Medics Finally Get Together Ch. 04

Public Sex

As Ellen and I were climbing back into our respective vehicles, a thought crossed my brain. I hopped down off the running board and turned to Ellen. “What do you want me to do if I get out there first? I’m sure your neighbors won’t appreciate me hanging out in the halls.”

“I know it’s cliché, but I have a spare key. Its under the doormat.” Ellen informed me

“Really? Are you serious?” I was astonished that someone still did that

“Hey, you can go sleep alone in your apartment, smartass, if you don’t like my arrangements.”

“Just kidding, just kidding.” I wasn’t passing up or screwing this up, over a key.

I blew Ellen a kiss and we each went back to our respective stations.

As I pulled up to the garage, I noticed one of the off-service ambulances with the lights on, in the patient compartment. I knew that all the vehicles were secure, when I had left, earlier. I backed in to the garage and turned off my truck. From where I was parked, I could see movement in the rear of the ambulance. I was thinking that someone had broken into one of the trucks and was looking for drugs. I was about to get on my radio and call for police, when they door opened and two figures emerged from the, now dark, ambulance. When they walked in to the light, I recognized two of my paramedics, Jesse Moreno and Janice Frey.

Jesse was a slightly built girl, 24 years old and slender. She usually wore over hair in a braid and “”librarian” glasses, but tonight, her hair was down and disheveled and her glasses were noticeably absent. She had a small chest, possibly a 32 B, but she had an ass that would make you cry. In her uniform, it was hidden by the drape of the material, but in the yoga pants she was wearing tonight, it stood out, literally. It was nice and round and very prominent. The type of ass that songs were written about. Walking beside her, with her arm draped over Jesse’s shoulder, was Janice. Janice was an immigrant from The Netherlands and looked it. She was about 5’11” tall with long blonde hair, that reached about mid-back. She was thick, not as big as Kelly or Ellen, but “curvy”. She had a pleasant flair to her hips and was carrying 36 D boobs. Both of them were off the schedule that night, so it was odd that they would be at the station on their night off.

Janice was walking strange, almost as if she was drunk and Jesse was doing her best to support her. Her face and neck were flushed red and she had beads of perspiration on her forehead, strange since it was 45 degrees out.

I hopped out of my truck and trotted to the women. I was concerned that Janice was either intoxicated or ill. As I approached, Jesse finally saw me and a look of fear came over her face. She directed Janice’ attention in my direction and the two of them stopped in their tracks. I heard Janice say “Oh shit” under her breath.

“Janice, are you ok? You look sick.” I inquired.

“I’m ok, lieutenant, just feeling a bit nauseous. We came here to see if there was any medication in the truck to help”

“Are you sure, you’re ok?” I asked again. I touched her arm and could feel that she was a little warm, but not a fever. It was then that I noticed that her nipples were interrupting the smooth slope of her breasts. It also hit me, that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I was impressed that her sized boobs had no droop to them and were standing out from her body. I looked over at Jesse and noticed, for the first time, that her pants were on, backwards.

“OK, ladies. It’s rather obvious that Janice is not Ill.” I accused. “Just what was going on in that truck?”

I looked at Jesse’s face and she was going to be the one to crack, but it was Janice that spoke up. “You know this service pays shit, boss, we couldn’t afford a motel. Jesse lives at home, with her parents and I have two roommates.” “So we had nowhere to go.”

I was still a bit confused as to where Janice was going with explanation. Suddenly, it hit me. They were lovers. I happened to roll in to the station, mid-relations. They were using their off service truck as their private sincan escort little motel.

“So you two made 54 Oscar into your private little love shack?” “Personally, I don’t care who or what you do on your off-duty hours, but we put patients in that vehicle. They don’t really need to be laying in your fluids.” “Ahh shit, let’s go in the office, it’s warmer, and we’ll discuss this.

As we entered the supervisor’s office, Jesse blurted out,”But lieutenant, we change the sheets and clean the rig every day.”

“WHAT?” I shouted. “You mean to tell me that this is an ongoing thing?” ” How the hell have you been getting away with it?”

Janice answered, “Well, usually we make sure that the truck is parked behind the station, and well, no one goes back there at night, so we have a place until 5:00 in the morning.”

“Well, I have to give you two credit for ingenuity. Maybe not smarts or originality.” I told them. “First, do you think you are the first couple on this job to use the stretcher for unintended uses?” “And second, what would you have done if you got found out by Internal Affairs? They make random checks of the stations at all hours.” “What if the Chief or Captain had caught you, or worse yet, one of the day shift supervisors.”

Jesse answered. “We didn’t think we would get caught at all, least of all by the day shift.” “Wow, if Angiotti caught us, we would be screwed, maybe literally.” The fear returned to their eyes as Janice asked, “You’re not going tell the Captain, are you?” Suddenly Janice’s voice had taken on a dusky, seductive tone. Jesse looked like she was going to cry. “But boss, I can’t lose this job.” She whimpered. I need it to pay rent to my parents or they’ll toss me out in the street, on my ass.

When she said that, I couldn’t help but glance down at the bulging cheeks, barely contained in her pants. I could definitely see what Janice was attracted to. I felt a familiar stirring south of the border and tried to put it out of my mind. I was trying to start a relationship with Ellen and doing what my smaller brain was suggesting would be the best way to fuck it up.

“”Look, I’m not telling the Captain or the other Lieutenants. We will keep this as Janice feeling ill.” “If you guys need to use someplace to get together, and I know that motels are a bit pricey, clue me in”. “If there is any way I can help, I will.” “Trust me, I know what it’s like to be “interested” in someone and have limited options.”

They both jumped at me and were hugging me. “Oh thanks Lieutenant, we always knew you were the most badass boss in the station.”

“Well you two are due to work in a couple of hours. Go in, shower up and get ready for shift.”

“We love you, boss.” They called over their shoulders as the trotted across the station, to the locker rooms. Watching them jog away, didn’t help, either. Between Jesse’s bottom and Janice’s top jiggling pleasantly as they left the office, I nearly forgot about Ellen. Nearly.

I was sitting at my desk, finishing up my paperwork and duty log, when one of them called out for me. “Lieutenant, can you come in to the locker room? There’s a problem with the showers.”

Of course there is. Always problems in the station near the last hour of shift. I got up from the desk and went across the truck floor, to the lady’s locker room. I knocked and asked through the door, “What’s wrong?”

I heard Jesse yell back “We don’t know exactly. Something’s wrong.”

I opened the door and made my way past the lockers. I was annoyed, but I knew it, probably, not their fault. I turned the corner to the shower room, opened the curtain and was greeted by both ladies bare-assed naked, locked in a tight embrace. Their lips were sealed together and I could see movement in their mouths. My erection was instant.

They broke their embrace and Janice told me”. Yeah, there is a problem with the shower.” There aren’t enough people in here.” Jesse said “You were so cool tonight about catching us in the truck, we felt you deserved a reward”. “You do sincan escort bayan seem a tad overdressed, however.”

I immediately became concerned that this was a trick or a trap. “Now we have the boss over a barrel, we own him” kind of situation. However, Little John had taken over operations. Jesse’s luscious bottom was just as I had pictured it. Round and solid with not a blemish. Her deep crack so inviting. Janice was thick but I! hesitantly, started taking off my uniform shirt when the girls approached me.

“Too slow, boss. Day shift comes on duty in an hour.”

They took over stripping me. My shirt, pants and shoes disappeared very quickly. The ladies stepped back and took a look at my hardon. “Looks like we achieved the desired affect” Jesse commented as Janice took hold of the waistband of my shorts and yanked them down, stepping on them to get them off my ankles. I stepped out of them and she tossed them in the direction of my uniform.

Janice promised “We swear, this will not go anywhere beyond the three of us.” Jesse nodded her head in agreement.

I shrugged and allowed them to lead me into the shower. Once we got under the cascading water, they started taking turns kissing me and sucking on my nipples. My cock was completely hard and was bouncing on its own. They moved back to take a look and they both let out a “hmmm, nice.”

Janice took hold of my pole and started slowly stroking me as Jesse returned to sucking and tonguing my hardened nipples. My head leaned back to enjoy their attentions. I felt long fingernails raking my balls as Jesse started to multi-task. It felt so good, being attended by the both of them.

“Let’s go out to the locker room”. Janice suggested. Jesse nodded her head in assent and we made our way out of the shower.

Jesse announced “Me first.” And knelt next to one of the changing benches, draping her body over it, with her lovely ass in the air. She glanced over at Janice, who proceeded to lay a towel on the floor under Jesse and wiggled her voluptuous frame under her. She reached up and pulled Jesse down, until her smooth-shaven pussy rested over her face. I could see fluid dripping on to Janice’s lovely face. I wasn’t sure if it was just shower runoff or was coming from her box.

Jess reached out, grabbed me by the ass and pulled me to her waiting mouth. She began kissing the head of my cock and flickering her tongue around it, concentrating on the tiny slit. Each touch of her tongue sent a jolt through me, like an electric shock. She started kissing and licking, back and forth, along the length of me. I could hear her breathing quicken due to Janice’s oral action.

She brought her amazing mouth back up and began kissing the head again. She parted her lips, slightly and began to slowly envelop it. I could feel the warmth and moisture of her oral cavity as I slowly progressed in. She kept her lips pressed tightly together, as I continued past them. It felt like entering a virgin. She took as much as she could and I felt my head hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag a bit. She pulled back a little and settled into a nice slow rhythm. The suction from her mouth was incredible. I could feel her body starting to tighten up, in response to the goings on, south of her border. Apparently Janice was quite the artist when it came to eating pussy, because I saw her pull Jesse down, hard, on to her mouth as she yelled out in orgasm. The echo off the walls was deafening. If there was anyone else in the building, they would have come running.

As her climax wound down, Jesse returned her attention to my shaft. Her head started moving a bit faster. I saw Janice slide out from under her and stand up. She leaned over Jesse’s, still shaking, body and planted a huge kiss on my mouth. Her lips opened and sucked my tongue in to her mouth. I could taste Jesse’s juices on her tongue and on her lips. I began giving her light touches with my tongue on her face, tasting Jesse all over her.

Janice, clearly the dominant one in their relationship, escort sincan pulled her off of me. ” My turn”, she announced, as she stared hungrily at Jesse’s mouth sliding off my prick. She looked at me and said “Sorry boss, she’s bi, I’m pure les.” She had Jess turn over and lay lengthwise on the bench. “She’s yours, I just want her fucking tongue.” Jesse looked up at me, pleading “Please fuck me, I haven’t had a cock in me in weeks.” Janice took her place over Jess’s hungry mouth and lowered herself down until Jesse’s tongue slid into her shiny pink cunt.

I sat down on the end of the bench and lifted Jesse’s legs laying them over mine. I slid forward directing my cock towards her still drooling pussy. As the head contacted her outer lips she gave way a little shudder and tried to hunch down into me. I took my prick in my hand and started slapping it against her lips and running it against her swollen clit, teasing her and myself. I could hear a muffled whimpering coming from between Janice’s thighs. Finally, I put the head against her dripping opening and slid forward, impaling her on me.

I heard an “Uhhhhh” come from her as I stabbed my cock into her. I bumped against her cervix and held still for a minute, until she started humping against me. I raised up, standing with a leg on either side of the bench and began to pump in and out of her. I was pounding her, knowing that we didn’t have much time until day shift came in. Janice was riding her face like a jockey on a thoroughbred. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open in a type of silent scream. I saw her creamy cum running down Jesse’s cheeks and dripping off on the floor.

Janice looked at me and saw how hard I was fucking Jesse. She started telling me “come on John. Fuck that pussy.” “Fill her cunt up with your cock”. “I want you to cum up inside her and fill that pussy up.”

The talk from Janice, coupled with Jesse’s violent hip thrusts were enough to send me into orgasm. I gave one more deep thrust and let loose into her womb. Ribbon after ribbon of my cum shot into her twat and that set Jesse off on her own climax. The walls of her cunt spasming and undulating around me, milking more cum from my balls. Breathing hard, I felt my staff starting to soften and slide out of Jesse. Janice had dismounted her and I leaned over to kiss Jesse. I could taste the sweetness of Janice’s cum on her lips. I looked over at Janice and said “Damn, I would love to taste that straight from the source.”

She looked back at me and winked, “Well, maybe next time, I’ll let you eat my cunt while you fuck Jesse.” “We’ll see.”

I told her “There’s definitely something of Jesse’s I want to fuck, but I doubt she’ll go for it.”

Janice stared at Jesse, who looked away and informed me,”She’ll fuck wherever and however I tell her, don’t worry.” “You want that gorgeous bubble butt impaled on your cock, don’t you? Well, we’ll see”.

Jesse had a look of fear on her face, contemplating her future encounters. Janice saw this and hugged her to her ample bosom. “Don’t you worry, I’ll get you ready.”

I looked at them, as we started getting dressed and asked “So, what are you two going to do?” “You still have no place to get together.” “My residential situation may be changing soon, so I can you stay at my apartment. It’s a bit of a trip out to it, but it’s a 2 bedroom and you ladies can stay there, even when I’m not out.”

The girls both hugged me and checked outside the locker room for any early arrivers. Jesse called back “Clear.” I walked over to my office and the girls went back into the locker room to put on their uniforms. As I entered the office, my relief Officer, Lieutenant Angiotti, came in the back door of the station. She came over to the office to get her turnover report. “I see that Moreno’s car is back there in the lot.”

“Yeah, she came in early, she had to pick up Frey.” “If you want to put them out early, they’re both here,”.

Angiotti, got a sly look on her face and said “I think I can come up with something for them to do.”

Shaking my head, I left the station. I got in my truck and started my drive out to Ellen’s place. All the way I was replaying the events of the morning in my head. I was feeling a little guilty about screwing Jesse so soon after starting with Ellen, but what she didn’t know…

(To Be Continued)

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