Misha & Hethan Freaky Friday (by Emma)

Misha & Hethan Freaky Friday (by Emma)Misha had always admired Hethans heavily sported bulge. Despite being small, he loved the way it almost looked inverted. She always looked so hot walking down the hallways with a tootsie roll in her pants. Misha had almost forgotten how small it was, when Hethan walked by and winked at him. He came in an instant, almost as if Hethan had imprinted him the last time they slept together. Misha would never forget that day with their daughter meth, may she rest in peace. They hadn’t spoken in almost a year, and it was killing Misha. Despite hating her for forcing him to get a sex change, Misha could never forget the only girl that made him cum more than his mother. One day, Misha was passing by the schools large indoor swimming pool, when he saw Max hungrily staring at Hethan while she swam back and forth. Misha had always loved his teacher Max. Misha just had a thing for shitheads. But when he saw this he cried internally for 24 hours. Not just about how much he missed Hethan, but about how amazingly hot Max and Hethans sex must be. There was no way Max could gümüşhane escort treat Hethans tootsie roll the way Misha did though. Misha had always picked it up with a tweezer properly, whereas Max could barely handle her gender. After uncontrollably crying, Misha decided to join the swim team. Maybe he could get closer to Hethan this way. On Monday, Misha walked into the cold pool room and saw Hethan sexily playing with her hair. Max was clearly getting a kick out of it so Misha ran up and tried to block her view of Hethan with his small ass. Sadly he failed and Max shoved him into the pool. Misha laid there for a second until he felt a soft pair of hands grasp his waist. He knew immediately who it was. In an instant he was pulled out of the water. He looked and saw Hethans smiling face staring down at him. He then glanced over at Max who was staring him down. Max then blew his whistle, and practice started. Everyone around him started to undress themselves. Misha was very confused but feeling excluded he did the same. “Everybody turn around and bend over”, Max screamed. “Seeing escort gümüşhane as we have a newcomer, I’ll examine him first.”, Max said, and immediately, Misha felt a warm hand slide inside of his tight pussy and he jumped and fell forward letting out a loud moan. Everyone started giggling and Hethan said,”Misha stand up, Max does it right a promise.” Misha stood, his knees shaking. He bent over and felt a hard slap on his ass. Max was furious at the fall and took it out on him like he had killed someone. By the end of practice, everyone was sheepishly fingering themselves as Max continuously shoved his entire arm up Misha’s cunt. “Alright”, Max said finally retrieving his arm covered in Misha’s blood, “Everybody go to locker rooms, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Misha fell to his knees and Hethan ran over to help him up. “Here, I’ll walk you”. She spoke with more delight than when they were together. Misha would’ve shed a tear but he was still uncontrollably orgasming. By the time they got to the locker rooms, everyone had already left for class, so Misha and Hethan were alone. gümüşhane escort bayan Finally. Without hesitation, Misha bent over and let Hethan caress his now blue balls. Wow. He had forgotten how perfect her mouth felt sucking on them. Hethan was just about to continue Mishas punishment for falling, when Max stormed in and caught her licking Mishas gaping asshole. She came immediately, struggling to breathe. Max walked over and put her non-exsistent tits into Misha’s mouth. He vomited. This delighted Max. She pulled the largest strap on from her ass, almost as if it was always there. She strapped it on and shoved the vibrating pole into Misha’s mouth. Meanwhile, Hethan was eating Misha out. This triggered his PTSD and he almost had a heart attack. Despite the situation with Hethan being the worst part about his life, he was instantly pleasured by Hethans much missed tongue. Max, being the tight ass she was, completely ruined the situation by shoving her giant foot up Hethans ass. The three were intertwined in a circular human centipede, when their backs simultaneously broke. Days later, they were found dead in the locker room by Emma, Misha’s old friend. As soon as she saw them she flashed back to the fan fiction she wrote about Misha Hounders and laughed historically while sipping apple martinis from Max’s old crusty hair line.The end(so far)

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