Milky Boy Ch. 04


I hurried home and reluctantly removed Jen’s pantyhose before my wife came home. I loved the way they felt, but was scared to death of being seen in them by my wife or anyone else! I stashed them away for further enjoyment at another time.

The rest of my Saturday was uneventful; the girls must have been busy doing other things and left me alone for a while. Before I went to bed Saturday night I checked my e-mail one last time and found an e-mail for Lauren. She told me that she and Jen had a long discussion about how critical my little pecker was to their college careers and they came to the conclusion that they needed to “protect their investment.” They decided that they needed more control of my cock (as if!) so that only they could decide when, where and how often I was milked. Lauren cut and pasted a hyperlink into the e-mail that brought me to an online adult sex shop. The link specifically brought me to a male chastity device, called the CB-3000. I had heard of these things, but never actually seen one. I was somewhat intrigued by the idea of wearing one. Lauren told me to order one and have it sent express delivery so I would get it as soon as possible. Once I received it, I was to let her know right away. It came with two keys, she would control one and Jen would control the other. She finished the e-mail by saying “order the smallest size they have, we want to make sure it fits!”

I clicked on the link and ordered the chastity device. “These things aren’t cheap!” I thought as I completed the order. The express shipment option guaranteed delivery within two business days, so I should have it by Tuesday I figured. I headed off to bed for the night, dreaming of a Blue Dick Special!

I didn’t hear from Lauren or Jen all day Sunday, I was both relived and disappointed at the same time. My little pecker definitely needed a rest, but I enjoyed being milked by these two girls so much that I just needed more! Late in the day I finally got another e-mail, this time it was from Jen. She said that she and Lauren were “giving me the day off” and that I was not to jerk off today, or any day from now on, without their permission. As a not too subtle threat, she attached a picture of me with her pantyhose over my head, jerking off in Lauren’s bedroom. “You never know where the attached picture may turn up if you don’t follow the rules Milky Boy!” was her closing line in the e-mail.

I went to work Monday morning ready to start the work week. About 10:00 A.M. my secretary brought me in a package that had been hand delivered by a courier. It was addressed to me and the return address simply said “L & J Milk Company”. I read the return address and must have blushed when it dawned on me who it was from.

“What’s a milk company sending you?” my secretary asked.

I shrugged and told her I had no idea.

She just mumbled “Sort of weird” as she walked out of my office.

When she left I opened the package and my wife’s sheer black panties and a disposable camera fell onto my desk! There was a note in the package from Lauren and Jen which told me to go into the men’s room and take off my “little boy underwear” and to put on my wife’s panties. I was then instructed to take several pictures of me wearing the panties both in the men’s room and in my office, at my desk, etc.! They told to make sure the panties Arnavutköy escort were “clearly visible” in every photo. “Oh my God,” I thought, “this is getting out of control.” The note told me to take all 12 pictures on the camera and to keep my wife’s panties on for the rest of the day – they would be in touch after school got out.

After I collected my wits, I went to the men’s room with the camera stashed in my pocket and went into one of the stalls. I changed into my wife’s panties and took a couple of shots in the stall. It’s not easy taking a picture of you at arm’s length with one of these disposable cameras! I pulled my pants back up and threw my “little boy underwear” away in the trashcan, burying them under a layer of paper towels. I returned to my office, receiving a penetrating stare from my secretary. “She knows something is going on” I thought to myself. I waited until lunchtime when my secretary went out with the other ladies from the office to get a bite to eat. After she left, I closed my office door, lowered my pants and began snapping pictures. I took several of me standing in front of my desk, sitting at my desk, sitting in the chair in front of my desk, etc. When I was done, I still had two exposures remaining. I wasn’t sure where else to take the last remaining pictures, so I stashed the camera and decided to think about it.

After lunch my day got very busy, seems like I was jumping from one meeting to another. I had momentarily forgotten about my wife’s panties and the camera. It was now 4:30 and I was in my last meeting of the day, which had been going on since 2:00. The meeting was down the hall from my office in a small conference room.

My secretary came in and handed me a telephone message, it read “Ms. Lauren from the L & J Milk Company is holding on line

, she says she really needs to talk to you now. She said something about you being overdue?” I excused myself from the meeting and followed my secretary out of the conference room.

“You can take it my desk,” she said “it’s closer.” Without thinking, I took Lauren’s phone call while standing at my secretary’s desk – what a mistake that was! Lauren was not pleased that I had been unreachable for the last several hours. She asked me if I had read her e-mail directing me to pick her and Jen up after school at 3:30.

“No, I haven’t had a chance to read that yet” I responded, “I’ve been busy all afternoon.”

“I don’t care about your work schedule Milky” she said curtly. “You are way overdue for a milking, it’s been over 48 hours. Leave work now and come to Jen’s house, her parents are both working late tonight. Be here in 20 minutes or you’ll be fined! Got it Milky?” she said bluntly.

“Okay,” I said meekly.

“Don’t forget the camera, make sure you have latex gloves, your milk towel and plenty of cash” Lauren haughtily said. Before I could respond, she hung up.

I hung up the receiver, knowing my secretary was listening to my end of the conversation. “Well that sure seemed like a one-sided conversation” she said, “Is she a client of yours?” I looked at her and smiled and said,

“Yea, either that, or the other way around.” She looked at me quizzically as I walked toward my office to gather my stuff and leave. I stashed the camera in my briefcase, grabbed my suit Avcılar escort bayan coat and headed for the door. My secretary just gave me a coy smile as I walked by, heading for the exit. On the way to my car I remembered that I still needed to use up two more shots on the disposable camera. Looking at my watch I knew I didn’t have much time to spare and still get to Jen’s before the 20-minute deadline expired. I had parked in the parking garage today and decided this was as good a place as any to take the last two shots. I got to my car and tossed my suit coat in the back seat and grabbed the camera out of my briefcase. Nervously looking around, I stepped between my car and the one parked next to it. I quickly dropped my pants to my ankles, exposing my sheer panties. Two quick clicks of the camera and I was done!

Over the weekend I had the foresight to pack what I now referred to as my “milking kit”. It was a small canvas tote bag that contained a box of latex gloves, hand lotion, several hand towels and even some rubbers. I also had some emergency cash in there just in case Lauren and Jen got very demanding and I was short on bucks. I kept the bag close to me at all times, such as in my car or sometimes even crammed into my briefcase. At the moment, it was stuffed into my briefcase along with the disposable camera. As I drove to Jen’s house it dawned on me that this whole ordeal had only started a few days ago, already it seemed liked weeks! It was only November and the girls won’t graduate until next May and then head off to college late next summer. “It’s going to be a very long nine months or so,” I thought to myself, “and an expensive one!”

I pulled up to Jen’s place and looked at my watch, four minutes to spare! I grabbed my briefcase and headed up to the door. Before I could even knock, the door opened and Jen let me in. She was wearing a tight red tank top; black linen shorts and high black backless sandals. She wasn’t wearing nylons, but her legs and feet looked great nonetheless. The tank top was a stretchy lycra material that strained against her braless chest, the outline of her nipples very obvious to even a casual observer.

“Hello Milky, long time no see!” she said sweetly. She reached and took my briefcase from me and set it next to the couch in the living room. Lauren walked in, dressed remarkably like Jen. “Was this a lesbian thing, dressing alike?” I wondered to myself. Lauren had on the identical top, shorts and high heels as Jen; the only difference was her top was royal blue, her linen shorts were white and her backless high heels were royal blue to match her top.

Lauren quickly took control, as she usually does. “Okay Milk Boy, let’s get busy, we’ve got to make up for some lost time” she said. She sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to her. “Take off your pants and sit here next to me” she continued. I did as she directed as Jen moved behind the couch. “Cute panties” Lauren said with a chuckle as I removed my pants. Jen stood behind the couch and as I sat down, reached over and tied a black, silky blind fold over my eyes. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it felt like one of her slips. I had laid my pants and panties on the couch next to us. “Where are my gloves Milky?” Lauren asked. I then told the girls about my “milking kit” and that it was Escort Bağcılar currently in my briefcase.

“There might be hope for you yet Milky” Jen chided. I heard my briefcase snap open and Jen pulled out my milking kit and the disposable camera. “Looks like you used all the pictures as you were supposed to, good boy” Jen said, “I’ll take care of getting these developed.”

Jen handed some latex gloves and the hand lotion to Lauren. “We won’t need his milking towel this time” Lauren said “you can leave that in his little kit.” I was curious about that statement, but let it slide as I was more focused on my impending milking. I heard the snap of latex as Lauren pulled on a pair of the gloves. “Okay Milk Boy,” Lauren said, “get down on your hands and knees in front of me, on all fours.” I moved from the couch and did as she directed, still wearing the silky blindfold. I was now kneeling in front of her like a dog, my cock pointing straight down to the floor. I heard Jen and her camera start clicking away. Unbeknown to me, Lauren had placed my wife’s sheer black panties on the floor, directly underneath my cock.

The next sensation I felt was Lauren’s latex covered hands, smeared with lotion, stroking my cock. She was yanking it straight down toward the floor; hand over hand, time and again.

“He really looks like he’s being milked!” Jen squealed with laughter.

“Just like pulling on a cow’s udder” Lauren replied. Lauren was still sitting on the edge of the couch, reaching under me to stroke my dick. The feeling was awesome and the humiliation was oh so sweet. As Lauren stroked away, Jen clicked away. “They can take 100 pictures,” I thought to myself, “just jerk me off!”

“Oh my God, that feels good!” I moaned out loud. Just then I shot my load, it seemed like it when on forever! Since I hadn’t cum in a couple of days, my load was larger than usual. I sensed Jen moving in for some close up shots, but didn’t know why. Little did I realize at the moment, but Lauren had my dick pointed right at my wife’s panties the entire time. My cum soaked her panties thoroughly as they lay beneath me on the floor.

“That’ll do just fine” Lauren chuckled. “Jen honey, go get us a Ziploc bag.” I was still on my knees in front of Lauren, catching my breath from that awesome milking. When Jen came back, she pulled off my blindfold and said I could get up and get dressed now. As I was getting up, Lauren held up the Ziploc bag with my wife’s cum soaked panties inside. “When you get home tonight Milky, you’re first chore is to put these messy panties back in your wife’s drawer where they came from” Lauren directed. She then handed me a new disposable camera and said “Of course we want to capture that image for later, so after you place them in her drawer, take a picture of them. Make sure your milky cum is visible in the photo and take them out of the bag when you put them in the drawer.” “By the way,” she continued, “pay up.”

I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out my wallet, handing her $75. I finished getting dressed and took the Ziploc bag from Lauren, placing it and the new camera in my briefcase. As I put the items in my briefcase I noticed that one of the girls had put a bumper sticker on the outside of my briefcase with the popular advertising slogan “got milk?” They both noticed me looking at it and laughed.

“We just want to make sure you stand out in a crowd” Jen said. Not being quite sure what that meant, I gathered my things and left.

As I reached for the door, Lauren said “Check your e-mail later tonight Milky. Tomorrow promises to be a big day! Nighty night!”

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