Meeting the Maddisons Ch. 02


For the rest of the dinner I had trouble keeping my eyes off the delicious Laura Maddison. Every time I looked at her I could imagine streams of sperm streaking her face. I could see her breasts with rivers of cum running over them. I saw her mouth open wide to take in a huge cock. What I’d seen in the photos just wouldn’t get out of my mind.

I tried hard to keep my attention on the attractive lady opposite me. Her breasts were clearly unfettered by a bra and I knew her dress left her back completely bare, all the way down to the start of her ass crack. I wondered if her ass cleavage showed when she was sitting down.

We talked of university and I learned her name was Sophie Anderson and she was a physiotherapist. I thought she could manipulate my muscles any time.

Stop! I gotta get this sex thinking under control.

Mark and Andy joined in the conversation and the talk shifted to some of the crazy things they got up to at uni – pranks in the lectures, booz parties, nude runs through colleges, crazy traditions. I was really looking forward to university now.

“Then of course there is the sex,” said Sophie.

I was a bit shocked by this statement from someone only slightly younger than my parents. It must have registered on my face because she laughed.

“Oh please Jim, I didn’t mean to shock you. But look, it’s a big part of life and an even bigger part of uni life. It’s the time to experiment. You’ll meet so many new people. I met my husband Tony at a party at uni. It was a very special party some friends had thrown for his birthday.’

“Was there sex at the party?” asked Mark, who didn’t seem to care what he said.

Sophie laughed. She had a delightful tinkling laugh, and her unfettered breasts jiggled as she laughed.

“Let’s just say it was uninhibited,” she smiled. “And I won the contest, which really impressed Tony. We’ve been together ever since and we have three kids now.”

“Oh, and what sort of contest was it?” I asked innocently.

The twins looked at each other grinning.

“I think we can guess what the contest was, Sophie,” said Andy with a laugh.

“Yes, well, best keep that to yourself for the time being,” Sophie replied, giving them a playful frown.

Obviously it was something they weren’t willing to let me in on.

After dinner we all got up and moved back into the living room. Sophie was walking arm in arm with her husband Tony in front of me and I was fascinated by the butt cleavage revealed by the totally backless dress. There’s no way she could be wearing any underwear. When she leaned back to kiss her husband the dress opened up and I could see all the way down her ass cheeks and there was nothing except smooth coffee coloured skin.

Tony turned around and saw where I was looking. I was terrified this big black guy was going to take offence and call me out.

“Hey man, didn’t get a chance to say hi before dinner,” he said cheerfully, holding out his massive hand for me to shake.

I shook his hand as Sophie introduced us.

“I see you like Sophie’s dress. Or what there is of it from behind,” he grinned.

“Er, yes, she’s, uh, stunning,” I stammered.

“Don’t worry Jim, this is one of her more conservative outfits. I’m proud of her when people stare at her. She’s a very beautiful lady with incredible skills.”

Sophie kissed him on the cheek. They were clearly very much in love.

“Yes, and I knew I had to dress in something special when we were invited to the Maddison’s for dinner. Laura will always try to be the centre of attention and she’s achieved that with her black almost frontless dress. So I had to go backless, didn’t I Tony?”

“Yes you did honey, and I love you for it.”

Just then Mr Maddison came over.

“Hello Tony, Sophie. Jim, I hear you will start studying architecture next year at uni.”

“Yes, Mr Maddison.”

“Oh please call me Charles. Schools over. Look if you are doing architecture you are going to have to know something about photography. You’ll have to study buildings and urban planning and you’ll have to do a fair bit of photography. Have you done any black and white photography?”

“No, just happy snaps – you know, family and friends.”

“Well come over here and I’ll show you what I mean. Please excuse us Sophie, Tony.”

With that he led me over to the picture of his wife lying nude over a log that hung over the fireplace. He pointed out to me the importance of using light to get shadows that highlight the form and shapes.

“I was trying to get the contrast between the smooth softness of her skin on the rough bark of the log. Then the shadow cast by her breast on her chest, and even using the light to bring up the outline of her ribs as she stretches her arms up over her head………”

I wasn’t really listening to the details of what he was saying. I was more struck by the weirdness of Mr Maddison explaining in great technical detail what he’d done to bring up the nakedness of his wife and the beauty of her amazing body in maltepe escort this blow up photo displayed to anyone who entered the living room.

“…..And then if you look closely you can see I used a bit of oil on her bare pubic mound to make it shine, almost like a beacon. That’s the good thing about Laura being completely shaved, it makes for so much better pictures…..”

“Oh Charles isn’t going on and on about his photographic technique to you is he Jimmy?”

I looked up and there was Mrs Maddison – Laura – standing behind me. Again I must have looked a bit embarrassed at being caught looking so closely at the photo of her naked body.

She smiled and moved around to stand beside her husband, and we all looked at the photograph.

“How long ago did we do this one Charles? Must be three, four years…

“Yes, but you haven’t changed a bit love, if anything you are better than ever,” he said and kissed her softly on the lips. As he kissed her, his right hand reached out and hefted her right breast, lifting it and lowering it several times. I was stunned he was doing this right in front of me.

Mrs Maddison’s eyes moved from the photograph to mine, looking me straight in the eye as her husband continued to caress her breast through her deeply cut black dress. She didn’t move. She made no attempt to stop her husband caressing her right in front of me. My eyes moved to his hand lifting and caressing her breast, his fingers brushing her nipple bringing it to its own erection pressing against the thin material. I felt I couldn’t let her see I was watching so intently, and I looked back to her eyes. She was looking right into me, not caring that I could see her husband massaging her breasts in front of me.

She kept eye contact with me for a good 30 seconds as the caress went on and on. Then she smiled and said softly to her husband: “Charles, I think this is unfair to Jimmy. He’s getting uncomfortable. I don’t know if he’s quite ready for this yet.”

She looked down at my groin and could clearly see my dick making a pyramid of my pants.

“Oh dear, yes I think he is ready, but I think not here, not right now.”

Charles dutifully gave a last affectionate squeeze of her right breast, quickly hefted the other breast and kissed her on the cheek before withdrawing his hand.

“Sorry Jim, we are pretty uninhibited in this house and sometimes I forget that others might not be ready for our way of life,” he said.

I shook my head. “No, it’s er fine. I was just a bit surprised.”

“Jimmy, I’ve always admired you,” said Laura Maddison. “You were the smallest person on that rugby team, a year younger than the others too. Yet you went in with all you had and you tackled hard and right around the ankles bringing down lads that were almost twice as big as you. I admire that sort of courage, that sort of determination to do your best. You are a real fighter and competitor.”

She reached out a hand and stroked my cheek. Her dress shifted when she moved her arm and a sizeable portion of her left breast left the covering. I could see a large part of her dark pink areola, but the nipple seemed to be held under the thin material by the seam. She could see my eyes had travelled to the sight of her almost exposed nipple, but she made no attempt to cover it up.

“I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of you in our house Jimmy,” she said. “You are always welcome here.”

“Well actually dear I was going to ask Jim if he’d like to come around for photography lessons. It could be useful to him in his architecture studies.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea. I look forward to seeing you again soon then Jimmy,” she smiled, and leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek. As she did so the seam on her dress slipped over her nipple and there it was in all its glory – erect, pink and perfect.

She leaned back after kissing me, glanced down and saw her nipple was exposed to my gaze.

“Whoops, naughty girl!” she said with a laugh, but made no move to cover up. She stood still for a few long seconds, winked at me and slowly pulled her dress back over her nipple. She slowly turned to go back to her other guests.

Charles chuckled at the expression on my face.

“She looks even better in the flesh than in the photographs doesn’t she,” he laughed.

“Yes, she certainly does,” I replied. Christ, what an amazing family.

“So, how about you come over next weekend and I’ll go through some basic photography with you. Alison will be back from medical school then. I’m sure you’ll like her.”

“Sure, Charles. Thanks, I’d like that.”

Truth was I couldn’t wait to see more of the amazing Maddisons, especially Laura. I wonder what Alison is like. She’d posed nude too, and although I’d only seen her pictured from behind, I couldn’t wait to meet the front.

“So, lunchtime Saturday then,” he said.

Mark and Andy joined us.

“Jim’s coming over next Saturday to learn something about photography,” Charles told the boys.

“Oh mecidiyeköy escort great, is that nude photography?” said Andy.

“No. We’ll be looking at urban photography, buildings and streetscapes, things like that to help in his architecture studies. Light and shadow play a very important role in architectural photography.”

“Bad luck Jim,” said Andy. “Still, maybe you’ll get to see some of the family’s photo album.”

Andy winked and I had a pretty good idea what sort of photos he was talking about.

Mum came over, her breasts wobbling as she walked. I felt proud that she wasn’t going to let Laura outshine her. Charles told her I’d been invited to come over to learn something about photography.

Mum looked at the giant blow up photo of naked Mrs Maddison draped over the log.

“Oh, what sort of photography?” she asked suspiciously, her eyes examining the nude portrait in front of her.

Charles told her it was all for my architecture studies, and she seemed assured by that.

But in the car on the way home mum seemed to have second thoughts.

“I don’t know about you going to the Maddisons all alone for photography lessons,” she said.

“Oh come on dear,” said dad. “Charles is a renowned photographer and it would be great for Jim to learn how to use a camera properly. He’ll get a head start on the other architecture students.”

“But those pictures of Laura he had on the walls……..I’m just a bit concerned about what Jim might be getting dragging into.”

I thought ‘dragged? Who’s being dragged?’ I must admit I felt a bit nervous about the overt sexual displays I’d secretly found in that house – the photos of Laura Maddison’s face dripping with sperm, the silhouette photo of her sucking dick, and of course the shock of her husband openly caressing her breasts in front of me and her nipple finally falling out of her plunging dress. Still I couldn’t tell my parents about that, and I was really keen on finding out more about the amazing Maddisons and how far things could go.

“I’d really appreciate the chance to learn photography properly,” I said from the back seat.

Mum turned around from the front passenger seat. The movement opened up her substantial cleavage and I struggled to keep my eyes from drifting down to her substantial breasts that were now quite exposed to the nipple. I’d never seen so much cleavage in one night.

“Well dear, if you feel comfortable going there by yourself,” she said.

“Yeah Jim, I hope you didn’t feel intimidated by Mrs Maddison. She can be quite overpowering,” said Dad.

“No we had a talk – she said she really admired me from the football team. She said I was the bravest as I was the smallest one in the team.”

“Well that’s great. I know she’s got a huge competitive spirit. After she had to pull out of athletic competition because she was pregnant she tried synchronized swimming. But I hear she was virtually blackballed by the coach and team members because she stood out too much being so tall and strong and curvaceous. No one was looking at the rest of the team, only her.”

“And I noticed you doing the same tonight George. You couldn’t take your eyes off her in that dress.”

“Oh come on honey, she was almost popping out. In fact I think she did once or twice. And then I had that giant photo of her topless on the wall in front of me all dinner.”

“Yes, you didn’t know where to look did you? And what about that backless dress of Sophie’s – it was almost bottomless as well.”

“Honey, you weren’t doing so bad yourself – I noticed Charles and Tony and the twins for that matter taking long looks at your cleavage. You were quite a bit on display tonight as well.”

I couldn’t let this descend into an argument over whose eyes were where as I feared it could lead to mum covering up her own cleavage and not letting me go to the Maddisons.

“Mum I thought you looked absolutely beautiful tonight,” I said. “I know the twins were full of admiration for you. They said you were really hot.”

Mum swiveled in her seat, turning to me with a huge smile. Once again her deep cleavage opened up. From my back seat I could seen an entire half of her breast almost to the nipple, the rest of her tits pressing against the material of her dress. I tried to keep eye contact with her.

“Why thank you dear, that’s a nice compliment. I thought nobody would get any attention beside Laura.”

Dad piped up: “Well they’ve seen photos of their mother nude hanging over the fireplace and that massive topless photo in the dining room so they’ve probably got used to seeing her being so uninhibited and hanging out like that.”

Mum was still side on to me in her seat, her cleavage on full display as she turned her head to the front. Could she have known I could see a profile of her entire breast and was allowing me to get a good look?

“I don’t think so dad,” I said. “They’re very proud of her. They just admire beautiful women.”

Mum pendik escort turned her head back to me and caught me peering at her half exposed breasts. She didn’t move, just smiled at me.

“You are quite a charmer young James,” she said. “I love you very much.” She shifted a bit and even more of her breast toppled out. She saw my eyes quickly flick to her breast and back to her eyes. She smiled and gave a tiny nod indicating it was fine for me to look. I looked back at her bulging breasts pressing out of her dress and smiled back at mum. She blew me a kiss, kept her position for another 15 seconds allowing me to get a good long look, then slowly turned back in her seat to face the front.

“Don’t be afraid of Mrs Maddison, Jim,” mum said. “She’s obviously not worried about showing off her body. It’s her choice, so just appreciate it. Her family don’t seem to mind either, so I think you should just go with the flow.”

“Lucky boy,” said dad, and he winked at me in the rear vision mirror.


I couldn’t wait till Saturday rolled around. On one hand I was really excited about what might happen with the incredible Laura Maddison. On the other hand I was very nervous about what might happen. Dad was going near the Maddison home that day on his way to golf so gave me a lift.

“Good luck son, give me a call and I might be able to pick you up on the way home.”

“Sure dad,” I said and waved him goodbye. I walked up to the front door and pressed the bell, hoping Mrs Maddison would be the one opening the door.

The door opened, but it was Andy.

“Hi Jimbo, how they hanging?” he said in the old school greeting.

“Darn low, Andy, very low,” I replied.

“Come on in.”

He showed me into the living room where sitting on the lounge was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen – blue eyes, long straight blonde hair, her body sleek and svelte in her shorts and singlet. And she greeted me with the most wonderful smile as she jumped up and ran over to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“And this is my sister Alison,” said Andy.

“Oh, hi Alison,” I managed to get out, before she kissed me on the other cheek, her pert breasts thrusting into my chest.

“Jim, I’ve heard all about you. I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you since the boys told me you came for dinner. Sorry I was away but uni calls and I only get home on weekends.”

I realized this was the naked girl in the picture hanging in the dining room. It was taken from behind, so this was the first time I’d seen her face. She was bouncing with energy and enthusiasm. I instantly liked her.

We sat down and Alison told me about her medical studies and the three of us started talking about university.

“You’ll love it Jim, great parties, great people, and great sex….” Alison said

with a laugh.

Her father came into the room and gently chided Alison. “You’re leading him astray already……give him a chance to buy his text books before you corrupt him with your party stories,” he said.

“So Jim, want to get started?”

Just then Mrs Maddison came down the stairs. My eyes must have popped as Andy and Alison both grinned. She was wearing a gym outfit, but not like any I’d ever seen. Her skimpy sports bra top was tight and her nipples poked through the lycra, while her skin tight lycra shorts produced the clearest camel toe possible. The shorts stopped four inches below her navel and her bare flat stomach revealed a tight six pack. She strode over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Hello Jimmy, nice to see you. I’m just off to the gym and sauna we’ve got set up downstairs. Twice a day Jim, it’s the only way an old bag like me can hope to stay in shape.”

“But you’r certainly in shape Mrs Maddison – er Laura – you look like you could be competing in the Olympics.”

“It’s nice of you to say so Jimmy, but as they say ‘no pain, no gain’. You’re off to the studio with Charles. I hope to catch up with you later.”

She called out to Mark who came rushing down the stairs in an old school singlet and shorts.

“Hey Jimbo! Gotta help mum with her work out. Catch you later,” and he raced downstairs following his mother.

“One of us always has to go with her to help her with the weights and things, but she exhausts us so we take it in turns,” explained Andy. “I’ve got the evening shift today.”

“Come on Jim, let’s go up to the studio and get started on the lessons,” said Charles.

I said goodbye to Alison and Andy, and went upstairs with their father.

We walked past the bathroom and I wondered if the picture of Laura Maddison with a dick exploding in her mouth was still there. I’d have to sneak down to have a look later.

But at the foot of the winding stairs leading up to the attic where Mr Maddison had his studio was another photo of a nude Mrs Maddison. It was a dark silhouette of her taken from behind. The soft contours of her hip, back and shoulders were outlined in darkness, while offering a mere hint of the crease her bottom and the junction of her legs. It was almost demure by the standards of what I’d already seen. But as we went up the stairs there were more photos. The next one was in full light, again from behind. She was seated in a chair, her legs astride the back. She was leaning back and the muscles in her back showed tremendous definition.

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