Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 17

Ball Licking

As fall progressed into winter, Ted and Emily continued to meet at church, but less frequently because of Kayla’s text the night of the talent show. Ted had taken to risking being seen alone with Emily in public, but only in out-of-the-way places.

Many trips were made to the smaller outlying towns for dinner dates, movies, and walks, and Ted used his imaginary “old school buddy” as cover often. Sierra was used for cover during the day when they wanted to meet in town.

Ted and Sierra didn’t follow up on their indiscretion from the first night the three of them went to the beach, although Sierra wished they had. She played the scene from that night many times in her head as she masturbated over the next weeks, and was envious of the relationship that appeared to be growing between Ted and her best friend Emily.

Emily hadn’t cut her hair since Ted suggested she let it grow, and it was starting to brush at her shoulders now. She asked Ted often if he liked it better that way, and he would casually say he did. Inwardly he savored how compliant she was becoming. He decided the next thing he’d change about her appearance was her hair color. Something radically different.

Ted sometimes took pictures of Emily himself when they were alone together. He had gotten much bolder and no longer deleted his text conversations, and also had several nude photos of Emily on his phone. He was also building up an impressive collection on his computer, stored in the innocent-looking folder called “Study Notes”. These pictures included photos he had taken with his phone, ones sent from Emily’s phone, and sets she had emailed that were taken with her father’s camera.

Ted had taken Emily to one of the smaller, more secluded beaches today. Tourist season had long since come and gone and the weather was cool, but comfortable. Emily usually wore a light sweater or windbreaker when they walked. Today was warmer than usual and the windbreaker had been left in Ted’s car. As they made their way down a boardwalk through the high, grass-covered dunes to the beach, Ted stopped and took out his phone.

“I want a picture, Angel. You look pretty,” he said.

It didn’t take much to make Emily happy when she was with Ted. She had come to anticipate each time he called her by name, or the names he had given her like “Angel” or “baby” and they filled her with little-girl glee. She leaned against the railing and smiled for Ted as he took a couple of shots.

“Now show me some skin,” he said, grinning.

Emily didn’t hesitate; she didn’t even look around first. She had grown accustomed to taking Ted’s word when he said it was safe, and she didn’t question him. There was also the thrill of possibly being seen.

She grabbed the edges of her shirt and rolled it up her belly, grasping the bottom of her bra as she reached the elastic, and then pulled both garments up to her neck in a pose worthy of any Mardi Gras participant. Ted snapped a few more pictures of his smiling, obedient girl, and then told her to fix her clothes so they could go on to the beach.

As they walked, Ted told her he thought he’d like her to try something different with her hair soon.

“Okay, what did you have in mind?”

“Have you ever been blonde?” he asked casually.

“Gosh, no, haha! Would you like me to go blonde?” she was surprised but willing.

“Yes, try it. I want escort gaziantep ilanları to see what it looks like.” Ted was pleased that she didn’t argue at all.

“Did you see the newest comments today?” Ted was referring to what people were saying about the pictures he had posted at the Fap2Me website. By this time he had posted all of the pictures she had sent him, about thirty in all, many of her topless, wearing only her panties.

No pictures fully revealed her breasts, and Ted had complimented her tasteful poses. He told her pictures like that were often much more arousing to a man than simply baring all immediately, as they enjoyed the build-up and anticipated more.

“Yeah, I can’t believe there were so many views and comments!” she exclaimed. Ted was surprised too, although not as much as Emily. She had become a bit of a celebrity at the site. Her high rankings had placed her in the “Top Twenty Newcomers” several weeks in a row. Some of her pictures had already been viewed hundreds of times; one particular shot had over 800 views, with more than one viewer claiming they had made it their desktop wallpaper.

“I’m guessing most of those guys have jerked off to you. Does that turn you on?”

“Yeah,” she grinned.

“We should ask for some tributes next. Those would be interesting.” Ted’s darker side was surfacing, as he imagined men ejaculating on Emily’s pictures and re-posting that image for others to see.

“What are tributes?” Emily had explored porn on her laptop to a degree, but had not yet discovered tributes.

“A guy prints out one of your pictures on paper, or uses the live image on his laptop or pad, and takes a picture of that, but with his hard cock in it too. Those are called cock tributes.”

“Haha, like a salute?” Emily giggled at the thought.

“Yeah, haha, because you make their dick stand at attention,” Ted hadn’t thought of it that way. Clever girl.

He continued. “The other kind are called cum tributes; that’s where the guy actually jacks off to the picture and cums on it, like he’s cumming on you. Sometimes guys even make videos.”

“Oh gosh, they’ll do that on my pictures?” she felt aroused as she pictured it.

“They will if you ask,” he answered, pretty sure some already had.

“Do it! I want to see,” she was happy and eager for this new thing to happen.

“I’ll write a post about it on your page today. It won’t take long to get results.”

They continued their walk on the nearly-deserted beach, enjoying the cool spray and wind.

That night, Geoffrey was on his break at CompLand, the big-box TV and computer store that serviced most of the Sea Coast area. CompLand sold and serviced televisions, high-end audio and video equipment, phones, computers, and games. Geoffrey’s position was officially called “Recovery Tech”, but it was just a fancy name for someone who often asked the customer, “Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?” which fixed 90% of the problems when customers called the repair center.

One of the benefits of working in this department was intimate access to a customer’s computer hard drive, and he had made a nice side income from selling personal data such as bank account numbers and email passwords to faceless contacts via online hacking forums. He didn’t consider himself escort kadın gaziantep complicit if anyone lost money or personal data, since he figured if someone didn’t at least make an effort to encrypt their personal information, they deserved to get robbed.

Another benefit was the amateur porn. Geoff lost count of how many times he had done a drive recovery for a man and found his private porn stash, usually pictures of his wife or girlfriend. Also, any time a pretty girl brought in a phone or computer for repairs, he made sure to scour the memory for pictures. Sometimes he hit the jackpot, finding things the girl had taken for her boyfriend, or maybe just for her own fun.

For Geoff, the best part of finding pictures of hot girls was sharing them. He had found a great site to upload the best of his finds. He took great glee in knowing that hundreds, sometimes thousands of men were ogling these pretty girls’ private pictures.

His biggest fantasy was that some guy might be browsing the pictures and see a girl he knew, and what might result from that if they confronted the girl with what they had found. Blackmail sex? Humiliation? He chuckled to himself at the thought.

Fap2Me started as a small site, but was growing every day as it was shared with others. Free to view, and free to join, it paid all its bills through banner ads and click-throughs to other sites.

Geoffrey was on his personal laptop, which he kept in the back stockroom. He logged in and browsed the Newcomers area to see if there were any new additions to his favorite galleries. No new pictures, but one of his favorite girls, “DaddysAngel” had posted on her profile that she wondered if anyone would like to tribute her.

Geoff had already cum to her pictures a few times, and knew that would be no problem. He picked up his laptop and went to another area of the large stockroom, as he knew exactly where all the security cameras were. He went to a blind spot in one of the rows of large boxes and opened his laptop again, and got his phone ready.

He made his favorite picture of DaddysAngel fullscreen and proceeded to pleasure himself. It didn’t take him long, and he snapped a couple photos of his erect cock laying on the girl’s smile, and then finished on her barely-covered breasts, and took another picture of his cock dripping semen all over her upper body and neck.

Satisfied with his work, he cleaned up his mess with his handkerchief and returned to the main stock area, sending the photos to one of his email accounts. Then he transferred the pictures to his laptop and uploaded them to the site. He saw that about a dozen other men had already done the same.

Just before bed, Walter knelt by the entertainment cabinet that held his television, stereo and VCR. He wanted to buy a DVD player but his wife Louise thought it foolish as she said he would just end up duplicating all the old movies that he already had. She was probably right, as he had a large collection of classic films from the 30s, 40s and 50s on tape.

Walter held the tape that he had removed from its hiding place behind some books. This was one film that would probably never be available on DVD. As he pressed the tape into the player, he slowly got up and then went to his chair to watch it another time.

He knew Louise was asleep, escort gaziantep kızlar as he could hear her snoring. This always gave him plenty of time to stop the tape if he heard her stirring. There was no sound, since the tape was a video transfer from a set of 8 millimeter film reels.

Walter Mitchell had an interesting secret from his youth. A few months before meeting his future wife, he had spent a short time as a film actor . But Walter’s name couldn’t be found in any registry of well-known film stars. Walter had been introduced by a mutual friend to the world of “party films”, as they were called at the time. Poorly lit, with minimal acting, the face of the man was almost always hidden by a mask or never in frame, but the women were always easy to see. Eight to ten minutes long, they showed men and women performing various sexual acts, the earliest form of porn films.

Walter had been introduced to the filmmakers by a female friend who told them Walter had “the biggest cock I’ve ever seen”. When asked, Walter admitted he thought he might be larger than average, and the director insisted he get a peek. Feeling somewhat awkward, Walter went into the bathroom with the man and showed himself, and the director immediately offered Walter a contract to make eight films for what was at the time an obscenely large sum.

Walter was in great need of money at the time, and after being shown several example films, was convinced he would never show his face in the films, so no one would recognize him. And, as a bonus, he would actually be getting paid to have sex with several attractive girls!

Once Walter had shot his eight films, he collected his money and decided it best that he and the company part ways, as he feared being seen going in and out of the studio, which was in a disreputable part of town. He was given several copies of his work once they had been printed, and Walter kept them hidden. Many years later, he paid a small lab under the table for the video transfer, claiming he had acquired the films at an estate sale.

Walter watched and reminisced about the girls he had the pleasure of “acting” with. Most had been either homeless or students desperately in need of money. One was a drug addict. But all were very pretty, and Walter got to enjoy pleasuring all of them in one way or another, and some pleasured him.

As he watched the silent, flickering images, a young lady, who was probably in her 70s by now if she were still alive, was struggling to take all of Walter’s shaft in her mouth. Walter smiled, remembering how girls would always gasp the first time they saw him, either erect or not. Walter’s cock was about seven inches when flaccid, and grew to over ten inches when erect, and was much thicker than average as well.

Walter hadn’t had an erection in well over ten years, and really had no interest in porn or masturbation. But a few weeks ago, he had the fortunate timing to spy the pretty girl next door as she was taking some photos of herself in her backyard. She took a series of pictures, stripping down to only her panties. As he watched through his kitchen window, something had stirred Walter’s member slightly. He didn’t get anywhere near fully erect, but he did get aroused.

He wondered what the young thing would do if she saw Walter’s fully-erect shaft, but it was just a fantasy, as he hadn’t been hard in years. He doubted he even had the stamina to get an erection, much less keep it long enough to orgasm. The video he was watching ended as a young, faceless Walter erupted all over the girl’s face and breasts with a huge load of semen. Walter ejected the tape, returned it to its hiding place, and went to bed, and had wonderful dreams about the pretty neighbor girl next door.

End of part seventeen.

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