meet a BBC from xhamster for the first time

meet a BBC from xhamster for the first timeI see his truck coming around the corner. I’m getting nervous. Do I look cute are my clothes okay?(I’m wearing a long black skirt&cute black and white sleeveless tank top) my breasts so big the shirt really isn’t covering anything! I’m thinking should I suck in my stomach to appear slimmer since this is our first meeting. We exchanged pictures and he knows what I look like but this is different were finally meeting in person! I know he LOVES bbw’s but I’m still nervous. He pulls up next to me in his truck. Its way bigger than i thought! So i open the door and look up and he smiles and says hi baby get in, i climb in (I’m very short) i struggle to get in and close the door. He pulls off and i can barely look at him because I’m so nervous!. He’s 6’2 with tattoos light skinned with glasses. Damn he looks better than his pictures. And I’m thinking damn i want to touch him but ima play it cool. We find a place to park his big ass truck. Were making small talk and I’m surprised how comfortable i feel with him. I stand up to fix my dress and he smacks my ass. I jump because he caught me off guard. I dont think he was expecting me to react that way. So now i see him trying to keep his hands to his self but i can tell he just wants to touch me. He finally couldn’t help but to run his hand up my leg and on my thigh. I smack his hand playful. He says, “oh you don’t want me to touch you?” I say sure u can and he basically jumps up and wraps his arms around me. Hes so soft and sexy but i have to stay composed. he gets up and moves to his bed in the back off his truck. He’s tells me to come sit next to him. I think for a second because i know i don’t trust myself with him that close to me. (its been more than 2yrs since i had sex!!) so i really didn’t trust myself. But i sit next to him anyway. I fall over on the bed because its actually quite comfortable and as soon as my head hit his bed his hands were on my thighs. He said, “damn ur so thick!” And lets out this groan that made me shiver. He kisses my butt and thighs and I’m trying not to moan(its been SO long since someone touched me like that). His big soft hands groped my ass and smacked it. I let out a little malatya escort moan. He turns me half way over and pulls my skirt up and opens my legs. Revealing that I’m wearing a cute little thong and it is soaked. He rolls his tongue across my clit. I thought i was gonna pass out! He kisses my clit and my puffy pussy lips. I close my eyes and he starts devouring my pussy like its his last meal. He’s moaning into my pussy telling me how good it tasted and looks. I’m about to cum already! I can’t help it. He now tells me to lay on my back and he speards my legs wide and takes my breasts out my shirt. He moans again at how big and pretty my breasts are. He then bends over and licks a nipple and my eyes roll in the back of my head. He then goes back to my pussy and sucks it and i cum all over his face. He licks it up and crawls up and kisses me. And tells me to lick my own juices off his lips. I lick and my tongue ring touches his tongue and he moans again.He then licks and sucks my left breast and then my right i thought i was gonna cum from that too. He couldn’t help his self and had to eat my pussy again. This time he takes his dick out his pants and tells me to touch it while he eats me. And at the exact moment he licks my clit i reach down and touch his dick. (OMG it was sooo fat) i mean I’ve seen pics and videos of it but it did his BBC no justice! I found myself saying omg out loud from the shock of how fat it was. I couldn’t wrap my hands around it! I was hoping he thought i said Oh my god because he was licking me so well, the fav i had this BBC in my hand as he licked me made me cum again even harder. I spit on my hand and jacked him off and he thrusted his hips to meet the rhythm of my stroke, he squeezed my nipples they were so hard. And i orgasmed so hard i grabbed his face and pushed it into my pussy. I was moaning louder than i ever have before. He licked it up and rose up and kissed me, slide his pants off (i didn’t even notice i was to busy coming down from my cum) and laid on top of me. I could feel his warm body. He put his dick right on my clit. I shivered just thinking about how thick his dick is. Then i get nervous because i know its gonna hurt, he rubs it on my escort malatya clit I’m so wet the head of his dick covered in my juices. He slides the tip in real slow its stretching me out to the max and i feel alittle pain. But that’s only one inch of dick in pain he try’s to push more but the pain is to much. I grab is arm and tense up. He takes his leg and moves my legs open wider and slides another inch in. It hurts but feel so good to have him stretching my wet pussy. He pushes another inch in and i can’t take up I’m holding onto his arms for dear life now. I have my eyes fixed on his face and he’s so sexy and i want him inside me so I’m determined to take more dick. He see’s me looking at him and kisses me, licks my nipples. He pushes my other leg open and try’s to slide another inch in as I’m gripping his arms tightly and it slowly slides in. Still in pain but in so much pleasure in moaning but everytime he moves an inch it feels like his dick gets fatter. Thu my moan and the grip i have on his arm I’m saying it hurts. He’s being so gentle and slow with me. Telling me how tight i am and i feel so good. Now I’m starting to relax alittle more he pushes couple inches out and put it back in. I still feel the pain but i don’t care i cum on his dick. He pulls out and licks my cum up and sucks my clit I’m trembling. He lays down and tells me to suck my juices off his dick i climb on top of him and rap my big breasts around how fat dick and place my mouth on te head of his dick and i can barely get my mouth around his so i lick it with my tongue ring. And shove it in my mouth and pump my mouth up and down instart really drulling because my mouth strechtd over his dick. Im sucking so fast and with all of the spit you can hear loud sounds coming from my mouth. Hes moaning but he sees im struggling with the size of his bbc so He turns me over and finally pull my thong off and throws across the truck. (i was hoping i could find them later and wouldn’t have to walk him with a sore pussy and no panties). He smacked my ass and places his BBC on the opening of my pussy i brace myself and he slides five inches in i practically yell and he pulls out and goes right back in. And he grips my ass malatya escort bayan and starts to speed up, smacks my ass again and tells me how good my pussy is. I feel another orgasm coming on and he lends over and wraps his arms around my belly and rubs it and finds my breasts and squeeze my nipples while he slides five inches in and out of my super wet pussy. He gets back up and try’s to push the sixth inch in and i cum so hard i pushed his dick out of my pussy. He grabs on the shelf above his bed len back and pushes his dick inside me again this time telling me to take the seventh inch. He pushes what feels like way more than seven inches inside me and i scream again. I couldn’t handle that much. So i push foward away from his dick. He follows me and pushes five inches into and i let out a moan i didn’t know i could do. He watches his dick slide in and out my pussy. I start to hear squishy noises and realize its his dick inside my juices of my pussy. And i cum again now my pussy start farting(whatever term use) and he moans damn your wet baby. He speeds up and i can barely handle it slow so now I’m gripping the sheets and hanging on for dear life. I’m moan so loud (pain&pleasure) he pounding me with what feels like all eight and a half inches and I’m screaming with my eyes closed. He smacked my ass and pulled his BBC out my pussy and stroked it real fast i feel alot of wetness his my ass and back. I think yes finally he nutted because my pussy was so sore and he shoves it back into my pussy and fucks me faster than the last. And i cum again and right as my arms were gonna give out he pulls out and nutted on my ass again. I fall to my stomach and he falls over too. I lay there breathing heavy, starts to rubs me again and then fondles my breasts again i moan but can’t take anymore. So i get up and get dressed, he watches me the whole time and smacks my ass. He finally gets dressed to thank god because him laying there was making me want to kiss him from his mouth down to his belly button to the tip of his dick. So we talk little. And i wonder if I’m going to see him again. And if he liked my pussy. I kiss him and hug him and climb out the truck. Close the door and say bye honey. I take a couple steps away from the truck look down at my phone and realized he was already calling. I smile and answer, “hi baby” he wants to make sure i get home safely. *hope you enjoyed* i know i had run on sentences and typos but i had to tell my story!!![

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