Milk From My Neighbor 2 by loyalsock


Milk From My Neighbor 2 by loyalsock”Alright.”They exchanged places, and to her surprise, Sam was able to feed Micki until the last spoonful was finished. After drinking from the water bottle, Micki gave him a drooling smile and waved her chubby fists in the air. Sam asked permission to carry Micki, and Kaye acquiesced. She felt her attraction to Sam increase as she watched him play with her daughter. He was cooing nonsense and making funny faces, and Micki was giggling as she enjoyed the show. “Hey you clown, let’s eat. I’m starving!” “Where will I put her?” he asked. “On her chair. She can watch us eat. She likes it when I have company.”Sam put Micki down, then Kaye and he sat down to eat. “Oooh, this all looks good. But you brought a lot!” Kaye commented.”I didn’t know what you liked, so I bought the whole bunch. Dig in!”****After dinner, Sam cleaned up while Kaye settled the baby down for the night. As she walked to the living room, Sam was already on the couch, surfing channels. She sat beside him, then looked at the DVDs that he had placed on the coffee table.”Bruce again?” she smirked.”Yup. Die Hard 1 to 3! Which one do you want to watch?””Let’s start with the first. Then we can watch the others next time.”As Sam inserted the disk into the machine, he thought, Cool. There’ll be a next time. It seems she likes me as much as I like her. Sam sat beside her, and placed his arm around her shoulders. She didn’t hesitate, and cuddled against him. They watched the movie in silence, lost in their own thoughts.Sam’s felt his cock harden as the action unfolded in the screen. It didn’t help that he was surrounded with Kaye’s lavender scent and her hand was absently drawing circles on his thigh. Finally, he took his chance and tilted her chin using his finger. She gave him a hesitant smile, and at the sight of her dimples, he was lost. He touched his lips to hers, gently at first. He gave her small, exploratory kisses, then he slid his tongue inside her mouth. She welcomed his assault, and soon they were kissing passionately, their tongues duelling, and breaths becoming shorter.Their hands were not idle, either. Sam’s hands were lifting her tank top away from her body. Soon he was feathering light, open-mouthed kisses on her neck and on the top of her breasts. He saw that she was wearing a regular nursing bra, and as he unhooked the tops the flaps fell open. There were pads stuck inside to catch the flow of milk; these dropped to the floor as they were deprived of support. Her full globes lay exposed to his gaze. “You’re so beautiful,” he said, as he reverently touched a finger to her leaking teat. The areolas were dark and big, and her nipples stood up proudly. He bent his head to one breast and licked the nipple. He then latched his mouth hungrily to the swollen tit, and felt the warm liquid spurt into his mouth. His eyes closed in ecstasy as he proceeded to suck the heavenly fluid. She moaned he continued his assault on her breasts. With one hand, she unclipped the back strap of her bra, and with the other, she urged avcilar escort him to take more of her boob into his mouth. He willingly obliged, just pausing for a moment to rid the bra off her body. He then attacked the right breast, his moans making delicious vibrations and adding to the warm sensations which were building up in her pussy. He kneaded her left breast, expressing more milk, making his hand sticky.”Yes… suck my tits,” she murmured, as her hips rose to gain more contact with his body.Upon hearing her encouragement, he increased his oral attention on her mammaries, sucking even more fiercely. His free hand crept along her bare thigh which was exposed by the short skirt. Her legs opened wider, and his fingertips brushed her moist panties.She whispered her encouragement as he swept aside the crotch and inserted a finger into her silken sheath. Her moans increased in volume, and he slowly moved his finger in and out of her warmth, occasionally rubbing his thumb on her swollen clit. The movement of her hips increased as the tension escalated in her loins. He inserted a second, then a third finger into her crevice, loving the sound of her moans and the juices from her breast and cunt. He continued finger-fucking her, searching for her G-spot to give her the utmost pleasure. “Yes, oh, yes… almost there,” she said. With his continued assault on her breast, clit and pussy, he was able to bring her to a shuddering climax within moments. He held on to her tit as she recovered from the aftermath of her orgasm, loving the way she held his head close to her breast. Breathing in short gasps, she lifted his head and they exchanged soft kisses as she recovered from her sexual high. He gave her feather-light kisses along her face, chin and neck as she tried to regain control of her breathing. She was aware that he was still unfulfilled; the crotch of his jeans was tented. His cock twitched as she laid a hand upon his crotch, looked into his deep brown eyes and whispered, “Take me to bed.””Gladly,” he replied. He stood up and lifted her into his arms, intending to carry her to the bedroom. “What? … Put me down, I’m too heavy to carry!” she protested. He ignored her pleas and answered that she weighed just fine. He walked the short distance to her room, then slid her along his body until her feet touched the floor. He switched the lamp on, wanting to see her in all her glory. She demurred, saying she wanted to make love in the dark. No one had seen her naked since Mike, and she was conscious of her stretch marks and the bump on her belly. As they were standing beside the bed she said, “No, turn off the light, I don’t want you see me.””You’re so beautiful, Kaye. Why should I not want to see you?”She avoided looking at him, then replied, “I’m fat and ugly. I have all these stretch marks and lumps. I’m not exactly cheerleader material anymore.”He lifted her chin, looked deep into her eyes and said, “Kaye, you are not fat. To me you are all that is beautiful. I’ve seen your pictures when şirinevler escort you were younger, you were beautiful then, but you’re even more beautiful now. Can’t you feel how much I want you?” He took her hand and placed it on his jeans-covered cock. Her hand curled upon encountering the proof of his arousal, and she caressed his hard-on which was still covered by denim. He proceeded to show her by feathering kisses on her neck and chin. “If you are referring to your curves here,” he said as he lightly kissed her breast, “and here,” as he kissed her tummy, “they make me want you even more.”His words made her shiver with arousal. She brought him up from his kneeling position, and kissed him ravenously. “Make love to me,” she whispered. He gave her passionate kisses of his own, while his hands were busy unhooking the button of her skirt. He released her lips to slide her skirt and panties off her hips. He stared at her moist lower lips, gave it a brief kiss, stood up and laid her on the bed. He promised himself to savor her nether regions another time. Right now, both of them were too aroused and wanted to be close in the most intimate way possible.He undressed swiftly, then joined her on the bed. After exchanging several open-mouthed kisses, he slid lower and again attacked her nipple. He had not drained her before, and her breasts were still leaking. He latched on to a rubbery tit and sucked the sweet fluid emanating from her swollen globes. Kaye held his head tightly to her breast, her moans encouraging him to suck even more. Her free hand reached for his cock, stroking it and making it even harder. After several pleasure-filled moments, Kaye could not ignore the ache in her pussy. She lifted his head, looked into his eyes and said, “I want you inside me.”Perfectly willing to concur, Sam looked up and asked her, “Are you protected?” When she shook her head, he got off the bed and removed a condom from his jeans pocket. He unwrapped it, and rolled it onto his member, then got back into bed. He leaned onto Kaye, one hand supporting him, while the other guided his cock into her warm opening. He spread her juices around his cock to provide more lubrication. Pushing forward, he gave a short thrust, burying the head within her. They both moaned at the exquisite feelings rippling through their bodies.”Oh… that feels so good,” moaned Kaye as she felt the cockhead enter her. “Do it gently at first, it’s been a long time,” she whispered. Sam shifted his weight and thrust slowly, and soon all of his length was buried within her. They were both breathing heavily as the waves of sensation swept within them. His dick was held in the tightest sheath he’d experienced in years; the feelings flooding him. For Kaye, she felt that her pussy was filled to capacity, and opened her legs wider to get more of him inside her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, and soon they were joining in the age-old ritual of mating. Her hips rose and fell from the bed as she thrust upwards in time with his downward taksim escort movements. What began as a slow waltz speeded up to a faster rhythm of lust. “Yes.. take me faster and harder… harder…,” she said in between gasps and moans.Sam’s head dove to her breasts, wanting to ingest more of her warm, life-giving milk. He continued to thrust harder into her as he latched on to her rubbery teat, enjoying the feel of fluids spurting into his mouth. Kaye could not contain the feelings brought about by the dual stimulation of her breasts and cunt. Her moans became louder, as Sam continued to pound himself harder and harder. He felt his balls begin to contract, and he released her teat to concentrate on thrusting and bringing them both to a climax. He slid one hand between them, and his thumb rubbed against her clit. The additional stimulus triggered Kaye’s orgasm, and her body shuddered in release. The contraction of her pussy walls induced his own climax, he soon followed as his pleasure well built up like a fountain and burst out. They were both shaken to the core from their soul-shattering explosions. Sam sprawled on top of her for a few moments, then gathered enough energy to raise himself up and plant gentle kisses on her face. He rolled onto her side, and began to lap at the milky juices spread on her chest. Shifting from one breast to another, he drained both breasts, then kissed each nipple softly, as her fingers gently ran through his dishevelled hair. They exchanged soft sighs and kisses in the aftermath of their exertions.”That was… wow!” she whispered to him, amazed at the intensity of their lovemaking.”Yeah… wow. I sure hope this becomes a regular occurrence,” he said. “I love your milk, and adore your luscious body.” “Yes, it will be,” she murmured tiredly. “I produce too much milk for Micki, and we wouldn’t want that to be wasted, right?””Right,” he concurred. He got up to dispose of the condom, then returned to bed and spooned onto her back as his hand cupped her breast. Soon they drifted off to sleep.****That weekend, Sam stayed at her place. He went to his apartment briefly to get a change of clothes, not that it mattered since they were naked and in bed most of the time. They occasionally got out of bed to eat, and for Kaye to feed and change Micki. After the baby got her fill, Sam rose to the occasion and enthusiastically drained her breasts. A romp in bed usually followed. They soon ran out of condoms, and decided to go bareback even though Kaye was not on the pill. He slept with her every night, and after two weeks, he moved into her apartment since he was spending all his time there anyway. After two months of living together, she gave him the news of her pregnancy. She loved him and was happy to be carrying his baby. Sam was ecstatic and immediately proposed. By then he was also madly in love with Kaye and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and baby Micki. They got married in a simple civil ceremony. It was her second wedding and she didn’t want a big, fussy wedding again. Sam was happy to agree with her wishes, and both of their families were elated at the prospect of a new arrival in the family. As their married life goes on, he continues to suckle at her breasts while awaiting the birth of their new baby. Life couldn’t be sweeter for Sam.

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