Mile High (caught in panties and pegged at thirty


Mile High (caught in panties and pegged at thirtyMile High (caught in panties and pegged at thirty thousand feet)By MikahoEdited by g1dnshwrgr1 (many thanks!)NOTE: This is my story and is originally posted under my profile on You can see it there under my same user name. Enjoy!I boarded the plan and was taking my seat when I noticed the most mature of the three stewardesses. She was beautiful with a classic flair; her pencil skirt perfectly presented an hourglass waist, defined hips, and a round butt.The image of her shapely form flitted around the edge of my thoughts as I started answering email on my phone and quickly drifted into a hyper-focused state; oblivious to the bustle in the cabin around me until I heard her ask me to turn off my phone. I glanced up, briefly making eye contact, as she continued toward the rear of the plane and fought the urge to glance back at her retreating backside. Rushing to finish my email, I was still typing when she passed by again.“Sir, I asked you to turn off your phone. We can’t depart until you comply.” Her voice had a noticeably stern edge to it and I looked up at her, feeling a bit defiant. She did not flinch but held my gaze coolly, tipping her head slightly to the side kurtköy escort as if to say “Well?” And just like that, I was reduced to a c***d at school, busted by his teacher. Looking down at my phone, I mumbled a meek apology and turned it off. As the plane rotated off the runway, I found that my stern stewardess was now front and center in my thoughts and my arousal was rising as we climbed into the sky. I wiggled in my seat as my cock thickened and decided I would need to make a trip to the restroom as soon as possible.When I reached the back of the plane, she was in the galley. I glanced down nervously when she caught me looking at her and reached for the lavatory door.“Cute panties,” she said playfully.I froze with my hand on the door latch though my brain whirled. I could feel the heat of humiliation coursing through me as I realized that my jeans had ridden down past the lowest edge of my shirttail, leaving a gap that clearly exposed the feminine print of my girly panties. My head turned toward her and our eyes met. “Go on in and pull your pants down,” she commanded. I’ll join you in a minute.” Her eyes did not leave room for argument and in a haze I nodded and stepped into the restroom. I unzipped my pants and aydıntepe escort let them fall down to my knees while I tried to focus my thoughts on my very real predicament. The mirror’s reflection showed me staring at the outline of my erection in the candy-striped, pastel pink, micro-fiber fabric. I startled when I heard a knock on the door.It was a very tight fit, but my stewardess squeezed in so that we were face to face; her penetrating green eyes only inches from mine and her breasts brushing against my chest. She had a small bag with her from which she pulled a thick, six-inch long dildo attached to a leather harness. She grinned wickedly as she pushed latex cock past my lips into my mouth. As I sucked the thick dick, she spoke matter-of-factly, as if she did this kind of thing routinely, about how she was going to repeatedly ream my sissy, girly-pantied ass with her big cock.She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She was wearing dark pantyhose over light colored panties, the sight of which caused my dick to grow even harder. She sat down on the toilet and fastened the harness around her hips. She stood again, straddling the toilet, and turned me around. With my face pressed against the mirror tuzla içmeler escort and hanging slightly into the shallow space over the sink, she pulled my panties down and drove her latex bone right up my protesting butt hole. I gave a moan that echoed in the aluminum sink. “Now, now, we can’t make any noise my pretty little girl,” she said as she pushed a wad of paper towels in my mouth while thrusting her dildo further into my ass. She continued fucking me, then pulled out and gave me one last long thrust as my cock released its load onto the cabinet.“Oh, you dirty little girl,” she cooed in my ear. “Clean that up before you pull up your pretty panties and return to your seat.”With that, my stewardess arranged her things and left the toilet to resume her duties in the galley. Walking gingerly down the aisle, I eased into my seat, and shuddered slightly while remembering what just happened. The remainder of the flight was a dizzy blur and try as I might, I could not think coherently. As I exited the plane, she smiled sweetly at me.”I hope you enjoyed your flight with us, Sir. Do come again. Oh and here is the information you requested,” she said while handing me a brochure. As I walked down the jetway, I looked through the brochure and saw a handwritten note:My number and address are in your phone. Call when you are in town again and be sure to bring my butt plug.AnnaI blushed and headed into the terminal, acutely aware of the base of her butt plug rubbing between my cheeks. ENDS

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