Mistress Marisa’s Estate Pt. 36

Public Sex

I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


I’m standing in front of you presenting myself for confession. You are seated in the chair you sit in to hear it. You are seated in the chair you judge me in, admonish me in, make me beg for forgiveness in, reward me in. You are seated on your worship throne.

I’m standing before you with a large black ribbon tied so tightly around my balls and penis that it pushes them up and out, almost cuts off circulation. I present my soft little baby-boy like penis for you to see. I’m wearing only the ribbon. Toenails painted pink, pink fingernails too, pink lip gloss and darker pink liner. I am naked and barefoot in black and pink. You have removed my locking penis restraint. It sits on your lap.

I look down at the floor. I see you but never look directly at you unless you tell me too. I don’t want my face slapped. I try to avoid that, hate that the most.

I see you holding a very thin crop. I feel it tap so gently up under my pink balls, pushed and stretched out tight by the black ribbon. I feel them bounce as you bring your crop up against them lightly several times. You just tap, caress them. Then you hold them up with the crop. This is why you remove my penis restraint for confession. It’s so that your crop has access to my penis and balls.

I see you in a very soft and tight black leather skirt, large belt at the top, pencil skirt just below the knee, just the hint of hose between the bottom of your soft leather skirt and the top of your 4″ razor sharp spike heel boots. Crisp white blouse, collar up turned around your neck, I see your cleavage in a white lace bra, so beautiful, so pretty. Large hoop earrings, hair up behind your head, made up perfectly. You dress for my confession. It’s part of the ritual. You let me know that you are the gorgeous woman of my submissive dreams every time.

“You are precious, baby doll. You please me. Now show me, do it. You know I need to see it all.”

You bring your crop up quickly between my legs, see me jump. I know what that means. It means turn and present my rear. I put my hands at my sides, arch my back. You put your crop down across your lap. I hear you take a rubber glove from the table next to your chair, hear it pulled on, hear it snap against your wrist. I feel you push your hand to my rear quickly, almost crudely but not harsh, deliberate. I feel your middle finger go up into my cheeks, probing, searching, you are looking Tipobet for my tight little hole. I feel your finger find it and then push in, deep, your hand turns sideways. You push your middle finger all the way into me, brings me up on my toes. I stifle a whimpering moan. I feel your finger pull out, go back in three times as deep as it will go. I feel your finger pull out of me fast, feel my little hole slam shut. I stifle a yelp. I don’t dare move, silent, motionless stand with my back slightly arched, butt pushed out. I stare straight ahead, don’t want you to even think I’m biting my lip.

I hear you pull off the glove and drop it to the floor at your feet. I feel your hand run down and then back up over both of my cheeks, inspecting. I feel your hand run down the backs of my legs.

“Well done, but then you always do the baby-smooth thing real good. And your hole is perfect. Perfect. Not a hint of resistance and tight as ever. Good girl. I knew there was a reason I let you serve me and the men I give you to. The man you’ll be with tonight will be very happy. He’s a business associate of my boyfriends. You have a big-girl date later tonight. I’m thinking, maybe bright red big-girl lipstick, sexy little black dress, would you like that, Princess? You’re going to be my little super model tonight. Don’t know if he’ll want to take you out of the house, that’s up to him. You just be gorgeous.”

I feel you take my arm. You turn me back around toward you. I am so exposed, so in your gaze.

“Yes, Mistress, if that would please you, please your guest, yes, Ma’am.”

My eyes to the floor, I see your powerful figure, your legs. I focus on your boots, feel my penis go semi erect.

“Let’s have you kneel and get your confession. I don’t have a lot of time. I have a cocktail party to get to. And you have penance to do. We both know that will be the case, don’t we? All your dirty little confessions end in penance, so predictable my, little bitch.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I kneel at your feet, bend and put my nose to the rubber glove on the floor. You have me do this to remind me of my place. I smell myself on the glove, know that pleases you. It reminds me that my hole is for your guest, for him to do with as he pleases. I smell the k-y on the glove, the lubricant I wear at all times on my rear end. I feel your crop tap my back firmly, twice.

“Mistress, I touched myself when you were not present. Several times, I touched myself through my penis cage. I thought about you letting me lick you, Mistress. I also thought selfishly about me and your lover together. I touched myself and thought Tipobet Giriş about going down on him while you watched in your living room. I thought about how he fucks me sometimes too, spanks my butt. I thought about licking you from behind, Mistress, thought about selfishly licking you while holding you apart, selfishly putting my tongue up into you for a very long time. I love that, Mistress, love doing that for you. I touched myself and thought about that. It made my baby penis stiff in its cage, Mistress. I put my finger into my butt, Mistress, when that happened. And I thought about touching you like he does sometimes, touching you like your lover does, Mistress. I’m sorry. I can’t help it, think about that sometimes.”

I feel your crop against my back, hard, three times. It wraps, curls down the crack of my butt up between my cheeks. I cry out, recoil.

“Oh my! Touch me like he does?!?”

I see you stand.

“I think a couple of hours in your little bitch cage would be appropriate for your dirty thoughts, that little penis or yours chained up high and tight to the back bar. That should help you focus, remind you of what you are to me. You are not my lover, honey! Touch me like he does, in-fucking-deed.”

“Yes, Ma’am, yes. I can’t help thinking these things, yes, need to be reminded, Ma’am.”

I pick up the rubber glove with my teeth. I start to crawl toward my cage room. I feel the crop come down hard between my rear cheeks again. I cry out, careful not to drop the glove from my mouth.

“My lover, now there’s a thought, you as my lover. As if that would happen.”

You laugh loudly.

“Maybe my ass licker, my bitch, my whipping boy, a cock sucker, but certainly not my lover, little man. I should tell him you said that, see what he has to say about that.”

Your laughter fills the room.

“Mistress, please, please…no…”

Your crop comes down fast, three times across my rear end. I scamper on my knees toward the cage room.

“Shut up. I need you focused. Tonight I want you so fucking pretty, so fucking hot that your date wants to marry your ass. It’s going to be his first time with you and he better want a return visit. He’s a married guy, bored and wants a kinky regular slut on the side. My boyfriend says he’s perfect for you. If you don’t fuck this up he’ll be a regular client. And that helps my boyfriend’s business. Don’t you dare disappoint. Focus! You will be the perfect little lady for this man.”

I feel your crop across my rear several more times as I crawl quickly toward my punishment cage.

“My boyfriend knows and trusts Tipobet Güncel Giriş this man. You’re going to like him, Princess. Whatever he wants to do with you, you let him. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes, Ma’am, yes.”

I keep the rubber glove in my mouth. I talk with my teeth holding it in place. I hurry to stay just ahead of you, crawling as fast as I can. I hear your heels click on the hall tile floor.

“Good. I know you’re capable of being a very pleasing girl. You will go with the big girl look tonight, hot slutty big girl, all dressed up. I think bright red lipstick for my little super star tonight. Big girl make up. Make me proud, precious. You know what to do. You make him want to cum in that little hole again and again, make him think about you when he’s fucking his wife.”

I feel your crop tap my butt. I crawl into my cage.

Kneeling in the large dog cage, held captive in it, naked, I feel you pull my penis back between my legs and up toward the top of it. You put the cock harness on me and fasten it to the cage top by a small padlock. I hear the tiny padlock click shut. I feel my rear end pulled up so high it hurts. I hear the door of the cage slam shut, hear the hasp closed and locked.

“I have to go, I’m late already.”

You stand and to the side of my cage.

“The thought of you thinking about kissing me, fucking me like a real man, putting your hands all over me like my lover does…indeed! With that baby dick? Fuck. I should whip you now, you know that. You lick me like the slave bitch you are when I tell you to, when and only when I let you. You ungrateful little whore. You’ll be punished for that later.”

“Yes, Mistress, yes…”

You stare down at me in the cage.

“This is far from over. I’m going to whip your penis. Touch that little thing without my permission, and when I’m not even around, that upsets me greatly, little boy. Greatly. I’m going to make you cry. You think about that while you are down here. That is going to happen. I’d do it now but don’t have time. That, and you have to be your prettiest tonight.”

“Yes, Mistress, so sorry…”, feel tears well up in my eyes.

“But I am flattered, bitch. I really am. You know I care about you. I like it that you find me pretty. That’s a good thing. And I have to say, you thinking about having my lover fuck you, now that excites me. You know it does. You pleased me with that. Now that’s what your mind should be focused on, me being your goddess and you amusing the man I love.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I see you walk to the door, turn off the light. “Naughty little bitch.”

You close the door behind you.

I can think of nothing but making you happy, pleasing the man you will give me too later tonight, being the best sissy girl he’s ever had. I feel my penis strain at the cock cage as I think about what I will be doing hours from now.

I am your slave.

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