Meetings In The Van


This time would be different. The thoughts he always kept hidden would no longer be thoughts, they would become actions. He picked her up for their usual friendly Wednesday lunch. One hour of bitchin and moanin to each other about their spouses. It was a release valve on an overly inflated swimming tube. He always felt that one day the valve would malfunction and the tube would burst. Today was the day. He knew it, he felt it and he wanted it more than ever.

He had quickly thrown the kids shit into the back section of the van making the mid seating section; two captain’s chairs, TV, VCR and stereo, completely free of any stupid obstructions. He honked the horn as usual, even though they both knew what time they would meet in her company parking lot. After all they had been meeting every Wednesday noon for two months now. She slid into the front seat wearing a big smile and a tight short skirt. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the skirt. This time he greeted her with a nod and spoke no words. She wondered what was up.

He drove to the river front and parked in the shade, under the overpass built along the shoreline. A stupid government decision in the 60’s that fucked up the once beautiful river shoreline. He motioned her to the mid section of the cabin, closed the cloth blinds, turned on the TV and slipped in a video. Her eyes widened as she watched the tape spinning through the VCR. It was some handsome stud orally pleasing a voluptuous women on a bear skin rug in front of a roaring fire. Pretty standard stuff she thought, but nonetheless effective.

He handed her a drink, gently pushed her back against the captain’s chair and ran his hands up under her skirt. The warmth Escort bayan of her thighs tingled her deep inside. He slid off her underwear, hiking up her skirt to reveal her warm, moist love spot. He knelt in front of her and slowly ran his tongue up one thigh and down the other. Then directly, but gently to her love triangle. He licked her and caressed her slowly and surely, his tongue now entering her and licking her deep inside. Eyes rolling back, shallow breathing and her round breasts slowing, rhythmically heaving up and down, up and down, as his tongue went slowly in and out, in and out. She couldn’t stop it now, it was building and building and when it came, it came hot, long and strong. She grabbed his head to hold on, not knowing if it would end, and losing herself into the depths of this lust filled moment.

When the after shocks had ceased and her head had cleared she found they were already back at her office parking lot. She gathered herself up, best she could, tried to say something, but couldn’t make any words come out, just a big sigh. He drove away wondering about next Wednesday and what that day would bring.

Now it’s next Wednesday. His surprise stimulated her imagination. By now she knows exactly what turns him on; what gets his Fire.

His petty “honk” roused her from her idle day dream. She climbed into his van, now picturing it as a Pleasure Mobile. She carried with her a bag. Not her normal wallet and stuff. He wonders “what’s up”.

Last week was a fluke. They had e-mailed back and forth since then. He did not expect a repeat but he can sense something was different today. She moves back to the Captains chairs and he follows. He makes Bayan escort and presents the drink, as always. She sips. She really enjoys this that he does for her. The gentle tingly buzz from a good cocktail always enhances the love making…

He reaches for her and she stops him. Not a word is said. This won’t be a bitch session today, he senses… He sits back and takes a sip. He looks at her large expressive eyes and reads lust. She is hot today. She is wearing a conservative business suit. He likes that. It is sexy to him because he knows the sexy body beneath. He knows her lust is for him and he is glad it is not paraded for all to see…

But today, as last week, the skirt is short. Keeping intense eye contact, she slowly makes a show of unbuttoning her suit. No blouse beneath. No bra. Her small, firm breasts are evenly tanned. Her large nipples are standing out like pencil erasers. He aches to take one in his mouth and nibble on it. He knows she likes her tits sucked, fondled. The harder the better. A good hard bite brings hot juices down from the depth of her…

All these things go through his mind as he watches. Now she takes one nipple in each hand, in her fingers, and rolls them. Oh! This makes her so hooooooot!!! She throws her head back and enjoys the moment.

He is hard as a rock. Oh! She looks over at him and moves to the next step. This time, she kicks off her shoes. Now off come the hose. He tries to peek at her pussy. She is playing hard to get. She reaches into her bag and bring out a vibrator. “Oh! My!” he is thinking….

Yup! She turns it on and rubs it between her tits. Then over each one. The nipples, which were hard, are Escort now unbelievable. While letting the vibrator massage her tits, she removes her skirt. Slowly. He does not know where to look! Tits or try to get a glimpse of her crotch… Hmmmmm.

She is thinking about last week. How great he felt. How he seemed to know exactly how to make her cum. His deep pleasure at her finely shaped pussy. She could tell he liked the velvety smooth feeling of her shaved pussy lips. He liked the sweet smell and taste of her womanhood. She thinks these things and looks over at him. His eyes are riveted on her pussy. She is naked. He is very hard. His pants are moist from his desire.

“Take it out. I want to watch you play with yourself,” she instructs him. He complies. Now the vibrator is working it’s way down to her womanhood. She lets it tickle her clit a bit. He has his hard cock in his hands. He is stroking it firmly, watching her every move. She parts her lips and he can see how very wet she is. He can smell her sex. She slips the head of the vib in. “Oooooh,” she moans. A moan escapes him, too. He is so turned on watching her fuck herself, he is not even aware of what he is doing to himself. She begins to really fuck herself, the whole time watching him. She is fucking herself, hips moving, fucking, in and out. She is watching him and only him. He is watching her and he strokes it ever faster. Oh, they are both close. Fuck. Stroke. Oh. THERE! A cry bursts from her lips as she trusts the vibrator deep within her and cums hard. As he hears her, he goes over the edge and shoots his load hard, high, hot!

Moments pass. As they come back to earth, she takes a moist cloth from her bag and comes over to him. She uses her mouth and the cloth to clean him up. When she is done, she hands him one and he does the same for her.

He is thinking, “Shit, this is too fuckin’ REAL!!!” He wonders if he can wait a week to see her again…

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