Milking You Ch. 06


Moving your hand off my neck you reach down and grab my waist hard getting a firm grip. You don’t feel like being nice anymore. It’s too late for that. You are going to fuck me whether I want it or not. Of course you know I do but it’s a hot thought to think of me not wanting it. Of you having to force yourself upon me in a rape type setting. Of me saying no and you just fucking me anyways. God damn where did that thought come from? You’ve never wanted that before. The idea of forcing someone never crossed your thoughts. You realize that fuck you really must be changing.

I feel your hand grabbing my waist forcefully hard and I just moan. Oh yes I know what stage you are at now. You are at the animalistic stage that I’ve been aching to get you at all night. I know now you will do anything in your power to fuck me even if it means getting a bit rough. The thought of having it rough excites me. I think I’ll play into that.

You hear my moan and you know I’m a sick as you are. God that’s such a fucking turn on. Taking your other hand you quickly sit up and grab my arm pulling it away from your cock. With a growl you look into my eyes and dare me to tell you to stop.

I look into your eyes and know that this is perfect. I won’t stop you from being rough with me. I want it so bad. Don’t you realize it now?

You see the look in my eyes and you know I’m ready to take whatever you can give. Letting your hand move off my arm you reach up and push me backwards onto the bed letting my back land on the bed once again. You then sit up more and slide your body downwards letting your eyes take in the sight before you.

I see you down towards the foot of the bed and I wonder what you have in mind. I’m all for any kind of kinky ideas that you have in store for me.

You stare hungrily at me and know I’m ready for your wild kinkiness. Remembering that there is an unused vibrator sitting on the table outside the room you decide to you are going to use it on me. But that won’t be the only toy you use. Oh no. You know you want me partly helpless so you decide you want to use to blindfold too. That way I’ll have no idea when you are going to fuck me. I just have to lay there and take it all. Getting up off the bed hearing the squeak and thump as your feet hit the floor you let your eyes take one last look at me as you walk towards the door and out of the room.

I squirm on the bed as I watch you walk away. Hmm if you’re going to the other room then I know you have something extra kinky in store for me. The thought makes my pussy throb and ache. I can hardly wait.

Knowing I’m lying on the bed waiting for you with my body all hot and bothered you whistle a tune as you enter the room and walk over to the table. Looking down you see the vibe laying there. You reach down and grab it letting the cool plastic feel good in your hands. As you hold the vibrator you close your eyes and let yourself fantasize of how my body is going to respond once you apply it to my overheated pussy. Of how I’m going to spread my legs wide to the pleasure and how I will call out your name begging for more. Oh yes and knowing at the same time I will be blindfolded unable to know when you will apply more pressure or pull away. That thought alone makes your cock throb and leak precum. Keeping the vibe in your left hand you open your eyes once again and reach down grabbing the blindfold. Tucking it tightly into your right palm you keep whistling a tune as you spin on your heel and turn back towards the room.

I hear your footsteps and I moan happily with excitement. I am so ready for you. So very ready.

You reenter the room and approach the bed once again. Letting your eyes look at my naked body you lick your lips. Taking the vibrator you place it down on the bed.

“Are you ready for me?” you ask

“Yes Kevin I am,” I moan.

“Good. Close your eyes. I don’t want you to see me,” you say.

Knowing I better do as you say I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Oh my this is so exciting.

Seeing I’ve complied with your wish you smile. Yes you love being in control right now. Taking the blindfold into your left hand now you get up off the bed and move up to my face. Reaching down you take your right hand and lift my head off the pillow.

I whimper wondering what you are doing. I think I now but at the same time I don’t.

You hear my whimper and you moan softly as you unfold the blindfold. Holding it firmly in your left hand you let your eyes gaze at me as you bring it down and slide it over my head making sure it’s snug.

I feel something go over my eyes and I can’t tell what it is. All I know is that my arousal has gone from being red hot to delirious. I don’t know how much more I can take.

“Are you comfortable darling?” you ask me.

I am touched that you care. So sweet.

“Yes I am. Please baby touch me. I want you so much,” I say.

“I want you too. I’m so hard,” you say.

I moan at those words. God damn I wish you’d just fuck me already.

Knowing the altyazılı seks blindfold is secure you move away from my face and walk downwards to the end of the bed. Remembering the vibe you reach down, grab it once again, and ease yourself back onto the bed letting your stomach lay flat onto the mattress. Resuming the position you were in while you were eating me out you bring the vibe up to my pussy letting your eyes focus on my puffy pussy lips. Placing the vibe on my clit you watch as my body reacts.

I gasp and grip onto the bed as I feel my own vibe being used on my pussy. Fuck this is so hot. The idea of using it on myself has occured many times but never ever having someone else use it on me. Of course there never has been anyone who has wanted to use it on me. Expect you.

You feel me grip onto the bed and you grin wickedly. Wanting to have more fun with my body you keep your hand on the vibe as you start kissing your way up my body. Needing full access you take your knee and press my legs as wide open as they will go. You then slowly move your mouth upwards letting a set of hungry kisses come into contact with my stomach and then my breasts. Remembering that I like it a bit rough and really wanting to see how far you can go you wonder if you should take a little bite. As much as you are feeling sexually charged you still want to make sure it’s okay. Moving your mouth up off my left breast you quickly replace it with your hand letting your thumb run over my hard nipple as you look up at me.

You catch your breath as your eyes gaze upon the scene before you. You knew blindfolding someone would be sexy but not this damn sexy. Just seeing me laying there, with my body on total full arousal with my nipples rock hard and my pussy throbbing around your hand plus the vibe, has made you completely speechless. Damn this really is the worst time to be at a loss for words.

I feel your hand holding my left breast and I moan thrusting my hips higher into the air. God baby your hand feels so good right now. I don’t think I’ve ever been this aroused before. My pussy is on the verge of exploding and my mind is buzzing. I don’t want you to stop. Even after you fuck me. I don’t want you to stop ever pleasuring me. I can hear you holding your breath and I smile. I sense you are trying to tell me something. What I don’t know.

You see my smile and you take a quick deep breath feeling your cock throb between your legs. Okay damnit if you are going to ask me if it’s okay you gotta spill it out. Licking your lips you stay focused.

“Baby I want to bite on your lucious nipples. Is that okay with you?” you ask.

Of course it’s okay. Fuck don’t you know I’d love that. Not really being able to respond with words because of the pleasure and my quickly impending orgasm I just moan my approval.

You hear my moan and you know it’s my way of saying that it’s okay. Keeping your hand steady on my breast you bare your teeth and bend down biting down as you press the vibe harder against my swollen clit. You can feel my juices as they soak your fingers and you know I’m very close to cumming.

I moan loudly as I feel you bite down on my nipple. Sweet Jesus in heaven it hurts so good! I feel my pussy start to throb harder around the vibe and I know I’m cumming for the second time tonight. I wish I could tell you but I can’t. All I can do is ride your hand.

You feel my pussy clenching letting you know that I’m cumming. Needing and craving the taste of my pussy once again you know you gotta move fast. Moving your mouth you let your fingers tweak my nipple as you growl. Getting back down between my legs you know you have no use for the vibe so you toss it aside. Letting your eyes take one look at my throbbing pussy you moan hungrily as you extend your tongue and plant it right on my clit.

I feel your tongue on my clit as I am cumming and without any care for anything at the moment I reach down grabbing onto your head forcing it down. I can’t stop myself. You have done this to me. Can’t you see?

Feeling my hand forcing your head you start licking hard as you taste my orgasmic juices. You are so glad that my legs are wide open right now. Suddenly a naughty thought runs through your mind. You know you have to do this. You know you can’t stop yourself. Knowing you will need both hands you give my nipple one last tweak and a rub. You then slide your hand down my body and place it under my hips. Taking your other hand you do the same thing.

I feel your hands under my hips and I wonder if you are trying to lift me up. The image of you lifting my legs up so you can bury your face enters my mind and i know that’s what you want. Fuck that’s what I want too. So to be so kind and to get your tongue deeper I bend my legs at the knees and help lift my hips upwards which opens my pussy up more.

You feel me helping you out and you are grateful. To show your thankfulness you growl loudly into my pussy as you bury your face. Spreading your tongue wide you start licking even anal porno harder. At the same time you start rubbing your cock up against the mattress ‘fucking’ it giving yourself the pleasure you crave.

I feel the mattress moving and I realize that you are ‘fucking’ it. Oh baby you don’t have to do that. I’m right here. Taking my hands on your head I loosen the grip and just hold you still as I feel my orgasm subsiding.

You sense my orgasm subsiding and you know you don’t really need to go so rough now. You can gently make love to my pussy with your mouth. But you know there’s something you crave to do more. Something that even fucking the mattress isn’t helping. If anything it’s making it worse. You feel yourself torn between eating my sweet pussy all night and between making love. Damn it’s a tough choice. Letting your tongue slow down to a steady licking with the occasional kiss you decide to let me make the choice.

I feel you making love to my pussy and I just smile. You can be so sweet sometimes you know that right? As good as it feels though I really do need your cock inside me though lover. I’ve waited all night and I can’t wait anymore. Knowing I need to let you know I decide to tell you. After all that’s the best way right.

“Oh Kevin fuck me now! I need your big cock inside me!” I say with enthusiasm.

You know you can’t wait to fuck me. You know your cock is leaking pre cum all over this bed. The thoughts of how hard you are going to pound my sweet tight little pussy runs thought your head. You want to feel my pussy open up around you as you slide in. You want to dig your nails into my hips and ass while you pound away hard inside me. You want to push the head of your cock against my cervix each time and hear me cry out. You want to fill me with your big hot load. All these naughty thoughts are running though your head. Letting your eyes focus on my face and then my heaving breasts you moan hungrily.

I hear you moan and I return one of my own. I am so hot and wet right now. All this dirty hot foreplay that we have been doing all night has gotten me so fucking worked up. I ache to feel your cock inside of me. I ache to wrap my legs around your waist or cock them up on your shoulders. I aim to cum on your cock as you explode inside of me. I even long to hold my pussy lips open as you lick out your own creampie. I know I have helped you to become a more wilder man now. I know you will give us both what we need.

Upon hearing my moan you know it’s time now for sure. Moving your mouth away from my pussy you scoot your body off the bed and stand up. Reaching down you take your hard cock into your hand letting your fingers grip onto the base. Oh you are going to fuck me alright. But you want to hear me beg for it first. You want to hear me pleading like the slut I am for your cock.

“So you want me to fuck you huh? How hard do you want it slut? I want to hear you beg me for it. Beg like a little bitch for this cock,” you say.

I hear your wanton words and I shudder. Yes I fucking love when you are playing hard to get. I’m very good at this game. I’ve played it before. I know what you want to hear.

“Please fuck me baby. I need it so bad inside my tight pussy. I am so wet and horny for you right now. What can I do to show you how much I want it?” I beg.

Yes that’s it. You love hearing me ask for it. It turns you on so much and makes you feel more like an animal. Keeping your eyes focused on my entire naked body you decide to up the ante on our little game. You know I’ll do anything to get your cock inside me. You know I would crawl on hands and knees if you asked. Of course you don’t want to go THAT far. At least not tonight. No you know you are just happy just to hear my words. But then you suddenly remember that I just said something about showing you how much I want it. Hmm. That’s much better than words.

Knowing you need to really think this over you turn and step back a bit towards the back of the room. You are not used to having a woman willing to physically show you how much they want your cock. Hell you’d never ever had someone beg for it before. This is all so new to you and you are quite unsure how to go about it. Standing there with cock in hand you start trying to decide how you going to get what you want as you move your gaze from my body to the floor.

I hear your breathing and the sound of your hand handling your cock. I know you have walked away from the bed. I can tell from the way you are reacting that you definitely are not used to this kind of sexual treatment. As wild as I’ve gotten you so far there is still that part of you that is reserved and unsure of what step to take next. It’s fine honestly. I was expecting this. Don’t worry lover I got this. I know I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands. I know something that will show you how much I want your cock deep inside.

Bringing my legs down I let them relax as I bring my knees up. Licking my lips I reach down finding my pussy with my anime porno hands. Taking each outer lip in one hand I slowly start to spread myself open until my fingertips are touching my outer legs. Knowing you are going to like the sight I smile and call out to you.

“Kevin it’s okay. Look over here baby. Mama’s got a surprise for you,” I say.

You hear me call your name and you know you better look. Turning your gaze from the floor you let your eyes focus on the sight before you.

“Oh my god,” you say.

You find you can’t think straight. The sight before you is just too beautiful. Your eyes gaze over with lust and a sense of sexual appreciation for my ability to always come to rescue enters your thoughts. God damn you never ever knew that any woman would go this far to get your cock. You know you can’t ask me to beg anymore. This is way beyond that stage. You know you must give my body what it deserves.

I hear your words and can tell you are blown away. I’m so glad that you like this darling. I wish I could see your face right now but I’m pretty sure you have the ‘deer in headlights’ look on. Wanting to please you more I decide to up the ante just a bit more. Keeping my pussy lips spread wide open I start thrusting my hips and flexing my inner muscles. I want you to see that I mean business about having you deep inside.

Your eyes widen as you see me thrusting my hips. Gripping your cock even harder you know you have to act right now. Sure you’ve being saying that all day but it’s the honest truth now. It’s time to fuck me senseless. Turning back towards the bed you start to re approach as you lick your lips while letting your eyes feast on my open pussy. You know soon you will be buried balls deep inside and the thought excites you.

I hear your footsteps and I smile once again. I knew this would work. The old ‘opening the pussy’ trick. It’s funny on how many years go I learned how to do this. Actually I learned it from watching a porn one day a couple of years back before I even got into this business. I thought it was so hot watching the woman open herself up like a prize for her lover on screen. How he stared at her and how he pounded her pussy so god damn hard. Mmmm yes it was hot. Of course I’ve never gotten to try it on anyone before. You are my first. Of course I know you don’t know that and that’s the whole sexy point.

Quickly re approaching the bed you let go off of your cock as you climb back on. You truly can’t believe that you are about to fuck me. I mean you knew you’d get your cock milked and you’d get to do some playtime. But you had no idea that when you came here this morning that’d you end up fucking the pussy that you have honestly been dreaming about since you first heard my commercial. Hell you can’t lie. Every masturbatory fantasy you have had has been about me for as long as you can remember. So many days and nights you have jacked off thinking about burying your cock deep inside me. And now here you are, naked and hard, about to do just that. Looking down into my eyes you decide to tell me that. You’ve already got me naked and wet so what’s to lose right.

“Can I tell you something? I’ve longed for this moment for so long. Wanting to fuck your tight pussy. You are the basis for all my masturbation fantasies,” you say.

Oh wow I didn’t know that. That is so hot knowing out of all the girls you could be getting off over you chose me. Wow I’m really honored and really turned on by the thought. I just love being your go to girl.

“Wow Kevin that’s so hot. I’m so flattered that you see me that way. But now that you have me here all blindfolded and helpless what do you plan on doing to me?” I ask.

I just love playing this game of cat and mouse. It’s so erotic.

Knowing it’s time for more action and less words you decide to let your body do the speaking for you. Scooting up more on the bed you reach down and grab your cock letting your mind take you to a deep dark place while your eyes glaze over with a hungry lust.

“What do I plan on doing to you? Oh my lovely temptress I plan on fucking this pretty pussy until it’s all red, sore, and full of my hot cum,” you say.

I moan at those words. I know what you plan on doing but still it’s fun to hear it. It helps me gather the visual.

You hear my moan and you growl like a hungry wolf. Letting your body lean forwards a little bit you let your knee brush up against my inner leg as you steady yourself on the bed. You then thrust your hips forward slightly bringing your cock closer to my waiting hole. You love this moment of anticipation and you are sure I do too. There is truly nothing like it.

I feel your knee up against my inner leg and I moan a bit louder realizing where you are. Damnit I really wish I could see you right now. I just bet you look so delicious with your cock in between my legs. But just then a smile appears over my face. How could I have forgotten that I had a camera in this room too? All of this is being recorded so of course I’ll be able to look back and see everything that has happened so far. Maybe even let you see it if things keep going like this. After all I will be keeping you around. Of course you have no idea that we are being watched in here. You knew it was happening out in the main part of the room but not here.

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