Mistress Jamie’s Bitch Ch. 02


“You disobedient cunt! You stupid, willful, truculent bitch! I can’t trust you, can I? I had hopes for you, but yet again you disappoint me. Yet again, you prove yourself unworthy of my trust, unwilling to comply, unable to obey. I’m going to see to it that you’ll obey, oh yes, I will,” said Mistress Jamie.

I’d been caught in the act. Mistress Jamie had ordered me to clean up her house while she was out this day. I was then to await her further instructions. I’d finished earlier than anticipated, and believing that she’d be away I turned on her computer. I knew it was a risk, but rather than restrain myself, I let my curiosity free and I was about to pay the price.

On computer’s desktop was a wmv file marked “Match,” dated from the day before. I opened it. I instantly recognized the setting; it was Mistress’s “playroom.” My mistress stood barefoot on a mat in the center of the room wearing a short, silk, jade green kimono. Her blonde hair was pulled back. She was speaking to another woman, a redhead with sunglasses in a black leather coat. Her hair was cut in a stylish bob. She removed her sunglasses and I recognized her. Mistress had asked me, accusingly, if I’d submitted to another mistress. I hadn’t, but Mistress Jamie was possessive of me, her “pet” she sometimes called me. She deeply resented any attention and was ready to lash out in vindictive fury.

The other dominatrix was Mistress Jacqueline. She’d approached me while I was out with Mistress Jamie. I was too taken by my dominatrix to suspect that another mistress might want possession of me, too dull witted, too clueless.

Turning up the volume, Mistress Jamie accused Mistress Jacqueline of trying to subvert her authority by stealing me. Mistress Jacqueline sneered, laughed arrogantly, and replied “What if I am? If I want him, I’ll have him.”

Coldly, calmly, Mistress Jamie replied “The only thing you’ll have is broken pride once I’ve finished with you. You’ll be addressing ME as mistress in short order. I’ll give you a choice, however. You may willingly submit, or you may choose to be forced into submission.”

The redheaded domme threw open her leather jacket and tossed it aside. She was wearing a black, wet look bra and panty set, with incredibly tiny, Brazilian boycut panties. She next tossed her sunglasses aside and stood with her hands on her hips, challenging my mistress.

Mistress Jamie glared daggers at the redhead. She undid the belt of her kimono and shrugged the silk garment from her shoulders. My mistress stood proudly in a green satin thong and bra. Her tigress emerged and she immediately attacked her opponent tackling her to the ground.

My cock stood straight and saluted. I began Tipobet stroking it slowly, rubbing lightly its head, sending just the slightest electric charge through the length of my blood engorged member. I can’t begin to describe the action in full, but it was fierce, with each domme attacking, parrying, and counterattacking the other. Both tigresses were magnificent in their fury. Their anger, self-confidence, and mutual contempt fairly leapt from the computer screen. At one point in the action, Mistress Jamie had her opponent scissored, her taut legs like steel as they compressed Mistress Jacqueline’s neck. The redhead writhed as Mistress Jamie applied pressure, but managed to pry her opponent’s legs open and escape.

My cock was aching for release. It was slick and coated in a thick layer of precum. My little head was doing all of the thinking for my big head. I paused the film clip, headed to Mistress’s boudoir, and opened her hamper. Laying on top were Mistress Jamie’s lingerie and Mistress Jacqueline’s. My mistress must have defeated the redhead. I pulled out their panties, inhaled them, and rubbed my face into them. Their perfume was intoxicating, mixed with perspiration, and the fragrance of their pussies. My erection grew even stronger. I then recalled how Mistress Jamie had humiliated me the last time, but also how exciting it was, how forbidden it was, and how her contempt mixed with care had brought me to a fever pitch. I took the plunge. Pride be damned.

Slipping on Mistress Jamie’s bikini I snugged my aching, throbbing cock into place. Since she is a good deal smaller than I, the fit was tight. I then slipped on her defeated opponent’s panties. My straining cock was held in place. “I’ll do her laundry,” I thought, “and she’ll never know. She’s going to be out for hours.” Returning to the computer, I clicked play.

Both beautiful bitch goddesses circled and toyed with one another, looking for an opening. As if choreographed, they came together in a perspiring crash, hands in hair, legs kicking and trying to trip the other. They fell to the mat, and as they did I slipped my cock free, over the top of the waistband, and sandwiched my balls between both sets on sexy panties; it at that moment that Mistress Jamie entered the room and caught me in the act. I froze in mid-stroke, terrified, excited, fearful, my glistening cock in my hand.

“You couldn’t resist being the nosey bitch, could you? I thought that I could trust you, that you’d been sufficiently trained and disciplined, but I was wrong. What’s more,” she said in a tone that mixed disappointment, anger, and contempt, “you wear my bikini and my trophy. You truly are a bitch, you fucking panty-boy slut, Tipobet Giriş you whore. I’m Since you couldn’t resist viewing me in action, I’m going to give you what I gave that insignificant cunt. To my chamber, now,” she said. I tried taking off the forbidden garments, but Mistress Jamie stopped me and told me to stuff my cock inside. I awaited her in her chamber, on my knees, on the same mat on which she’d subjugated her rival.

Mistress entered the room, she was exquisite. Her black leather boots reached up to her thighs, the stiletto heels added to her presence. Peaking above her boot tops were the garter belt that held up her black stockings. She wore a leather mini skirt and purple satin blouse that looked to be a size too small. Her breasts, rounded, ripe, and perfect, heaved with every breath. She wore buttery-soft, black leather opera gloves.

I kneeled before my mistress with my hands clasped behind my back. She walked up to me, slapped me, and then grabbed my chin in her hand, hissing “You willful slut, you presumptuous bitch, I’m going to break the stubborn, undisciplined cunt inside of you. You’ll become useful—someday.”

“Unzip my skirt, fold it, and put it on the bench,” she ordered. I did as commanded. Mistress was stunning. She is severe and beautiful, wearing a purple, satin thong and matching garter belt. “My blouse, bitch,” was the next command. “Grabbing my throat with her gloved hand she pulled me close and said “Don’t damage it.” Undoing the buttons, I slid it off of her, folded it, placed atop her skirt, and resumed my kneeling position in front of her.

Mistress walked around me, clicking her tongue. “I don’t know why I bother,” she said, “why I see any hope for you, or any promise in you.” I kept silent, hoping to avoid incurring any more of her wrath, painful and exciting as it was.

“Panty boy, that’s what you are, a fucking sissy and panty slut, you’re undisciplined, willful, and disobedient. Unzip my boots,” she commanded. Amazingly, my cock kept erect, despite the humiliation. Perhaps it was due to Mistress Jamie subjugating and breaking me. I knew she did it for my own good.

After placing her boots near the bench, she ordered me to lie down. She next subjected me to the moves she’d used on Mistress Jacqueline. Mistress Jamie scissored my neck, hissing contemptuous remarks, tweaking my nipples. I tried resisting, but couldn’t. My cock continued aching.

Mistress next put me in a bow and arrow, a chin lock, and then face-sat me, front and rear, grinding her cunt and ass into my face, smothering me, making gasp fro breath, and struggle. She merely laughed, slapped my nipples, and twisted, and pinched them. While Tipobet Güncel Giriş parked top my face, my nose fitting perfectly between her firm ass cheeks, she began massaging my cock. “Don’t you fucking dare cum, do you understand cunt?” she asked. My muffled voice said “Yes,” but I so badly wanted release.

Standing up, Mistress Jamie ordered me to the bedroom, where she restrained me, each limb secured. “Would you like to cum, my pet? I think you do. What say you, slut? What do you want, you little bitch?”

I croaked out, “Yes, please, please Mistress Jamie.”

She lay atop me and began grinding her hips into mine, her vulva into my straining cock. I dared not react lest I incur any more of her wrath. I lay there. As far as Mistress Jamie was concerned, I wasn’t even there, I was just an implement for her pleasure.

“Don’t you dare cum,” she whispered in my ear, “No, don’t you dare.” I needed to explode. I knew, however, that the pleasure of the release would be short-lived. My beautiful bitch goddess ground away, she teased me, plucking, sucking, and licking at my nipples, biting and licking my ears, and lightly slapping me to remind me she was in charge.

Mistress got up, stood above me, turned, and then sat on my face. She rode my face and used it as a saddle. I was surprised at what came next. She began massaging my cock through the tight satin encasing my cock and balls. It didn’t take long. I climaxed more strongly than I’d ever cum before. The panties were soaked in cum. She merely gave a short laugh and said “I told you not to cum.”

I thought that she’d whip me for certain, but instead Mistress Jamie took my cum-coated cock from out of its satin casing, sandwiching my balls between both sets of panties. “You will fuck me, and fuck me until I tell you to stop,” she said. “If you don’t fulfill this command, you won’t be right after I finish with you.” She said in a matter-of-fact tone. “You had best satisfy me, panty boy,” her voice dripping with contempt. My cock rose to the moment.

My beautiful, demanding, stern bitch goddess slid her panties to the side, revealing the beauty of her pussy, and impaled herself on my cock. Mistress Jamie ground her cunt slow and hard. I only hoped that I would be able to satisfy her. Watching her, she paid me no attention. I was simply a life support device for a cock. She played with her breasts, eventually unhooking her bra and letting her orbs free. Pinching her nipples, she cupped first one breast, and then the other as she licked her nipples.

My domme varied her pace and motions, first slow and circular, and fast hard, and up and down. Every so often she would glare at me and slap me or pinch my nipples. I was ready to cum yet again. She knew it and stopped. She used the muscles in her cunt to massage my cock, bringing me to the point of climax, and then stopped. Dismounting, Mistress Jamie turned off the lights and left me in the dark, my erect cock waving in the air.

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