Mimi Loves Stuart


Mimi loved Stuart so. She had since the first moment she saw him. She was at a club with friends. Ordinarily reserved, she followed an impulse and walked straight up to her future.

He took her home that night and, at the end of his glorious cock, gave her life definition. “Oh! How grown up our little girl is!” Her parents would exclaim when she announced that Stuart had given them a grandchild. Her parents adored Stuart. Such a handsome, athletic young man.

The first time he hit her he apologized profusely. They were in the car, on the way home from a club. His backhand struck like a shot, his school ring just missing her eye, cutting the flesh next to it. In the morning, neither of them could remember what provoked it. He apologized again as he handed her sunglasses to hide the damaged flesh and black eye. “You look like a movie star.” She looked in the car mirror as she drove to work. “I do,” she said softly. Roll out the red carpet.

The next time he hit her he didn’t apologize. Just home from work, still in her silky bostancı escort bayan button-down blouse and straight-cut skirt. She saw stars and felt the warm flow of blood on her upper lip. “You like it, don’t you?” When she said she didn’t, he told her she was a liar and hit her again.

When she came to he was sitting in his favorite chair, with his back to her, watching a Poker tourney on the television. She got up from the floor, unfastening the top three buttons of her blouse before she went to him. She kneeled between his legs. Her beautiful auburn hair hung down, hiding the bruised flesh. On the screen behind her, faces unreadable, the players continued the deal.

“I shouldn’t have lied to you. You always see past it.”

As she spoke, he pulled his beautiful cock out of his basketball shorts. She took it in her mouth, bathing it with her saliva. She moaned softly. He could feel it through his cock. There were blood spots on her partially open blouse. Her breasts curved softly, snuggled in her ümraniye escort lace bra.

She loved his cock so. She had since the first time he put it to her. They climaxed together with stunning ferocity. The bed linens were twisted and ruined after. Her world was transformed. The baby would be along soon.

She felt his cock grow in her mouth. Her life returned to equilibrium. He sipped beer from a can and watched the card play continue. He finished in her mouth and she swallowed his entire load, careful not to let any escape and drip onto his team shorts. He loved those shorts. “How’s about another beer? This one’s warm.”

She was almost in the kitchen when the half-full can hit. High on her back, between her shoulder blades, a circular red welt started to rise against the soft fabric of her blouse. The can foamed and gurgled itself empty on the floor. “Bad catch. That was your chaser.”

She settled onto his lap and opened the cold beer. Her eye was swelling closed and she wished she had another cold beer escort kartal to press against it. The card play was done and the winnings were being tallied. He held one of her breasts. “I thought you said these were going to get bigger? I can’t wait to feel some heft here.”

She blew him again. She loved his eruption of sticky semen filling her mouth, slithering down her throat. He had once come in a condom for her and she sipped from it for three days before it was done. He took her from behind then. Her tail-bone was adorned with a cryptic tattoo. The simple font declared “Slippery When Wet.” No joke. He penetrated her. Walls came down. The night echoed with their sounds of passion. Why not love him so? He finished and let himself go soft inside her. She bathed him clean with her tongue. His load dripped onto a saucer between her legs. She bought it just for this purpose.

In the morning he walked her to the car. “You look like a runway model. Are those new sunglasses? I guess bigger and mirrored is the new thing.” He kissed her hard before she drove away. “Oh! How chic Mimi looks today!” Her co-workers would exclaim. On one side of her face, her hair was pulled back dramatically. On the other, her long auburn tresses cascaded down like a veil. She never took off her sunglasses that day, not once.

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