Standing on the outer deck of the immense château, she silently watches as the fog rolls across dew kissed fields. Enveloping the white washed fences surrounding the acres of grazing fields, the soft whickering of the horses lingering over the stillness of the morning. The fog silently sweeps over her feet and ankles, encasing them in a moist kiss of fleeting mystery.

Pulling the fringed shawl tighter to her shoulders, a soft morning breeze swirls the fog into rising patterns of cloud and mist. Staring off into the nothingness that makes the lovely mystery, she watches dark shapes dart through the thickening moisture before quickly sweeping away from the rising swell of white foam.

The warm hand upon her shoulder causes the young girl to jump. Turning slightly she looks into the face of a woman servant.

“Mistress wishes your attendance at once.”

Nodding her head slightly in acknowledgement of the spoken command, she turns back into the warm interior of the château in purpose of seeking out her Mistress.

Climbing the staircase to the second floor, the quiet search finds the scented candles lingering in flame in the room of the Lady of the manor. The fragrance is pungent and strong encasing the room, quietly shutting the door she enters on silent feet walking further into the softly lit room looking for the One that summoned her presence. “Come to Me Jewel.”

The softly whispered command draws her attention instantly to a dimly lit corner of the room next to the innately carved French doors.

“I was displeased to find you gone when I awoke little one.”

Going quickly to the chair in which She sits, the silent figure kneels at Her knees, resting warm palms against Her thighs, and forehead against Her bent knees. Showing the position of submission when one has done wrong, or been disobedient.

The long fingers of the girls’ Mistress gently stroke her long hair, as she lies with her head in the lap of her Ladyship. Her soft hand caressing the young girl affectionately, Jewel smells the soft fragrance of the perfume She wears causing her breathing to become slightly labored.

“I can not let this go unpunished little one, it would be unfair to you if I were to let this trespass go by without teaching you right from wrong.”

Barely able to breathe from the thought of the impending punishment, Jewel silently nods her head, feeling the silk robe rub her forehead. She slowly rises from Her seated position, the shimmering silk robe falling down shapely calves to brush softly against the carpet of the floor. Sitting on her haunches she leaves her head bent with eyes downcast awaiting the next command.

Studying tightly clasped fingers held quietly in her lap, she feels her breathing tighten in her chest . Letting her mind turn over the various forms of possible punishment when the soft voice of her Mistress reaches her ears from across the room.

Jumping slightly at the soft command, she rises swiftly to small feet, keeping eyes downcast.

“Remove your robe little one, and lay yourself across My lap.”

Tears spring to hazel green eyes, as the small girl slowly lets the robe slide from her shoulders to pool at perfectly pedicured feet. Resting her knees onto the small stool at Her side, she lays her torso across Her robed legs feeling the soft material rub against taught nipples. Her hand lovingly caresses the smooth back and shapely rounded hips, down across a tight well-formed rump.

Closing her eyes to the sensations racing through an emotionally charged body, Jewel lets the roaming hand of her Mistress slowly relax taught muscles, letting the rapid beating of her pounding heart slowly return to a brief normalcy.

“Grip the legs of the stool child.”

Her soft calm voice, entices energy throughout Jewels’ entire body. Doing as told, she can feel the smooth wooden pattern of the leg of the stool fill her smooth palms. The first slap resounds in the quiet room as the girl cries out from surprise and a stinging pain races across her now reddening ass cheek, followed by the soft soothing caress of Her smooth hand.

Letting her head drop over the leg of her Mistress, the tears fill dark eyes as she feels Her palm Lift again from her heated skin, only to come slapping down again. The sound again resounding in the room, the sharp gasp muffled against Her leg as the tears run down the nose and cheeks of the once disobedient girl. A third slap sharper against the stinging area of her ass cheek causes her to jerk slightly, then suddenly a fourth causes a soft whimper to escape soft lips along with a soft snuffle against the tears slipping down her cheeks.

The gentle nudge against the girls shoulder brings the submissive to Her side still kneeling on the stool, her bottom stinging from the repeated slaps.

Raising the girls chin with soft fingertips, Jewel raises tear filled eyes to look into soft eyes dark as the night and deeper than the ocean. Her faint smile brings fresh tears to her eyes, Tipobet as She uses Her thumb to wipe away the salty trail on cheeks the soft smile soothes the punishment greatly as Her fingers begin caressing the soft upturned face of the trusting girl kneeling before Her, moving the stray hair away from tear dampened eyes.

“Do you understand little one why I should choose to punish you?”

Looking into Her eyes she feels as though she’s drowning and finds that she is slowly leaning towards Her beautiful face. Nodding slightly she closes her eyes, not wishing to displease Her further with tears that cannot be kept from being shed.

Feeling Her breath fan across tear dampened cheeks; she opens her eyes to find Mistress’s lips mere inches from her own, a gentle smile plays across her narrowing vision. Closing wet lashes she feels the soft touch of Her mouth against her moist lips. Giving in to the desire, she opens willingly to Her, the strong tongue of her lover playing against lips she dares to touch her tongue against Hers. Suddenly finding her mouth filled with Her commanding tongue, the small girl moans in desire. Slowly reaching up to touch Her neck to caress the silky skin under Her long flowing hair.

Giving totally in to Her kiss, the slim body arches into Hers silently begging for more. As She bites her lower lip, the girl gasps and tries to pull away only to have Her fingers entangled in the long hair preventing escape.

“Who am I Jewel? What is My name?”

Whimpering softly Jewel looks into her Mistresses eyes, mouth slightly gaping.

“Mistress, Mistress Vixen.”

Forcing Her mouth brutally against the tender pouty lips of the willing girl, Jewel whimpers softly as the feel of Her teeth graze the injured lip, only to have Vixens’ tongue slip over the same area soothing the tender skin.

Fighting for possession of Her mouth with her own tongue, she slips into Her moistness sucking Her tongue into her starving mouth sucking it then releasing Her quickly. Vixens’ fingers entangle in the long red hair pulling the girls head back exposing her neck to Her wandering mouth. Her mouth and kisses hot and moist as they trail down the exposed neck into the sensitive area of her tender shoulder. Gently pushing Her head closer to the white flesh she feels the hunger build in the slim trembling body. The moans becoming louder as the gentle creature begs for more. Gently pulling away from the softly begging girl, she’s left feeling lost without Her touch, gazing searchingly into Her eyes, a soft smile makes her feel worse as she is gently reminded by the dull ache of her bottom as to why she’s being held in her Mistresses loving arms. “Go shower My sweet, and prepare yourself for the tasks I have given you to accomplish this day.”

A gentle sweep of Her elegant hand moves the long hairs from her forehead and she rises leaving Her presence. Entering the bathroom the soft click of the door signals that She has left the magnificent home, Her voice carrying the goodbyes up the stairs from the distance.

Turning the water on in the shower, the warm spray relieves the ache slightly as Jewel begins lathering her soft milky skin with the perfumed soap chosen for her by Mistress. Finishing the ritual as instructed, she dries her silky skin and tends to dressing for the day. Cleaning the bathroom, the young woman silently enters the bedroom and accomplishes her given tasks of making the bed and putting the toys of T/their lifestyle in their proper places for Mistress Vixens’ use later tonight. Checking the knots on the ropes bound to the legs of the head and footboard of her Ladies extravagant mahogany bed, Jewel ensures the steadfast bonds will not let loose during play and sets them within easy reach for her Dommes’ pleasure.

Leaving the room, Jewel begins humming quietly as she dusts the stair banister as instructed making her way slowly down the stairs in the process. Finishing the task, her slim figure and quiet countenance enters the kitchen checking the time. Still early in the day, she lovingly begins to prepare the requested meal for her Lady.

Working for what appears to be a few short minutes, she checks the time again to find that several hours have passed and soon She will be arriving home. Checking the baking bread the young submissive leaves the kitchen, hurrying up the stairs into the bath to run the hot tub for Her relaxation.

Changing into the attire laid out earlier, she glides down the stairs stopping at the bottom. Waiting. The scent of the baking meal making her stomach growl and protest against the aroma of the cooking meat still warming in the oven, she stands before the door that Vixen will be entering through with head high eyes downcast and lips silent.

As the clock on the wall strikes five, a soft click sounds in the lock and the door swings silently open. Upon hearing the door open the girls face brightens and she drops into a deep curtsy at Her feet. The gown of soft baby blue billowing Tipobet Giriş out about her curved body, the lowered position of her torso giving perfect view of softly rounded breasts.

A smile curves Vixens’ lips as Her hand rests gently on the top of Jewels well groomed head. Waiting impatiently, yet silently for Her command to rise Jewel feels the heat of Her palm slide across her silky cheek. Raising her eyes slowly, she looks lovingly into the dark pools of midnight. Again feeling as though she may be falling deeply into that which absorbs the very core of her once lifeless soul.

Feeling the warmth of Mistress’s soft palm against her skin, she wantonly turns her mouth into the softness of the lightly scented flesh kissing Her silky skin with moist lips. Smelling the lingering scent of perfume on Vixen’s wrist, she raises her hand to cover the back of her Dominants hand, keeping it captured against her hungry mouth as a soft tongue plays against Her palm and the kiss lingers momentarily.

With the gentle touch of Her hand against the top of the silken head, she looks up into Her beautiful face absorbing the look of love directed her way. Resting soft, silky palms on either side of Jewels face, she rises easily to stand before Vixen in all the calming splendor of Her beauty. Small hands rest softly against Her slim arms as she is pulled slowly towards Her body, languid eyes close as soft lips touch and she is drawn into the embrace of Her love.

Tasting the sweetness of Her kiss upon warm lips she leans into the slim body of Vixen, feeling the warmth of Her nearness encompass what seems to be her very soul. Her hand roams to the back of the willingly arched neck, entangling long fingers in the loosened tresses of her long red hair, while the other hand slowly drifts down towards the low-cut bodice of the silk gown.

Deepening the kiss, Her tongue slips into the moist waiting mouth demanding more from the kiss. Shuddering from the onslaught of the demanding touch and the graceful knowledge of Her tongue, a soft whimper slips past Jewels parted lips. At the sound of the whimper, the kiss becomes forceful, demanding a response in body and soul. The slim fingers of the girls grip tightens slightly on Her strong, slim arms and a wave of desire passes over her, nearly forcing Jewel to her knees.

Abruptly the kiss is broken and Jewel stands dazed, trembling. Opening dark, passion glazed eyes she’s answered only with a smile as Vixen takes the small trembling girl by the hand and leads the way up the stairs.

“Is My bath drawn little one? “

The soft question slowly penetrates the fogged mind of the young girl and she seems to only be able to answer with a nod of her head. The sound of soft lilting laughter causes her to blush, only when in the presence of Mistress does she seem unable to speak or retain coherent thought.

“Y..yes M’Lady the tub awaits You.”

Stepping to the side, Jewel watches Her pass by and falls in behind as She climbs the spiraling staircase. Her delicate scent tickling her senses and Jewel begins anticipating the night ahead in the command of her love.

Entering into the warm bathroom, she gains her scattered senses and begins to help undress her Mistress. The look and feel of soft skin tantalizes dark green eyes and makes her long tapered fingers tingle with the want to touch and please Her. At last Vixen stands naked before her, and her lithe body aches to touch and be touched by Her. Watching Her slowly step into the tub and settle into the warm scented water, the sound of the water sloshing around her Mistresses body brings Jewels nipples to hard nubs.

Kneeling to the floor the small girl gathers the discarded clothing, folding them neatly as having been instructed to place them in the clothes hamper to await washing. Returning to the side of the tub, she takes the sponge from its place and lathers it with the scented bath oils. Dipping the warm water over Her shoulders, Jewel watches the water run down highly formed breasts back into the pool of water that is it’s own ocean. Seeing Her skin glisten with the wetness Jewel longs to taste the silken flesh of her Domme’, to feel Her chilled flesh beneath her soft fingertips.

Catching her breath softly she slowly releases the pent up desires in a sigh of longing. Taking up the sponge she begins the ritual of lathering Vixens creamy skin with the soaps of Her choosing, the fragrance filling her nostrils and lingering in the room. Taking pride in her administrations to her Domme, Jewel slowly caresses Her arms, following the contours of Her limbs with the sponge. Coming to the delicately formed wrist Jewel lays the sponge aside, washing Her hands and fingers with her own soapy hands. The feel of Vixens soft fingers in hers bringing back the ache of desire deep in the pit of her stomach, she feels the slow hunger fill her loins and the insistent throb of her hardening clit begin to cause any breathing to become raspy.

Finishing the task of Tipobet Güncel Giriş bathing her Mistresses back and shoulders, Jewel slowly finishes with the lean arms and strong hands of Vixen. Resting silently on her haunches, she watches as the lean slick body of Vixen rises out of the warm soapy water and turns Herself to face Jewel. The beautiful body glistening wet before her, she finds her lips suddenly dry. Licking her dry lips Jewel attempts to moisten them in anticipation of placing those soft pouty lips against the velvety flesh of her Mistress, her breathing becomes shallow as she again soaps the sponge to begin administering to the lower half of Vixens body.

Trailing the sponge over Her flat stomach, Jewels’ fingers follow the soapy trail across Her skin. The wet flesh holding Jewel captive as her fingers linger over the tender areas of Vixens body. Laying the sponge aside once again, Jewel soaps her hands and begins stroking Her upper thigh, feeling the lean strength of Her well toned leg. Slipping her fingers through the thick mass of curls at the juncture of Vixens’ legs, she slides them over the swollen puffiness of Her outer pussy lips.

Looking up into Her relaxed face, Jewel watches Her dark eyes flutter closed as she gently lets her fingers gently massage the soft skin between Her legs. Watching as Vixens’ head fall back on Her shoulders, she easily spreads Her soft pussy lips and dips her long fingers into the swelling recess of Vixens’ pussy. Feeling the heat against her fingers, Jewel rinses the soap from her hand and cups water against the now pulsing cunt rinsing the soap away from the tender flesh.

Sliding her fingers into the depth of the moist flesh, Jewel can feel the heat of Her body encompass the playing fingers. Slipping a finger inside Her body, the muscles clench against the tender invasion as a soft moan escapes the beautiful Domme’s lips. Setting soft lips against Her stomach Jewel kisses gently, licking a path from Her navel to the mound of stiff curls between the now spread legs of Vixen.

Feeling the stomach muscles tighten convulsively as she slowly tempts Her body into wanting more, Jewel slips another finger deeply into Her tightening recess and feels the quiver of the ripple from the climax against her working fingers, wetting them with fully with the warm climax. Her fingers tighten against the soft shoulder of the tormentor with softly sighed words Jewel is encouraged to entice Her body further.

Beginning a tender rub against the throbbing clit of the aroused Mistress, Her nails dig into the girls shoulder. Bringing her willing mouth down against the tight curls of the thick mound, she kisses her way between widely spread legs, lapping against the clit Jewels trained fingers were rubbing earlier.

Wiggling fingers deep inside the willing body of Vixen, her tongue laps against the now throbbing clit, licking and sucking the small nub into her hungry mouth. Scraping sharp teeth against the sensitive flesh she hears the sharp intake of breath as well worked pussy muscles clench the tormenting fingers and another climax wets the little sluts fingers more.

Slowly removing the deeply imbedded fingers from within Her body, the young pet looks up into Her face to watch the myriad of expressions cross Her lovely features as she leisurely licks cum juices from her long manicured fingers. A small smile crosses Vixens lips, and She nods Her head in affirmation of the devotion displayed openly to Her from the exquisite creature kneeling beneath Her. Pressing Her warm hand against Jewels cheek she turns her face into the bath dampened palm to kiss it affectionately, raw love showing in the dark hazel eyes as she looks up to her Mistress from bended knee.

“Until later little one. I am hungry for dinner my sweet.”

The soft sound of Her voice sends shivers across the girls’ body as her mind reels with visions of the night previous, remembering the cries for mercy and receiving none. Having her delicate body pushed past the point of near endurance, only to realize how much Her love extended out into the mind of Jewel in that torturous moment. To teach her that as much as the pain seemed to central on the body, it could be such a wonderful experience to enjoy the pleasure of pain and to know what true boundaries are.

Moving silently away from Her, she holds the warmed towel for Vixen to step into and help to dry the water from Her body. As Jewel reaches for the dinner clothes she catches the glimpse of desire come into Vixens’ eyes and nearly shivers with anticipation. That slow beautiful smile creeps across the wonderfully talented lips and the apprehension seizes Vixens’ pet momentarily.

Quietly handing the black satin bra to her Mistress, Jewel allows her fingers to linger against Her softly scented skin. Feeling the softness of skin against mine she helps adjust the bra straps comfortably against delicately rounded shoulders and carefully fastens the hooks at Her back. Letting slightly trembling hands slide down the lean line of Vixens’ back only to come to rest against gently rounded hips, enjoying the feel of Her skin under warm fingers Vixen rests soft fingers against Jewels, as her soft kiss warms Her bare shoulder quietly offering all her love to Mistress.

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