Melanie and Her Mom Ch. 02-04

Anal Sex

Melanie and Her Mom – Tummy Ache – Chapter 2

(Background: Melanie was almost 19 and lived happily at home with just her mother.)

Gloria was happily reading her book in her room one Saturday afternoon. Melanie came in with a sour look on her face and walked over to the bed.

“Hi sweetie. Something wrong?”

“Yes, mom… My stomach hurts…”

“Have you gone to the bathroom lately, Mel”

“No.. I don’t think so…”

“Well, we can try a warm, soothing enema… Do you want to do that?”

“I guess so… Does it hurt?”

“No, baby… Some people think it feels really good… I know that I do… They say that it’s healthy to do one every so often… Why don’t you take down your pants and lay on your side and relax and I will go get everything ready.”


Gloria finally returned to find Melanie under the sheet… She asked her to stand up so that she could lay a towel down under Melanie. Melanie pulled back the sheet to reveal her completely naked body to her mother… Gloria could not keep her eyes from taking in the beauty of Melanie’s soft, curvy body… It was clear that Mel had planned this… Pulling the sheet away rather quickly and watching closely as her mother looked lustfully at her… Seeing her mother look at her that way made her feel attractive.. and sexy… And she wanted nothing more than to feel that way. Gloria began to wonder if Melanie had any stomach ache at all…

“Ok. Lay back down, Mel. On the towel… On your side…”

Gloria moved slowly during the enema preparation… Every time she and Melanie shared “an episode”, it seemed like time practicallystopped… Gloria would move slowly and deliberately… Savoring every movement, every view, and every feeling.

“Ok, baby… I’m going to put some Vaseline back there, ok?” Melanie had her back to the side of the bed… Gloria gently kissed the back of Melanie’s shoulder… She couldn’t resist kissing her several times… She kissed upwards to the back of Melanie’s neck… Melanie moaned as her mother loved and touched her.

Gloria got a finger full of Vaseline and moved lower to Melanie’s nice, round ass. She asked Mel to lift one knee up a bit higher… With that, Gloria spread Melanie’s ass cheeks to get a view of her pink asshole. Gloria gently massaged the pink star with the Vaseline… Then, slowly, she inserted her index finger into her daughters rectum.. Melanie whimpered a pleasant sound..

“You ok, Mel?”

“Oh yeah, mom… That does feel good”

Gloria took that as permission to continue her daughter’s anal massage… She put some more lubricant on her fingers and went back in for more “preparation”.

“Using lots of Vaseline… As well as doing lots preparation like this… Will make everything much easier… And more enjoyable.”

Melanie moaned happily… “Wow… You can keep doing that forever, mom… Feels so good.”

After a nice long anal massage, Gloria declared it time for the enema.

“Ok, baby, I’m going to insert the enema nozzle now… Then I will flow a few quarts of warm soapy water into you… You will feel it slightly bloat your stomach”

Gloria leaned in close to Melanie’s ass… And she pressed the slightly bulbous enema nozzle against Melanie’s anus. Melanie instinctively pushed back onto it and it popped in with great ease.. Gloria wondered if Melanie had the same anal sensations and flexibility that Gloria herself had… She didn’t know why she wouldn’t… The thought excited her… Gloria had always enjoyed anal penetration… And it appeared that Melanie would also.

She filled Melanie’s bowels and sweetly removed the nozzle…

“Hold it in, now, Mel… And walk into the bathroom and let it all come out…”

Gloria enjoyed watching Melanie walk gingerly to the bathroom,… A few minutes later, Melanie returned with a relaxed smile on her face…

“I think it worked, mom…”

“Great, sweetie… Come sit next to me…”

Melanie hopped up and cuddled up next to her mother. Her nudity now seemed almost normal. Melanie loved being nude with her mother. So natural…

“You know, you should learn how to give an enema, too… Would you like to learn?”

“Sure, mom”

“Ok… You go refill the bag with warm water and soap… Not too hot, of course”

When Melanie returned to the bedroom, she saw her mothers clothes lying on the floor. She knew that her mother was naked under the sheet… Almost daringly, Gloria pulled back the covers completely to reveal her body to Melanie. Melanie unashamedly gazed upon her mothers breasts, at the bush and lips between her legs… And her pretty skin.

“Wow, mom… You look so incredibly sexy…”

Gloria couldn’t believe it, but she blushed immediately… “Why thank you, Mel… I know I haven’t said enough about how gorgeous you are… I think it all the time… But when I see your body, I just get uncomfortable talking about it… I shouldn’t be, though…”

“You think that about my body, mom?”

“Oh yes, baby… Look at you”. Gloria got up and walked her daughter over to the full length mirror…

“Look ümraniye escort at you, Mel… Look at us… A pretty sexy pair, aren’t we?” Melanie giggled at this… They stood there for the longest time looking at each other… At themselves…

Gloria said, “I particularly like your nipples, baby… Mine are a little too big, I think. I like your little ones… Topping off your nice, round breasts…”

“Wow, mom… I guess you always want what you don’t have, because I think your nipples are way better than mine…”

Then, as if they hadn’t crossed enough bridges for a day, Melanie reached over and cupped her mothers right breast… Gazing at its beauty… Watching as Gloria’s nipple hardened… Simply upon Melanie’s first touch, Gloria almost came… Gloria moaned and told her daughter how good that felt…

“Mel, baby… That feels so good… I literally almost came when you touched me…”

“Oh mom, I would love to see you cum… SO much…

Then Melanie bent over and gently kissed her mothers nipple… Then licked it… Then lightly started sucking on it… All while Gloria watched it unfold in the reflection of the mirror. So sexy…

“Oh Mel… Yes, baby, that feels so good.”

Melanie greedily sucked on her mothers nipples for a long time… Then she stood up and faced her mother… Gloria was a few inches taller than Mel… They stood very close… Melanie looked up with a pleading look… She closed her eyes and pushed her lips against her mothers… They kissed long, and sweet… Then they embraced… Breast against breast… Stomach to stomach…

Melanie’s hands found themselves clutching Gloria’s ass… Kneading and squeezing…

Once the initial passion subsided, Melanie gained more confidence and guided her mother to the bed.

“Ok… Where were we? I believe I was about to give YOU an enema… “

Gloria smiled and lay on the bed face down…

“Ok, mom… On your knees…” Gloria found herself complying immediately… Sticking her ass in the air for easier access. A definite switch of roles… But she was enjoying it. Gloria just gave herself over to it… No turning back now…

Melanie caressed her mothers large round ass… Kissed her soft skin… Then, like her mother had shown her, she took a finger full of Vaseline and began to massage her mom’s puckered asshole… Then came the first finger… Gloria let out a moan of pleasure… Mel worked her finger in and out of her mothers asshole… Twisting and thrusting more so than what Gloria had done… Gloria bucked and moved in rhythm… Moaning and enjoying.

“Does that feel good, Mommy”.

“Yes, baby… So much… Put in a second finger… Mommy needs to be filled up.”

Melanie inserted her second finger in and continued her anal reaming.. Melanie was directly behind her mother at this point… Between her legs. All this time, she had been stealing glances at Gloria’s pussy… Watching it transform and bloom like a flower as Gloria got more and more turns on. Her pussy lips were much bigger than Melanie’s and it fascinated her… It was so hot that she could sexually turn on her own gorgeous mother. With Melanie’s other hand, she reached down and began stroking her mothers pussy… Just the way she would have wanted her mother to stroke her… That absolutely did it… Sent Gloria over the edge… So fast… Gloria pushed back against Melanie’s hands and started to spasm and buck. She lost total control…

Screaming loudly, “Yes, baby, yes… Mommy’s cumming… Mommy’s cumming…” Finally, after a long time, the spasms slowed…

Melanie was so thrilled to have given her mother an orgasm… She slowed her rubbing and Gloria toppled over onto her side… Melanie liked watching her breasts move, as her body settled onto the bed.

Gloria, with eyes closed and with a huge smile, said… “Oh, baby… Thank you, sweetie…”

“You are very welcome, mommy. Loved doing that with you… We didn’t even get to your enema… And I certainly need to spank YOU for leaving your clothes on the floor.”

They laughed and laughed at this.

Then Melanie started to snuggle up against her mothers side… One of her hands found one of her mothers breasts… And her lips found the other… Head resting on Gloria’s arm, Melanie suckled and kissed her mothers nipple as they rested from their session.

Gloria, reflecting on what just happened, realized that Melanie hadn’t called her “mommy” in at least 5 years. Wow. What was happening? Whatever it was, it sure was fun. Melanie was 18 now… An adult… Gloria actually felt like Melanie was more in control of their relationship than Gloria was…

Surprise Inspections – Chapter 3

As most mothers and daughters do, Melanie and Gloria often asked each others opinions on clothing and styles. They would shop together, model clothes for each other. etc..

One Friday night, Melanie was getting ready to go out with some girlfriends to see a movie. She was trying on a few outfits and walking in to Gloria’s bedroom to get her mothers opinion. They üsküdar escort finally settled on a cute little skirt, a blouse, and some shoes that they both agreed looked nice with it all.

Before Melanie left her mothers room to shower and do her makeup, Gloria said, “You know, Mel. I think it’s time that you start shaving… You know. Not just your legs.”

“I’ve thought about that before mom… Ok. I can do that.”

“Ok, sweetie… and, before you go, I want you to come by so I can see your outfit and make sure you are shaving correctly..”

Melanie grinned, “Ok mom. Will do”.

Melanie skipped off to her room and the adjoining bathroom. She was smiling.. and she was a little more than excited… In the shower, she went through two razor blades before all of her sandy brown pubic hair had gone down the drain… She really enjoyed the process… and how clean and fresh it felt… She had used some aloe shaving cream, so the softness of her pelvic mound excited even her… She masturbated in the shower for a long time, bringing herself to a nice orgasm, but nearly slipping down in the shower in the process.

Melanie dried off and couldn’t keep from looking at herself in the mirror. She looked so smooth and sexy.. She loved this new feeling. Normally, she would do her hair and makeup in a towel or a cover up, but today, she decided she was just going to do it without any clothes on.

Knowing that she had to “present herself to her mother” was exciting for Melanie. She enjoyed her mothers loving approach… always making suggestions to help Melanie… and, of course, they both enjoyed their little sexy game.

Melanie went to her mothers room and didn’t find her… so she went downstairs and found her mother in the kitchen just finishing unloading the dishwasher.

“Ready, Mom.”

“Ok, sweetie… be right there.”

Melanie waited anxiously by the kitchen table as her mother approached… Looking at her outfit with a big smile…

“Oh, Mel… that just looks adorable. Your legs are so pretty… That was the right decision..”

Gloria sat down in a kitchen chair next to her daughter… and just gazed upon her beauty with a contented smile on her face…

“Baby, I was never as pretty as you are right now… So proud.”??”Thank you, mommy… I think you are absolutely gorgeous…:”??Gloria, taking a somewhat more serious tone, said, “What underwear did you choose, Mel? Please show me, if you would like to.”

Melanie smiled and almost giggled out loud… She was standing in front of the big kitchen window and her mother wanted her to remove her clothes… So sexy. They had a big backyard, with little or no risk of anyone seeing her, but still… undressing right here in the kitchen felt sexy and daring…

Melanie loved to watch her mother watch her. It made her feel desirable and beautiful. She knew it wasn’t “the right thing to do”, but it sure felt like it was right for them.

Melanie unbuttoned her blouse… as she did, she looked right into her mothers eyes… Gloria knew this, of course, but she just enjoyed watching Melanie’s body… The motions, the curves… She knew that her attention to Melanie’s body and beauty was giving her little girl confidence… It was a confidence that she never felt when she was young… This wasn’t the right way, so to speak, but she truly hoped that their little game would make Melanie confident for her future relationships.

Melanie slowly removed her top to reveal a new bra that she and her mother had purchased at Victoria Secret… Then carefully put her blouse over the kitchen chair and then turned her back to her mother. She knew how much Gloria liked her round butt, so she was going to show it to her as she removed her skirt. She unbuttoned her skirt, and rather than letting it just fall to the ground, she made a point to bend way over and remove her skirt with her hands.. She took her time to let her mom take in the view of Melanie bent over in front of her…

As she bent over, she heard Gloria say, “Oh, sweetie. Mommy loves that so much. Such a pretty girl.”

She turned again to face her mother… She was standing in nothing but her bra and panties… and in her cute, white tennis shoes with short socks. It was a sexy look… Somehow, the white shoes made her look just delectable.??”Mel, those underwear are fantastic.” Then, more seriously, “Did you shave really good, Mel?”

“I think so, Mom.”

“Ok… Remove the rest of your underwear and let me see.”

Melanie removed her bra first… her normally puffy nipples were stiffening from being freed… and and the excitement…

Every so often, like when Melanie removed her bra, Gloria would say, “So pretty… Mommy loves that.”

Melanie removed her panties next… She revealed her completely shaven mound and waited for instructions.

“Ok. Come close, so I can see how you did.”

Melanie walked right up to where her mother was seated… Gloria leaned in close to Melanie’s crotch… “Mel. It looks so soft and smooth.. That looks pretty good for a first try.”

Gloria yenibosna escort reached a finger out and pushed her daughters labia left and then right… looking for stray hairs… Melanie shuttered and whimpered happily when Gloria touched her.

“Ok, Mel. I need you to hop up and sit on the edge of the table, so I can see a bit closer.”

Melanie loved to be in what she though of as “compliance mode”… doing exactly what her mother said. Melanie stepped onto a chair and turned and sat on the edge of the long, teak wood kitchen table.

“I need you to scoot back, you can lean back on your elbows, and then put your feet up on the table so I can see closely.”

Melanie did as instructed… then Gloria moved the kitchen chair right between Melanie’s legs…

“Oh, Melanie baby… Your pussy is so incredibly gorgeous. I so love looking at it..”

“Thank you, mommy… How did I do on shaving?”

“Well, you did pretty well.. for a first time…” Honestly, Gloria could only find two or three hairs that Melanie missed… Gloria rarely did that good a job herself when she tried hard..

“Mommy sees a few spots that you missed”, Gloria fibbed, “I am going to run up and get a razor and another little surprise and I’ll get you finished up. Mommy wants you to stay up on the table like this, ok?”??”Ok, mom.”?

Gloria quickly went upstairs and grabbed a razor, some shaving cream, a small towel, and a wonderful moisturizer cream that she often used after shaving. When she returned to the kitchen, she found Melanie in the same position… except she had laid her head all the way back and relaxed her arms to the side… She looked gorgeous… Knees up, legs spread, laying on the kitchen table. It felt so surreal… so sexy.

“OK, baby. Found what I needed. Let’s get you all cleaned up and perfect.”

Gloria sat down at the kitchen chair in between Melanie’s open thighs… Melanie had a creamy drop slowly inching its way down to her asshole. It was all Gloria could do not to lick it clean.

“So pretty, Mel… I’m going to put a little shaving cream on a few spots, clean you up… then I’ll put some warm lotion on you to keep it smooth and soft. Ok. Lift up your cute bum and I will put the towel underneath.”

Melanie did as she was told and, after spreading the towel under her daughter, Gloria put a tiny bit of cream on her hand and dabbed it onto a few spots around Melanie’s swelling pussy. She slowly and lovingly shaved a few areas… nothing really needed it, after all… and then she used the corner of the towel to clean up the remaining cream.

“Let me go warm some of this lotion in the microwave for you, baby.”

Gloria returned a moment later with a small dish with warm lotion… She walked to where Melanie was laying and said, “Doesn’t this smell wonderful?”

“Oh, I like that, Mom…”

“Ok. I will put some of this on you and you will be all set.”

Gloria took the warm lotion and sweetly rubbed it all over the shaved areas… Still uncomfortable with being too direct, at first, she kept her fingers from going in between Melanie’s pussy lips… Gloria’s fingers moved lower and lower… and she couldn’t resist running her fingers across Melanie’s adorable asshole… She gave her anus a brief massage and that brought a pleasant noise and some squirming from her daughter…??”Mmmmm… Mommy, that feels so good… Keep on going, please…”

With that encouragement, Gloria pressed a bit more firmly on Melanie’s asshole and she slid her ring finger slightly in and out of Melanie’s hole…

“Oh l.. Mommy… I love that…” Melanie moved her hips up and back to enhance the feeling of her mothers fingers in her asshole…

?Then Melanie took her own hand and moved it to her crotch… She touched her slick pussy lips and said, “Touch me here, Mommy. Please…”

“Are you sure, Mel?”??”Oh yes… I want you to show me what you know… It’s just like anything else you’ve taught me, Mom. Please. I just want to learn how to feel good and to make other people feel good…”

“Ok, baby. You gave mommy a nice big orgasm the other day after our enema’s… Now mommy will give you one, too.”

Gloria finally turned her attention to Melanie’s glistening pussy… She gently rubbed up and down her lips… and finally slid her fingers in-between… Melanie was soaking wet… several drops of her cum were dripping down her crack… Melanie was moaning and rolling her head back and forth and moaning sweetly.

?”So pretty, Mel… So pretty..”

Gloria finally penetrated her daughter… sliding a single finger inside. This made Melanie moan even louder..

?”Have you ever had a finger inside of you before, sweetie?”??”Just my own a few times… Having someone else doing it feels even better…”

“I know, baby…”

?While slowly fingering Melanie’s pussy, Gloria used the fingers of her other hand to rub Melanie’s clit and pelvis.. Gloria quickened, as she was very keen on bringing her girl to a massive orgasm… Melanie continued to crest and her mother was in perfect tune with what to do… As Melanie got closer, Gloria decided that if she was going to teach her daughter, she was going to do it right… Keeping her now two fingers sliding in and out, Gloria leaned in and put her lips to Melanie’s clitoris… Melanie screamed out in pleasure. Gloria ran her tongue all around Melanie’s clit and then she started sucking on it…

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