Mick and Belle by The Sea


NOTE – This is the third story of the Mick and Belle romance.

MICK O’NEIL – 45 year old – executive driver with a dubious past. Australian with Irish, Texan heritage.

BELINDA LIM (Belle) – 38 year old – Singaporean ex masseuse with a HOT ASS and a sharp wit.

It’s been another 2 months since Belle sucked the cum from my cock in my car. After that day it was a week or so since I heard from her again. She sent me a text to advise me that we would not meet again and it was a mistake to meet me that day and that she was going to concentrate on rebuilding her relationship with her husband. I responded with a message to say that I understand and that I respect her decision. A day later she sent me another text thanking me for my understanding and I of course sent a reply that she was welcome.

Our banter quickly progressed to chatting about everything in our lives including each other’s sexual fantasies and frustrations. We would reminisce about the detail of when we fucked each other like wild animals at the massage parlour to our cum kiss in my car and what else we would dream of doing to each other.

Text messages progressed to picture swapping and then to video chatting where we would voice fuck each other while watching each other masturbate and cum.

One day I received a cheeky text from her stating, “I’m at the gym, I’m wearing yoga pants, I’m not wearing any undies!”

Naturally I sent a text back, “prove It!” Then a curt instruction from her to log on in 5 minutes for a video chat. I obediently obliged and when I saw her face on the screen my heart jumped as it always does when I see her image. She quickly put her finger to her lips and cautioned me to keep quiet as she was in the bathroom at the gym and people were coming and going.

Locked in the cubicle she moved her phone around so that I could take in what she was wearing. Teasingly she exposed one of her tits to reveal her already pointed nipple. Then she whispered an instruction to me, “show me your cock!”

Again I obliged and positioned the screen so that she could see me stroking myself. “Fuck!” She exclaimed. I could tell her breathing was becoming faster and she moved her phone down so that I could see her rubbing herself over her yoga pants. She paused and with her other hand she slid off her pants then sat back on the seat and gave me a close up of her smooth moist pussy lips and swelling clit. She slid 2 fingers into her pussy and increased the tempo and the noise she was making as she fingered herself.

As she started to slap herself on the clit with her fingers I whispered, “I want my cock in you!” to which she replied, “I’m about to cum!” Then suddenly she fumbled and again and put her finger to her lips. Someone else had entered the bathroom and she now had an excited grin on her face. Unperturbed I continued to stroke my cock for her and she was now biting her finger as she watched me. The thought of the finger she was now biting down on was the same one she just had inside her wet pussy aroused me to the point that I came, a generous shot of cum that splashed against my phone screen. Belle let out an involuntary sigh of delight and then suddenly realising she would have been heard began to quickly pull her yoga pants backup and grinning she blew me a kiss and the screen went blank.

Half an hour later I received another text from her, “that was so fukin hot!”

I impulsively replied back,” 4 k porno I need to Fuck you again!” Instantly I regretted sending the message as I had broken my promise to her to respect her decision that we would never meet again.

Two days went by and there was still no response from her. I was cursing myself that I had scared her away. Then a message from her that made me stop in my tracks, “where and when?”

I pondered my response for some time then so as to build a little suspense without coming across too heavy I sent my reply, “fancy a swim?”

Her reply was almost instantaneous, “YES PLEASE!”

I went on to explain that I had a client flying in to the gold coast next Tuesday and that I was going there on Monday to check in and make some preparations and take advantage of the beach. We arranged to meet at 10 am and she advised me that she would need to depart by 7 pm. So we would meet for a swim and then see what happens, was the plan.

I arrived at our designated meeting spot under a tree by the car park at the beach walkway. This time my heart began to thump when I saw her. She was slowly walking towards me wearing a large hat and sunglasses, a loose summer dress and sandals, and was carrying a large beach bag. If her outfit was her attempt to look incognito then it backfired. She looked stunning!

She was clearly nervous and ushered me to walk, worried that she may be seen by someone she knows. Luckily when we got to the end of the walkway and saw that the beach was almost deserted she began to relax a little. We stood admiring the view. She was clearly impressed and delighted at the sight of the turquoise coloured water and the clean white sand.

We walked towards the water and she took from her bag a ridiculously large towel which she laid out and we sat. We chatted for some time and she confided in me that she has never been here before even though she only lives an hour away and she always dreamed of visiting. We then both looked around and noticed another lady positioning herself on the sand not far from us. The woman then removed her bikini top and sat back taking in the sun’s rays. Belle, noticing me probably staring for a moment too long and jokingly asked, “would you like me to ask if she wants to join us?” We both laughed and then decided to go for a swim.

I watched as Belle lifted her beach dress over her head. She was wearing a retro looking one piece swimsuit that highlighted her magnificent cleavage. We held hands as we walked towards the water. She winced the moment the water splashed against her feet and took a step back. I urged her onward and a small wave then covered us. The current was deceptively strong and I had to hold her hand tight. Then a larger wave took us by surprise. She lost her footing and slipped into the water, stood quickly and laughed with delight. I could see a genuine sense of enjoyment and freedom in her eyes, I think that’s the moment I fell in love with her.

She looked at me and without saying a word she threw her arms around my neck and we kissed passionately. I grabbed her firmly by her ass cheeks and squeezed her tightly against me. As we struggled to hold our footing in the currents and the waves we were groping each other like octopus. I soon found my hand well inside her one piece and was relishing the feeling of her ass in my hand.

Her hand was firmly on my cock and we were both becoming insanely 7 dak porno aroused and if it wasn’t for the curious passer byes I would have fucked her then and there in the waist deep water. She also realised that we were attracting interest and withdrew slightly with embarrassed nervousness. “Lets go!” She whispered to me.

As we were walking back to the car park she insisted on going into the change sheds as I waited outside. A few minutes later she emerged wearing a flowing top and a shortish skirt underneath was her yoga pants that I was familiar with from our recent video chat. She was positioning her large beach hat and sunglasses and as she came close to me she said, “you walk, I’ll follow you!” She was still clearly nervous about being seen with me. Luckily my hotel was only a couple of minutes walk so I started to walk and could see her following at a safe distance. My phone then beeped and I looked down to see a message from her, “walk faster will ya, I’m horny!” I blurted out a laugh.

As we got into the lift I couldn’t resist and slid my hand under her skirt to feel her mound. She leant back against the wall and let out a loud sigh. I asked, “how are you feeling?”

She lent into me and whispered, “I know I’m blushing, my head is dizzy, and my pussy is throbbing.” The door to the lift opened and we fell out. I quickly opened the door to my room and lifted her from her feet as I did. I pulled her to me and our tongues met with feverish desire. With a loud thud she dropped her bag and I turned her and pushed her against the wall. My hand was fumbling under the back of her skirt as I was devouring the back of her neck.

I ran out of patience and dropped to my knees and with both hands I tore apart her yoga pants. She let out a cry of ecstasy at the sound of her pants being torn and this spurred me on further. I spun her around and lifted her up and threw her onto the bed. I pushed her legs apart and tore her yoga pants further. Now her glistening wet pussy lips were fully protruding and the taste I was craving for the last 2 months was finally mine again. The sensation of my tongue caressing her pussy and her wetness beginning to drip from my chin was driving me crazy.

I pushed her back and lifted her left leg up so that I could fuck her from the side, in this position I could best view my cock entering her and her lips wrapped around me. She was writhing around as my cock slid deep into her hot wet pussy. “Oh fuck Mick!” She moaned loudly. She was trying to turn and I responded by pushing her down firmer, this seemed to fuel her passion and as I was fucking her deeper and faster while pushing her down rougher she moaned louder and shrieked that she was going to cum.

As she came noisily I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock. I instinctively slid my thumb into her ass and thanks to the angle I was fucking her I could feel my cock in her with my thumb. I exploded my hot cum inside her. She must have felt it’s warmth as she screamed simultaneously. I lent down and started to lick her ear as I slid my dripping cock from her swollen pussy.

I slid off the bed exhausted. I was sitting on the floor with my back up against the edge of the bed. She was laying on the bed with her arm draped over my shoulder. I was staring into the full length mirror in front of me, I could see my cock still dripping cum and glistening from her nectar. I could see her breathing alman porno and I could hear her purring. It must have been 10 minutes we lay like that not speaking a word as I held her hand tight. She then rustled and moved off the bed and went to her bag by the door then walked back towards me.

As I was still sitting in the same spot against the edge of the bed facing the mirror she came and stood over me facing the mirror. Her yoga pants torn ass was in my face and naturally I reached to caress her buxom ass cheeks and she was rubbing her breasts and moaning softly while watching us in the mirror. She lent down and handed me a small tube, must have been what she took from her bag. I was guessing it was a tube of lube. She then bent down and began to stroke my cock and as she was doing it she was looking forward and watching herself do it in the mirror. I tore her pants further and spread her ass cheeks and she instantly sighed loudly with an unreserved, “arghhhhh!”

She was still standing over me, bending over, stroking my cock while looking in the mirror, and her hot fukin ass flush up against my face. I took the tube of lube and began to massage her ass hole. Her noises were getting louder and she was completely letting go.

The sound of her “ooohhhss” and “arggghhs” drove my lust for her and my cock was now rock hard but before I could take the lead and bend her over she began to lower herself onto my cock. She turned and said while panting heavily, “Mick I want to watch your cock go inside me.”

She lent back against me as she guided the head of my cock into her ass. I could see it clearly in the mirror and so could she. As she squatted further down on me I could feel my shaft start to find its way into her ass. “Oh fuck Mick!” she screamed as she sat down fully on my cock and my 7.5 inch throbbing hard on was deep inside her ass. She pushed herself back against me and with both of us looking into the mirror we could both watch my cock in her ass and she then began to slap her clit and ride me hard.

That afternoon we fucked and we fucked and we fucked. I fucked her ass and she fingered mine. We rimmed each other and she squirted on me and I came on her, we kissed and I fucked her between the tits, she rode me and we slept. We woke together as the sun was setting.

“Mick, I have to go!” was the harsh reality she reminded me of. She got up and I watched as She put back on the badly torn cum covered yoga pants while she was grinning at the state of them. She slid her skirt back on and her bra and top. I got up and reluctantly pulled on my shorts. She fell back onto the ottoman and spread her legs, “you going to miss me Mick?” I again dropped to my knees to give her pussy a goodbye kiss and relished the taste and sensation of our cums.

We stood and now that our noises had died down it was safe to open the door of the balcony. A gush of sea breeze greeted us. It was so revitalising. There was a cocktail party taking place in the courtyard below and the unmistakable sound of Dean Martin’s song SWAY encompassed us. I held her tight from behind as the lyrics, “like a lazy ocean hugs the shore hold me close sway me more,” accompanied our embrace.

She had to go. She broke away from me. I walked her back to her car, again amongst awkward silence. When we got to her car she turned and kissed me, said nothing but punched me hard on my chest as a tear rolled down her cheek. I stood back and she drove off.

An hour later I received a text message from her. “thanks for the best day of my life!”

I impulsively responded, “thank you, do you think you would like to meet again someday?”

A moment later I received her cryptic reply, “NO THANKS!”

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