Miss Feel Good Pt. 08


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As usual everyone is over eighteen. This time Ruby is the narrator.


Chapter thirteen

Thursday had come around again and I was super excited. Today was the day that I finally got to meet my boyfriend Scotts sisters. Their names are Neve and Holly. Scott had gloated and told me so much about his sisters. I was trying to imagine what they looked like.

Scott and his two sisters have booked all of Ruby’s massage appointments, until Ruby’s weekly massage session with her grandmother. Mel and Mels good friend Crystal. “Really I think you guys are starting to take advantage of me.” Ruby joked as she was talking to Scott on the phone. I’ll see you and your sisters for your group appointment at nine o’clock sharp. We have a lot to get through today. I can’t be late for Gran and Crystal This afternoon.”

The open Massage parlour idea that Ruby’s Grandmother invented was a real hit for Ruby. There was usually at least three naked people ready for their massage at the same time. There are people walking into the Massage Parlour making appointments and copping an eye full of naked bodies all the time. Ruby only gave naked massages. The rules of the Massage Parlour were on all the advertisements and were written in large bold letters on the sign out the front of the Parlour. There were never any surprises. Ruby always stayed dressed though.

Scott and his sisters arrived at the Massage Parlour five minutes early. Ruby felt her pussy start to twitch, as Scott introduced his sisters to her. Both of Scott’s sister’s must be a good e cup and neither of them ever wear a bra. That was something Scott failed to tell Ruby. Ruby gave her usual welcome speech that she gives to all of her clients and asked Scott and his sisters to get undressed and make yourselves comfortable.

Neve boldly asked Ruby if she could see what her brother was so interested in. Ruby said oh ok and put the closed sign up outside. It would look unprofessional if anyone walked in and found Her naked.

Ruby went back inside to find Scott and both of his sisters completely naked. Scott told Ruby that his sister’s shaved their pussies last night and that they both had full bushes before last night. I told my sisters how much shaven pussies get you excited and that his sisters would do anything for their brother’s girlfriend. Scott gazed into Ruby’s eyes as he watched her removing her clothes. By now Neve and Holly’s nipples were fully erect and Ruby had a good look at their wetness.

Neve you’re up first come and lie on your stomach over here and spread your legs. Scott and his sisters obviously had sexual intentions when they booked Ruby for the day.

“Scott, would you like to help me massage your sisters?” Ruby asked, while rubbing her tits on Neve’s shoulders.

Scott now had a full on erection and was pre-ejaculating all over Holly as she tossed and turned and made sure she didn’t waste any of her brothers seed. Scott massaged all of his hot seed deeply into Holly’s entire body, paying ankara escort close attention to Holly’s large tits, ass and pussy. Meanwhile Ruby had moved and was fingering Neve’s pussy, than Ruby lent over Neve and rubbed her hot shaven pussy all over Neve’s butt and pussy. At the same time Ruby was massaging Neve’s back and shoulders.

The three blondes were really teasing Scott, Ruby had her legs spread directly in front of Scott as she was massaging Neve. Ruby couldn’t help herself, as she started grinding Neve’s ass and moved her hands under Neve’s breasts and played with Nevers erect nipples.

Scott stood up and moved, waving his erection in front of Ruby and Neve. Scott ejaculated on his hands and began to massage Neve’s neck, while sucking hard on Ruby’s tits. Scott was biting Ruby’s erect nipples, being careful not to draw blood.

“Scott firmly massage Neve’s back and shoulders, using your elbow. You need to concentrate, move as one with my hands let’s get Neve completely relaxed. you’re a bit of a natural at this.” Ruby complemented her boyfriend on his techniques.

Holly was content staring at Ruby and Neve’s pussy and butt, while she was frantically Jilling off. As Holly bought herself to orgasm, she held both her hands up. Scott instructed Holly to use her cum to massage her tits. Ruby tilted her head to watch holly and bought herself to her own orgasm while riding Neve’s ass.

Ruby asked Scott to take a break from massaging Neve’s shoulders and back and dismounted Neve’s ass. Scott put your hands under Neve’s tits for support, while She rolled over on her back. Ruby guided Scott, while he massaged the front of Neve’s body.

“Your doing so well Scotty, I’m going to leave you to it.”

Holly looked at a Ruby hungrily. “I really want to taste your pussy Ruby.” Holly begged.

Very well Ruby said. “Jump up on your massage table with me. I want Scott to have a close up look at you giving me oral sex.”

Neve reached for her brother’s throbbing erection and gave him a blowjob. Scott was intensely watching his big sister munching on his girlfriend’s Juicy pussy, while Jilling off at the same time. Scott just kept ejaculating as his little sister continued to lovingly swallow her brothers hot seed. Neve was swinging off her brother’s throbbing cock, while she played with her tits and pussy. Neve was enjoying the show just as much as her brother was.

Holly came up for air and asked Ruby if she could teach her to massage.

“May I massage you please Ruby.” Holly begged.

“We will start with the neck, back and shoulders. They are essential areas in gaining relaxation. Stand up Holly, Ruby requested. Ruby than lay on her stomach and spread her legs. Now run your hands firmly across my back and shoulders. So Holly was really playing close attention while she watched Scott and I massaging Neve. Ruby thought to herself. You are so good with your hands.” Ruby complemented Holly. Holly then proceeded to massage Ruby’s legs and tapping Ruby’s soaking wet pussy.

As Holly escort ankara cupped Ruby’s breasts, she asked her brother to assist with rolling Ruby onto her back. “Wow was Holly playing close attention to Neve’s massage.” Ruby smiled. As Holly spread Ruby’s legs, Scott was eagerly reaching to touch his girlfriend. Ruby stopped him in his tracks.

Holly is doing such a good job, go and eat your sister’s pussy. “Neve is the only one that hasn’t had an orgasm today.” Ruby requested.

“You’re so thoughtful.” Scott winked at his girlfriend.

Holly reached down and fingered Ruby to yet another orgasm. Holly was paying close attention as she watched her brother giving her sister oral sex. This was really getting Neve excited. Neve was really facilitated, coping a close up eye full of the front of her brothers body spread out in all its glory. Neve licked her lips intently towards Ruby’s body, as Scott bought Neve to one hell of an explosive orgasm.

By now everybody really needed to pee. Ruby was the last person to use the facilities. The girls gave their brother a handjob, while Scott watched Ruby going to the toilet.

The fridge was full of freshly made sandwiches and cold drinks, which Ruby provides for all of her clients. Over lunch Neve asked if she could give Ruby a massage after lunch. There were no arguments. Ruby thought you beauty. “I’m getting paid for this today and I’m going to revive two massages.”

After lunch Ruby climbed up on the massage table and guided Neve. As Neve gave Ruby her second massage for the day. Neve’s hands were like magic all over Ruby’s body. Scott fingered Holly’s pussy and played with Holly’s tits while they contently watched Neve massaging Ruby.

“Right I’ve saved the best for last. Come on my darling boyfriend, it’s time for your massage.” Scott jumped up on the same massage table that Ruby was just using. Ruby gave her boyfriend the same standard messages that Holly and Ruby received, but couldn’t help but massage Scott’s cock every now and again. Scott received the longest massage of the day.

As Scott paid Ruby for all of the massage sessions he and his sisters used for the day, Ruby invited Neve and Holly to join me and Scott for my massage session at my Grandmother’s house.

Ruby couldn’t help notice the generous tip. Scott and his sisters gave her, for there day at the Massage Parlour. Ruby said it was my pleasure to have you all here today. Scott said the pleasure is all mine. I just adore watching my sister’s massaging you. “You know I’m all about your pleasure.” Scott added. Scott went on to say that he thought that we should do this every week. Holly reminded her siblings, that they all have jobs to attend too. They all agreed to do this as often as possible.

Chapter fourteen

As Scott and I arrived at My Grandmother’s house, with Neve and Holly in toe I noticed a note on the door. Ruby read the note out to everyone. “Crystal and I have gone shopping today, we will be back at 4:30pm. Let yourself in darling and make yourself comfortable.” ankara escort bayan Love Grandma.

I went to where I knew the key would be and let Scott and his sisters in the house.

It was time to cool off and everyone undressed and jumped in the pool, splashing each other. Before we knew it Mel Ruby’s Grandmother, and Crystal returned home.

“How did your shopping spree go Gran.” I asked, while Mel had Scott’s full attention as he watched her undressing.

“We had a very successful day darling. I’ll show you what we bought a little later.” Mel replied. With that Scott jumped out of the pool and gave Mel a huge bear hug that seemed to go no forever, while he was straddling Mel’s legs with his cock.

“I’m happy to see you to young Scott. As Mel was staring at her Granddaughter’s wet naked body in the pool. I really like your hunky boyfriend honey.”

Crystals eyes were near popping out of her head, as she took in the view. Crystal took at double take and said, Scott. Your sister’s tits are magnificent!

“I know Scott said.” sheepishly.

Mel and Crystal couldn’t believe how honest and bold he is. I considered for a moment and let my Grandmother know about the fact that Scott and his sister’s had booked all of her massage sessions for the day.

“I think we will mix things up today. I taught Holly and Neve how to give good massages today. I think that Holly and Neve should show you and Crystal what I’ve taught them. Holly in particular is a born natural, her hands are like magic.”

“Okay dear, we trust your judgement. We would be more than happy to watch you and Scott canoodling in the pool.” Mel winked at her Granddaughter.

Mel and Crystal positioned there deck chairs so that they would have the perfect view, to watch Scott and Ruby kissing in the pool naked, while Holly and Neve massaged them in their deck chairs.

“We are ready for our massages now ladies.” Mel beckoned Holly and Neve to show off their massage techniques between her and Crystal.

“The pool felt like a sauna.” While Scott and Ruby felt Mel and Crystal watching them intensely.

“You have done an incredible job teaching these ladies how to massage today sweetheart. Mel complemented her Granddaughter. Fully relaxed and enjoying her massage, Mel asked Ruby to fix some cocktails for everyone. You stay right where you are young man. We haven’t finished ogling your hot young muscular body.” Crystal licked her lips in Scott’s direction.

“Oh shucks. Scott replied. I’m glad that I could be of service for you ladies.”

Ruby returned in no time with a tray full of cocktails.

“I think you’ve gone a little overboard sexy.” Scott winked at Ruby and she commenced to take over her massage duties from Neve and Holly.

After a while Ruby asked Scott to turn on the pools, spa and everybody sat naked around the steps of the pool sipping their cocktails.

“I think you should all sleep here tonight. Mel informed everyone. Scott you’re sleeping with me and Crystal tonight. Ruby you know where your bedroom is. There is a big bed in there now so you can get to know your boyfriend’s sister’s a lot better. Wink wink. I’m not comfortable with any of you driving anywhere tonight.” That offer was kindly received by all involved.

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