Minister’s Wife Goes to city for new clothes!

Minister’s Wife Goes to city for new clothes!Minister’s Wife Goes to city for new clothes!!“Ange Babe your new clothers are ready. I will drive you there. Same routine as before. Remember no knickers and when you reach the station you are getting off at go to the ladies and take your bra off. Wear a thin blouse if you have one that is transparent eb sure to wear it. I will be waiting for you at the station when you come off the 9.15. DON’T MISS THE TRAIN. Oh and you will be away for the full day.” Jonny told Angela all of this on the mobile.Angela thought oh this means more sex. She once again wasn’t sure how she felt. On the one hand she felt she was betraying her minister husband (minister is the word used in this part of the world thers use pastor or priest). On the other hand she knew that once the sex started she loved it and didn’t care about betraying – it never even crossed her mind. Angela was finding the thoughts of betrayal was less each time it happened.Now she was feeling, where will I keep these new clothes so preacher John doesn’t find them. Never mind I will find a way. Angela then had to think of a reason that would satisfy preacher John and not cause him to ask questions. The answer she came up with asking Jane to ring her on the landline when she was out of the house and preacher John was home. Jane was to ask him: “Please tell Angela that I need her to come to the city tomorrow and help me with shopping and othe vital stuff I have to do. It will take all day. Please tell Angela vital she came with me and if she can’t she must ring as soon as possible because I will have to get someone else to help me. I will call for her at 8.50.”When preacher John delivered the message Angela said “Oh I had other plans for tomorrow but I guess I must help Jane after all the help she has given both of us. Do you agree John?” “In deed I do it is the least we can do.” Jane knew she had to be on time so Angela would catch the train and she was. Jonny had put Jane in the picture as to what was happening but swore her to secrecy. When Angela got into the car Jane said “Who is a lucky girl getting new clothes from skin outwards. Designer at that too. I would give anything to have new designer clothes.” “Why don’t you tell your friend Jonny.” Angela replied.Ange babe did as she was told when she took her bra off she left the buttons down to just below her tits unfastened, so she was showing lots of cleavage. She was awafre of her tits swinging as she walked. Ange felt a mixture of feeling sexy and being anxious as she walked out to the car. She was hoping she would not meet anyone she knew.When she went out to the car park she didn’t see Jonny’s sports car. While she was looking up rolls Jane’s car and who is sitting in the back seat? Jonny. Jane was driving. “Jonny invited me to come along today. As I had nothing else on I accepted. You get in the back with Jonny.”Ange babe was certain right now that she would be getting a lot of sex today. Jonny was going to make sure of that. As soon as Ange was in the car Jonny put his hand inside her blouse and stroked her left tit squeezing her nipple too. Ange’s nipple started to go hard very quickly. “Oh babe thats good you are almost ready fo be fucked I like that but you should unbutton your blouse so I have better access.” Ange was worried that someone who knew her would see her with her blouse open and Jonny pawing her tits. Still she complied and undid the buttons, making sure the front of the blouse was wide open.Jonny started sucking one nipple while squeezing the other one. Swapping the action on them so both were having equal action. After a few minutes he started nibbling them with his teeth. Ange felt her nipples getting sore because, while not drawing blood, Jonny was biting firmly. “Do you like me biting your nipple Ange babe?” “Oh Jonny I love it please don’t stop.” That was a lie but Ange dodn’t want to find out what the cost would be if she said anything else.“Ange your skirt (which was tweed and hem below the knee) is hampering me from giving your pussy the attention is deserves. Would you like to give me better access?” Ange unfastened the clip and the zip on the back of her skirt. Lifted her hips off the seat and said “Jonny would you please take my skirt off?” Jonny whipped the skirt down in no time flat. “Ange I am pleased you kept you pussy hairless, now lie across the seat.” Now totally naked Ange lay across the seat. The back seat was wide enough so she could lie flat. While continuing to bit the nipples, Jonny proceeded to stroke the inside of her thigh until he reached the side of her pussy. “Ange hold the lips of your pussy open for me.” Using both hands Ange complied. Jonny started fingering her clit. Rubbing it is a circular motion.Ange felt her love juices starting to flow. buca escort She loved the feeling that gave her. She was getting ever more ready to be fucked right now but she knew she would have to await Jonny’s timing. Jonny believed in foreplay as an essential to his satisfaction. If it made sex better for the woman so be it. Jonny continued to play with Ange’s clit before inserting a finger into her love hole. It felt lovely and warm and wet. Jonny knew how to use his fingers in the G spor to bring Ange to orgasm. As she came she Let out the usual “Oh oh oh God.” She squirted and her body shook violently.“Ange now that you have cum it is time you gave me an orgasm. Let me lie down. Take my cock out and suck it.” Ange did as she was told. When Jonny felt he was about to cum he stopped Ange. “Now I want you to give me a cowgirl.” They were driving in a country road with no traffic and Ange knew she should do as he had told her, so she climbed on top of Jonny. Taking his hard cock in her hand she positioned it at the opening of her cunt. Ange knew Jonny liked to go in full length on one quick thrust so she dropped down on his cock and it went in full length. Ange felt her cunt being stretched but it wasn’t as sore as the first time. “Ange you are learning what I like good for you.”Ange continued riding Jonny knowing that she should continue until he told her to stop. Just then the car came round a sharp bend and was faced with a stop sign. Road works were being carried out and traffic could only use one side of the road. The drivers and passengers in the passing cars had their mouths and eyes wide open as the passed. A couple of cars almost collided. The road workers had all stopped work and were enjoying the sex show that they hadn’t expected. They came close to the side of the car to get a better view. Some were rubbing their cocks though their jeans. One or two had their cocks out and were wanking.Angela tried to hide her face but she knew the most important thing was to continue to fuck Jonny’s cock. Jonny loved the situation. When the sign finally turned to go the workmen clapped Ange. Jonny commented “Ange babe you are a natural sex goddess. Well done you have brightened the day for the passing car and lorry drivers and their passengers not to mention the workmen. The fact that they clapped your show shold make you feel good. Does it?” “Oh Jonny, I never thought I could have sex with people watching. I loved it.” Jane listened with interest.Soon Jane said folks we are getting near the city boundary, I wouldn’t want us to be stopped and det a ticket for immoral acts in public. Angela fastened Jonny’s trousers. Jonny commented “Ange babe put your skirt on. Put your blouse on but don’t fasten any buttons, just tuck the hem in the waistband of your skirt. Jane you will drive to the door of the studio, we will get out an go in while you park the car and join us.” Jonny phoned ahead and June had the door open with Ange’s toy boy waiting at the door.Once they had entered the hallway toy boy said “June (the designer) said I was to take your abominable clothes off before you enter her studio. Is that ok?” “Of course that is fine.” Toy boy made sure he had to stroke Ange’s tits, both of them at length and squeeze her nipples before he removed her blouse. “I will have this dry cleaned and pressed for when you are leaving.” He said.Turning his attention to the skirt he said “Oh my how quaint.” He unfastend the clip and lowered the zip while ensuring the skirt didn’t fall to the floor. He then proceeded to grope her bum and pussy before letting the skirt drop to the floor. As it fell Jonny could see he had two fingers in her cunt and his palm was pressed against her labia. “Oh it is good to see you have kept your pussy hairless. June will like that.”The party was led into the studio where June was awaiting them. “Ah Jonny good to see you again and you too Ange babe. Glad to see you have kept you pussy in good shape – no hairs.” June walked to Jonny and gave him a french kiss before going to Ange and giving her a french kiss too. Ange also had her pussy fingered and two finger pushed into her cunt before June’s index finger was pushed into her anus. “Ange happy to see your cunt is nice and wet. I also like your clit to be erect when you are trying on the special underwear I have made for you. You will love it almost if not more that the outer clothes. I am so proud of what I have produced.” June said.“Ange we will start by fitting you with the throngs I have made for you.” The throngs were produced. “I know these will be a perfect fit because we used the moulds we made when you were last here. Five throngs were produced they were made using very little material – it looked as though Ange’s pussy would be a tight fit in them and the rest was straps buca escort bayan that tied at the sides. Athe final strap was tied at the back to the strap around her waist, having passed from behind her cunt and between her legs and up her builders cleavage to the waist strap where it was tied. The throngs were coloured red, black, gold, blue & yellow and were made of a very open lace.After Ange had tried them on and Jonny had taken video of each one when on her. Jonny made sure the videos were close ups of Ange’s cunt covered by the throng and shots that showed Ange full length, face, bare tits and all down to her feet. Jonny was determined today that he would have a video record of all that happened as he had up to now including the toy boy activity and June’s groping.June then produced one of the things she was most proud of. This was a thin rubber throng. It was a perfect fit on her pussy. It had two posts one at the front that would fit into Ange’s cunt. That one was shaped like a cock 6” long and 2” in diameter. The one at the back as at the perfect positin to fit into the anus. Since Ange’s anus had never had a cock, and so was not stretched, it was 1/2” diameter and 4” long. June took some delight fitting it onto Ange. The front post needed no lubrication as Ange was still very wet. The rear one was lubricated before it was inserted. Ange was then invited to walk about bend over so a video record of it being positioned and how it looked when in place.At this point June produced what she said was her most innovative piec of clothing – gold lycra hot pants. When she saw them Ange gasped but when June put them on her she looked amazed. Hot pants are hot pants they all look alike? Right – wrong. These had to be put on so the pussy cleft is properly fitted in them AND her clit is fitted too. Girls wear jeans with a camel toe. This was the ultimate camel toe. It closely followed the contuors of Ange’s labia including going down into the gap between them. It also fitted her clit so it was showing in the camel toe. At the back the fit on her buns was perfect but the hem went hig on her buns – very sexy.The bras were produced, they colour matched the throngs. Each bra had a deep cleavage it pushed her tits up. One other feature was the nipple. Wearing these bras Ange would always look as though her nipples were hard. If they were hard they would be inside the false natural colour nipples. The material the were made of was onc again an open lace. So under a transparent top the bra made it look as though Ange had erect nipples and the colour of her tits would show through.The blouses were all transparent some had a low square cut front that would show Ange’s tits off. Others had plunge cleavage that went all the way down to her navel. Some blouses had the back open from the collar to the waist.The skirts were all short. When Ange saw them she wondered will they cover my pussy when I stand up. They did but only just. They were designed to show her pussy when she sat down or bent over. Some had a slit up the side to the waistband, others were wrap over but they showed a lot of leg to above the pussy height. Without exception they were designed to give easy access to the pussy or anus.The final set were full length dresses – the sort worn to a formal or very expensive restaurant. In all cases the material was silk, rayon or similar thin shinny material. All showed either great cleaveage, backless from the neck to the builders slit at the ass or had a slit up the leg to an impossible height off the floor. Without exception they would mak ea red blooded man want to fuck the wearer. That had been the design brief.Jonny videoed all of the dressing up and down. When all the fitting had been done and Jonny had all the video he wanted of the clothes, he wanted more sex video. Jonny said “Ange babe would you like to show June how greatful you are that she has made you such wonderful clothes and underwear.” “Jonny, you know I really appreciate what June has done for me. It fits so well. I could never thank June enough.” At that point June said “Ange of course you could thank me. Would you like to give me something that I would really enjoy?” Ange knew how she sould reply so she did. “June anything you want.” “Ange I want you to make love to me and after that I want to fuck you. Would that be ok?” “Oh yes June it would be such a pleasure for me.” June walked toward Ange and when she was close enough Ange took her in her arms and kissed her starting gently. The kiss progressed from tender to nibbling on the lower lip to french kissing. As that went on Ange stared to strip June. Starting with her wrap over top which quickly was dropped to the floor. That exposed June’s gold deep cleavage bra that pushed June’s tits up. June’s tits were D cup. Ange reached escort burca round and unclipped the fastening. Ange lowered the bra in a very sexy way – the way Jonny had told her she was to lower her bra. It looked very sexy. Jonny was getting hard watching. Jane had joined the group ages ago and she found she wa getting wet. She wanted to play with her clit. Toy boy had also joined the party he had a hard on too (he had not met Jane before and liking milfs he hoped he could get to fuck her).With her bra on the floor, June’s tits were on show. They looked like maybe she had had silicon inserts. They were D cups that were standing straight out. Ange gave them great attention squeezing them and the nipples until the nipples were erect. Jane thought to herself: I will ask Ange if the tits fell like silicon filled. As usual Ange started to suck June’s nipples and like Jonny she was bititng them firmly but not enough to draw blood. With her free hand Ange was stroking June’s buns through her skirt.Moving hands from the buns to the fastening Ange unfastened it and let the skirt drop to the floor. June was commando so her pussy was on show. It was hairless, her pussy clect was wide, the clit was short but the cunt entrance was very wide open. Obviously June had regular sex with either a massive dildo or a cunt of 3” diameter. Jane took the opportunity to inspect June’s ass hole. Again she either used a big bitplug or was regularly fucked in the ass.All the while June was exploring Ange’s body. At that point June said “Time we lay down.” She led Ange to a sofa bed that toy boy had opened up and they lay down. “Lets do 69.” June said. Sothey lay on their sides both sucking the clit while fingering the ass hole of the other. By this time Toy boy had his cock out and was wanking, Jane was playing with her clit by having her hand down the front of her slacks. Jonny continued to video everything and no one complained.Toy boy said to Jane “Lady we are both so randy we need to have relief. You are so hot I’d love to fuck you.” “Jane replied you read it perfectly. I’m ready to be fucked by anyone but a young guy like you should be able to go for hours and thats what I want.” With that Jane stripped and lay on her back on the floor legs wid open. Toy boy needed no more prompting. He was naked in a second. His cock was hard about 6 1/2” long probably 1 1/2” diameter his precum was dripping onto the carpet. Quickly he got down positioned his cock at the cunt opening and with one quick and foceful thrust he was full depth inside Jane. Jane was used to bigger cocks so she made no exclamations. What she wasn’t used to was the speed of thrusts toy boy was fucking her with and he continued much longer than she was used to before he came inside her. Then he took his cock out and straddling her he moved up so he could put his cock into her mouth. Jane eagerly took it in her mouth and sucked it. Jonny got much of the action while continuing videoing June & Ange babe.By this time June was ready to be fucked so she produced a strapon. Ange lubricated it and started to fuck June in her cunt. June made noises showing she was enjoying it. “Ange no I’m going to fuck you. Strap on changed over and June started slowly easing it into Ange’s cunt but soon she was fucking like toy boy had done with Jane. Ange was making noises which were a mixture of pain and extasy. At this point toy boy said “June may I ask Ange if I can fuck her?” “Sure I have had enough of her and I fancy Jane. So lets swap.” “Ange may I fuck you? Please.” “I might not be able to please you.” Jonny intervened “Ange you will be able to give him all the fucking he wants.” “Oh I guess I will give it a try.How would you like us to fuck you or me on top?” “Doggie style is my favourite. Can we do that?” “yes”Ange got onto her knees on the floor. Toy boy knelt behind her. Poitioned his cock at the now widened opening of her cunt. Taking hold of her thighes he pulled back with his arms awhile thrusting his cock in to her cunt. “Oh Oh God.” Ange said. Toy boy then started to with draw and thrust in again at high speed. After short time her took his cock out and invited Ange to suck it. She did. Then he went behind Ange again stucking his cock in to her cunt again. Taking it out he positioned his cock at the opening of her ass hole and was about to foce it in when Jonny said “No way thay is mine. I will take that virgin ass when I’m ready. Jonny once again go great video of toy boy fucking Ange and her sucking his cock afterwards. It was clear from the video anyone viewing it would conclude Ange wa a more than willing participant. Never a word of complaint, in fact her manor was of enjoying and being completely compliant.Mean while June and Jane were carrying on with the usual lesbian sex. Kissing feeling, penetrating with multiple fingers and a strap on in both their holes.By this time it was close to 6 pm and Jonny had taken all the video he could take so he said. People time we went home.Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

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