Meeting The Family


All it took was one look at my gorgeous, sexy husband Trevor and I knew that he was the one, and that I’d found the man for me. Tall, fair-haired, and ridiculously handsome, with teasing pale blue eyes and a body to die for, I just couldn’t resist him.

I’m not even ashamed to admit, considering the way the sparks were flying between us from the minute we first met, that we wound up in bed together the night of our first date. A blind date that our friend’s had arranged, that I’d almost cancelled, because I really wasn’t into being set up. But now I can’t tell you how glad I am that I showed up that night to meet the man of my dreams.

Halfway through our meal, with his fiery hot gaze burning into mine, both of us breathing hard, already anticipating what was to come — hopefully both of us. With two clinks, we dropped our forks onto our plates, and forgot all about finishing our steaks.

As Trevor ate me up with his eyes, when he waved his hand in the air and called for the bill, I felt my pussy clenching so hard, I’m not sure how I managed to keep breathing.

Then as we waited for the waiter to return with his credit card, with his eyes locked on mine, Trevor lifted my hand to his lips and sucked my index finger slowly into the heat of his mouth. Teasing me with taunting little twirls of his tongue, letting me know exactly what he intended to do with my quivering pussy as well as my aching clit. I couldn’t stop whimpering as he toyed with me, and I swear I almost came where I sat.

Once we got upstairs to our hotel room — after kissing each other silly in the elevator — too anxious to wait, or even exchange a few words, like animals in heat, we tore at each other’s clothes till we were naked, eyeing each other’s bodies and desperately panting.

And let me tell you, Trevor really had it going on, tall and broad shouldered, with a rock hard — and with a cock that nearly had me weeping, he was just so thick and long.

And wow, that first night together was so wild we did things I didn’t even know were possible.

The man was just so insatiable. I loved the way his eyes bored into mine nearly burning me alive, as his long hard weapon pushed deep into my pussy, stretching my tender flesh just to the edge of pain, till he had me gasping and clawing at his back.

Shifting my hips to try and fit him better, the most delicious stinging sensation I’d ever felt washed through me, morphing almost magically into the most indescribable wave of pleasure, till finally he had every inch of me quaking, and my heart nearly pounding right out of my chest.

When I came, it was so overpowering, I could feel my pussy letting go and bathing his cock in what felt like a river of my juice, as I violently shuddered and shook, trying to remember how to breathe.

Then if that wasn’t enough, when he growled and roughly took hold of me by the ankles, and spread my legs open wider than I’d ever been spread, I just couldn’t stop moaning, having never in my life been taken as ruthlessly hard. Just seeing the way his eyes glazed over as a look of awe washed over his face at the sight of his cock slamming into my quivering cunt over and over, as deep as he could go, had me quivering from head to toe. Until he threw back his head, groaned deep in his chest and exploded inside me, filling me up so full that I could feel it gushing out over his pulsing cock, till we were both practically swimming in wave after wave of red hot, cum.

But as sore as my pussy was, after being fucked so insanely hard, I was so overjoyed to finally have nearly every last one of my most erotic dreams come true. And I just knew he was the one for me.

For a woman who absolutely loves sex, actually craves it more than the air I breathe, I knew I’d met my match when I’d found a man as insatiable as I was.

No surprise, we decided pretty quickly that we couldn’t stand to be apart, and we went for a quickie wedding at City Hall a month to the day after that first date.

And I’m happy to say, our life together since, has been nothing shy of amazing. We’re both such sensual beings, that I don’t think we could be more perfectly matched.

Every morning, I wake up with my big, hard man smiling into my eyes and sliding his fingers between my legs. And he’s always rock hard, and so ready to make me scream his name.

Which of course he has me doing at least two to three times a day. Married to a man with a sex drive as over the top as mine, I don’t really have much choice, nor would I ever want to, because I just love the way he dominates me, making me bend to his will as he pleasures my body in ways I never even knew existed.

We both work from home, naked of course — which he turned me onto; convincing me that clothing was only meant to be worn in public. And when we’re alone it’s so much easier to get at each other, whenever we want to get busy, without the hassle of having to strip off.

Thoughtful man that he is, whenever he thinks I look like I’ve have enough time Escort bayan on the computer, creating web designs for my clients, when he notices that I’m closing my eyes and rubbing my fingers around my temples to try and relax my weary eyes, he knows just what to do.

He starts to smile, gently massages my shoulders, puts a finger on my chin, tugs open my mouth and slides his long meaty shaft past my lips, till he’s got my mouth filled up with the delectable taste of him, letting me know, none to subtly, that it’s time to have some fun and shut down the computer.

And let me tell you, there is nothing I love more than the feel of his long, hard, shockingly thick cock sliding over my tongue and pushing into my mouth, until he’s got my lips stretched as tight as they can go trying to fit around his big, fat mushroom head.

I just love the desperate way I can make him groan, when I lash my tongue all around his swollen tip. Of course paying special attention to the tender flesh beneath, tickling it with just the tip of my tongue, till he’s growling and thrusting his hips, desperate for more than just a little tickle of my tongue.

Smiling, I open up and suck him deep into my mouth, till I can feel him nudging hard at the back of throat, eager to go even deeper. Delighted to give my man what he needs, I just tip back my head and straighten out my neck, and grin up at the heat in his eyes as I relax my muscles, so I can give him the pleasure of being deep throated that he craves. Till I can feel all that long, hard goodness thrusting so deep inside me that I have to let go and pull away, just so I can catch my breath and not pass out, before I smile slyly and suck him right back in again.

I know he loves the way I lick at his big heavy balls, suckling them between my lips, gently rolling them like the precious jewels they are between my fingers, while I moan at the sight of his cock oozing with the tastiest secretion I’ve ever lapped into my mouth.

He told me as soon as we were married that he wanted me to go off the pill, so that every time we make love, he might also be having the pleasure of breeding his woman.

Which I thought was really hot. To know that every time we fuck, he might be seeding my womb.

“Feel good, baby?” I ask, as he fists both hands in my long, dark hair, groans and starts to flex his hips even harder. There is nothing hotter than the sight of him throwing back his head, growling like a savage beast as he fucks into my mouth, making me feel so empowered, knowing that he could never live without this.

He needs this from me. The same as I crave the feel of him. So rigidly hard and yet baby soft, as he pushes past my lips, sliding deep into my mouth, over and over, till he’s got me so overwhelmed with the incredible taste and feel of him filling me up. Until I’ve got him packed in me so deep, I have to fight just to draw air into my lungs, as I feel my pussy clenching and flooding, coming like a river, from how hot he makes me when I lose myself pleasuring my man.

I love giving Trevor head. It just makes me feel so complete, to have such an erotic connection with my big strong hunk of man. Making him groan and growl as he loses himself in the feel of me licking at him like candy then sucking at him just as hard as I can, nearly swallowing him whole. Until at last, he shudders letting out a deep throaty grunt and his eyes fall shut as he thrusts as deep into my mouth as he can possibly go. And I shiver with anticipation feeling his balls beginning to tighten as he thrusts his hips, fucking harder into my mouth, his shaft pulsing and pulsing inside me, ejecting his heavy load straight down my throat, flooding my mouth with the musky taste of his sperm that I absolutely adore.

Or, depending on his mood, he might instead order me to get down on all fours on the floor, making my chest heave hard, waiting for the feel of him pushing inside me and filling up my needy pussy till he’s nearly splitting me in two.

Then when it happens, I can feel the heat of his breath on my back, making my nipples grow achingly hard. As my sex begins to drip as he gets in behind me, clutches his cock in one hand, roughly digs his fingers into my hip with the other, and thrusts until he’s slammed into me balls deep and got me squealing my fucking head off.

I just can’t help it, when he’s got me helplessly rolling my eyes from the incredible sensation of nearly unbearable fullness that overcomes me, when he’s buried inside me to the absolute limit, till he’s pushing at my cervix. Then with a few deep hard thrusts, we both let go and he shoots me full to bursting with his powerful seed, with his fat cockhead bottomed out tight against my womb. I cry out his name, mindlessly shaking and shivering as I come in a blinding rush, coating him in my juice, right down to his balls.

Though I’ve I always enjoyed sex. Since I married my insatiable hubby, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ve now become addicted to the feeling of reaching for that Bayan escort pinnacle that only he knows just how to take me to, every time he pushes me over the edge and makes me see stars when I climax.

Some women claim that they can’t survive without a decadent taste of chocolate, or a refreshing glass of good wine. But for me, I’m actually afraid if I don’t come good and hard at least a few times a day, that I’ll go into withdrawal and I worry that I could actually be in danger of losing my mind.

I don’t just want but I need, and crave the feel of sex overtaking and controlling my body when I come. Even after I’ve just enjoyed a good hard pounding, I’m still left craving the feel of him stretching me till I ache and pushing me over the edge.

Secretly I wish he could stay hard forever, to slake this burning need that I have for the feel of my man.

Fact is, I honestly believe that I need to climax to feel whole.

And that has me wondering what I’d do if I didn’t have Trevor to give it to me just the way he knows I like it, dirty and rough.

Already he’s joked with me about having a threesome, or even adding another man to our marriage, so that I’d finally get the satisfaction that I crave, with two men to take care of my needs.

But I just kiss him and laugh and tell him he’s all I’ll ever need. While a little part of me wonders, now that he’s put it in my head, what it would feel like to slide off one hard cock, that starting to grow soft in my pussy, after we’ve both come, and then just roll over in bed and sink my still tingling little cunt down onto another deliciously hard man, so that I could ride out my climax almost forever.

But I honestly do feel lucky to be married to a man like mine that fully understands my need to be pleasured, just often as he can take me. Who thankfully also feels exactly the same way about me, and proves it by happily getting me off anywhere he finds me; on the floor, up against the wall, in the shower, on the kitchen counter, outside on our deck, day or night, and of course non-stop in our bed, in so many positions, I’ve lost count. So I know I’ll never have to worry about my needy little pussy ever going without.

Though lately, I’ve just been feeling so out of control with my need for him, that I’m starting to realize that I’ve become more than a bit of a sex addict. And I’m also starting to worry that I can never get enough.

Like last week, I was coming down from the high of yet another mind-numbing orgasm that nearly blinded me it took me so hard, while my sexy man and I were recuperating on the floor of our family room, fighting to catch our breath. When I reached for him, and started stroking him back to life, before his mighty weapon had even got a chance to fully go down. Sweat trickling from his brow, his chest heaving hard, Trevor looked over at me and shook his head, grinning, probably wondering how the hell he was ever going to be able to keep up with me.

Then he mentioned, while tracing a finger around my nipple, naturally making my pussy begin to twitch, that since I’d yet to meet his family, maybe we could take a week off from work and drive up to his family estate, so I could get to know them.

I honestly hadn’t a clue when we married him that he came from money; though I knew he was a genius at buying and reselling rural land, like most of his family did for a living. But the way I felt about him and with how good we were together, I couldn’t have cared if both he and his family were dirt poor, just as long as I was married to the man I loved, who thankfully understood me the way he did.

But a few days later, when we made the trip north, even prepared to be impressed, I’ve got to admit that my jaw dropped, when we pulled up at the gates of his family’s private compound — yeah, they had an actual compound! That seemed to go on for miles, comprised of nothing but mile after mile of prime lushly forested land.

The house itself was absolutely gorgeous — hidden behind a cropping of trees — a massive ultra-modern multi-level wood and stone structure that somehow still managed to project a homey feel. And it instantly gave me the impression that it was a family home, and more than just the showplace it looked like.

As we pulled into the wide driveway, that could easily accommodate ten cars, off to the far side of the house, I spied a large rectangular pool, glad to see that we’d have somewhere to cool off, since it had been a wickedly hot summer.

As I looked around, trying to take it all in, Trevor laughed and nodded at his father. Who, when I looked back the pool, could tell at a glance was incredibly toned and tanned as he cut through the water swimming lengths like a fish, naked of course, with the stamina of a man half his age.

“Wow. How old is your dad?” I asked staring intrigued as his muscles rippled as he swam, with every toned inch of him flexing from his strong wide shoulders all the way down to his well-defined calves. And I especially couldn’t Escort tear my eyes off the tautness of his tight ass, tensing over and over as he glided through the water, which naturally had me clenching my thighs. While I tried my damndest not to whimper as I realized, lucky girl that I am, my hubby had inherited his looks and his amazing physique from his very foxy looking father. Who I realized was a real live DILF.

As I sat in the car shamelessly ogling his naked form, Trevor waved back at his father when he stood up in the shallow end once he’d noticed we’d arrived. And holy shit, I actually gasped when I got a look at what was hanging between his legs, realizing that my man had thankfully also inherited the big cock gene from his insanely well-hung father.

Still smiling over at his dad, Trevor finally answered my question about his age. “Dad just turned fifty. My parents married young. Dad was only nineteen and my mother had just turned eighteen.” His eyes warm on mine, he lifted my hand to his lips, his voice all low and sexy, as he pressed a kiss into the palm of my hand, he murmured, “Because just like us, they couldn’t stand to be apart.”

Ooh, all I knew was the way my hubby was looking at me right now was getting me crazy hot. Especially after seeing his uber, sexy father in the buff that had already got me pretty primed. I could feel my nipples growing hard, and my panties getting damp, just thinking about how good Trevor could make me feel.

Though he’d already given my pussy an early morning pounding, the moment we’d come awake, I felt like I needed him all over again, he’d gotten me so needy and hungry for the feel of him, never mind his taste.

Shaking his head, smirking, probably seeing how badly I was suffering, from the look of desperation in my eyes, he cupped the back of my head, and slipped his tongue between my lips and mated with mine. Which only succeeded in getting me hotter, and had me plaintively whimpering into his mouth as I felt his hand sliding up under my sundress till he was pushing aside my panties, and thrusting two fingers into my squelching pussy, to give me a nice little finger fuck to help ease my pain.

And I was lost. The feel of him ravaging my mouth and groaning as he worked my pussy into a sodden mess had me forgetting all about the fact that we were sitting in my father-in-law’s driveway, making out like a pair of horny teenagers. Moaning into his kiss, I reached across the car, and began to mewl like a hungry little kitten, hungry for a taste of him, when I felt how erect he was pushing hard against his jeans. I wanted so much to feel him sliding through my fingers, so I could have a little taste.

Trevor smiled against my mouth and murmured, “Much as I’d love to shove down my jeans, and lift up your dress so I can push inside you and give us both what we need, I think we should probably go and say hello, so my dad doesn’t have to stand there watching us fuck in his driveway.

I looked over and saw his father, who had slipped on some orange board shorts — undoubtedly for my benefit — shaking his head and smiling at us making out, and I felt myself turning beet red.

Shrinking down in the seat, I winced. “Oh, god, what must he think.”

Trevor just laughed. “What he thinks is, we’re so madly in love that we can hardly keep our hands off each other.” Then he tipped my face up and brushed his lips over mine, winked and said, “Soon, my insatiable little minx, you’ll be taken care of, I promise.”

Once he’d smoothed my dress back down, and straightened out his erection, he tipped his head and said, “Come on, let’s go and say hello.”

But, holy crow, as we walked down to meet him on the massive wrap around patio by the pool, the sight of my hunky father-in-law up close and personal had my panties melting all over again. Once Trevor had introduced us, Jacob Mueller gallantly bent and placed a lingering kiss on the back of my hand, looked up into my eyes, and murmured, “My son is a very lucky man to have found such a beautiful woman to claim as his wife.”

I swallowed hard, and tried my damndest not to let my eyes take a tour of his body, but yowzers, with a rockin’ hot bod like his, how could I resist? He was just so ripped and he sure as hell didn’t look anywhere near his age. Though twice my age, with me at twenty-five and him fifty, I would have guessed he was barely in his forties.

When I dropped my gaze, I bit hard into my lip, easily able to detect from the size of him pressing against his shorts, just how well hung he really was; probably a good two inches longer than his son, and really thick, even flaccid.

I finally remembered where I was, out by the pool with both of them, shamelessly eyeing my new father-in-law’s long, thick deal, when I heard Trevor’s phone ping with a text. Smiling, as he read it, he said, “Hey, Jonas has just arrived back home, so I’d better go to the airport and pick him up.”

Trevor slipped his arm around me, pressed a kiss to my cheek, gave me a little squeeze and told me, “I should only be an about an hour, depending on what the traffic’s like around the airport.” Then he flashed a grin at his father. “And I’m sure my dad will be happy to entertain you while I’m gone.”

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