she kneels at His feet, thighs spread wide, her ass resting on her heels, back arched pushing her breasts out, nipples taunt, silently begging to Him and in her small hands she holds the end of the leash up to Him.

she feels His eyes raking over her quivering form, devouring every inch of her, burning her into His mind. she is, in her nakedness, a stark contrast to His still clothed form.

His eyes roam slowly from her face downward over her leather clad neck, over her breasts noting how each breath pushes her breasts out even more, her nipples growing more turgid under His intense gaze, causing Him to chuckle to Himself and whisper to her, “excited Mine?”

she whimpers softly, knowing the question isn’t one she’s meant to answer. The smile that curls His lips full of sinful promises. His eyes continue to move down her body, settling upon the valley between her widely spread thighs and noting, even in the dim light, the glistening wetness there.

Once more His deep rich voice rolls over her, “It appears that something has you quite wet, pet.” “Tell Me what that might be.”

As He waits for her answer He grasps the offered leash from her hands and twists it in His own, taking up the slack and forcing her body closer to His.

she gasps softly as He takes the leash from her and shortens it, causing the leather to tighten and tug at the back of her delicate neck. her breath quickens and darkening stormy eyes boldly rise to meet His, her soft pink tongue slithers from between her crimson lips and slides wetly over them before she speaks, whispering huskily “You, Master have made Your pet wet and ready for Your use.”

The smile painting His face grew in sinful intensity and His cock twitched in His pants as He watched her tongue’s journey. Growling hungrily, “Very good answer, Mine.” Tugging on the leash He pulls her between His denim-clad legs.

she whimpers and purrs softly as the rough material envelops her in the increasing heat nestled between His strong thighs.

“Now show Me what a delicious slut you are and suck My cock.”

her breath quickens even more as she hisses lustily, “As You wish Master.”

her slender fingers finding the buttons of His jeans and popping them open one by one, slowly revealing His throbbing member. her eyes widen in mild surprise to find no briefs or boxers blocking her. her eyes slide up over the expanse of His body only to find His own gaze locked on her, the sin-laced smile never leaving His face.

His brow arching slightly as His intense hungry growl meets her ears, “Suck it.” “I know how hungry you are Mine.” “Show Me how much of a slut you are.” she whimpers softly in need, lowering her head and bathing His cock with her tongue.

Long languid laps from His balls to the silken tip and back again, then finally opening her mouth and taking the tip between her crimson lips suckling gently. her ears perked to His sounds, she listens to the soft groans that escape His throat, encouraging her, as she devoured His entire cock until the tip taps the back of her throat.

Suckling greedily, her cheeks drawing in, lips tight and tongue dancing as she bobs her head in His lap. she pushes herself and takes Him deeper, past her gag reflex and into her throat where the muscles contract and massage His swelling member.

His groans and gasps of pleasure Sahabet fan the flames already burning within her. she feels His fingers curl tightly in her hair, forcing her rhythm to His liking, His hips rising to thrust, fucking her mouth like He would her pussy. she could feel His racing heartbeat slide across her tongue, sense His impending climax when He suddenly pulls her head from His lap and twitching cock.

Whimpering loudly her stormy eyes dark with lusty need meet His, curious as to why He pulled her from her prize but knowing better than to question.

He tugs on the leash whispering huskily, “Stand up and turn around pet, hands behind your neck.” His blatant need apparent causing shivers to swim her spine.

she stood on trembling legs, her own need burning brightly and pulled her hands behind her neck as He demanded and slowly turned, feeling Him release the slack on the leash enough for her to do so.

she stood there, waiting and wondering what wickedness He had in mind when she felt snug leather restraints slipping around her delicate wrists. Moaning softly as He tightened the buckles then attached first one chain from the wrist restraints to the d-ring of her collar, only to repeat the procedure on the other then sliding His strong hand down her quivering back to her ass.

He growled out a single word, ‘beautiful’ then giving her ass a resounding smack, leaving His glowing hand-print to burn against the creamy flesh. she gasped in delighted surprise as He smacked her ass, feeling His print mark her as brilliantly as His brand.

“Turn around pet and lower your arms.” His voice caressed her like smoked honey.

she turned slowly feeling Him taking up the slack in the leash once more, lowering her arms and whimpering when she realized they were level with her heaving chest and could go no further.

The sinful smile that seemed forever imprinted on His face grew even more as He watched her lower her arms and seeing that the length was perfect for His plan.

He growled, ‘Perfect’ as His lusty eyes drank her in once more. she couldn’t help her own eyes from traveling down His body and noting His cock rising from the rough denim had swelled even more and throbbed with each beat of His heart.

He noticed her looking and said, “you want My cock don’t you slut?” “your sopping pussy is hungry to be filled with it, isn’t it?” her eyes darted to His and a profound whimper escaped her throat.

His sinful smile burned as He said, “Beg Me.”

she whimpered again her lusty need growing with each passing moment, her tongue traveling across her lips once more noticing His cock twitching as He watched.

her voice filled with her emotions, her need overwhelming as she moaned, “Please Master…please may Your pet slut feel Your throbbing cock deep in her hungry pussy.” she trembled as she stood before Him, her pussy leaking her essence to coat her inner thighs, a testament to His unyielding control.

He tugged the leash pulling her close and giving her inner thighs a sound swat, His unvoiced command for her to spread her thighs wider, her stance shifting and hips rolling as she opened up for Him.

Gasping as she felt His strong fingers slide easily over her slick puffy folds, her scent rising heavily on the air. He presses further and buries two thick fingers Sahabet Giriş in her boiling core. her moan like music to His ears as He runs His fingers deep in the heated wet velvet of her…no His…fuck hole.

He inquires almost sarcastically, “What are you?” His fingers working deep within her, slowly fucking her.

she moans loudly and pants out, “Your slut Master, Your pet slut.”

His chuckle is low and borders on menacing as He withdraws His fingers, now glistening with her whorish need and wantonness. His voice taking on an almost purring quality “Yes, that’s right, MY slut.”

He watches as she tries to regain a portion of control over her intense need and lusty body. Leaning back in the chair, His cock swollen and angry points to the heavens, throbbing dramatically, practically begging for her twitching pussy to devour it.

“pet, turn around again and back up.” “I want you to straddle My lap.” His voice dark, and lust filled.

she whimpers, “yes Master” and does as He commands, turning and backing up slowly until she feels His legs against hers. Parting her own legs to align outside of His she begins to slowly settle herself in His lap.

“Stop!” He practically barks.

she trembles, wondering if she has displeased Him somehow, but manages to stop and be still, her ass and pussy hovering over His twitching cock. she feels the silky head against the entrance to her fuck hole, realizing then that He intends for her to not only sit on His lap, but also to be impaled by Him as she does. He moves His left hand to her hip.

“Now,” He says while He guides her by her hip onto His fiery cock.

The moan that bursts from her throat is animalistic and feral as she settles herself, His cock sliding deep into the molten velvet, her pussy tightening around Him.

Once she is settled He leans her body back against His and whispers in her ear, “feels good doesn’t it slut?” “you love having your hungry pussy full of My cock don’t you whore?” “Do you know why your wrists are chained only to reach you breasts?” “Take a guess” each heated question caressing her ear sending shivers down her spine and electricity to her pussy.

she hisses in wanton delight, “Yesss Master, Your slut loves to feel Your cock in her hungry pussy.” she whimpers as she realizes why her wrists are chained at the lengths they are, “they are chained to such lengths because You wish for Your pet to play with her breasts while You fuck her.”

He spreads His thighs widely, causing her own thighs to open even more as His right hand snakes down her body and finds her throbbing clit. Pinching it between His finger and thumb growling lustily it in her ear, “you are half right slut.” “I do want you to play with your breasts, but I don’t intend to fuck you, not in the way you think.”

she moans and gasps as He pinches her clit, causing her pussy to contract tightly around His invading cock. she sees His wicked intentions as her hands stray to her breasts and aching nipples, pinching and pulling on the taunt buds, the electric currents to her pussy intensifying with each torment, while His hand continues to torture her throbbing clit.

Whispering roughly against her ear, “that’s right pet, pinch and twist those lovely nipples for Me.” “I know how much they’ve been aching for attention.” “Harder…harder!” Sahabet Güncel Giriş

her fingers pinch and twist her delicate nipples harder, causing her cunt to spasm around His cock.

“mmmmm that’s right, make that hungry pussy clench around My cock.” her breath coming in panting gasps and aching moans, as His growling taunts and swollen throbbing cock drive her higher.

His fingers working maddeningly against her clit while her own fingers work just as maddeningly on her aching nipples. Falling faster and faster into herself, she grips her entire breast and squeezes roughly, driving her pussy to tighten around it cock again and again. she feels the familiar white heat rising in her core with each strum on her clit and torment to her breasts and knows He feels it as well.

“My pet slut wants to cum, doesn’t she?” He moans in her ear as He feels her cunt spasm threateningly around His aching cock.

she whimpers, begging, “Master, please…please may Your slut cum?” her entire body alive, electric, hovering on the brink.

she feels His hand move from her aching clit and reach up to release her right hand from the chain. “Play with yourself slut, cum hard around My cock.” “Make that hungry pussy beg.”

He takes up where she’d left off on her breast as her right hand slides eagerly down and fingers dance over her hot clit, His strong fingers pinching and twisting painfully on her abused nipple, sending her closer to oblivion. her hips writhe deeply in His lap, her hungry and desperate pussy suckling His cock with each intense spasm, the sounds emitting from her throat reflecting her need.

He pushes her left hand away from her breast and torments it Himself, all the while growling in her ear, “cum slut, soak My cock with your greedy pussy, drown My cock with your whorish wantonness” coaxing her to fall over the edge she’d been riding.

her hand rubbing faster and faster over her throbbing clit, her body desperate for release as her pussy milks His cock buried deep within her. Each second drawing out like an eternity before her body tenses briefly then suddenly explodes around Him in a fury. her hips dancing, riding His cock in wild abandonment, screams rip from her dry throat, her pussy latching onto His cock in hard contractions.

He manages to reattach her wrist to the chain at her collar and with devilish delight takes up tormenting her hypersensitive clit, pushing her even higher, forcing orgasm after orgasm from her writhing, trembling body, thoroughly enjoying the feel of His slut, lost in pleasure while His aching cock is buried in her enflamed soaking pussy.

Growling and grunting against her ear, “again Mine…cum again.” Unrelenting His torment on her quivering clit, sending her spiraling over and over, her pussy milking Him hard, flooding over His throbbing cock.

Loosing control to His need, He tenses and with a growl, He falls into the abyss He’s driven her into. His cock swelling even more then spewing His seed, painting her deeply, marking her in His most intimate way.

His fingers leaving her tormented clit only to bury themselves in the softness of her hips, pulling her even more deeply onto His still releasing cock, wanting to fill her completely with His seed. He takes deep struggling breaths matching her own as she leans weak and satisfied against Him. He releases her wrists from the chains and pulls her body tightly against Him, holding her limp sated form in the safety of His strong arms.

He growls hotly against her ear, “Mine” before taking the lobe between His lips and nipping at it possessively.

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