Me and my stranded mature lady

Me and my stranded mature ladyOne late evening last June, I was driving home from a late night at work when I came across a stranded car I’m the side of the road. The man I am I stopped just a little up the road to see if I could offer any assistance. I reversed my car back a little and stepped out. I couldn’t find anyone in the car so had a quick check around. Out of the trees came a woman around 50-55 age mark who was incredibly beautiful and very elegant and posh. I asked her if she needed any assistance to which she replies ” oh Thankyou yes please I’m waiting for a recovery firm to rescue me but I’ve been told the closest one was at least an hour away” I said let me take a look and see if there’s anything I can do, it was quite cold so I asked her if she wanted to wait in my car so she did. I couldn’t find the problem in her car but I thought anything could happen around these country lanes so I suggested I waited with her until the rescue arrived, to which she politely declined but I inisisted. we were chatting for a while in my car, when I noticed her pencil skirt had ridden up her leg and was exposing the top of her stockings which were being held up by a set of red suspenders. Now I am a man that certainly loves a good set of lingerie! We got onto the conversation of partners I told her I was single and she told me she had been married for 35 years, she knew at this amasya escort point I could see her stockings but didn’t move or say anything. She asked all of a sudden if I had been with many ladies and what I liked etc I told her and she told me that she hadn’t had sex for at least 5 years to which I was gobsmacked baring in mind I’m a 21 year old guy who hasn’t been with a hell of a lot of women ! We carried on talking for a while until she asked if I liked lingerie which I replied I was a big fan of, she then stripped right off and to literally a stunning set of lingerie she was wearing with a full corset stockings and suspenders set and high heels, I amazed at how fantastic she looked for her age, I asked her if she always dressed this way to which she replied yes as it makes her feel sexy. I asked her to get out of the car and she went round to the back she bent over the boot of the car and I examined her whole body and touched her, I wanted to get her as worked up as I could, I could tell she liked to be owned and she did everything I told her to do. I then got her back in the car and she exposed my by then throbbing shaft and took the whole thing in her mouth, I’m not one to brag but I think I’m well endowed in that department and she took it like a true whore. After I had fucked her throat I had her in the back seat with her knickers pushed to one side licking amasya escort bayan her piss flaps, was was drenched within seconds, she then asked me to fuck her tits to which I obliged her tits were the best without fail the best I had ever seen natural but huge with nipples you hang your coat on! By this time I was ready to enter, I put my seat back as far as I could and got her to climb aboard she was insisting to go easy and assured me her holes would be tight but I didn’t believe her, I teased her pussy before I entered her but she couldn’t take it no more, she tried to slide down on my cock but she was struggling she wasn’t lying when she told me she would be tight, the feeling was amazing her trying so hard to take all of me but struggling so bad. Eventually she took me all the way down to my balls. After around 5 minutes of her riding me she shot up of my cock with hers gushing and shivering an incredible orgasm, she slipped straight back on. I held her ass up and hammered her hole none stop for a good 20 minutes until I felt it was time to tackle her tight asshole. I’m not so sure she was ready but I needed to destroy both holes before I left, she had her head down and ass up high in the air and I guided my manhood to the entry of her asshole, I wasn’t disappointed it was by far the greatest and tightest hole I had ever entered it took me at least 10 escort amasya minutes to get into her ass she was screaming with pain and delight, she suggested she sat on it so I didn’t disagree, she got on top of me and lowered herself on to my inviting penis, she road away like a pure slut I’m sure her younger days were coming back to her, suddenly her phone started to ring and it said husband she said I’m going to have to take this or else he will be worried, I told her she had to stay sitting on my cock while she took it so she did, while she was chatting away to her husband on the phone little did he know she was sitting balls deep on 8″ plus girthy 21 year old penis, the feeling was incredible. It made me want to blow my load so after the call I took her onto the bonnet of my car where I hammered her pussy from behind for a little while until I felt the time was upon me, I told her her to get on the floor to which she was more than happy she sat there holding her massive tits together and mouth open ready for what I was going to give her, when it came it was without doubt the biggest load of my life, I shot over her face which went in her hair, eyes mouth and dribbled all over her tits and down over her stockings. She licked every last bit up before she got changed again. We sat chatting for around 5 minutes then the rescue driver came! Close call but I didn’t care she was amazing, she asked me for my number which I gave her, we have now been in contact a lot. Anytime her husband is at work or away on business I go round to her home and destroy her holes even more! What more could a young man like myself ask for??

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