Mikey Ch. 01


I was sitting in my room on Christmas Eve at about five thirty when Mom knocked and stuck her head in.

“Hey Mike I just got called in. There was a pile up on 44 and they’re expecting a lot of injuries to come our way.”

“Oh shit, what about your dinner?”

“I’ll get something there. Listen I don’t know how long this will take. I hate running out on you guys, especially tonight, but they need everybody. Besides, the overtime will be huge, so just take care of yourselves tonight and I’ll call you when I know something, okay?”

“Yeah Mom, we got this. You go on.”

And in a few minutes, she was out the door on on her way to the Hospital. Yeah, when your Mom is a Registered Nurse and the favorite of most surgeons, you learn to accept her call ins and long hours. The money was nice though. She kept my sisters and I well provided for. Mom is just 40, Dad left her 15 years ago and is seldom in touch. In fact I really don’t know where he’s living or what he’s doing right now. At 20, I’m still living at home and going to Community College knocking out some basic courses before transferring to the University next fall. My sisters are Katie and Joan, but we all call her Jo.

Katie is older than me and at 24 might be considered overweight. She’s about 5’7″, and I have no idea how much she weighs for sure but I’ll guess just about 200 pounds. She has long dark brown hair that reaches her waist and blue eyes. Now since I do laundry from time to time, I’ve seen her bras and checked the tags. She wears a 44 DDD! When I was younger, I used to masterbate fantasizing about them. Right now she’s working as the Head Teller at a local bank branch.

Jo is my younger sister and turned 18 just about three months ago. She is the opposite of Katie, she stands about 5’8″ and is slender with small 32B tits. She wears her hair shorter than even mine and often colors it red, blue or green as her mood dictates. She’s a waitress and being new, was tagged to work today. After all, not everyone cooks, but everyone needs to eat, and they do a lot of business on holidays.

I heard Mom leave and continued gaming for a while. I was actually having fun running my Death Knight through the Broken Isles and kicking serious ass so I didn’t notice the time passing. Finally though my stomach complained loudly enough that I logged out and went downstairs to get something to eat.

I was rummaging around, trying to decide when Katie came in. Or rather stormed in. She threw her keys and purse at the big easy chair by the door, practically tore out of her coat and barged past me in the kitchen. She grabbed a glass from the cabinet and then the box of white wine from the fridge. (Hey don’t look at me! I don’t like wine. Besides I don’t turn 21 until next summer.)

She was pissed then when there wasn’t much left, less than half a glass.

“Aw fuck! Who drank all the wine?”

“Who do you think?” I answered. “If it wasn’t you, then it had to be Mom.”

She drank the wine in one gulp and went to the liquor cabinet and came back with a new bottle of Paul Mason Peach Brandy and poured a large drink. I could tell she was majorly upset, but I don’t pry. Katie is usually fairly reserved and hasn’t yet confided in me about… well, anything. I usually find out what’s going on in her life from Mom and Jo. I fully expected her to take her drink and disappear to her room. Instead she sat at the kitchen table and seemed lost in thought.

“Um, hey I’m pretty hungry, how about you?” I ventured.

“Huh? Oh yeah I left my dinner on the table and didn’t get even a bite… Geez, what a fucking asshole!”

I sat down and waited until she looked at me.

“What happened?”

“Aw shit Mikey, you don’t wanna hear my troubles.”

“Uh, yeah, yeah I do. Look Mom got called in and it looks bad, so she might not get home until really late. Jo won’t get off until after ten. Something happened and you’re pissed and I’m here so talk to me.”

Katie sat back and looked at me for a moment. “Okay. But it’s liable to embarrass you. It’s female stuff and sex stuff…”

“Hey, I’m willing to listen, just don’t ask for advice, you know?”

“Fine, but I am hungry so the deal is this, you cook and I talk, okay?”

“Deal.” I answered.

I had already thawed most of what I needed so it was pretty easy and I actually love to cook. More than either of my sisters. We had an awesome kitchen and lots of Callaphon cookware, some ancient cast iron stuff from Grandma, and really nice cutlery. I started cooking and Katie started talking.

“I was having a nice day. I had brunch with Patricia and then we went to see a movie. We were having a great time too. We went back to her place and made out for a while…”

CLANG! I almost dropped a cookie sheet.

“Oh…” Katie said. “You didn’t know we were lovers?”

“You’re a lesbian? No, no one ever said anything to me. Hey, wait didn’t you date some guy a few months ago?”

“That was a year ago Mikey. And no, I’m not a lesbian, really. I guess I’m more bi. Hell Escort bayan I didn’t even know that until Pat, well… Pat is a lesbian and we were just friends for a long time. Then she surprised me with a kiss. And I liked it. We made out and decided to take it further.”

“Further?” I asked.

Katie laughed. “Yeah, we made love. At first it was just hands and mouths to bring each other off, but eventually we brought toys into play. You know, vibrators and dildos. I really loved it too. God she could give me orgasm after orgasm. She taught me a lot too. I used to use tampons and pads but she bought me some menstrual cups and taught me how to use them. She also taught me how to properly groom a pussy. We groomed each other weekly. She even forcibly dragged me into Madam Claire’s to be professionally fitted for really nice bras. No more Playtex for me!”

“I wondered…” I muttered without thinking.

“Oh?” Katie said smiling. “You noticed? Have you been checking out my lingerie?”

“Uh, well I do see them when I do laundry you know.”

“Yeah? Well just make sure you treat them with care. They are expensive.”

“Yeah Mom showed me how. You do realize that I do a hell of a lot of laundry for everyone, right?”

“Yeah, I guess you do. And thank you for that. Anyway, Pat and I then went out to eat and out of the blue she started in on me about my weight. She said that I would look better if I slimmed down. Hell I know I’m overweight, but I didn’t think it mattered to her! She has never mentioned it before! And then when I asked her what brought this up now, she said that if I lost weight, she would pay for me to get a tattoo. A tattoo! She said it could be either a chest piece or a back piece. Hell Mikey, if I wanted another tattoo, I would get one. And I don’t need to lose weight to do it either!”

“You have a tattoo?” I asked. “I had no idea.”

“Yeah, I have a couple actually.” She said as she poured herself another drink. “Who knows? If I get drunk enough, maybe I’ll show them to you. One is on my right thigh and the other is next to my bush.”

“Ouch! Didn’t that hurt?”

“Only a little. It’s more like a mild sunburn. Hell, Jo’s piercings probably hurt more.”

I frowned and she saw my confusion.

“Oh you wouldn’t know. Your little sister has multiple piercings. Both nipples, her navel, and both labia.”

“Fuck…” I blurted out.

“Yeah she got the navel first at sixteen, The nipples at seventeen, and just got the labia for her eighteenth. They were all birthday presents from Mom.”

“Holy cow…”

Katie grinned. “She’s quite the wild child on the outside, but still a virgin. I wonder how long she’ll last though…”

“I …” Words failed me.

“Hey, I’ll bet you don’t know Mom has tattoos and piercings either!”


“Yup, Mom has her navel, and both nipples pierced. She has this thin chain that she sometimes wears connecting her nipple rings. Of course that works when you have small tits and can go braless. Me, I got my tits from Dad’s side of the family.” She said hefting her tits. “It’s more of a curse than a blessing really.”

“No, I…uh…”

Katie smiled at my embarrassment. “Of course, you’re a guy. Guys like tits, especially big tits. But they’re heavy and after a long day on my feet my neck and back hurt. If you wanna score points with your girlfriend, rub her neck and shoulders. That always works. Hell, that’s how I lost my virginity.”

“You lost your virginity from a neck rub?”

“Well it started out as a neck rub, then my shoulders… Eventually I took off my top and he gave me a backrub. Soon my pants were off and he was working my legs. Then I rolled over and he gave me a hand job. Brought me right up to the edge of an orgasm. Held me there until I was begging him to finish. The panties disappeared and my virginity followed a minute later. I expected it to hurt, but it didn’t. What I didn’t expect was to get dumped by him two weeks before prom.”

I just stared past her as I tried to process all of the information. This was incredible. And hot! But I had to constantly adjust my swelling dick. Eventually I gave up and put on an apron to hide my erection as Katie killed her drink.

“Men can be such dicks. But hell it’s the dick that we need too. Fuck, that’s what we fought about tonight. After all of the weight talk, Pat had the nerve to ask me to swear off dicks. See, I occasionally mentioned how much I missed a good fuck from a real cock, not a toy, and she wanted me to stop bringing it up. Then she said if she had her way, no cock would ever violate my pussy again.”

“What the hell?”

“Yeah, I know. We’re lovers, but not engaged.” She looked at her empty glass a moment and refilled it, then took another drink before continuing. “Well, we were lovers I guess. But she had never before hinted that she wanted us to be exclusive. Hell, I know she hasn’t been. She still sleeps with her sister when she visits.”

“Huh? She has sex with her sister?”

“Sure, she mentioned Bayan escort it. Actually she asked me if I had ever made love to Mom or Jo. I guess it carries less stigma when it’s lesbians. She said it was just their way of showing how much they love one another. Hell the way she talked about it made it sound so nice, I almost wished I could.”

“No way, really?”

“Oh sure. I mean Mom is beautiful and unlike you, I have seen her naked, so I know it, I’m not just guessing. A part of me still longs to be cradled in her arms and feel her love. And Jo? Hell since I have learned how to love a woman, I kinda wonder what it might be like to teach her.”

As Katie said this her mind trailed off and she seemed lost in thought. Wow, she must be quite buzzed to be telling me all of this. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. I wondered if she would tell me more, or regret telling me this much. I busied myself finishing our dinner and in a few minutes I laid our plates on the table. Maple glazed broiled shrimp and scallops on skewers with baked potatoes and sauteed zucchini.

“Holy shit Mikey!” Katie exclaimed. “This looks awesome!”

“Thanks!” I replied. “And there’s still some leftover cherry pie for dessert.”

As we ate Katie continued to talk, and I continued to listen.

“So until Patricia came along you were just doing guys…”

“Yeah, well I had a few. Some were good and some were not. It’s weird that some guys are good looking and maybe nice or fun to be with, but really suck at sex. And the guys who were good at sex were guys I didn’t like as friends, you know? Like, we didn’t have much in common out of bed.”

“So how many, roughly?” I asked.

Katie laughed. “Oh after I lost my virginity, only about a couple dozen or so, but I used them up. You know ride ’em hard and leave ’em broken an’ breathless.”

I choked and started coughing as Katie laughed.

“Relax Mikey, I’m teasing you. After I told Mom, I didn’t screw anyone else in High School. I did one guy the summer after graduation, but he joined the Marines and left. Then I’ve had two serious relationships after that. None of them were worth keeping though.”

“So was Mom mad when you told her?”

“Nah, she was glad I told her, but disappointed that I had done it so early. We had the first of our really close talks. You know, when she gave me the sex talk I was fourteen, then after I lost my virginity, she talked more about sex… more of a how to than a this is what it is talk. She didn’t judge me, hell, she even talked about her sexual experiences! Damn, did you know our Mom was kinky? Well she is. She likes some weird shit and she’s got, or at least she had a drawer full of toys and, well I shouldn’t be telling you this but, she likes it rough, weird, and wet and she likes anal! She even hinted that she’s been into bondage before, you know, getting tied up and all? Shit, I know she has fucked a few of the Doctors she’s worked with too!”

God I was stunned! I knew Mom was attractive and I knew she dated, but there wasn’t any one guy she was steady with. I figured that she was probably having sex with them but I had no idea, had never even considered what her sexual preferences might be. An image of Mom in her scrubs with her pants down getting in in the ass from some Doc filled my mind. My cock screamed for attention. I decided that I would have to masturbate to this later. I watched Katie as she ate. I needed to keep her talking.

“So do you like anal?”

“God no!”

“Why not? Have you tried it?”

“Yeah, once. But he was huge and it hurt despite all the lube! Oh I suppose a smaller guy might be better. Hell even Pat liked anal. I’ve had two dildos in her at the same time on several occasions. Shit, you know she has a butt plug that has a fox tail on it? Yeah! A real fox tail! She wanted to get me some training plugs but we never got that far.”

“So after this, are you going to stick to guys or are you going to look for another girlfriend?”

“Oh hell Mikey, it’s too early. I guess I’ll stick to guys, but if the right girl comes along… well who knows?”

“So what do you look for in a perfect guy?”

“Well looks would be nice, but really I want a guy who is willing to be my best friend. He has to be trustworthy, smart, but uh not too brainy… Oh if he has an attitude, he is right out. I want a guy who is kind, willing to work hard, and treats me like a peer.”

“You don’t want to be treated like a Queen?” I asked.

“Well a King and Queen are peers. I don’t want a slave. I want a friend who has a warm heart and just happens to be able to rock my world with a good cock. Oh and if he can cook like you? God that would be a bonus! This is delicious! It tastes just as good as Mom’s.”

“Thanks, but Mom’s never made this.”

“Sure! We’ve had it before.”

“Yeah we have. I’ve made it.”

“No shit?”

“No shit. Look Katie, I love to cook. Mom works hard. Lots of call ins. So I cook a lot. I buy the groceries, do the laundry and some other Escort stuff. Mom helps with cleanup and dishes. That’s less for her to do after being on her feet all day. She pays me and I don’t have to get a job while trying to go to school. I can focus on my grades and take extra hours getting ready to go to State next fall. It all works out.”

Katie pondered this for a while. “So it’s State? You’ve decided?”

“Yup. They have the program I want and are taking all of my transfer hours.”

“Wow, okay. That’s cool.”

“Of course this means I’ll be in the dorms during the week and only home on weekends so you’ll have to find another cook.” I joked.

After dinner I got us each a slice of pie and a scoop of ice cream.

“So Mikey, I’ve told you a lot more than I expected to. I guess I was pretty tipsy. I’m sorry to dump on you like that.”

“It’s okay. I’m glad you did. Otherwise I’d never have known about Mom and Jo’s piercings or your tattoos.”

“Aw geez, uh, let’s not mention that to them, okay?”

“What? Did you think I was going to just one day say ‘hey Mom could you show me your pierced nipples? I’m thinking of having mine done.’ while we’re having dinner?”

Katie cracked up. “Nah, it’s just that it’s kinda a girl thing, you know?”

“Sure, no problem.”

“So since you cooked, I’ll clean up.” Katie said. But before she had hardly started her phone rang. Patricia was calling and she went to her bedroom to talk. I finished putting plates aside for Mom and Jo; then loaded the dishwasher. Grabbing my drink I went back to my room and logged back on. I switched to my Blood Elf Hunter and tried to game a bit. It was difficult at first to concentrate after talking so frankly with Katie. After a while there was a knock on my door.

“Mike, can I come in?”

“Sure Katie.”

She had been crying, I was sure of it. I stood up and hugged her. She kind of melted into me and sobbed. I didn’t know what to say so I just held her. After a bit she asked for a tissue and we sat down.

“What happened?” I asked.

“It was Pat. She said she wanted to know why I was upset and why I was making such a big deal out of it. Hell, she said my storming out of the restaurant was immature! We had a pretty good fight. I told her how it made me feel and she said I was over-reacting. I lost it then when she said she wanted to give me another chance. Really? Give ME another chance? I told her we were through and asked her to not call me again, though not quite that politely.”

“I’m sorry Katie.”

“Thanks Mike.” She looked at my computer. “So is that your character?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, it’s one of them.”

“How many do you have?”

“Probably sixteen or seventeen on two different servers, but I only have two that are maxed out. They are my mains, the ones I spend the most time on.”

“That’s a female.”

“Yeah, most of mine are. See, as I play, I see my toon’s back, and well if I gotta look at a toon’s backside, it might as well be attractive.”

Katie laughed. “Makes sense. But where is her armor?”

“Oh well, I hid that. It’s there as far as the stats go, but it’s really pretty ugly stuff. Besides I think she’s sexy like this.” I panned the view around so she could see her from the front as well.

“Nice. Does the game assign the image?”

“No, I customize everything I can as far as appearance. The underlying model is fixed however, so I can’t change her figure or height or anything.”

“So no big tits…?” she said and again hefted hers as she grinned.

“Nah, not possible.”

“Can I watch?”


Katie watched me for a bit and sipped on another glass of brandy. I sensed there was something on her mind and felt like she was waiting patiently so after a few minutes I parked my toon and logged off. I turned and looked at her.

“So what’s on your mind?”


“Look Katie, you’re wrestling with something, I know it. So what is it?”

She took another drink and sighed. “Mike, are you a virgin?”

“Wow, uh well I dunno.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” she asked.

“Well I had sex once, well sort of. It was a disaster and I fumbled it. I just barely got it in and.. I, uh, I… well I blew my load before I was all the way in. She got pissed and left. So yeah, I don’t know if that counts.”

“Aw shit…” Katie said. “She was young and stupid Mike. A good rule with young guys is to give ’em a blow job or hand job first. Let ’em cum and then get ’em hard again and then you can fuck longer before they cum again.”

“Yeah, that would’ve been good to know.”

“So just the once, huh?”

“Well another girl was going to blow me but changed her mind. I’ve gotten inside a couple of bras but they were disappointing.”

“Oh, small stuff huh?”

“Yeah, well one was really small and the other was just a little bigger but kinda saggy.”

“So were they classmates?”

“Well all of them except the one with the saggy tits.”

“Oh? Who was she?”

“Well… uh… the woman I kinda had sex with..”

“Oh come on! I shared a lot of personal stuff with you! You gotta tell me.”

I sighed, “Okay, it was Tonya Brubaker’s mom.”

“No way! Really? Shit Mikey, how did that happen?”

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