Michelle Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Service Call

I work as a computer consultant in a small company. One day I visited our customer that recently went through some complicated system migration and I spent countless days and nights getting stuff fixed. The office manager and executive secretary was this, 39 year old Michelle. She was about 5’5″, about 42-32-42 voluptuous girl at about 150 lbs. She has a nice G cup, a big rounded ass blonde with blue eyes. I’m personally a breast-man, so I did notice her large jugs the first day I walked into that office. She was very friendly, calling me “hon”, “dear” and “sweetie”.

On an upcoming visit, I came in very early into their office. Michelle showed up around 7:30am on Monday morning.

“Hey, hon! How you doing?” — she asked me smiling while putting down her cup of coffee and removing the jacket.

“I’m good . You?” — I replied.

“How was your weekend? Did you had any fun?” — she asked.

“Oooh yeah, I went out with my friends on Saturday….got wasted. Still recovering though. I’m barely awake now! You?” — I joked.

“Wow, that’s great! Do you want me to make some coffee for you? ” — she asked.

“Naah I’m good on RedBull now! ” — I replied.

With a small pause I asked her again: “So, what did you do?”

“Nada! I’m a single girl…no dates. Just went over to my sister and had a dinner on saturday…it was great!” — she said smiling.

“That’s fine too!” — I replied politely and proceeded working on my stuff.

We interacted few times during the next few hours, Michelle, mostly told me the office rumors and who was getting on her nerves. Once the lunch time approached, I closed my laptop, grabbed my jacket and was on my way to find a small lunch place to grab a sub or a slice.

I peeped into her office and said ” Michelle, I’m going to grab a lunch. I’ll be back in an hour or so? Any local sub shops you can recommend.?”

“You know, I’m heading out too. Let’s go to Vinny’s Subs…it’s a short drive out to Summer St!” — she said.

“Ok Cool. You driving?” — I asked.

“Yeaah. That’s fine!” — she replied as she packed her handbag and grabbed her jacket.

We went outside, and turned into parking lot. The parking lot was flooded from some pipes that bursts few hours ago.

“Shit my car is there!” — she said.

“That’s a bummer. Mine too.” — I said.

We figured her car was closer, and started to jump through the puddles of water to get to her car. Few times I landed into the puddle and my sneakers were all wet. Michelle was following me, and few times I turned around and gave her a hand. We got to her car, out feet were soaked.

“Damn. Last thing I need is to get sick!” — she said.

“Turn up the heater….we should be able to dry it out and can swing by some store to pick up some dry socks…..” – I said.

We drove for about 25 minutes in traffic, all street were flooded….as we got to the parking lot we jumped out of the car and headed to the sub shop. Once we made it inside, the guy behind the counter said: “Sorry guys, we got no hot water no electricity. Sorry!”

“Shit! Escort Bayan What’s another spot around here…the mall?” — I turned and asked Michelle.

“Yeah we can try the mall….”- she replied and continued: “we can also swing by my place, I got some leftover from my sisters dinner. What do you wonna do?”

“You got some dry socks?” – I asked smiling.

“Ha Ha….yeah sure. Let’s go!” — she replied.

As we got to her place, she turn around to me and said: “My apartment is a mess….so don’t get hurt in there ok?”.

“No problem….I’m not a neat freak either…” — I replied.

We walked up to the house, she checked her mailbox and proceeded opening up the door. She let me in and proceeded giving me the tour as soon as we took our wet shoes off. She was renting a studio, with a super large bathroom. Bathroom had an old style bath tub and a modern shower booth.

“Ok. Give me a second….I’ll get you some socks.!” — as she grabbed my wet shoes and socks.

“Thanks Michelle…..this is awesome.!” – I said and sat on her couch.

I looked to the left of me and there was her white bra on the sofa. The size of the cups was huge.

“Ok here are some socks and I’m gonna go warm up the food!” — she said and gave me a pair of white socks.

“Can I use your bathroom?” — I asked

“Yeaah, sure. Go ahead. There is a yellow towel on the left shelf…use that.” — Michelle replied.

I walked into the bathroom and tried to close the door, the lock was loose. So I tried few times and gave up. I really needed to pee, the feeling of my cold feet were about to burst my bladder. I heard Michelle doing something in the kitchenette, so I just walked up to toilet and undid my zipper and aimed at the toilet…… 10 seconds later as I felt my bladder starting to unload….the door opened. I contracted my muscles and stop urinating….” What are you doing?” — I yelled.

Michelle stood in the doorway….with a small pause looking at my hand holding my dick , she said :” Listen, I’m sorry. I really need to tell you something…..now….. you are the first man in my apartment….and I have been here for four years. I really, really need some dick….please fuck. Do anything!!! ” – she blurted out.

I was shocked….and stood there, pulled my dick inside and pulled up my zipper. I really was amused by the words that just came out of her mouth.

She continued ” ….please, I beg you. I’ll do anything, I really need it. “

I stood frozen.

She paused and said “It’s ok…you can say – no.”

“Is the food ready?” — I asked very quietly. She turned around disappointed, and walked out of the bathroom.

I followed her into the kitchen, she got some plates onto a small table and pulled out a big pan out of the oven. I could clearly understand she was very disappointed and embarrassed by my non-direct decline.

I approached her from behind and grabbed her big ass. Her firm buttocks squeezed as she dropped the spatula. I then grabbed her big boobs from behind, pulled towards myself and bit her on the back of the ear.

She Bayan Escort let out a moan. Her body shook. She turned around and pushed my hands deep into her breasts.

“Oooh. It feels so nice………fuck!”- she said and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I really wanted to see these huge mounds, so I started undoing her shirt and playing with her tongue.

I felt her warm flash pop out of her bra, I pulled back my head and glanced at these huge white milky tits. Her nipples were hard and the pink areola was about 2 inches in diameter. With both hands I grabbed and squeezed her left tit and proceeded to suck on it and gently biting. Michelle’s hands were going through my hair, sometimes she would push me back and tongue me.

“oooh fuck!” — she moaned out.

Her hands undid my buckle and my pants dropped. I was busy sucking on those delicious tities covered in freckles. I pulled my hands up her shirt and felt up her love handles, as I pushed her towards me.

She continued to shake in my arms and I could not go of these tities out of my mouth. Her bra was pushing them up and I dove my whole head right into that huge cleavedge.

My hands undid the button on her jeans, I pushed them down and grabbed her pussy with my hand. I could feel her wetness ….it didn’t take me long to push her panties down. My hand navigated in between her loins, and through her pubic hair I pushed my two fingers into her pussy…..she was so wet that almost immediately my palm dripped from her juices. Her pussy was trimmed with a small mound of fat under that hair. I continued finger fucking her, sucking on her nipples.

I then took out my two fingers and shoved it into her mouth. She started sucking on them, that vacuum she created was irresistible as I said ” You want so suck some dick….”. She nodded and hummed.

She dropped on her knees in front of my boxers. I was fully erect and the tip of my head was popping out though my boxers. She drove her face into my crotch, sniffing and humming. She then pulled my shorts down, and with her whole face smothered herself into my crotch. Her tongue started licking my, she was acting crazy….she would just continue licking from the bottom of my ball sack to the top of the cock, then across with her whole mouth. She opened her mouth and swallowed my whole cock, pushing her face into my crotch. She pulled back, dropping saliva on the floor, and catching her breath.

“Fuck me!” — she said and her eyes confirmed this.

She turned around and leaned on the counter….and behold….that was the biggest ass I’ve ever seen. “I like big butts…” tune went through my head. I grabbed both ass-chicks and shoved my cock into her. She let out a moan , as I pulled out my cock and rammed it back in again.

“Oooooh! …..Fuck!” – Michelle screamed.

I pulled my cock out again and shoved it back in with full speed.

“Ooooh! Fuck. I love it! Fuck me, please! Fuuuuck meeeeeeee!” — she yelled.

I fucked her from behind. She would look back at me occasionally and I could see her big tits sagging, bouncing and swinging wildly. I kept Escort pumping her from behind….her legs started to shake as she orgasmed. She dropped on the floor onto her back. I dropped on my knees, lifted her legs over my shoulders and entered her. Her breasts fell to the sides, huge jugs were moving in a circular motion as I fucked that pussy. I felt her coming again as her legs shook and her pussy just spasmed my dick.

I was ready to pop….

“I’m gonna cuuuum!” – I let out.

“Oooh! Cum on me…….please I want to see your cum on my tits!” — she responded.

I thrusted few more times and pulled out, with few tugs on my dick I send the first shot on her stomach, second shot went even further onto her chin and chest. I grabbed her legs and crossed them infront of my face, my dick was lodged between her inner tights…..I kept cumming onto her stomach and between her legs. Michelle was panting and spreading my cum all over her body, she kept licking her palms.

I opened her legs to discover even more cum dripping onto her hairy pussy. She did not wait long and with her hands spread that love juice too.

“Ooh! That was fucking awesome!” — I said. “Now I really gotta go pee!” — I said as we both laughed.

I got up and gave her my hand, her sticky body hit mine as she came up onto her feet. We headed into the bathroom. On the way there she jumped infront of me and holding my dick with her hand lead me into the bathroom.

Michelle sat on a toilet quickly and with one hand holding her boobs to the side and the other she spread her hairy cunt and let a stream out.

“whaaa…..what? Where am I supposed to go!” – I asked her.

“Here!” — and with her other hand she pointed at the little opening between her legs.

I grabbed my cock and few second later I hit the exact spot between her legs and the toilet. I could not believe what we were doing. I’ve never peed in front of a girl…not at the same time with the girl into the same toilet. I’ve looked down and saw Michelle lean forward, my stream hit her tits……then her face and right into her mouth. I pulled my dick aside……

” What are you doing!” — I exclaimed.

“I love it!….give it to me!” — Michelle said laughing.

Without thinking, I pulled my cock back onto her….as she tried to swallow my urine……it was everywhere, she was swallowing some, and spitting out the the rest…….her boobs were covered in my urine and cum.

We quickly squeezed into a shower booth and cleaned ourselves off. Michelle constantly was touching my cock and balls. She would press her large breasts against me. She kept playing and touching, clearly she missed male’s form for a while.

We went back into the room and dropped onto her bed…..we layed there for about 20 minutes silently. Then Michelle stood up…

“We gotta get back to the office!”

We dressed up, put on the dry socks and drove back to the office. As soon as we were in the office she started to behave differently …..as the same office manager she was 2 hour ago.

I packed my laptop and headed out, on my way to the corporate, I was thinking about her huge tits I sucked on for 10 minutes, her licking my cum off her palms, and her gargling my urine. It was incredible.

I got to the office and immediately scheduled another visit to this customer for the next week.

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