Michelle’s Awakening Pt. 04


I woke up the next morning. My last day before school started up again. I knew Steve was going to be out at work all day, and my parents had plans too, so I had the house to myself. I shook the covers off and remembered I was still wearing my cum stained panties. My pussy immediately started getting wet, thinking back to the day before. Steve and I in the pool, our games in the kitchen and on the couch.

My hand ran down and touched my pussy as my head bent backwards in lust. A finger slid inside the side and started to play with my slit before finally finding its way into me. My finger slowly fucked me as I lay there, my mind racing through all of the things I’ve done, and all of the things I want to do. A second slides inside beside the first and my fucking increases its intensity. My other hand drops down and starts to rub my clit. The orgasm is growing inside of me like an animal trying to get out. I feel my hips start to move side to side, up and down, trying to get more of the fingers inside. A third starts to rub my labia beside the other too toying with my entrance. Little by little I push, slowly trying to get the third inside, to reach a new level, to be a bigger slut. My breathing is panting, my heart racing, juices flowing from me like a waterfall. The third finger enters, the stretch is wonderful, I love it, the feeling of doing more, going beyond my limit, my body doing what I want it to do. My head falls back again, my eyes roll, and I cum hard on my three fingers fucking my cunt.

My body and mind come back to earth slowly as I lay out on my bed, limbs in every direction. Finally, I get out of bed and hop in the shower thinking about my plans for the day. I had everything ready for school, the only thing I wanted to do is go and see my best friend Jen. I hadn’t seen her for a few weeks and it would be nice to catch up before school starts. Jen and I have been friends since we were younger and no matter what happened we always were close. I tell Jen everything, but now I’m not so sure. Do I tell her about Steve and I, about everything that has happened? What we’ve done? What about how I’ve been feeling? My new desires? Part of me wants to tell her, but I’m not sure how she is going to react to the information. I’ve changed so much in just the past few weeks.

I got out of the shower, towelled off, and walked to my room, I had to figure out what to wear. There was no way I wanted to dress like I used to dress. I knew I wanted to dress sluttier, but the question was how slutty. Seeing Jen for the first time since my changes tempered my excitement a little. My hands and eyes started to rummage through my clothes, mostly the new ones to see what I could fine. I picked up a pair of jean shorts and looked at them. I’ve seen girls wearing really short jean shorts before, basically letting their ass fall out. “Perfect” I chuckled to myself.

I held up the shorts and looked at them, they were long, maybe a few inches above my knees. As my eyes went up and down I got an idea. I grabbed a pair of scissors from my desk drawer, and started cutting. It took me a few mins, and I had to keep looking at them to make sure I didn’t screw them up. I wanted them to be short, but not too short. Normal short. I finally finished, and looked at them. I thought they looked great.

I went to my drawer and pulled out a yellow lace thong Steve got me from Victoria secret. I slide them on, and then slide the shorts on. Small enough to look sexy, but still completely covered my ass. The bottom edge of them were frayed from the cutting and showed off the curve of my ass perfectly. I threw on a pink lace bralette Steve also bought me, a white t-shirt, and also a pair of hot pink ankle socks. I looked at myself in the mirror. “I actually look pretty hot” I said to myself while standing there.

I grabbed my shoes and headed out the door to Jen’s. It was about a 5 minute walk, just the next street over. As I walked over a couple of guys watched me walk past. It felt good to be looked at, to have people see me, to want me. What I also realized was how much I wish I was showing more. I wanted to show off. It was a new feeling, but I liked it.

As I got closer to Jen’s I started to think about if I should tell her what happened between me and Steve or not. I wasn’t sure she would understand, for all I know she would run and tell someone. I thought about it until I got there. Just before knocking on the door I decided I would start with the Florida events, and see how she reacted.

Jen opened the door wearing a pair of loose sweat pants rolled up at the waist and a white wife beater. Jen was sexy. Her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulder, her ample breasts pressing against the material of her shirt, her flat stomach being showcased between her sweats and shirt. My new found feelings made me look her up and down, I wanted to lick me lips by restrained myself. Jen was my best friend, I didn’t want to ruin anything.

“What the hell?” Jen said when she opened the door. Her jaw dropped, her eyes widened. “I can’t believe that is you!”

“Ya ya, I changed the way I dressed a little. It’s pendik escort not a big deal” I sheepishly replied. Not quite sure how to act in front of her yet.

“You look hot!” Jen said smiling. “Come in! We have a lot to catch up on.”

I walked in and we went up to her room to chat. We talked about what Jen had done the last few weeks, what our plans for school were, and how my trip to Florida was. Well not all of it, yet.

“So, some strange stuff happened when I was in Florida” I started, my eyes looking down.

“Really? Strange like how?” Jen inquired.

“Do you promise not to say ANYTHING to ANYONE” looking her straight in the eyes.

“Ya, of course. You can trust me. We’re best friends. I would never tell anyone if you don’t want me too.”

“And you can’t judge me OK… seriously” I felt nervous. I wanted to tell her everything, but I don’t want to lose her either.

“Michelle! Trust me. I won’t judge and I won’t tell” She put her hand on mine.

“OK, well I’ll start off slow and we’ll see how you react” I said half joking.

“OK… so what is it?”

“Well, the first thing was we were talking down the street and Steve and I were almost hypnotized by these girls in front of us, and what they were wearing. It was a little awkward.”

“What were there wearing?”

“Basically the smallest, tighested most see thru clothes we’ve ever seen”

“Ya, so? You guys were just shocked, not a big deal. We don’t see stuff like that very often up here” Jen laughed and pushed my shoulder. I smiled back, starting to feel a little more comfortable.

“Ya, well, later on we were at the beach and this girl had a see thru bikini on, and I was completely staring at her, and Steve asked me if I liked what I saw.”

“OK, that’s a little stranger, Steve asking you that…” I could see her eyes change a little, but not the way I thought they would. “…but still not that bad. And DID you like what you saw?” Jen chuckled.

“Uhhhh…” I hesitated

“That means you did! Geez Michelle!” We both laughed, the stress was getting released.

“Ya ya!”

“Was she hot?” Jen smirked.


“The girl in the bikini, was she hot?”

“Yes…” My eyes locking on to Jens.

“I think little perfect Michelle might have a little bi in her!” She put up her hand for a high five, laughing more, smiling, looking excited. I high fived her back, smiling. Was I bi?

“Jen! Just let me finish!” I said pretending to be annoyed, trying to move on from the bi comment.

“There’s more?”

I wasn’t sure if I should continue… but I looked at her and trusted her.

“Well ya. There was something else. But it’s pretty bad.”

“How bad could it be? Just tell me. I’m sure it isn’t that bad. I PROMISE I won’t tell anyone”

“OK… I’ll tell you. But it’s weird and you’ll think it’s gross.”

“I promise I won’t!”

“Ugh, fine. Steve and I went for a swim at the house we rented. Our regular bathing suits were in the wash so I wore an old one piece and Steve went swimming in his boxers.”

“OK… and?”

“Well it turned out that my suit was pretty small so it really hugged my ass… and it turned out it was see thru.”

“Oh my god! Your brother saw you in a see thru suit?” She said smiling.

“Ya, but it’s worse. He was wearing white boxers.”

“You mean you saw his cock?!”

“Uh, ya… and he was hard.”

“Holy shit!” Jenn yelled excitedly. “That is SO hot! I love it!”

“What?” I said confused. “You think that’s hot?”

“Oh ya, so hot. You don’t have to worry, I won’t tell anyone. I think your brother is hot, but you’re hot too, so I’m sure the whole thing was hot as fuck!” She said laughing.

I couldn’t believe that she called me hot. It made me feel really good.

“Is there anymore to this story?” Jen asked with a smirk.

“Well, actually there is.”

“What?! Tell me, tell me!” Jen said as she hopped up on her knees and moved closer to me.

“Well when we got back from Florida we went shopping together, and I bought a bunch of stuff, and he asked me to model some of it for him. And at Nike I tried on a pair of spandex shorts, without panties and showed him.” I was rushing through the explanations, trying to get them out fast and quick, like pulling a band-aid off.

“Michelle, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. Tell me more!” Jen’s eyes opened bigger. I could feel her focus on me.

“When we got home he handed me a bunch of bags of stuff he bought for me. He bought me clothes, and underwear and bikini’s. All stuff that is a lot sexier then I would normally wear.”

“Uh. Wow. This is the best thing ever. He obviously thinks you are hot. Did he say anything else? I know you’re not supposed to be into your brother, and vice versa, but it sounds like you too might be!” Jen said laughing. Was she serious? Did she know?!

“Well there is more, still more I mean, if you want to know. But if you want me to stop, just let me know.” I was still moving forward carefully.

“Are you fucking tuzla escort kidding me? Tell me everything!”

“Well, having all of this stuff, and what was happening, it was all kind of making me horny and turned on. When Steve got home from work we had the house to ourselves and he wanted go for a swim. I said fine and got changed into a Bikini, but he wanted me to wear one that he bought. It was this super tiny white bikini.”

“Holy crap. You went outside in it? Did he see you in it? What did it feel like?”

“Well to be honest, I really liked it. I feel like it really opened me up. I loved the feeling of showing off and being a little slutty, to be honest.” My eyes looked at hers, trying to find her reaction. Excitement.

“I cannot believe this is the same Michelle!”

“Anyway… the suit was completely see thru when wet. We got closer. We were both horny. He held me. We kissed….”

“Wait… what…. You kissed?”

Uh oh… I went to far. I started to panic. Trying to think of a way out of this.

“Michelle. You have got to be kidding me. Are you kidding me? This can’t be true?”

“Ummmm, it’s true…. I’m sorry I told you. Please don’t tell anyone!”

“I won’t tell anyone! Trust me! I’m getting so turned on listening to this story. I’m just being honest. I’ll never tell anyone, but I want to know more, I need to know how far you went!”

I paused. Thinking about if I should continue or now. Should I lie and say that was it? I decided to continue, I’ve already gone this far.

“Well, OK, next thing you know, we’re making out, his fingers are in my pussy, and I’m jacking him off. We both cum in the pool. That was basically it…” I rushed through the story again, trying to avoid Jen’s gaze, worried of her reaction.

“HOLY FUCK!” Jen replied loudly… I was shocked. “Michelle! That is so fucking hot, so slutty… I love it! Please tell me there is more!”

“You really think so?”

“Fuck yes. Michelle you’re fooling around with your hot brother. Of course it’s fucking hot. Is there more?”

I was starting to get turned on by how excited Jen was. Her acceptance of what I did was making me feel better about how I was feeling.

“Well, a bit, ya…”

“Well, later that night my whole family watched a movie together. I wore something a lot more revealing than I usually would, an old sleep shirt that was too short, and boy shorts. Steve and I sat together, and under the blanket there was some touching…”

“In front of your parents!”

“Uh… well they didn’t know.”

“Are you sure?”

“Ya, we were pretty careful… there was no reaction so we’re pretty sure… this is a weird conversation.” Jen and I both started laughing again before falling beside each other on the bed.

We calmed down a little “Jen, I love that you like this, I thought you might think I’m disgusting. It’s so hot it turns you on”

“Fuck Michelle, I’m practically dripping right now!”

“Well it gets better!” I said with a smile “After a while I had to get away to calm down and I went to the kitchen to get drinks for everyone. Steve followed me, lifted me on the counter and we made out, and then I fingered myself, and then he started licking my cunt and I came SO hard.”

“I can’t believe you said cunt!” Jen said shocked and laughing.

“OH ya, when I’m horny I just spurt out the nastiest stuff all of a sudden. I was asking him how he liked his slutty sister, and everything.”

“WOW. FUCK. So good!” Jen said moving closer to me again.

“After our kitchen fun we were on the couch, spooning basically, and I jacked him off until he came on my back and the couch…. All while my parents were on the next couch.”

“On the couch?” More laughter “That is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Is that it?” I could tell Jen was hoping there was more.

“Unfortunately ya, basically, that happened, then sleep, and now I’m here.”

“Unfortunately?” Jen asked with a smirk.

“Shut up Jen!” I said smiling at her.

“So THAT’s why you’re wearing those shorts.”

“Well after all of this happened I realized how much I liked it. I like showing off, being slutty, and so on. I’m still taking it kinda slow, trying to find out what I’m comfortable with and what I’m not.”

“Well based on how much you’ve changed in the last couple of weeks I think you’ll be doing a lot more than you ever thought”

“Ya, maybe… we’ll see.”

Jen moved a little closer and spoke softly to me.

“Michelle. I’m so glad you told me. I have a lot of the same desires, I just never knew how to go about them, or had someone to talk to them about it”

“Well you dress pretty sexy” I said intently.

“Not as much as I’d like! Or should I say not as slutty as I’d like!” We both laughed.

We chatted a bit more about what turned us on, what we liked, what we wanted to do. We still weren’t sure of everything, but we knew that we wanted to explore more, and now we had someone to do it with. We started going on line and looking up different things, different maltepe escort porn sites, pictures, things we liked, we wanted to try. We laughed and looked at each other. We moved closer and closer throughout the conversation.

I leaned in and kissed Jen on the lips.

Her first reaction was to move away, her head shot back, she looked shocked. Our eyes met. I felt her hands reach around and grab my head and pull me closer. Our lips met again and we started to make out. Tongues began to infiltrate both mouths and we started to intensely make out. This was different then we Steve. This was intense, carnal, lustful. We wanted each other so badly and there was no stopping it, no limits, no taboos.

I pushed Jen back on the bed and straddled her as we continued to make out like maniac. I could feel her hands move up my legs and start to grab my ass through my shorts. My hands moved up her body and tugged on her shirt. She shifted so I could lift her shirt off her body. I moved my mouth down her body and started to suck on her left, and then right nipple, caressing her tits as I did. Her hands had slide under my shorts and I could feel her roughly squeezing my ass. Jen moaned.

My right hand moved down, feeling her tight stomach, until I reached the waist of her sweat pants, I entered and continued down, no panties. “What a slut” I thought as our lips met again and we continued to make out. My hand reached her bald mound and I could feel how wet she was, dripping like she said. Her hands moved up and undid the button of my shorts and started to push them down revealing my tiny thong. I felt her hands move up and start to massage my pussy through my panties. My hand was circling her clit, her moans ringing through my mouth into my ears.

Jen mushed me off and pointed for me to move. I did and she got into a position setting us up to 69. I had never done it, but I saw it online, and I immediately got more turned on even though I didn’t think that was possible. Jen slide my panties off and I pulled her sweat pants down and off. She was completely naked and so beautiful, so sexy, I wanted her. I felt her mouth make contact with my sopping pussy and my eyes rolled back. My hands went up, grabbed her ass and pulled her mound on to her face.

“Oh ya… lick my pussy you slut” I said out loud. The lust taking over me. I couldn’t control what I said.

“Mmmmm fuck yes I will” Jen replied.

Involuntarily I started to move my hips, trying to get her tongue into my cunt.

“Finger fuck me!” I almost yelled

Without hesitation I felt Jen push a finger into my waiting pussy. Slowly at first, and then faster, all the way to her final knuckle. My mind was melting. I couldn’t control myself. I kept rocking.

My mouth was locked on her clit, licking and sucking as hard as I could. I ran a finger up and down her slit as we continued to play.

“Do it…” Jen said faintly as she continued to fuck my pussy with her finger.

That was all the invitation I needed. I slowly started to push my index finger into her pussy, deeper and deeper, in and out, a little faster. We both started to moan into each others pussys as we licked and fucked.

“I need more Jen… I need more in my greedy pussy…” I said matter of factly. Jen pushed a second finger in, being gentle.

“Just fucking do it! I NEED it!” I demanded of her. I felt her ram it into me. It shocked me a little that she did it, but I loved it, being taken over by my lust. I started rocking hard back and forth on her two fingers now inside my cunt.

“Do me too… but be gentle…” Jen asked, trying to keep up with the slut I’ve become.

I moved a second finger along side my first and slowly and gently pushed in. Jen was tight, and I didn’t want to hurt her. Even though I was a giant slut it seemed who wanted to be stretched, she maybe wasn’t. I pushed slowly as I worked my tongue over her clit. As both fingers were inside I started to fuck her slowly, waiting for her body to react to get more direction.

Jen continued to fuck me fast and hard with her fingers. It felt amazing. I knew I needed to feel that feeling of being stretched again.

“More.” One word.

“You sure?” Jen asked a little concerned in her voice, but through her moans.

“Yes… I love to be stretched out like a slut… put three fingers into my stupid cunt…” The words flowed out, and the words, ‘stupid’ and ‘cunt’ made me tingle even more. What has come over me? It didn’t really matter because I loved it. I was letting go more and more and letting my feelings, my lust, my desires take over more and more.

Jen gently pushed a third finger into my hole. I pushed my body back on to her fingers, wanting all three inside right away. I couldn’t wait. I pushed, and they went in, hard.

“FUCK! I LOVE IT!!” I screamed out. I bucked harder and harder on the three fingers fucking me.

“Jesus christ Michelle!” Jen said while trying to fuck me as hard as possible. She could tell how much I loved it.

I kept working on Jen, sucking hard, fingering her harder. I could hear her start to moan louder as her hips started to grind against my working mouth. I worked my fingers in and out faster, flicked her clit with my tongue faster. I kept going until I heard her “FUCCCKKKK”. She cummed all over my face. I used my tongue to lick up as much of her cum as I could, it tasted amazing. I was in heaven.

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