Me and My Sister Skip

Cartoon Sex

I promise no oversize dickeys, no double Ds and no ANAL or other pain–


My sister is named Shirley but somehow she got nicknamed Skip by which name she is called by most everybody except for our mom. Me? I’m Donald, called Don by most everybody except for our mom.

From my earliest memory Skip and I had a mostly love/hate relationship. Well hate might not be the right word although we used it often to each other. At least Skip did. We seemed to disagree about almost everything and complain about or make fun about almost everything the other did.

Skip would fit the descriptive term ‘willowy’ Somewhat tall, somewhat slender but with boobs exactly the right size for her body, a thin waist, definite ass on tope of slender but nicely shaped legs. Dark brown hair and skin which always looked freshly tanned. She is two years younger than I and was about 20 at the time of the incident I am about to relate.

Me? I’m about 5’11” usually weigh about 180. Brown hair also about a shade lighter than Skip’s. My sexual member’s size for the information of those who might consider it important is to the best of my knowledge about normal. I swim well enough to have earned a minor college scholarship but have set no records.

I finished my degree requirements early and had been working for about five months when Skip came home after her Sophomore year at State. Things seemed to have mellowed somewhat between us so come one Saturday I invited her to join me for a few hours of boating and swimming on a nearby lake. We cruised the lake for a while then found a deserted beach from which to eat lunch and swim.

We enjoyed our picnic then we swam and clowned and even played a little grab-ass. It was so nice ending up friendlier than I could remember. We had worn our suits as underwear so when a storm threatened we hid behind separate bushes removed our wet suits and got the boat started.

About half way across back to the dock the clouds opened. It took only a minute for us to be drenched. Then I had to stop the boat for a few minutes to get the temperamental bilge pump working and we got even more soaked. Skip was afraid of lightning and even though the lightening strikes were forty or fifty miles away she began to cry.

As I tried to comfort her she noticed that her wet T-shirt was like wearing plastic wrap. Nothing was hidden, especially her beautiful erect nipples. For the first time I was sexually drawn to my sister. My soaking wet cotton shorts did no more to hide that interest that Skip’s wet T-shirt did to hide her breasts.

As I returned to my seat after fixing the pump my engorged pecker somehow happened to touch Skip’s shoulder as I passed her. Suddenly she was having a tantrum and yelling and screaming at me at the world in general and me in particular. It seemed like every fifth word was ‘pervert’ or something similar.

We returned to the dock. She did help secure the boat but didn’t speak to me at all on the way home. Once there she stormed into the house and to her room leaving me to explain to our mom as best I could. Mom just shrugged her shoulders and returned to her chore of the moment.

I wiggled my way back into my trunks and headed to our Jacuzzi to bring my body back to normal temperature. I had been there about ten minutes when Skip came out the door apparently with the same intention. I moved myself to the far end then leaned back and closed my eyes figuring that it was the best way to keep from escalating the trouble.

I heard and felt Skip enter the tub then silence. I lay there for a few minutes planning how to exit without getting near her when suddenly I felt a slash of hot water on my face and neck. I open my eyes to see Skip reaching her hand out to me. Then she began to speak.

“It must be awful to have to live with someone who can’t even try to be nice. I am so sorry for what I said. Please forgive me. Not only for today but for the countless other times that I’ve done the same or worse to you. …….. Please.”

She was so contrite and so pretty that I couldn’t help but say. “OK. Two swats with a wet noodle and all’s forgiven.”

My sister smiled mischievously and said. “Well I saw your ‘wet noodle’. You may swat me with that anytime.”

I changed the subject then left a few minutes later to dress and then meet my bowling team. I had a hard time concentrating. I had a recurring visual of Skip in her bathing suit which seemed to cover almost nothing. We had a light supper before we broke up for the night. It was about 11:00 PM when I entered the “Blue Grass Inn” a local country music bar and grill where I could usually find a friend to team up with. Or sometimes a female friend who might be interested in something mutually pleasant.

I didn’t see anyone to team up with although I did see Skip with a friend and a couple of local guys. I nodded and worked my way to the exit. I was half way to my car when I heard the gravel crunch behind me then a hand tuck itself under my right arm. It was my sister.

“Take me for a ataköy escort ride, Don, please.” Meanwhile my upper arm was pulled against something round and warm and shapely covered only by some thin silk. I enjoyed the sensation and it produced the same reaction as the sight of it had earlier that same day. Suddenly she was an attractive girl deserving of my courtesy.

I escorted her to the passenger side of my car. I opened the door for her and handed my sister into the seat as if she were a precious date. I was rewarded by a flash of upper thigh and a distinct impression of a thin yellow panty. Skip then very deliberately looked at my erection then at my face which was turning red.

“Thanks.” She said. “Thanks for the approval and the forgiveness.” I closed the door and walked around to my side of the car. It so happened that the club was located adjacent to the local airport. About a hundred yards up the road was a parking area known to us locals as “The Airport Overlook”.

“Let’s go watch the planes.” Said Skip. “I love it up there.”

There were several other cars up there but there was still plenty of room for us. Just as I pulled into a parking place I caught headlights flash on and off one time from some place on the other side of the area.

“Caught.” I said to Skip. “Maybe we should leave. Just in case whoever that was sees that it’s you and gets the wrong idea.”

“No. I want to stay. I don’t care who might see us. If they figure it out then so be it. Besides, if we sit here and neck they won’t have the wrong idea, it will be the right idea.”

“What’s with you tonight Skip. Here out of a clear blue sky all of a sudden you want to ……. What?”

She hesitated several minutes composing her thoughts. Then it all came out in a rush.

“Well. Well, if you have to know, the truth is, well the truth is that I’m still a virgin.”

“Yea. So. What’s wrong with that? Either you haven’t met the right guy or maybe you just don’t want to. Nothing to be embarrassed about, be proud.”

“Well actually, I have met the right guy. There’s a guy I want to take my figurative cherry but he hates me.”

“Who hates you. Nobody I know hates you.”

“Yes you do, at least most of the time, I am hateful to you and I deserve to be hated.”

“Well I don’t.” Suddenly all her words hit me at once. “Wait a minute now. You didn’t mean that you wanted me to be your first?”

I sat in the corner of my front seat looking at my sister scrunched into the other corner of that same seat and tried to absorb the verbal exchange that had just taken place.

“No, no. Masturbating over you is one thing actually doing it is something else. It’s …………… It’s incest.” Then realizing what I had just admitted to I flushed all over.

“You masturbate over me? Why didn’t you say something. Sorry. Stupid question.”

Nothing was said for a couple of minutes then Skip burst out laughing.

“I can just picture it. You in your room with your dickey in your hand wanting to put it in me. Me in my room twelve feet away with my fingers up my cunt wanting your dickey in me. It’s hilarious.” As the picture penetrated I burst out laughing too.

Just then there was a knocking on my window. It was my friend Jack who drove the car that had flashed us. Thank god everything was still innocent.

“What are you guys laughing at? Want to go for a pizza? Nice to see you as friends instead of at each other’s throats.”

What could we say. At least we were as far apart in the seat as it was possible to be.

“OK Jack. Sounds good. Private joke, sorry.” With that we all headed back to the ‘Blue Grass’ to enjoy a pizza and more beer.

By then you might say that the mood was broken. My mind was active with the ramifications of what had passed between us. Skip’s too I suspect. We separated at her door with a kiss that was certainly not innocent but was not urgent either. Ten minutes later I was asleep on top of the bed without having removed even my shoes.

I didn’t remember that Skip had signed up for some Summer classes at her college. About four Sunday afternoon I returned home to find her car packed and Skip ready to leave on the three hour trip back to the college.

Two weeks later I signed on to a two year tour as a civilian specialist working with an Army unit in Central Europe. When I did see Skip again she was no longer a virgin. If by chance she was they would be starting a new religion as she was the mother of a six month old boy.

The marriage lasted about ten years during which time we saw each other for only hours at a time. During that time I came close twice but didn’t marry so I was still single when Skip and Jerry divorced and Skip returned home to set up housekeeping nearby.

By then I owned and operated a small ISP and also operated several WEB sites under contract. Due to the nature of the operation I was able to provide work for Skip to fit pretty much into her schedule. She already had a good knowledge ataşehir escort base so her training was short and soon she was earning a comfortable living.

I lived in a nearby mountain cabin which I built. It was one overgrown room with and attached luxury bath and a Jacuzzi with a view of the valley below and the town in the distance.

I was involved with a girl named Charlotte at the time who was nicknamed Charlie. While not madly in love we had been together for several years but did not live together. It was however normal for us to sleep over at one place or the other two or three times a week.

The conversation that had taken place in my car all those years ago was never discussed again. Skip set up housekeeping in her own place not far from where our parents lived. Grandma and Grandpa were more than happy to do the sitting chore for young Jerry who was their only grandchild.

After about a year Skip was spending a lot of time with a guy named Steve. When I questioned her about it she told me that he was a nice guy but that the attraction was strictly sex. After hearing that I began to picture her in her strictly sex activities and my old lust for her returned in force.

Over the next couple of months we four began to double date. They were fun times with a lot of laughter and good fun. Steve and Charlie flirted a lot but it seemed to stop there. Skip and I discussed it once but since neither of us had a long term interest in either of them we decided not to let it bother us.

Skip laughed and said. “Steve is a very nice dildo but if they should get together I always can use you.”

Luckily I was at my desk when she spoke or she would have seen a big tent spring up in my lap. I didn’t want to push the issue however then the issue resolved itself two weekends later. We four were sitting around the in the Jacuzzi when Steve asked in a rather embarrassed manner.

“Would Charlie and I create enemies of you two if we were to go off for a weekend together?”

Skin and I looked at each other. Signals somehow telegraphed back and forth between our silent faces then we said, almost in unison.


The evening stayed friendly but Steve and Charlie soon left together leaving Skip and I to our own devices. At that moment Skip and I were standing in the kitchen fixing a snack. As the front door closed behind them Skip looked at me shrugged her shoulders and said.

“Well I guess that is that. Too bad. He had a great tongue.”

“Oh?” I said. “I never suspected. Charlie was a good screw but I have had better blow jobs.”

Skip looked thoughtful. It took a few minutes before she said.

“Well you never got my virgin pussy nor did you get my virgin mouth but I can always show you what I’ve learned along the way.”

I looked at her in amazement hundreds of scenes going through my head like a high speed slide show. I looked at my sister who had a teasing half smile on her face and a challenge in her eyes.

“You’re serious aren’t you? I’ve hoped that this moment might come but I’ve feared it too.”

Skip stepped forward till she was just a few inches away from me. She turned her back to me saying. “Untie me.” With fumbling fingers I did just that. Before she could turn back around I reached down and took a bottom bow in each hand. I waited for an objection, hearing none I pulled them open. As her bottom fell to the floor she was totally naked in front of me.

We were still back to front as I pulled her toward me. She reached her hands back fumbling with my waist band trying to urge my trunks down. I helped and I was also naked a few seconds later. My cock immediately sprang up ending up with it’s head touching Skin just above the crack in her ass.

I wrapped my arms around her naked body. We were spooned as my hands cupped her tits. I held her that was as she turned her face to meet mine for our first ever sexual kiss. Our lips and tongues probed here and there finding and noting those actions which produced the best responses. I don’t know how long we kissed but It was the longest kiss in my memory.

We finally broke the kiss but stayed spooned. Then my sister reached back and took my rock hard cock in her hand and began walking toward the bedroom. She encountered no resistance from me. We reached my bedroom then my bed. She continued to hold me with her left hand as she reached over with her right and pulled the bed clothes down almost to the foot of the bed.

Then still using her hand to guide me she soon had me lying on my back in the bed. She continued to hold me as she kneeled on the bed then knee walked till her pussy was poised over my cock. She lowered herself slowly wiggling as her cunt devoured me. By the time I was deep inside I was ready to come and I told her so.

“I’d love it if you came.” With that said she began to do things with her cunt muscles that rippled up and down my cock. I exploded. Pulse after pulse of my cum shot into her as she stroked my cock with short avcılar escort stokes of her cunt. Skip suddenly was in the midst of her own orgasm which had her gasping and moaning as the contractions and trembling rippled through her body.

My penis went slightly slack for a minute or two as Skip’s body recovered from it’s high. Then in response to fresh contractions within her cunt it began to respond. Not long after Skip’s lower body began to move gently but firmly, once back and forth then once up and down.

Slowly but surly the strokes got longer and faster until they were more circular than straight. Meanwhile my body got in sync with her’s and we were screwing like I had never screwed before. Suprisingly quickly I was beginning to feel the cum begin to boil. Then I had this urge to be on top. I rolled us over into the missionary position. As I did I felt my sister clamp one leg around my waist and the other below my but as she whispered erotic things into my ear.

Her body came quickly. I penis felt so good sliding in and out of that hot pussy that I almost forgot about coming. But then it happened.

“Darling. I love you. I’ve wanted to feel you come inside of me forever. What took us so long. Promise me we will never stop. I’m coming again. I love it. I love it.”

Meanwhile I was muttering similar epitaphs into Skips ear. Then like before I exploded inside of her. Contraction after contraction pulsed thru my penis as my arms tighten around my sister trying to make us one.

We came down from our highs and laid intertwined for a few minutes. Then after feeling limbs begin to tingle from lack of circulation we lay side by side with our fingers the only thing intertangled. Next thing I knew my cock was being stroked as Skip blew hot coffee fumes past my nose.

“Gotta go.” I said as I scrambled for the bathroom. A few minutes later my teeth brushed, my prostate hard gone, my penis clean I returned to my bed.

“Sleepy head. Drink the coffee quick and get dressed you have a nine o’clock with Williamson from that insurance company that wants you to work their claims in this area.”

“Oh shit. I forgot. It is only Friday. I thought that it was Saturday. Good morning lover. Are we still friends?”

“Friends with privileges? Yes! Definitely. I do love you. Now get up and straighten out.” Skip looked down at my hardening cock. “Well not there, that comes later, Come being the operative word.” She bent over to my face and gave me a quick kiss then planted a juicy kiss on my cock and danced out of the room.

Thirty minutes later we pulled up in front of my place. Williamson had apparently just arrived as I entered my office and Skip headed for her work station. My prospect had been thoroughly vetted and had thoroughly vetted me. We were happy with each other and this meeting was to nail down some final details after which we would hopefully sign a contract.

At about twelve o’clock the ink was drying on the contract. Since skip was to be his web-master we three went to the country club for lunch and a celebratory drink. I drove him to the airport where he had his company plane tied down and promised to return his rental car before five. Skip and I drove up to the overlook to watch him depart.

“We need to come up here some night and finish what we started back in ’97.” Skip said. “Do you think that we would have if Jack hadn’t interrupted us?”

“Hard to say. But I think I’m glad that it worked out the way it has. I think that we are mature enough to handle it now and that we want to. At least I do.”

“Me too. Now back to the salt mine Jane can’t cover two stations forever.” With only a quick peck on the lips we returned to the shop.

It was about three o’clock when Skip buzzed me on the inside line.

“When we return Mr. Williamson’s car you need to bring your bathing suit and a change of clothes. I reserved a 182 for the weekend and rented a nice suite in Ocean City Maryland for the weekend.” She hesitated for a few minutes then added. “Any problem with that?”

“By no means.” Then after looking around to make sure no one could overhear me I added. “Might be a waste though. I really hadn’t planed to leave the bedroom before Sunday afternoon.”

“We’ll play it easy. You’ll manage both I’m sure.”

Five hours later we were checking into the ‘Boardwalk Hotel’. Ten minutes later we were naked in the middle of a bed screwing like crazy. We both came quickly then settled down into a nice lazy pace which eventually lead to a couple of mind blowing orgasms.

We recovered then showered together doing those things to each other that lovers do in a shower. It was there that we engaged in the first phases of oral sex. I kneeled on the shower floor with the water pouring over me and paid homage to Skips clit. When I thought her sufficiently aroused I stood and enjoyed the ministrations of her mouth as she brought me part way to orgasm then stopped.

We enjoyed a fine dinner at ‘Phillips’ then walked the boards holding hands and teasing each other like young lovers like to do. We removed our shoes and walked the surf back to the hotel. Alone in the elevator I tweaked Skips pussy as we traveled to the fifteenth floor. The hall was deserted too and just before we got to our room my sister pulled her dress up over her head. She was naked as we entered our room.

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