Meeting Minako (Part 3)


David Sugihara looks critically at his junior intern translator who has just entered his large modern glass and steel office. The girl appears every inch the demure young “office girl” professional attired as she is in her tight grey pencil skirt and crisp tailored white cotton blouse. The pretty young office trainee has her hair tied up in a neat bun. This girl seems so young and inexperienced the older executive thinks to him self? The business leader wonders why Langham-san wants her for such an important task. Finally Sugihara shrugs his shoulders in resignation. Foreigners are hard to fathom he has realized from long experience. The CEO speaks to the nervous kitten-like girl shivering in fear before him. The scrawny young fawn is seemingly paralyzed by his very presence. Japanese junior staff members are commonly timid like this. “So I understand you and Langham-san had a very good time at the concert.” The way her boss has placed emphasis on the word “very” makes Minako’s heart jump and almost come to a halt. Minako suddenly realizes Mr Sugihara must know about the kiss. How did he find out? Did John tell him? Oh my god this will be a huge scandal in her family. Will Mr Sugihara tell her father she wonders? “I can explain Mr Sugihara….” The nervous intern begins to blurt out her ill prepared apology. The suddenness of this has taken her off guard. Of course it had been wrong to kiss Mr Langham. And of course as the woman it must be her fault. A woman should not tempt a superior older man in Japan. She should not have worn that black dress. Of course the dress was too sexy for a first date. Well not even a date—a business function actually. The dress was too sexy by far. It was all her fault. Now it had all gone wrong. Now she would pay the price. Her hands were shaking as young Minako prepared for the worst. “I well….” The young Japanese girl’s cheeks flush a shade of hot pink. Her stumbling words faltered and her tongue felt thick and numb and useless in her mouth. How do you admit to kissing a white man? This was something scary and new. She would of course be fired. David Sugihara looked perplexed as his intern babbled some meaningless words he could not understand. Why was she apologizing he wondered. “What are you talking about Minako-san?” David turned back to scrutinizing the important papers on his imposing steel desk. “Um well…..” She paused. “About the evening and the concert and what I did.” Minako paused again unsure exactly how to put it. What exactly had she done? How do you describe that you kissed his business partner without sounding like a slut? She hardly knew John and she had kissed him. What would Mr Sugihara think? “I’m so sorry…..” The slender young anxious waif twisted her body on the back heel of her shoe nervously driving the point of her heel down into the deep-pile carpet. “If I have brought shame on you and our company….” Minako’s voice trailed off. What could she ever say to atone for her error? Would her boss yell at her? How do you begin to make amends for such shameful slutty behaviour? Sugihara lifted his eyes from the document he was examining and smiled. Her boss didn’t look too angry. Minako was lost and confused seeing his smile. What she felt was beyond any terror she had ever faced in her young twenty-one years of life. How would she explain getting fired to her father? “I can explain….” Minako tried to begin yet again. This was a very uncomfortable moment for the nervous young girl. The pretty intern’s words of possible “explanation” trailed off. This man she was addressing was a close friend of her father’s. So to actually admit to the kiss was bad enough. But her boss might ask her to explain and describe it? Also John was this man’s business partner. Oh god this all looked bad—very bad. How do you describe to your boss that love had gown in your heart suddenly and you had temporarily lost your brain? How do you tell him that all the good senses your mother had raised you with flew the coop like a rebellious teenage pigeon? How to explain the strange sexy dreams you have been having featuring John? Of course you would never, ever admit that John often appeared in these dreams naked. No that was impossible to consider. The hidden dark desires you keep tucked away from view? Can any person admit such things in the harsh glare of daylight? Could Minako find the right words to extricate her family honour from this shame? Her company leader looked up seemingly irritated with her senseless blathering. “I have no idea what you are talking about young lady. And why are you saying sorry? Anyways look. This is the thing. Langham-san apparently was very impressed by you. My partner said he had an amazing time at the concert. Actually John said you are a very bright and competent young lady.” Sugihara placed the thick document down on the glass surface of his modern 1966 Max Ingrand design steel desk. The large imposing artwork desk by the famous French designer was functional, futuristic, and had voluptuous industrial-chic lines. Even all these decades later the steel desk still looked entirely modern and ahead of its time. In the corners of David’s office stood two large orange Chihuly glass vases with fresh Calla lilies. Minako was too nervous to appreciate the elegance of Sugihara’s taste in furnishings. “So you have nothing to apologize for. Mr Langham was very impressed by you Minako-san. In fact….” David Sugihara smiled a bright fake-white-toothed smile. Minako gawked at her boss without really comprehending what he was saying. What was he talking about? Now she was confused. In typical Sugihara fashion her boss David took control of the situation and explained his proposal. Sugihara continued his address to his confused young staff member. “There is a business conference in Cebu. This place is in the southern Philippines. It’s a resort actually. Many Japanese construction conglomerates will be attending this conference. The topic is on regional infrastructure and these big companies will be Ankara bayan escort wanting to bid for large projects and contracts.” Sugihara shuffled through a pile of papers and stopped concentrating on Minako. The young girl sighed a big sigh of relief. Maybe she wouldn’t be fired after all? But what did this conference in some other country have to do with her. As far as she knew her job was to sit in a tiny windowless cubical with her friend Sakura-chan and translate dry contracts and regulations from English into Japanese. “Anyways I do not have time to go to this conference as I have a meeting in St. Petersburg. My partner Langham-san will need someone at his side who speaks perfect Japanese.” Sugihara’s eyes seemed to bore into her. Minako felt nervous under his steady gaze. His large imposing desk and the entire elegance of her CEO’s office unsettled her. “Someone who can translate for him in the meetings when necessary.” Sugihara picked up another contract off the glass covered steel desk. The short husky Japanese executive pushed the intercom button on his desk phone. Sugihara’s huge modern steel and glass desk was positioned front and centre of the panoramic view over Tokyo Bay. The entire effect was like a photo from an “Architectural Digest” spread. “Risa-san can you come in and get the Mitsui contract please.” David turned his eyes back towards Minako. “So I proposed to send our head translator Mrs Nakamura.” Minako pictured the over-weight fifty-year old Nakamura-san with her badly dyed orange hair. The young female translators all referred to their head translator as “Iron-Nakamura” because the woman was always so firm and pushy: a Maggie Thatcher kind of bitch. Rumour had it that Iron-Nakamura was a lesbian and that she even lived with another woman. But this was just idle scandal because the head translator for the company was fifty and not married. In Japan such an unmarried woman at fifty (an “on the shelf leftover woman”) was already a scandal. Minako could not imagine such a thing being real, but then young office girls liked to gossip. Lesbian sex was currently a hot topic among the office girls since most of them could not find suitable boyfriends. It was unsaid, but many of the sexy young office girls were desperate to explore their sexuality, even if they had to do it with each other. David’s assistant Risa entered the office briskly. She retrieved the contract from her boss and left. When Sugihara wasn’t looking Risa gave Minako a smile and a wink of reassurance. The two girls had become friends after meeting during Langham’s last visit. “Well Langham-san has insisted that you are the correct person for the job. I explained to him that you are young and inexperienced. Truly I know you would also not want this burden of traveling when you have university assignments to complete.” Minako’s heart leapt learning that John had asked for her. But then her heart crashed back down when Mr Sugihara confirmed that he was unwilling to send her. Of course he cannot send me due to my youth and inexperience she thought to her self. A deeply curved pout appears disfiguring her young pretty face. “So I told him most certainly that you could not go.” Minako’s heart that had just soared now plummets crashing back down. She could have explained to John about why she ran away that night. She had so much to tell him and explain. She had so much to say sorry for. But she would never get the chance now. Sugihara was right. She was still in university and only a company trainee translator. Surely a young inexperienced employee such as her self could never take on such a great responsibility for the company. Minako bowed her head in submission to her boss. In Japan the boss is always correct. If the boss claims the world is flat, then well, the employees all bow their heads and agree in unison that the world is now flat. “Yes Sugihara-san you are quite correct. I am too young and such responsibility must go to Nakamura-san. She is the lead translator.” Minako wanted to add that Iron-Nakamura was also fat and ugly, but she bit her spiteful tongue. The pretty young intern was trembling inside with a tumult of swirling emotions. She wanted to rush to the bathroom and cry her eyes out in private. She knew she would never see John again. David lifted his eyes and smiled. “Well Minako-san you and I are both Japanese. We think differently than these foreigners like John. Of course normally I would never send you.” Minako bowed again, but more deeply this time. The attractive office girl needed to count her blessings. At least it seemed she was not being fired. “Yes. You are quite correct Sugihara-san. Foreigners are hard to understand.” Minako’s young thumping heart was being ripped out and torn apart. Something terrible was twisting inside her causing horrible pain. The young Japanese girl suddenly felt very lonely. If only? If only she was older? If only she was more experienced? So many questions swirled in her young brain. If only she had more experience perhaps her CEO would have sent her and she could have seen John again. “But Langham-san has insisted. He will only have you for some reason. But I need to ask, are you willing to go? As a company we will never force you to travel.” Minako’s jaw gaped open in disbelief. John had what? The company would what? The young intern wanted to laugh and swirl and dance around the office. She had a sudden impulse to rush over and kiss stuffy old Sugihara on the cheek. She wanted to giggle, but repressed the urge. Her heart was bursting with joy. New hope had flowered. But too stunned by what Sugihara had just said she instead stood paralyzed in one spot. Was it true? Could it be true? What exactly had her boss just said? Minako stuttered and stammered trying to formulate words to reply. Sugihara looked at her with some measure of impatience. Her cheeks flushed under his impatient glare. Could the older man tell she was in love? Did he realize how over-the-moon Escort bayan Ankara she was right now? “Well you need to give me an answer soon. Risa-san needs to book the flight. Langham-san apparently has already arranged a room for you at the hotel. He seems to think you will want to go.” The intern’s face showed her confusion. Still she was too stunned to come up with a sensible reply. “Do you need to phone your mother tonight? I know she might object.” Minako didn’t want any more obstacles to occur. She decided to present this trip to her parents as a fait accompli. She would explain it as a trip absolutely required for her job, nothing less and nothing more. The wheels in her young head began to spin. How would she explain this to her mother and sister so they wouldn’t be suspicious? Her younger sister Akiko knew all about the kiss so she would be curious and pry for the truth. “No sir. I can go. For the good of the company of course I shall do what I can. I shall try my best to bring honour on our company.” Sugihara smiled a superior’s indulgent smile. “Thank you. That’s all. Risa-san will advise you of the arrangements. Please prepare your travel bag and we will also provide you a travel allowance.” Minako-san bowed very deeply this time. The young demure intern backed up towards the door. She was so excited she almost forgot to bow again. She bowed twice more before turning to leave. Minako’s tender heart was skipping. She would see John again. Soon. And in a foreign country: her entire nubile young body was tingling with excitement at the prospect of seeing handsome John again. As Pavlov could well have predicted her nipples hardened and her pussy got moist. In her mind she started to recall their one and only kiss. She smiled. ______________________________________________ After leaving Sugihara’s office Minako immediately found a quiet corner of the office away from other staff. She called her younger and much more popular sister Akiko. Minako decided she might as well get it over with and just tell her sister this new development. Upon hearing the news that her older studious sister—“the straight A girl with the A cup tits”—would be flying off on what Akiko chose to describe as a “romantic getaway” Akiko shrieked in high-pitched glee. “Oh my god you will see him again. Your foreign Romeo will be yours. You have surely captured his heart.” “Kiki please calm down. I think you are more excited than me.” Minako chuckled at her younger vivacious sister’s reaction. Akiko bubbled on about all the romantic possibilities this new trip threw up. “I’m sure he will drag you into his room and almost devour you.” Akiko was really teasing her sister and pushing every button she knew how to push. “Kiki you are crazy. It is a business trip. Besides I just hope I can explain my self. He must hate me after the way I acted.” Akiko would have none of her sister dampening the mood. “Hate you? Have you looked in the mirror? Do you know how sexy and gorgeous you are sis?” The younger sister teasingly cackled with glee. “Oh now. You must call me from this love-island and tell me every detail. Oh god I wonder if this foreigner has a huge cock? I’ve heard some Canadians have very big ones.” Akiko amped up her sisterly teasing and jabbed Minako some more. “He might want to fuck you several times every night. Some men are very horny you know. I had one boyfriend who would want to do it three times a night.” “Kiki! Stop it! I already told you he probably hates me.” Both young women laughed lightly. The older sister wound up the conversation. “Okay I’ll tell you more tonight. I have to go back to work.” Minako smiled. “Yes I love you too sis.” Minako mentally thanked her parents for giving her such a wonderful younger sister. Her heart really felt so much lighter after talking to Akiko. Keeping secrets from her younger sister was impossible. She headed back down the elevator to go to the eighth floor and the tiny windowless cubicle she shared with her best friend Sakura-san. When Minako arrived back at her small dreary workroom on the eighth floor Sakura’s face lit up. Quickly huddling together the two girls clasped hands and Sakura and Minako giggled. While Minako had been away seeing Sugihara, her best friend and work colleague Sakura-chan had stayed behind in their plain office cubical wondering what was happening. Slender and pretty in a tomboy sort of fashion Sakura was three years older than her best friend Minako. Sakura has a trim and toned petite body, but larger and fuller breasts than the more slender Minako. Sakura is also a very bright young woman who is currently studying for her master’s degree in translation while working part time for Sugihara’s company. When Minako arrived back at her office both girls were understandably excited. One wants to tell her story and the other one wants to find out what had happened with Sugihara. Young pretty Minako is eager to spill the beans on the entire story of what Sugihara had said. Sakura on the other hand is bursting with curiosity about why her best friend had been called off to see the CEO of the company. Junior staff being called before the CEO is unheard of in a Japanese company. “So you see Sakura I must go on this trip to act as a translator for the company. That is really all the meeting was about.” Minako is, of course, hiding her true hopes for the trip. Sakura looks thoughtful and pensive. She is trying to figure out what all this means. It is Friday afternoon and Minako has invited Sakura to have dinner with her that night. They both live in the same building. It is a Spartan fifteen-story concrete building in a run-down section of Tokyo where the company accommodates a lot of its junior staff. The two young women had been planning to order in some delivery fast food and drink some wine while they giggled and gossiped the night away. Minako finishes telling her tale about Sugihara and the trip. She looks up at Sakura’s face and realizes something is Bayan escort Ankara wrong, but what? Why is her friend frowning? Out of the blue Sakura throws a huge tantrum. Poor Minako has no idea why her friend has become so angry with her. What has she done? “You are going away to see this man? This foreign man.” Sakura glares harshly at her best friend. Her eyes are sharp like needles or darts. The spite in her words scrapes at Minako’s tender heart. Her best friend is unexpectedly attacking her. What has she done? “Well it’s not like that Sakura-chan. It is my job.” “But you like him. Admit it. You told me before. You like this tall handsome Caucasian man. Did he fuck you already? Are you his Asian slut?” Minako’s brain is spinning. Why is her friend so angry? These accusations are so hurtful. She has always been such a good girl for her whole life? Who could ever accuse her of being a “slut”? Minako wants to cry. She tries to explain. “No it’s not like that at all. I told you we only had one kiss. I’m sure he hates me now. I mean I treated him so badly you cannot think he still likes me.” What has she done wrong? Why is her friend Sakura so mad at her? The conversation ends badly, but they have to do their work. Both girls are very upset. The rest of the day is like torture. Each of them is treading on rice paper trying not to inflame the situation. Sitting in close proximity to each other in the room things could explode at any moment. Sakura has no way to express her hidden feelings? It is so wrong. And Minako has no experience in life to understand the pain her best friend is going through. Moments before her heart had been soaring thinking of John. Now she is under a dark black cloud. It is never good when best friends fight. Minako decides to make a final effort to patch matters up. “Please just come home with me. We can talk about everything in my room.” Sakura turns and nods softly. She wants to cry, but hides her hurt feelings from her friend Minako. After work they both take the subway together back to their building. Minako changes into a loose-fitting light pink nightie that comes to her knees. She brushes her hair waiting for Sakura to come up to her tiny room from her flat three floors below. Sakura goes to her unit and changes into white terrycloth shorts and a loose t-shirt with no bra. Sakura thinks of cancelling on Minako, but then changes her mind. The troubled translator goes to her friend’s apartment so see if they can work things out. Later together in Minako’s tiny Tokyo cubicle that passes for an apartment Sakura is still pouting and downhearted. The tantrum has subsided somewhat, but still Sakura is glum and gloomy. Pouting Sakura runs her slender fingers through the bangs of her stylish and chic short pageboy haircut. Minako doesn’t know why her friend is acting like this. The tension is building between the two best friends. Minako tries to cheer Sakura up. “Sakura you look really cute in those white shorts.” Minako smiles a forced tense smile. Sakura hardly smiles and remains glum without even looking up. What Minako has always liked about Sakura is her boyish playful charm. She is a girl who is never down in the dumps. So this fit of unhappiness is out of the norm. Sakura is a gamine ingénue with a mischievous depth similar to Winona Ryder’s character Veronica in “Heathers”. Normally when the young intern is with her friend Sakura she feels like she just might break free from the industrial and cultural conformity of stifling Japan. Knowing how upset her friend is Minako just wants to make her smile again. Minako is desperate to do something to cheer her friend up. Finally the older girl’s nerves are completely frayed and she snaps. The upset and frustrated Sakura begins to cry: not just cry, but she begins to truly sob. Minako is dumbfounded. She gawks stupidly at her cute gamine friend who is now in a puddle of tears. What’s up? Minako grabs Sakura’s hand and pulls her friend from the blue chair onto her small hard bed. Minako hugs her with a true girlfriend’s concern. “What’s wrong Sakura-chan? Tell me.” Sakura’s trim and firm tomboy body shakes and trembles. Right now she hates Minako. No she loves her. No she hates her. Okay she loves her, but she hates her at the same time. Sakura’s mind is confused and angry. Her emotions vacillate and swirl in a torrid chaos of spiralling turmoil. Why does Minako torture her so? Doesn’t she understand? Doesn’t Minako know? “I thought you liked me?” The words are halting and hesitant. Sakura’s sobbing has been reduced to soft whimpers. The words are like a challenge, like an accusation. The sexy shorthaired pixie-like Japanese girl looks confused and lost as she glares at Minako. Her normal gamine boyish charm has vaporized. It has been replaced by a vicious feline anger that is ready to boil over again. “But I do.” Minako answered softly. Sakura turns and fixes her with a glare. “No you don’t!” Sakura spits out her words furiously. “You like that man and his cock. That JOHN!” The tall slender Japanese woman begins to sob again. Her body shudders and shakes wracked by pain. Minako holds her friend and gently strokes her short pageboy haircut. Normally Minako doesn’t like short hair on girls, but she thinks Sakura looks so pretty and cute. Her friend’s haircut makes her look very sophisticated and European. The two girls had become best friends quickly working on long tedious translations in their dreary small windowless room at the company. The two young women cling to each other on the bed. Soon the sobs and petting of her head has calmed Sakura somewhat. She tilts her face up. Minako can’t resist her friend. It is wrong, but no one would know. Her friend needs to be comforted that’s all. It’s all just innocent. They have playfully kissed before. The pretty intern closes her eyes and moves her lips forward. She can feel poor Sakura’s heart thumping madly. Their lips touch softly in a tender girl’s kiss. At first the two friend’s kisses are merely tender and fairly chaste. But soon these seemingly chaste kisses build in a rising passion, as the bonds of repression are broken. Sakura emits soft feminine sounds and whimpers. She needs this kiss so badly. Sakura clings to young Minako like a needy baby monkey clinging to its mother. But she requires something more than this kiss.

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