Two big hard cocks in my ass!! I was like a pig in shit, loving the feeling of my stretched full cunt. I looked over at Billy who now had all Escort Ankara his hand and part of his forearm up Rob’s ass while wanking his own hard cock. “Fucking hell we are both being opened up”, I thought. “We’re not gonna be able to walk straight for days after this.”

After a few minutes of slow fucking of my ass, Paul said he was going to cum. Matt’s rubbing of his cock with his own, and being inside my ass was pushing him over. I felt his warm cum start to wash my fuck chute insides, which in turn pushed Matt over and his cock started to erupt with his hot seed at the same time. Two cocks inside me dumping their cum loads into my guts!! I could feel my fuck chute filling with their mixed cum loads. I knew when one or both of them pulled their cocks out of my well fucked hole, a river of cum was likely to follow.

Rob started to moan loudly and as I looked over, his cock started spewing his cum over his chest and abs. “Fucking hell, feeling you cum while my hand is in your ass is horny as fuck!” Billy said. “I think I can feel it pumping out of your balls!”

Matt and Paul had finished dumping their cum into me and so Matt slowly started to pull his cock out. As his knob head cleared my pussy, I clenched trying to keep the cum from gushing out. It almost worked, until Paul pulled his softening cock out of me too, then the expected jizz stream followed running down my taint and dropping to hard flooring. You could hear the loads as they hit the floor. “Fuck dad,” said Billy, “your ass is fucking gaping! How do you feel?”

“Loose. Very loose, like my guts could fall out any minute.” I lay on my back and as I hadn’t cum yet, my hard cock was still pointing north. Billy slowly pulled his hand out of Rob’s ass, walked over to me and started rubbing Rob’s ass juices over my cock. He straddled me, and slowly sank his ass down on my dick until I was balls deep inside his silky warm pussy.

He bent forward and kissed me deeply, and said “Happy birthday dad. Hope you’re having a good one.”

“I am Billy boy. The best ever. I love you.”

“Love you too dad.”

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