Meeting Their Match 2

Cum Between

Sarah slept so contentedly. Last night had been a dream come true for her. Meeting Robert and going home with him. The sex had been incredible. She still couldn’t believe the things they’d done. Not only had he sucked her cock and swallowed her come, but he’d let her fuck him, and not just once. His mouth had been so warm around her cock. He’d taken it slow, building her pleasure until she’d come in his mouth. She’d done that before, but that had been with tranny hunters going for their kink. Robert had done it just to pleasure her more. Mission accomplished. Sarah had come so hard she’d almost fainted. When he’d asked her to make love to him for his first time, it had blown her mind. Where had he been all this time. She’d taken him slow and gently, as it should be the first time. She’d been lucky herself that way. Billy had been such a sweet boy. More delicate than she was in some ways. He’d taught her sex could be sweet and tender as opposed to rough and selfish. Many lovers or fuckers, as she remembered them, had showed her enough of that type. It should never be rushed or too painful. First times were difficult enough. The memory of easing her cock into his ass was so dreamy. It had felt so good. The tightness of his ass around her shaft had been pure ecstasy for her. That first moment when her balls had touched his ass. Being all the way inside him, had almost made her come right then. Slowly moving in and out of him at first. Pure pleasure. He’d tensed a little but seemed to be enjoying it as much as her. She’d made love to him. Another first for her. Of course, being as horny as she’d been that night. She still needed to be fucked. They’d done that too. Even that had felt different. Sarah had always had a high sex drive. Billy had been wonderful and tender, but he lacked the passion she craved. He’d never just fucked her ass wildly, pounding her till she screamed in pleasure. The fuckers had pounded her, but she felt used instead of satisfied. They’d fuck her ass like a randy bull, come after a few minutes and leave her unsatisfied. She’d considered punching them in the balls a few times. Robert had been a real man. He’d pounded her ass, fucking her like crazy. And still he’d thought of her pleasure as much as his, reaching around and stroking her cock while fucking her. When they’d both come, her orgasm had left her barely conscious. The shower to clean up had started things all over again. The final surprise had been him letting her bend him over and really fuck him. She’d gone crazy on him, pounding his ass as hard as she could. She finally had understood the appeal of it. The passion and lust it had brought in her was indescribable. She’d come so hard she’d thought she’d die. Now she lay there ,spooning his body, having fallen asleep that way. He was so warm and smooth. The muscles of his torso and legs so firm against her. Such strength and tenderness, such a rare combination. She could tell he was no vanilla type. He had a touch of kink there, alright. She smiled at that. The possibilities with him seemed endless. The thought of that was getting her hard again. Nestled against his back, her cock growing against his ass. He stirred a little, as he felt her cock stiffen. She grazed her fingers down his body, starting at his chest, working their way downward. Across his flat stomach to his hips. She reached his cock, semi erect and growing. It had filled her mouth so nicely last night. In her ass it had stretched her a little, but oh what a wonderful feeling. Her cock began to throb. She slowly began to stroke his cock to full hardness. Kissing the back of his neck. He was only a few inches taller than her, so they fit nicely this way. She felt him wake, reaching back, he trailed his fingers along the side of her body. His touch gave her shivers. She ground her cock into the cheeks of his ass. Moving her hips slowly back and forth. She angled her cock between his legs. She felt it touch his balls and the underside of his now hard cock. He moaned a little as she did. He arched his back a little pushing his ass back to her. He spread his cheek apart a little, giving her clear access to his asshole “Oh you beautiful man,” she thought. She licked her hand, rubbing her cock with it, hoping the bursa escort mix of saliva and precum would be enough. She guided the head of her cock towards his asshole, slowly pushing herself inside. He was so tight. He gasped a little at her entry, breathing out as she pushed her way in. When she was half way in she stopped. Reaching around she felt for his cock and began to stroke it. He sighed. Robert was such a mixture of feelings. Her breath on the back of his neck, her cock pushing into his ass and her soft had, gently stroking his cock, which tingled at her touch. He’d been a fan of sleepy morning sex. Though, never on the receiving end. That thought and everything else she was doing had him so hot. He wanted her inside him again. It had hurt a little, last night. Her cock being so much bigger than he was used to. But once that had passed, it had felt amazing. And when she’d fucked and pounded his ass the second time, his legs had given out before she’d came. He’d almost come, just from her fucking him. Now was going to be that dreamy wake up sex. He felt her slide further inside him until feeling her balls touch his ass. He moaned with pleasure. He reached back grabbing her ass holding her there for a moment. Letting his body adjust and get ready. He turned his head to her. “Fuck me!” He whispered. She grinned devilishly and bit him on the shoulder. Grabbing his hip, she started moving her cock in and out of him, ever so slowly. It wasn’t long before she increased her pace. The slow easy strokes became fast hard thrusts. Morning sex was never meant to be long and wasn’t. But it was good. She continued to thrust into him on their sides before moving him over onto his knees and taking him from behind, grabbing his hips and pounding his ass. Just as she was going to come , another wicked grin appeared, she pulled out of him, stroked her cock and came all over his ass and back. Glorying, in her come all over him. She squeezed out the last drop, whipping it on his ass cheek. He looked behind him and saw the devilish look over her face. Feeling her hot come all over his back. Always one to be in the moment, he put some of her come on one of his fingers and put it into his mouth, sucking on it. “Oh you dirty boy,” she said sexily. She leaped at him. Expecting just that reaction, he quickly turned onto his back and caught her in his arms. Hugging her to him. She kissed him thoroughly, hugging him back, before resting her head on his chest. “You’re my idea of a perfect man,” she cooed. He stroked her hair, trailing his fingers down her back, she squirmed at the sensation. “You’re my perfect woman. Beautiful, always horny and wonderfully depraved,” he laughed, she gave him a playful punch to the ribs. “Would you like some coffee?” He asked. “Yes please,” she purred. He reluctantly untangled himself from her, getting out of bed, walking naked to the kitchen. He was a little sore from last night, but didn’t care at all. The lightness to his step was all orgasm related. “What a night,” he thought. Looking back at Sarah, laying naked on his bed, it was hard to think of anything but more sex. He almost walked into the hallway door, luckily he caught himself. She laughed at his stumble and continued to watch his beautiful naked body walk away. She got up, stretching and went to use the bathroom. She was a little tender also. He had such a wonderfully big cock. It filled her so well and she could feel every glorious inch when he was inside her. She walked naked into the kitchen, coming up behind him. She wrapped her arms around him. Pressing herself against him. He felt so good. “Good morning handsome.” “Good morning beautiful,” he replied. “Coffee ready?” She asked not letting him go just yet. She felt like not letting him go all day. She hadn’t known how well last night was going to go, but had nothing planned for the day. She had visions of fucking each other into unconsciousness. Sounded good to her. It had been a long time since her last relationship. Never, since sex this good. She wondered what his plans were. “Not quite,” he replied. He turned to face her, her arms still around him. At 5′ 11″ he was only just taller than her. He could look into her face without looking down. He kissed bursa escort bayan her lightly and gazed into her eyes. He could see the wickedness behind them. He’d not believed last night would’ve gone so well. He was supposed to meet his friend Mechelle for breakfast in an hour. He’d texted her already, letting her know he wasn’t coming. “Get lucky, did you?” Had been the reply with a wink emote. He hadn’t responded yet. Too much to say via text. So the rest of the day was free. Nothing to do but spend it with this beautiful naked woman in his arms. His cock started hardening again at that thought. Sarah felt him begin to grow against her leg. She smiled wickedly at him, letting him know what she felt. She stepped away from him to get a better look. His beautiful cock was just starting to harden. She took it into her hand, gently stroking him. She felt herself wanting to say something from a porn movie. ” I’d like cream with my coffee.” She just couldn’t though. The sight and feel of his wonderful cock was no joke. She knelt down and took him into her mouth. She’d always loved sucking cock, and his was so nice. Long and thick, now hard as a rock and all hers. She licked his head all around with her tongue. Running her lips down the shaft to his balls, before putting them in her mouth, one at a time and gently sucking on them. She continued to stroke him while she did this. She ran her lips back up his head, throbbing now. She took it into her mouth. Taking most of him into her throat before coming back up for air. She wasn’t sure she could take him all, but wanted to try. She relaxed her throat a little and moved her lips down his shaft. Taking more of him each time until she almost had all of him. She pulled back for fear of choking. “She’d get there,” thinking to herself. She continued sucking on him. Using everything she’d ever learned about cocksucking. Robert had leant back on the bench, his hand gripping the edges for support. Her mouth felt so good on his cock. She was amazing at this. He thought about staying there till he filled her mouth with come, but wanted more. He moved her head off his cock, reluctantly and stood her up, leaning her over the bench. It was tempting to take her like that, but had something else in mind. He crouched down behind her, spreading her perfect ass cheeks apart and began tonguing her asshole. She squealed in delight as she felt his tongue. She’d wanted to fill her mouth with his come again, but this worked too. She was hoping this would lead to something else. This bench looked sturdy enough to play on. She felt his tongue flick and swirl her asshole, he even tried sticking it inside her a little. She was in heaven, her cock was hard again. This man was pushing her past her normal limits already and it had only been twelve hours. Just as she wasn’t sure if her legs could support her any more, he stopped. He turned her around and lifted her, easily, up onto the bench. Her ass just hanging off, he guided his cock into her well lubed asshole, pushing all the way in on the first thrust. She moaned loudly, wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his head for support. He began thrusting into her. Long and deep. She felt her ass open up for him as he continued to thrust. The bench was cold on her ass, but his cock was so hot inside her. His pace quickened, faster and faster came his thrusts. She could feel his orgasm coming, and hers wasn’t far behind. She locked eyes with him, “Come in my ass!” she growled. A few seconds later he did, groaning as he shot his come into her ass. Shooting load after load. Filling her up, triggering her own orgasm. Only once before had she came like this, she groaned too as her hot come shot from her cock, covering her stomach and breasts. With his cock still inside her, he carried her back to the bedroom. Her head resting on his shoulder in orgasmic bliss. Her eyes were fluttering, her heart pounding, her cock still twitching, as she held on to him. She felt on the verge of falling, her strength having been drained from her last orgasm. She felt him lower her to the bed, her arms falling away, feeling boneless and semi conscious. Robert wasn’t much better, he’d come so hard he’d almost dropped her. escort bursa He just made it to the bed, before collapsing himself next to her. He moved to her, wrapping his arms around her, spooning her this time. All thoughts of more sex deserted him. For now. They slept for about an hour. Warm and content. They both had that wonderful, post orgasmic glow. Robert got up first, using the bathroom. When he came out, Sarah was laying on her back. Her eyes were closed as he took in her naked, sleeping form. “What a goddess,” he thought. Her dark hair, a halo on the pillow. Her breasts were firm and soft. Her nipples stuck out, just begging to be licked. Her flat stomach and smooth, dark olive skin. Beautiful long, smooth legs. Her wonderful cock, soft now. He wanted it so much. These thoughts surprised him. He’d enjoyed ass play, since the first time a woman had used her fingers on him during head. That led to the toy he’d gotten. But to actually have a cock inside him hadn’t been something he thought about. Last night and this morning had opened his mind to such amazing things. With Sarah, it all seemed so natural. He wondered what other firsts were in store. He walked back into the kitchen, retrieving the forgotten coffee. Pouring two cups and taking them back to the bedroom. She was propped up on one elbow, watching him. That sweet smile of hers, ever present. He handed her the cup and knelt next to the bed. She took a sip, grimacing a little at the bitterness. Needed sugar, but a nice flavour. She looked at him quietly for a moment. He was a very handsome man. Not pretty. Very masculine looking. Like an action hero. His body was beautiful. Firm and well muscled, but not overly so. She’d dated a body builder once. The man had been so narcissistic; she’d actually caught him checking himself out in the mirror during sex. “Any plans for today?” He asked. Sipping his coffee. “Not really,” she replied. “Wasn’t sure how things would go last night.” She blushed a little. She wondered how he saw her. Did he think her a slut for sleeping with him after a few hours? She hoped not. Would he want to see her again after this? She hoped so. All these annoying questions in her head. He smiled at her. “I could not have thought last night would end the way it did,” he said. “Nor how amazing you are.” “I was supposed to meet a friend for breakfast, but have already cancelled. Would like to spend some more time with you.” He leaned in and kissed her. Sarah felt so happy, this sounded like more than just a one night stand. The more she got to know him, the more about Robert she liked. ” I think we should have another shower'” she said. “We made a bit of a mess,” giving him a wicked look. “That’s if you can control yourself.” She gave him those smoldering eyes, with just a touch of mischief. “Hmmm, you naked and covered in soap, yeah no promises,” he said with equal mischief. They got up and moved to the shower. Robert, got some towels from the closet and turned on the water. He couldn’t help but continue to look at Sarah’s naked body. The smoothness of her skin, the curve of her ass, her long dark hair, her oh so perfect breasts. Keeping his hands off would be a trial. Sarah had similar problems. Robert was a very attractive man. His body was just beautiful. Nicely tanned skin, a cute ass and a chest she liked to lay on. He was good looking and so good in bed, she could barely believed it. Sarah had always loved touching. And this man was exquisite to touch. They got in the shower and resisted the urge to touch each other. For about thirty seconds. Sarah wanted to wash Robert’s whole body. She asked him to put his arms out to the sides as she lathered him up with soap. He smiled at her, enjoying another unexpected treat. She started at the top, rubbing the soap into his chest, giving his nipples a tweak. Running her hands on either side of one arm, she made her way from his armpit to his fingers. Then back before swapping to his other arm. She moved lower to his stomach and hips, until reaching his cock and balls. She soaped these up, stroking his now hard cock and massaging his balls. She lingered here a little while, reluctantly moving to his thighs. She crouched down to lather up his calves. His cock, at her eye level. The soap was the only thing stopping her from putting it in her mouth. She moved around to his back and worked her way up. Having a big shower is such a convenient luxury. She worked her way back up his legs, giving his ass a playful nip, making him jump a little.

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