Meeting my lover for the first time

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Meeting my lover for the first timeNo matter how hard I fight my sexual urges when I meet a stranger who gets my juices flowing, I findthat I give in to my naughty side. Not that I actually fight that hard but I tell myself that I do. I’m surewe’ve all had these inner battles between our ‘good’ self and our ‘bad’ self so you know what I amreferring to. Oh hell, just read my story and let your ‘bad’ self win.Cold air whipped across the car park. It was much colder here than I had thought itwould be. I guess not wearing a bra was not such a good idea after all. Thankfully I had worn a longcoat over my short skirt. It protected me somewhat from the chilling wind. My skin was so cold andmy nipples were like rocks by the time I reached the lounge.‘Maybe this was not such a good idea after all,’ I thought to myself as I entered and seated myself I had met Tony a few months ago online. As we chatted I found him to be quite charming and witty. Both traits I loved in a man. Although ourchats sometimes turned a bit sexual, he was always a gentleman with me. Before I knew it, we wereboth wondering about possibly meeting each other. We were both married so our rendezvous had to be very discreet. Everything seemed to fall into place and today was the big day.As I sipped my third glass of wine, I felt a hand on my shoulder.“Anne?”I turned and looked. It was Tony. A warm flush ran through my body as he smiled at me. I stood andhugged him.“I was thinking you changed your mind,” I said with a smile.“No way. I got a late start. If I had your phone number I could have called.”We had agreed – no phone calls. If this was going to be discreet we didn’t want to leave any clueslying around.“That’s quite alright. You’re here now,” I said as I put my arms around him and gave him a soft kiss.“Mmm,I’ve been thinking about that kiss on my drive over here.”“I hope all good thoughts.”“Very good thoughts,” he said, smiling.He said he had checked and our room was ready. I got a chill when I heard those words. ‘Our room’.We were really going to do this.I offered him my hand and away we went. As the elevator door closed he turned to me and pulled meclose. As our lips met and his body pressed against me I could feel his arousal growing in his pants. Ipressed my hips forward and ground them against his bulge. He pushed me back against the wall ofthe elevator and rocked his hips against me. His hard cock slid up and down the front of me. I wasbecoming wet and very hot.Just then the elevator door started to open.“Oh please God, don’t let this be anyone I know,” I whispered to myself.I shrugged my shoulders so my erect nipples weren’t as visible through my blouse. Tony movedaway as an older couple entered the elevator. I relaxed when I realized it wasn’t anyone I knew. Theyturned and faced the door. The wine was making me feel a bit naughty. I reached down andsqueezed Tony’s cock as I smiled at him. It felt so huge. I didn’t want to let it go.I thought back to our chats. I told him I didn’t want to know what his cock looked like before we met. Iloved the feeling of anticipation of getting to see it and feel it when we would meet. Now I couldn’t waitany longer. I was like a school girl ready to experience her first cock. It wouldn’t be my first cock, but itwould be a strange one, and that was even more exciting.The elevator stopped at our floor and we headed to the room. As Tony opened the door I wondered ifhe would be as gentlemanly in person as he was while chatting. I was hoping not.We entered the room. In the middle was a large king-size bed. I could tell he had spared no expensefor our secret room. It was quite elegant. Just enough light to see each other.Tony turned me to face him. He put his arms around me and pulled me tight to him once more. Hislips felt so soft and warm as they touched mine. I thought I would melt from the tenderness of his kiss.Soon our lips were apart and our tongues greeted one another’s.I began once again to move my hips slowly and grind my anxious mound against his ever growingcock. As we kissed he pushed my jacket over my shoulders and it fell to the floor. I could feel mynipples rubbing against his shirt. They were very sensitive and this aroused me even more.He stepped back and looked güvenilir bahis into my eyes. I could see the hunger in his eyes as he gazed at me. Itmade my body tremble to have him look at me that way. Slowly he reached over and begancaressing my nipples.“Mmm.” I couldn’t help but moan.I’ve had my nipples caressed many times, but not like this. This was a strange man’s fingerstouching my nipples and pinching them gently. I didn’t know what to do. I pushed my chest towardshim letting him know I was enjoying his attention.I reached down to feel his hard cock through his pants. He grabbed my hand and pushed it aside.“There will be time for that later,” he whispered softly in my ear.Button by button he slowly opened my blouse. I felt the cool air of the room on my nipples as theymade their way out from under my blouse. He slid it off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. I wasstanding topless in front of a man I met online. My body tingled again.“Your breasts are magnificent.”‘Stop talking about them and suck my nipples,’ I thought as my body shook with anticipation.He sat me on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of me. His head was even with my chest. I knowhe could hear my heart beating as my breasts rose up and down with each anxious breath. He heldmy hands to the side as he gently took my left nipple between his lips.“Oh God. That feels incredible,” I said, almost unable to breathe.He then slid his lips over my nipple barely touching them. It was like a soft breeze blowing acrossthem. He was driving me wild, teasing me. I loved it.He continued to hold my arms so that I could not grab him and pull him close. After several minutesof teasing me with his whisper like kisses on each nipple, his lips parted and surrounded them. Ithought I would cum at that very moment. It felt so amazing. Any guilt I had about meeting Tony wasgone. All I wanted now was for him to make wild passionate love to me.I closed my eyes and let Tony have his way with my breasts. He was gentle and so loving. Beforelong I could no longer contain my arousal. As he held my hands tight to the bed, my body shook as Ifelt a long warm flow of my juices fill my panties.“Mmm.”Slowly he moved down my body. His lips softly caressed every inch of my skin. He stopped at mynavel and swirled his tongue inside of it. Then he pressed forward and drove his tongue as far in mynavel as he could, and then gently licked it. I knew it was a prelude of what he was going to do to mypussy. I came again.“Now, don’t move your hands,” he whispered as he slid my skirt off of me.I lay there now in front of this man I barely knew in just my soaking wet panties. I couldn’t stop mybody from trembling. The anticipation was driving me wild.“Mmm. My baby’s nice and wet.”He rubbed my pouty moist lips through my panties. I raised my hips to meet his fingers. Gently herubbed his entire hand over my soaking pussy. As I tried to rock my hips into his hand, he gentlypushed me back onto the bed.I lay back and felt him sliding my wet panties off of me. The air hitting my moist pussy felt cool. SoonI began to warm as he began kissing my inner thighs just above the knee. He kissed my right thigh,then the left. His soft whisper kisses again. He was driving me completely wild with his teasing ways.With each exchange of kisses between legs he would move farther up. My body shook again. Itwasn’t fair to tease me this way. I wanted his lips on my pulsating pussy.“Mmm.”When his lips first touched my moist outer labia, I thought I would jump off the bed. His teasing hadme so aroused that any touch felt would set off another orgasm. And so I came again. This time Icould feel my juices flowing out of me and down the crack of my ass.My hips were rocking now uncontrollably. Tony licked slowly from the bottom of my cum drenchedlips to the top. Over and over his lips slid up and down my pussy until I came again.Now my body wasn’t shaking, it was convulsing under non-stop orgasms. As I panted to catch mybreath, he plunged his warm skillful tongue deep between my swollen lips. I wanted to grab his headand hold him there forever, but he was still holding my arms down.It was as though I was his sex slave and he had me tied down. I loved the way it felt to be controlledby türkçe bahis him. It aroused me in ways I had never imagined possible.My body jerked with each new touch of his tongue on me. He would slide it deep inside me and thenslowly draw it back out. More erotic teasing followed. He was so good at that. One last thrust of histongue. As he pulled it out his lips closed on me and sucked my pulsing pussy lips into his mouth.“Mmm.”I don’t know how I kept cumming, but I did. Over and over as he pleasured me like I have never beenpleasured before.I was becoming exhausted from cumming so much. My eyes were half closed as I saw Tony standand slide his pants to the floor. His boxers were bulging so much I don’t know how they didn’t rip wideopen.Through the faint light and the slits in my eyes, I saw him slide off his boxers. As he did his cocksprang upward. I sighed as I saw it. It was quite larger than I had imagined. Its long smooth shaftrippled with his engorged veins. Its bulbous tip pulsed as it hung above me.I wanted to reach out and grab it. But I was too exhausted to sit up. So I lay there with my arms stillto my side. He crawled onto the bed and straddled me. His huge cock swung menacingly above myface. I gulped as I imagined trying to take all of it inside my mouth.“Now, suck my cock like a good little slut.”His voice sounded so different. He was no longer the ‘Sweet Tony’ I had met online. His ‘Bad Tony’was showing himself. At first, it startled me. But the dirtier he talked to me, the more aroused Ibecame.He held his monster in one hand as he leaned forward slapped my cheeks with it.“Tell me how much you want my cock in your mouth, slut.”I wasn’t as shocked at his words this time. I rather enjoyed being bossed around and called a slut.“Mmm. I’ve wanted your cock in my mouth ever since we met. I can’t wait to wrap my lips around itand feel your hot cum fill my mouth.”I couldn’t believe the words that were coming from my mouth. It aroused me even more to know Iwas capable of talking just as dirty as he was. Never had I imagined I would be like this.He slid the tip of his pulsing cock across my lips. I parted them to lick at his tip as it slid back andforth. He teased me by tapping his tip on my lips and then pulling it away.“Don’t tease me. Slide your monster cock deep into my mouth.”He smiled at my words. He leaned forward as his tip slid over my lips and partly into my mouth.“Now suck me until I’m dry, slut.”Before I could respond, he shoved his huge cock to the back of my throat. I gagged a bit at itsimmense size. Relaxing my throat muscles I was able let him slide in even deeper. The tip of hismonster was now down my throat. He looked into my eyes as he held his cock deep inside of me.“That’s a good slut, now suck my cock. Make me cum in your mouth.”He slowly slid his cock out so just his tip was inside my mouth. I took the opportunity to breathedeeply before he shoved it back down my throat.My lips closed tight around his smooth shaft as he continued to slide it in and out of my mouth. Icould feel his large veins becoming engorged with blood as his cock grew inside of me. My lips werestretched to their limit as his cock seemed to grow even more.I wanted to tell him to slow down until I could adjust to his ever growing monster. But he wasrelentless in his pounding of my mouth. I began gasping for air. He was still holding me down. I wasunable to move.As I struggled to breathe, he began thrusting even faster. His cock was pulsating wildly between mylips. He squeezed my arms as his back arched. I felt his cock jerk and then an enormous load of hotcum splashed against the back of my throat. It gagged me. I managed to swallow most of it just as heerupted with another huge load of warm sweet cum.My mouth was full. His cock pumped load after load of cum into me. It dripped from the corners of mymouth as I was unable to swallow it all.His thrusting slowed. I was able to breathe again. His cock has begun to grow limp as it spurted outits last sweet load.He leaned back and I felt his warm cock slide from my mouth. I closed my lips as he pulled it out so Icould suck off the last trickle of his salty sweet load.“That’s it, slut. Clean my cock.”I had grown accustomed to his demands. güvenilir bahis siteleri I expected them now. As I licked off his cock andswallowed what cum remained, I could feel my pussy was soaking wet from my own juices. I wonderwhat he would have me do next.“Play with my cock until you make me hard again.”I took his semi-erect penis in my hands and began to slowly massage it. After a few minutes, itbegan to swell once again in my hands. I looked down and watched it grow between my fingers. I hadsmall hands and his cock looked enormous in them. I couldn’t believe I had taken it all inside mymouth.“Beg me to fuck you.”He didn’t have to tell me to beg. As his cock was growing in my hands all I could think of was havingit shoved hard and deep inside my soaking wet pussy.“Ohhh. Mmm. Fuck me now. I want to feel your cock spread me wide open.”“Good, my little slut is learning her place.”He took it in his hand and slowly leaned towards me. I closed my eyes and gasped as I felt its hugehead spread my pussy lips open wide. Gently he forced just the tip inside of me. Then he moved backand forth, just enough to have his tip slide back and forth between my pulsating lips.Tony was masterful in the way he used his cock to drive me wild and make me want more of it. Iraised my head so I could watch his huge cock part my slips and slide back and forth inside of me.His movements were slow and deliberate. I could feel the coursing of his blood through the large veinin his cock against my now swollen pussy lips.He continued his slow thrusting in and out of me as I watched. I began to pant as I felt anotherorgasm swelling up inside of me.“Ohhh. Ahhh. Mmm.” That one was the best of all so far.My body was shaking now. He was still holding my arms down although I don’t think I could haveraised them if I wanted to. He was draining me not only of all my cum but of all my energy as well.“That’s it, slut, let me hear you moan as you cum.”It was well over twenty minutes since I first felt Tony’s meaty pole slide inside of me. His rhythmicmotions had elicited countless orgasms from me. I felt as though my body was melting into thesheets.Another ten minutes went by and a few more orgasms. Then I felt his hands clamp tight on my arms.I opened my eyes and looked into his. He had that ‘I’m going to explode inside of you’ look in hiseyes. His back arched and I felt his cock pulse and jerk inside of me.As I closed my pussy tight around his cock, he squeezed my arms even tighter.“Ahhh. Mmm,” he moaned in a deep throaty voice.He thrust his cock deep inside of me as he moaned. I felt it pulse wildly as he unloaded a huge blastof his warm cum into my convulsing pussy. Another moan from Tony and another huge blast of hiscum filled me. His body was shaking now as much as mine was and we both came again and again.“Ohhh yesss. Fill me with your cum. Mmm. Fuck me hard.”I couldn’t believe those words were coming from my mouth. I had never been one to talk dirty duringsex. But it seemed so right for the occasion. I forgot all about being married. All I wanted was for Tonyto fuck me harder and harder.The scent of our passion filled the room as he continued to pound away at me. Finally, I was able tomove my arms. I grabbed his ass and pulled him tighter to me as I rocked my hips against hisdraining cock.Another orgasm and then it was over. My arms fell to my side. Tony fell on top of me. Our bodieswere soaked with perspiration. I wrapped my arms gently around him. I could feel our cum runningfrom my pussy and down the crack of my ass. He sighed as his cock spurt its last bit of cum into me.He had emptied all of his warm juices inside of me.I sighed as well as I closed my eyes. I held his body against mine. I could feel his heart beatingagainst my chest. Both of us were now breathing slower. We just lay there not saying a word.About an hour later he woke up. He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back as we kissed. Hestood up and I watched as he put his clothes on. I so enjoyed his huge cock. I thought about when Imight have it again.“Anne?”He was back to ‘Sweet Tony’. I liked him as well, although I was glad ‘Bad Tony’ had shown up aswell.“Yes, Tony?”“You were incredible. I hope we can do this again,” he said as he reached out for me.I stood up and kissed him.“Mmm. We definitely will,” I said just before I slid my tongue deep into his mouth and sucked histongue into mine as our kiss ended.I smiled as I felt his cock begin to harden once more against me.

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