Meeting James


One minute I’m standing in a bookstore, and the next I’m being kissed!

His hand was on my neck, his lips were soft, firm, demanding and I opened up to him. I was too shocked to be angry. I felt the other hand slide around my waist and pull me against him. I thought in the back of my mind that he looked just like that Alan Rickman guy at 30. I heard him groan faintly and it brought me back to my senses. I pulled back and he let go. He simply smiled at me and licked his lips. My breathing was heavy and I felt my nipples tighten in response to the kiss.

He just smiled and said, “Magnificent.” I shivered from his voice. It was smooth, like fur rubbing on my skin.

“Thank you,” was my only reply. My fingers touched my lips. He held out his hand and I automatically gave him mine.

“When I saw you here, I knew I had to taste you,” he murmured. He pulled me to him slowly and I realized that he thought I was sexy! Well, that doesn’t happen very often, I thought to myself.

“Come with me?” He asked softly.

“Yes.” Was my only reply.

We walked out to the street and he opened a car door for me. I climbed in and watched in fascination as he slid in beside me and closed the door. It was a limo. Dark on the inside, it kept the world outside and ours inside.

The car moved forward and it finally dawned on me that I had gotten into a strangers car and I backed up against the door.

He looked at me quizzically, and then smiled. Oh, that smile was goregous!

“Please, don’t be afraid. I don’t usually do this sort of thing. I saw you standing there and you just radiated energy, senuality, and feminity that I had to taste you. I am drawn to you. You are exquisite.” He said. “My name is James,” and held his hand out.

I looked at it, feeling a bit foolish. After all he said all those lovely things. I took his hand and wondered at how strong it was and so much bigger than my own.

“Alisandrea,” I replied, feeling a bit more comfortable. He took my hand and turned it palm up and kissed it. I shivered from the feel of his lips and jaw. Most men have rough faces but his was smooth. He trailed up my thumb and sucked it into his mouth and I groaned. He was so good with his tongue! I moved closer and watched in fascination as he sucked on my thumb. My eyes traveled over his features. Strong chin, tan skin, shoulder length black hair, soft mustache. His eyes opened and pinned me. Deep green with lust in them. I melted a little more.

He slowly pulled my thumb out of his mouth and leaned forward to kiss me. I let him. I wanted him to kiss me. He opened his mouth slightly and pressed his lips to mine. I opened mine and let him in. It was all he needed. He groaned and pulled me against him, pinning me between the leather seats and his hard, warm body.

His hand caressed my shoulder as he kissed me. It was more izmir escort than a kiss, this was a form of sex for him. I moaned into his open mouth and his grip tightened around my waist. His tongue slid into my mouth and prodded mine. He was demanding, wanting. My tongue touched his and I felt us blend together. He wanted me to respond. My nipples were stiff in my bra, aching with need. My hands wrapped around his neck and I pressed myself to him. I could feel the hard muscles under his shirt. He smelled so good.

The more our tongues danced, the more demanding he became. He slid a hand under my t-shirt and kneaded my flesh. He groaned and his hand moved up to my swollen breast, kneading it. I whimpered into his mouth and he broke the kiss.

I felt lost without his on mine and he pulled my shirt up to see what he was holding. He leaned down and tongued my breast, pulling it out and sucked the nipple into his mouth. My head fell back and I groaned out loud. My hand caressed his hair, and the other slid under his jacket to his back. Hard muscles flexed under my hand but all I could really feel was his mouth on my breast. Oh this man is so very oral, I thought dimly.

My legs were clamped shut, pressing my sex closed. I was afraid if I opened them, it would be the end of me. He pulled back and tongue my nipple and I watched through a haze of lust as he gently pulled the other out and moved to it. My hands went to his hair and I pulled him to me. I couldn’t help it, I had to have him!

“Alisandrea,” I heard him murmur against my nipple and I shivered from the sound.

“James,” I replied. My eyes full of hunger, I smiled at him. He he let go of me and sat up while pulling my shirt down. The car door opened and he took my hand and pulled me out into the sunlight. I blinked at the harsh light and let him lead me into a very elite building. We walked to the elevator and stepped in. I moved to him and held him to me. I felt very exposed. He looked at me and smiled and kissed me lightly.

When the elevator opened he stepped out into a modern looking living room. I looked around and wondered where the hell I was.

“Welcome to my home,” he said. I smiled and let go of him and walked to the couch. I turned to find him a couple steps behind me, his eyes half closed, intent. He took my hand and led me to his bedroom.

He pulled me to him and kissed me hard. My hands wound in his hair and he groaned into my mouth. He pushed my pelvis to his and I could feel his cock through his slacks. It felt impressive but I had to see for myself. I reached down to unbutton his shirt and he let go of my mouth to watch me. I undid one at a time, my fingers touching his chest and stomach as I went. I pulled his shirt out and let my hands roam back up to his chest, rubbing my palms on his nipples. He inhaled sharply. kahramanmaraş escort I knew he was watching my face but I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I slid his shirt back over his shoulders, taking the jacket and shirt to the floor. He definitely worked out.

“Fair is fair,” he said. James put my arms up in the air and pulled my shirt off. He smiled when he saw the front clasp on my bra and unsnapped it, letting it fall to the floor. My breasts spilled free and his hands tightened over them. I saw his eyes darken and he glanced up at me before he sucked the right one into his mouth. My head fell back and I groaned out loud. I was pretty sure we were alone. He moved a bit and I saw him kick his shoes off. So I did too. Soft carpeting underneath me, and James over me sucking my flesh made me shiver and I held him to me as he flicked the nipple with his tongue.

I felt my sex moisten at that point and my panties and jeans were soaked instantly. I’ve never been this turned on by just someone’s mouth before. I reached down and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his slacks and lowered the zipper. They fell to the floor and he smiled.

“Let me guess, fair is fair?” I asked with a smile.

James kneeled in front of me. He unsnapped my jeans and pulled those and my panties down. I had to steady myself by holding onto his shoulders, my knees were so weak. He stopped to look at my wetness and stood.

“Exquisite, Alisandrea,” he said as he nudged me back on the bed. I laid down and felt cool sheets under my heated skin. I watched as he stripped himself and gasped at the size of his cock. It was normal length but it was so damn thick! My pussy spasmed at just the thought of having it inside me and I shivered from anticipation.

“Good,” was his only reply as he pushed my legs apart and climbed between them. He hovered over me and took his time looking at my body. I’m not goregous by any means, full D size breasts, 10 more pounds than I would like, and redheaded. I do like the redheaded part. He exhaled loudly and slowly lowered himself on top of me. He kissed me gently, running his tongue along my lips. He was built, hard muscles pushing onto me. He felt heavy to me and I liked it. My hands roamed his back to his buttocks and I could feel hard muscles flexing under my fingertips. My breasts were crushed to his chest and I could feel his nipples poking into me. But I couldn’t feel his hips on mine. By instinct I pulled my legs up and wrapped them around his hips and he groaned into my mouth. But still didn’t lower himself to me. I wondered what he was waiting for when he suddenly shoved his cock into me!

I broke the kiss and arched my back, crying out at the invasion. He was so fucking huge! I felt as if he was splitting me open. He was all the way inside me and I couldn’t breathe. manavgat escort I went still to absorb the intrusion and he pushed his arms under my shoulders to hold my head still with his fingers. I was panting, and slowly opened my eyes to see him watching me intently.

“Absolutely marvelous,” James said and kissed me gently. All I could do was whimper. My body was on fire, and my muscles gripped his cock so hard I thought he would never be able to move.

But he did. Slowly at first, giving me the chance to calm down and feel his cock thrust into me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair.

“I didn’t expect this,” I whispered. His only response was to push deep inside of me and I gasped as he pulled back to the very tip and sink deep inside me again.

“Look at me,” he commanded. I opened my eyes. “This is what I wanted in the bookstore. You are so full of energy. I want you to give it to me,” he said against my lips.

“Yessssssss,” I whispered. His hips pulled back and he pounded me hard with his cock. I whimpered and moved my legs up. He groaned into my mouth and fucked me harder. I could feel his hips crash against mine with lightning speed but as hard as he was fucking me, his lips were as gentle. I couldn’t move, all I could feel was James. All I could smell was James. The sensations rolling through me at being taken by him made me shiver. I wanted him to fuck me, to kiss me, to explode inside me.

“Please, James,” I muttered against his lips.

“Please what, Alisandrea?” He replied.

“I can’t… I need…,” I panted.

“Tell me,” he commanded and looked into my eyes.

I panted through my haze of lust. “Take me, make me yours, make me cum,” I managed to whisper.

“Yessssss,” he hissed and kissed me hard, forcing his tongue inside my mouth. I opened willingly and gave him what he wanted from me. My lust, my desire, my burning need to cum all over his cock and grind my hips to his underneath him.

His hips shifted and he rammed himself inside me, sliding in and out so easy, I was so wet. He shoved into me and groaned into my mouth and I exploded around him, underneath him. I stopped breathing as my body shook. My pussy gripped him so tight that he had to slow down and my hips bucked against his as I climaxed around his cock. I gave him my orgasm and he groaned so loud into my mouth as he pushed into me one last time and came inside me, emptying his seed into my pussy.

I lay under him, shivering, my body riding one climax after another when I finally started to breathe again. He let go of my mouth and gasped himself. I opened my eyes and watched as he shook through the last of his orgasm. His eyes were closed and his hips were still jerking into me. I took him in. I knew he had given me his own pleasure and I collapsed under him to catch my breath. He moved with me and lay on top of me, sinking into my body. I just laid there, my legs slowly sliding down his, to fall to the bed.

I couldn’t move, and neither could he. He slowly lifted his head and kissed me gently.

“Alisandrea,” he whispered.

“Yes?” I asked.


“Yes, James,” I replied with a smile.

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