Meeting a Guy at Work


“That will be $21.95,” I said after ringing up his cd.

“Huh? Oh, umm, yeah,” he replied seeming to come out of a trance.

I watched him as he fumbled around in his wallet trying to find a credit card. He was a regular customer and I thought he was adorable. He looked about the same height as me at 5’7″ with close-cropped brown hair, a five o’clock shadow, and small silver rimmed glasses. He looked kind of rugged and smart at the same time. What made him so adorable, though, was that he seemed to painfully shy. I also got good vibes from him but I wasn’t sure if he was interested in me or not.

“Here you go,” he said giving me a Visa card.

I looked at the card catching his name, Damon, before running it through the machine. He looked slightly uncomfortable and fidgety as we waited for his card to approve.

“Just sign at the bottom,” I said after the receipt finished printing. “Is there anything else you need?” I asked as I took his signed slip from him.

“I was wondering if you could tell me your name?” he asked

“Amanda,” I replied smiling.

“That’s a nice name.”

“Thanks” I said giving him the warmest smile I could.

“Anything else?”

“Umm, I was wondering if we could do something sometime, maybe coffee or something like that?”

“I would love too.”

“Uh…you would?” he managed to stammer after a moment of silence.

“How about tonight?” I asked. “My shift ends at eleven, if that’s not too late.”

“No, eleven is okay.”

“Why don’t I stop by your place after I get off work?” I said. The line of customers behind Damon was getting longer and they were looking impatient. I felt like I had to move things along.

“Alright,” he said looking a little shell-shocked. “Um, did you want to go somewhere? I don’t what will be open that late.”

“Maybe you could have an open bottle of wine waiting for me,” I said to him smiling. “I like reds, if that’s okay?”

“That sounds great.”

He scribbled his name and address down on a post-it note I gave him and handed it to me. His place was right around the corner.

“I’ll see you tonight Damon.”

“Okay,” he said heading toward the door.

I felt my heart beating in my chest as he left the store. I was confident I had him. I felt like I had rocked his world in a good way. He was so shy I felt like I had to be aggressive with him. I liked that. It made me feel like I was in control. I had been worked up for the past few days and had not been able to find a release. For the remainder of my shift, my thoughts dwelled on what I wanted to do with him later that night. It seemed that time was against me but the clock finally said 11pm and I was able to leave.

I found his apartment easily. I hoped he did not have any roommates or at least that they would not be there. I knocked on his door with a sense of anticipation.

“Hi,” he said after he opened the door. “Come on in.”

“How’s it going?” I asked. Looking around it was clear he lived alone.

“Just fine.”

“Do you mind if I take a quick shower?” I asked. “It’s been a long day at work.”

“A shower?” he uttered. “Ugh…Okay. Do you need a towel?”

“That would be great.”

“I opened a bottle of wine” he said eagerly as he pulled a towel out the linen closet for me.

“Good, I can’t wait to have some.”

After he handed me the towel, I went into his bathroom, closed the door, and turned on the water. I took off my clothes and got in the shower enjoying the feeling of warm water flowing over my body. I felt grimy and was glad to get clean. I tried my best not to get my hair wet but it didn’t do any good. After I dried off I walked out with the towel wrapped around me.

“Umm Damon, do you have a shirt or something I could put on. I just can’t make myself get back into my dirty work clothes.”

“Yeah. Sure,” he replied. I was rocking his world all right, after reading his expression. “What kind of shirt would you like?”

“I was thinking something like a button up shirt, you know with the long tails hanging down.”

“Okay. How about this?”

“Perfect,” I replied as he handed me light blue, cotton dress shirt.

I went into the bathroom and put it on making sure to leave a few of the buttons undone. kartal escort When I came out he was sitting on his couch and I took a seat next to him. He had a bottle of red wine out with two glasses already poured. He handed me one and took one for himself.

We immediately made small talk. He had recently moved up here from Southern California after graduating from UCLA in computer science. He had just taken up a job as a computer programmer in town a few months ago. He also told me that he had been engaged to another woman for most of his years in college. She ended up marrying someone else right before they graduated. He seemed kind of bitter about it but who wouldn’t.

“Was she the only woman you’ve been with?” I asked trying to steer the conversation toward sex. We were each on our second glass of wine and it was clear we were both feeling a little more relaxed.

“No, I mean yes,” he said. “She was the only woman I’ve been with.”

“How was she? You know, in bed,” I asked. He looked offended at first and I thought he might not answer me.

“She was okay I guess. I definitely enjoyed it more than she did. She didn’t like to do it a lot,” he finally answered. “So, I suppose you don’t have a boyfriend?” Damon asked me clearly trying to change the subject.

“Not really,” I replied. “I was kind of seeing someone but I think he’s blowing me off.”

“I can’t believe it,” he said. “He’s got to be the dumbest guy in the world.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because you’re one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah right,” I said. “But it’s sweet of you to say.”

At that moment both I leaned a little closer and kissed him, just a little peck on the lips.

“Do you think your guy would mind that you did that?” he asked teasingly.

“As far as I’m concerned he’s not my guy and I don’t really care,” I answered back. “Besides I want to do much more than that.”

“Oh really?”

“Really,” I answered looking into his eyes and kissing him again.

I was all over him. I grabbed at his hair as I drove my tongue into his mouth. It took him a few moments but he was soon kissing me back with equal intensity. I felt his hands on my waist and then my hips. I got the sense he wanted to go further but wasn’t sure if he should. I took care of that problem by grabbing his hand and putting on my bare ass under my shirt.

He tasted good and I could have kissed him for hours but I had too much pent up lust in me. I could feel his erection under his shorts as I ground myself into him. I became possessed with desire.

“You know,” I whispered into his ear as I began kissing his neck. “I’ve been noticing you for awhile now.” I flicked my tongue in his ear making him visibly shiver. “I’ve wanted you the moment I laid eyes on you. I’ve imagined you fucking me all day today.”

I slid down his body and came to rest on my knees before him. I pulled down his shorts and looked up at him smiling as I pulled out his cock. He threw his head back in pleasure as I began to stroke it softly. I held it in my hand and studied it. It was nice and straight, and just the right size. I let the anticipation build, wanting take him into my mouth.

I pulled his shorts all the way off while he took his shirt off. He looked magnificent sitting back on the couch naked before me. I put a hand on each of his well-muscled thighs and licked the precum off the tip of his hard cock. I ran my tongue over it savoring the masculine taste. I could feel myself getting even more aroused as I took the flesh of his manhood into my mouth. I made his cock all wet with my saliva. Then took his balls in my hand as I slid my lips over his shaft. I felt his pubic hair tickle my noise as my lips reached the base of his cock. I effortlessly took him all the way in to the back of my throat. I felt like I was in the zone and all that existed was my mouth on his cock. The feeling was exquisite. I lost sense of time and was surprised when I heard him breathing faster and moaning louder. I could not get enough of him.

“Oh my god! You’re good!” I heard him say between labored breaths. “I’ve never felt so good.”

I did not say anything and just looked up at him making eye contact. I slowly moved my fingers off his buca escort balls and massaged his scrotum. I moved further down between his legs and let one of my fingertips graze the rim of his asshole. He did not seem to object, so I continued. I stroked the outside of his hole with my finger. Wet with my saliva I inserted my forefinger inside him ever so slowly. His anus seemed to open up for me and I pushed my finger inside. His moaning gained intensity as I gently rotated my finger inside of him.

“Oh god! I’ve never felt anything feel so good” he breathed. “You’re such a nasty girl.”

“Do you like nasty girls?” I asked as I let his cock slip away from my mouth for a moment.

“Oh yes.”


With that I sucked on him with all the effort I could and I put my finger inside his ass as far as it would go while pressing up against his engorged prostate as hard as I could. He exploded right there with bursts of his cum entering my mouth. It was so intense I could not swallow it all and a lot of it dribbled back down on his cock and my hand that was still stroking him. I milked him dry and licked him clean.

After giving him a moment to recover I climbed up next to him. I planted my lips on his and made him taste himself. He did not seemed to mind and kissed me back enthusiastically.

“You are very nasty,” he whispered, as he tasted himself.

“It’s my turn now,” I said smiling. I saw him look at me and he looked petrified.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Umm, yeah. Everything is fine,” he answered smiling. He slid off the couch and we switched positions.

He began kissing the tops of my feet and worked his way up the inside of one of my legs. When he got to the top he went back and started at the bottom of my other leg. When he reached the top again, he unbuttoned my shirt. I sat up and let it fall of my shoulders. He spread my legs slightly and I lifted them up slightly to open myself to him. He began to move in and then stopped.

“I’m sorry,” he exclaimed. “I’ve never done this before and I don’t want to mess it up. I want to make you feel the way you made me feel.” I felt bad for him. He seemed almost in tears.

“It okay,” I assured him. “Just lick around the outside and then gently on my clit,” I told him as I outlined, with my finger, where I wanted him lick to me. “When I’m excited you can gently put a finger inside me. I like it when it’s twirled around as opposed to in and out. Just be gentle and take your time. Everything will be just fine.”

He seemed okay and moved in again. I let out a soft moan as I felt his warm tongue on my sex.

“Oh yes, that’s it,” I said. “Keep doing that.”

My hand clawed at the fabric on the couch as he continued. He slowly licked my pussy from top to bottom. I almost orgasmed right then as I felt his tongue enter my hole. I ran my hands through his hair as I enjoyed his attention. I softly urged him on as he gently spread my lips and put his tongue directly on my clit. I took one of his hands and placed it at my entrance. He took the hint and inserted a finger inside me, gently twirling it around.

“Use two fingers,” I whispered. I felt him insert another finger. I was very wet and he had no problem putting it in. Suddenly I pulled his hand away and brought it to my mouth. I looked him in the eye as I licked my juices of his fingers. He resumed his licking and I shifted my hips and pulled my legs farther back.

“Will you do something for me?” I asked.

“Anything,” he replied.

“Will you lick me here,” I said as I brought my finger down to my asshole.

“Only if you asked nicely,” he said smiling.

“Will you lick my ass for me?”

He seemed more confident now, and I liked that. I felt him run his tongue down my swollen sex and then plant kisses around my anus, but not touching it. He teased me like that for what seemed forever. Finally, I felt his warm, wet tongue on my sensitive bud. I rubbed my clit with my finger as his tongue assaulted my backside. He became very aggressive and it was heavenly. His tongue was up and down, back and forth, and then suddenly I felt his tongue penetrate my anus. I felt myself tighten and then relax as he kept pushing further inside.

“Oh marmaris escort yes,” I screamed frantically as my finger became a blur over my clit. “Oh fuck! Yes! Oh yeah!”

I spasmed in a massive climax as he kept pushing his tongue deeper into my backside. He then put his mouth on my sex until I finally finished. Right after I pulled up and made him kiss me. I was still hot for it.

“I want you to fuck me now!” I demanded.

He needed no encouragement as he pushed my legs apart and guided his cock into my hole. I almost fainted in pleasure as he slid himself into me. I pulled him close and we kissed, our bodies melding into a slow, steady rhythm. Our chests were pressed together as his hips moved himself in and out of me. Our skin slid together when we began to sweat from our efforts. You could hear the soft sucking sound of my sex grabbing his cock. He then increased his tempo and I laid back looking up at him as he had his way with me. He lowered his face down to my ear and began to whisper nasty little things to me.

“You’re a nasty little slut who needs to get fucked,” he said.

“Ooooh,” I moaned, surprised at his boldness. I grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into me. My body started to shutter in orgasm and he responded by pumping me harder. As my orgasm subsided he pulled out and sat up.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded. “I don’t care if you cum inside me. Just fuck me.”

“You’re sure, because I’m about to blow.”

“You should do me from behind?”

“Bend over,” he said.

I rolled over and pushed myself up onto my hands and knees thrusting my ass up in the air. I brought my hand to my clit and he pushed his cock back inside me. I tossed my head back and moaned loudly as I felt him enter me.

“Oh yeah, Fuck me nice as hard.”

He grabbed onto my hips and drove himself into me, filling me with his cock. I felt his finger between my ass cheeks. I moaned letting him know that I was okay with that. I felt his finger slide into my asshole and then clamped my anus down on his finger. It was really turning me on. His finger moved in and out of my backside as he continued to fuck me.

“You make me feel so nasty,” I told him.

“Sorry,” he replied.

“No! I think it’s fuckin’ hot feeling like this. I love being nasty.”

“Then how would you like to have my cock up your ass then my nasty slut.”

“Mmmm yeah, I thought you would never ask.” He pulled out and I rolled onto my back.

“I like it this way,” I said pulling my knees up to my chest.

I made him find some lube which did not take long. “Go slowly,” I said as I felt him apply the lube.

He pressed his lubed covered head up against my hole. I made myself relax as he pushed forward. My breathing became faster at the intensity of the sensation. It felt good but it was so intense I almost could not take it. He slowly worked his way in very patiently. Eventually he was able to move himself all the way in and out of my ass.

“I don’t know how long I’m going to last,” he warned.

“No, no, no, no. Don’t cum yet,” I pleaded. “Keep fucking me. Keep fucking my ass. Just long enough for me to cum again. You can cum anyway you want to after that.”

I felt myself loosening up a bit, and he started to fuck me harder. I clenched my ass around his cock and I fingered my clit.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” I moaned as he went at me hard and fast. “Oh my god! Yes! Oh! I’m gonna cum!”

With that I came hard, moaning and twitching in pleasure. He pulled out right after I was done. After I recovered for few moments I sat up.

“Lay down,” I told him.

He complied, slumping back on the couch. I pushed his knees up towards his head. I lowered my head and ran my tongue across his balls, then going lower and lower.

“Oh fuck,” I heard him say as I my tongue poked at his asshole.

He placed a hand on my head as I licked his most private area, running my tongue in circles as I stroked his cock. He suddenly sent massive spurts of cum into the air landing on his chest. I immediately wrapped my lips around his pulsing cock, filling my mouth with his cum. When he finally stopped firing I released him and crawled up next to him, licking the creamy liquid off his chest.

“Damn!” he said. “You are a nasty girl.”

I just smiled at his comment. We got up and we to his bed falling asleep in each other’s arms. We went on a cycle of sex and sleep every couple of hours until the afternoon of the next day. We’ve hooked up several times after that on the weekends, repeating the events of that night.

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