Meaghan and Mandy


Meaghan had been out to the lake house a couple of times with my niece Mandy. At 25, both of these girls enjoyed laying out in their bikinis and getting a suntan. I enjoyed watching them while they did this. Both were brunettes and had 34 B sized tits. Mandy had an ass that filled out her bikini bottoms in the shape of a heart that begged for it to be kissed and licked. Meaghan’s ass was slimmer than Mandy’s. She was a physical trainer and therapist. It was toned and rounded. It begged to have some guy’s dick smack it just to watch it jiggle and stop.

On this particular day, Mandy had called me to meet them so they could float in the lake and drink a few cocktails. Basically, they were looking for a break from their summer time work. I agreed and met them just before noon. Mandy greeted me with a hug and a disguised squeeze of my ass. She winked at me and said that they were glad I could join them. Meaghan came from the room in the basement and said hi with a hug.

I told the girls we could get started right after I uncovered the pontoon boat and got my swimming shorts on. Mandy said she would fill the cooler and followed me downstairs to the beer fridge. I walked into my room and proceeded to change. Mandy popped her head in the doorway and watched as I put on some shorts. She asked me not to wear the pair that I had on but rather the grey shorts she liked. I looked at her questioningly because I knew these shorts were somewhat transparent when they got wet. She told me it would be fun and well worth it. She returned to fill up the cooler and I changed into the shorts she wanted and departed to prep the boat.

As I was cleaning up the interior of the boat from spiders and a few leaves that had floated in, the girls came out of the house with towels and the cooler. They loaded the boat and began to lather their bodies with sunscreen. I watched for a few minutes and began to get over heated as each of them dragged their hands across their tits and coated their skin. Mandy asked Meaghan to do the back of her legs. Mandy turned around and presented her butt and legs to her friend. While doing this she pulled her suit bottoms into the crack of her ass and instructed Meaghan to make sure she covered all of the back of her. Meaghan commented that Mandy’s butt was white and could easily get burned. Mandy spread her legs a little and gave Meaghan access to the inner portion of her thighs and butt. I felt my cock growing as Meaghan’s hands caressed Mandy’s ass and legs. Not wanting to show my tumescent reaction, I told the girls I need to get the float to hold the cooler. Mandy called after me and I turned to her with the front of my shorts still tented but not as defined as when I started for the house. She smiled when she saw my deflating boner and told me not to forget the huggies. Meaghan came from behind her and told me with a broad smile that she had one already. Meaghan turned around and Mandy began applying sunscreen to her legs Lefkoşa Escort and ass.

I returned quickly and we set off for one of the coves around the lake. We settled in a quiet cove with only a few houses nearby and I dropped anchor. I joined the girls in the front benches of the boat and began to drink a beer. I sat next to Mandy and directly across from Meaghan. Mandy was talking about something at the school where she taught but Meaghan was just staring at my crotch. The shorts had pulled tight against my hips and my cock and balls had settled to the side of my leg. I looked down and you could clearly see the outline of the head of my penis and the distinct shape of my balls. Her attention to my anatomy pleased me but blood started to flood my prick. Her eyes widened and I stood quickly heading for the stern of the boat. I grabbed a float and made for the water.

I told the girls if they were going to join me, please bring my beer and the cooler. Mandy came to the back of the boat with a huge grin and asked if I could blow up the cooler float. She threw it to me and I proceeded to inflate the float. The flotation device I was sitting in allowed me to keep my butt in the water while keeping the rest of my body above the water. This is where the transparency of my shorts took effect. I pushed my float over to the boat so I could get the cooler situated. Both girls looked at me, smiled and took a handle of the cooler and leaned over to place it into the float that I was holding. I looked up and got a sweet view of their chests as they passed it on to me. Of course , I wasn’t looking at the cooler and they both caught me gawking. At the same time, they both told me to focus or we’d lose all the beer and seltzers. I gave a sheepish grin and completed my task. After they released the cooler, they both looked at me and winked. Mandy handed my beer to me, looked at my crotch and said that she was hoping the water would give her something to look at. I spread my legs and told her I was here for her. We both laughed and she went to get a float.

I tied the beer cooler to my float and tied my raft to the boat. The currents in the coves tended to pull floaters away from the pontoon. Meaghan and Mandy joined me in the water. We held onto each other’s rafts and carried on a great conversation. At some point in time, both girls had maneuvered their floats so they faced me. Mandy had her Aviator sunglasses on and her arms above her head. Her chest was pushed out and her spread legs didn’t hide the fact that her bikini bottoms had pulled tight against her vulva.She knew I had a thing for underarms and camel toes and a wry smile on her face said that she was pleased with the effect she was having on me. Her teasing went directly to my cock and it started to swell. Meaghan watched as the front of my shorts tented and revealed my grey shrouded penis. She made an excuse to check her phone and slid off to the boat. Mandy Kıbrıs Escort was giggling and I pulled her to me. I asked her if she had shared with Meaghan that we had fooled around on more than one occasion. I reminded her that not everyone had the same view on incest that we had. She squeezed my ever hardening penis gently and told me that she had not. She told me that Meaghan had a very open mind even though she had just gotten married the previous summer. She also said that everything was going as planned. I didn’t know what that meant but I wasn’t displeased with this notion.

I looked up at the boat to see if Meaghan was coming back. She was standing at the back door of the boat and had a grin from ear to ear. I knew by that look, she had seen Mandy caressing my now engorged cock. Besides, as hard as I was and as see though as the shorts were, she could see everything. At this point I figured I might as well enjoy the attention from both of these ladies.

Meaghan got back into her raft and joined us saying that she hoped she hadn’t missed anything. I asked if she could see if anything was different than when she left. Mandy laughed and splashed my crotch. Mandy commented that she really liked my swim shorts and asked if she could get away with wearing something sheer like that. I replied that I would love to see her and Mandy in a couple of Wicked Weasel suits but they may be just over the edge for this lake. Meaghan said that those suits made her horny when she saw girls wearing them. She said that she had seen a few of them when she was on her honeymoon. Both she and her husband got an eyeful of them and practically tore the clothes off each other when they got back to their resort room. She said that he was hard as iron and that she was wet. She went on to describe how hot the sex was after seeing those suits.

Mandy’s nipples were poking through her bikini top and her hand was gently strumming the front of her bottoms. My cock was twitching with excitement and it wasn’t missed by either girl. Meaghan reached over and tweaked Mandy’s nipple while grazing the back of her hand against my gently oozing cock. The sound of a boat passing the cove brought us back to reality and we all calmed down a little.

We drank a few more beverages and enjoyed the placid conditions of the lake till late in the afternoon. Meaghan mentioned that she needed to go to the bathroom and Mandy and I told her that she should just pee in the lake. Mandy said that she just peed 5 minutes ago while we were talking. I said that I would pee with her if it made her less uneasy about it. A gleam came to her eye and she said alright. I was facing both of the girls, released my sphincter and pee flowed from my cock. Both girls watched as a strong stream erupted through the thin fabric of my shorts. Meaghan spread her legs and let go of all restraint and pee spread across her bikini. Mandy pulled her float next to me and Girne Escort ran her fingers over my penis and looked Meaghan in the eyes to see her reaction. I let my head roll back on my shoulders and enjoyed the gentle caresses of Mandy’s hand. Meaghan ran her own fingers over her pussy lips and moaned approvingly. Mandy mentioned that we were all a bunch of naughty boy and girls and that we should head back to the house to continue our naughtiness. We pulled the anchor and drove straight for the lake house.

We tied up the boat and headed inside. With the beer and seltzers back in the fridge all three of us headed for a shower. I dropped my shorts in the laundry room and walked naked through the house to the only walk in shower. Both girls were already in there lathering each other up. There was no shower curtain so I just watched them rub their hands over each others tits and in between their legs and butts. As I watched, I pumped my growing cock in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Both girls looked at me and pulled me into the shower. They rubbed soap on my chest and back. Then they headed for the good stuff. Meaghan squatted in front of me and rubbed her soapy ass all over my cock and balls. Mandy ran her hands in the crack of my ass and slid one soapy finger in my asshole. I breathed in and told her to finger fuck me. She kissed me on the shoulder and told me she would do anything I wanted to my ass. She proceeded to pump my asshole with her fingers driving me wild and pushed droplets of precum on Meaghan’s ass as she massaged my prostate. I held Meaghan still for a second and ran my rock hard penis into her pussy. Now it was Meaghan’s turn to take a deep breath.

I moaned my delight and began to pump my cock in and out of Meaghan’s pussy. Mandy pumped my asshole with her fingers and nibbled my ear. Meaghan told me to fuck her and fuck her hard. I banged her hips to please her. Mandy released her hand from my ass and moved in front of Meaghan. She presented her pussy to her friend and was rewarded with a tongue lashing that curled her toes. Meaghan’s pussy clamped around my cock and pushed me to orgasm. I called Meaghan’s name and released a guttural yell. My cum shot through my urethra and up against the walls of her vagina. Rope after rope erupted into my niece’s friend. Meaghan’s orgasm came as I volleyed my seed into her. She reacted by yelling into Mandy’s pussy. The vibration of her yell pushed her best friend over the edge into a convulsing orgasm. Mandy shook from her shoulders through her pelvis bouncing her tits up and down and collapsed on the floor of the shower. My legs were still shaking and quivering as Meaghan’s orgasm coursed through her body. The water was turning cold so we decided to dry off. The three of us cuddled on one of the two sofas in the living room and relaxed from the erotic release of tension. We fell asleep until Mandy’s phone rang. She answered it, sat straight up and told the caller okay see you shortly. She turned to us and told us her Mother had just come through the gate. The two girls raced around to find their bikinis and made for the room downstairs. I sat there naked and thought about the possibilities that could come from having Cathy join us………..

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