Midsummer Day’s Reality Ch. 2


It is hard to compare sex outside. The breeze, the sunlight filtering through the leaves, the smells of earth and flowers, the buzzing of insects and an occasional curious butterfly that swoops and then settles; maybe on a pert breast. Or maybe on a cock to taste the pre-cum oozing from him as he pays homage to the beautiful woman before him.

As a writer, all these things are going through his mind as they finish licking her cum off his hand. But it does not take long for his need to overcome the poetic thoughts and turn them into lustful ones. She senses this and chuckles.

“Hmmmmm,” she murmurs, “you have WAY too many clothes on.”

With that, she turns, causing him to lie flat on the blanket. She straddles his chest, her naked, soaked pussy scenting his T-shirt. She moves in for a passionate kiss, and as the kiss heats up, she starts to squirm on him, gyrating her eager pussy on the rough fabric of his shirt. After an eternity, she breaks the kiss. His erection is very painful in his jeans, the pre-cum soaking through the denim. He wants to beg her to free him, to rip off his clothes and fuck his brains out… Ah, patience, patience!

With a naughty smile, she moves down his body, positioning her pussy now just below the huge bulge in his pants. With a tug and a pull, she frees his shirt from his jeans and takes if off. Her eyes consume his chest for a moment. She leans forward and runs her hands from his waist up his chest to his nipples. Here, her hands massage him as if he has breasts. She moans and lays across him, her hard tits now on his stomach, her mouth lined up with…

“Arghh,” he gasps as he realizes what she is up to. “Ohhhhhhh,” was all he could say. She 1080 porno is sucking his nipples as if he was a woman! No one has ever done this to him and it is making him HOT! She nipped, bit, sucked and massaged each nipple until he thought he would burst right in his pants. Just at the moment he was ready to scream “ENOUGH” and throw her over and… She stops.

She turns 180 degrees around and plants her pussy on his chest. “Now THAT’s a good view,” he thinks as he admires her ass and the backside view of her pussy. But that’s all the time he has to think because her next series of actions take all his brains away.

She ran her hands over his bulge. She stops at the damp spot and brings her face in to taste. “Mmmmmmm,” she groans. He can feel the rumble in her chest. She plants her lips right on his cock and blows hot air. Involuntarily, his cock twitches and bucks in it’s confines. She has teased herself enough; now she needs to taste the flesh that burns so hot through all this clothing.

She unbuckles and unzips and the Trouser Snake rears it’s head, Free At Last! She throws a look over her shoulder at him, “Ah, yes, undergarment free!” It is his turn to chuckle. She peels back his pants, and with a few timed moves from him, has them off.

She brings her tongue into play immediately. First, to taste that pre-cum freshly manufactured. She licks up the smear on his helmeted head, then brings her lips down for a suckle. The view of his balls, the base of his cock, the long, hardness of him is spectacular! She gently fondles his balls as her mouth engulfs his head. Her need and hunger for his cock is great. She moves her hand to the shaft and starts to 2 k porno stroke as she sucks him deeper and deeper in her mouth. “This cock is MINE,” she thinks to herself.

She is acting so cool, so in control. As she is sucking him, bringing such pleasure to his hungry cock, he has a front row seat to witness how much this is turning her on. Pre-cum is oozing out of her pussy as he watches! So, how could he resist? Very slyly, and with no notice, he pokes a finger in. The sudden sensation of Something in her hungry void stops her in her tracks. He chuckles. She gathers her focus and gets back to work. As she continues to pleasure him, he does the Finger Dance on her welcoming cunt.

She has him now. She can feel the tightening in his balls, the sudden growth spurt an already fully engorged cock gets right before it is ready to shoot. She employs the Circular Motion technique she learned from a porno flick. Circling her head and hands whenever they are on his cock, she increases the tempo. The wet, hungry sounds of her actions makes her hotter. She squeezes his cock with her hand when stroking, applies strong suction when her mouth has the shaft. In this position, she can take him all the way down her throat. As her head pulls her mouth away from his cock, her tongue dances around the engorged head. When he is all the way down her throat, her lips tickle his balls. All these actions are happening at lightning speed; squeeze, stroke, suck, lick.

As she is enjoying him, getting hotter by the moment, he is fucking her with his fingers. She can hear the wet sounds he is making blending with hers. Suddenly, she starts to cum!

“Oh, I’m CUMMING!” she screams.

He 3 k porno grabs her ass and plants her pussy on his face. As he does this, he starts to cum himself.

“I’m gonna cum; NOW!!!” he shouts in warning.

He gets a mouthful of her cum, feels her shivering and shaking as wave after wave of ecstasy rolls over her. He feels his first blast come from the very base of his balls. She shoves her throat down on him so the first, strongest blasts go right down her gullet. She pulls back for the last few shots so she can wear some, taste some, enjoy the pure wonder of his gift. As she finishes cumming, so does he. She strokes out the last few drops of his sweet nectar, letting it spew on her tits and face.

He takes a moment to lick her clean. He marvels again at the sweet, tangy taste of her. She crawls back up to him, and makes him watch her rub his cum over her face and chest. Then she plants a kiss on him, letting him taste himself on her face and lips.

Well, the afternoon sun is getting low on the hill. Time to pack up and head back home. Slowly, they dress. They gather the wine, the cheese and grapes, the blanket, and pack everything back up into the saddle bags.

She tends to the horses, tightening the saddles and exchanging halters for bridles. They easily mount up and enjoy the peaceful ride home.

As they ride back to the ranch, he again watches her ass sway, gracefully moving with the horse. He can’t help but think of how that ass looks, in his face. Her lust-juices dribbling out her wanton pussy. He wonders how it would feel to have his cock buried in that sweet spot. His cock twitches and starts to grow in his pants.

Maybe, when they get back to the barn, she’ll let him throw her over a hay bale and…

But I guess we’ll have to save THAT for another story!

* * * * *

(Author’s note: I wish to thank Literotica reader ManofMithgar for contributing the opening paragraph of this story.)

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