Model Behavior Pt. 02

“It’s all set,” I told her. “Saturday night after the last game. Over at the stadium.”

“At the stadium?”

“I know a guy over there, a kind of custodian. I arranged it with him. Just you and me and four special friends.”

“Four guys? And you makes five. All for me?”

“All for you. And all hung like horses.”

“As big as you?”

“Bigger. If you think my cock is big, wait till you meet these guys.”

“Really? Bigger than you?”

“Way bigger. One white guy and three black guys. I hope that’s okay.”

“I’m getting wet just thinking about it. And I didn’t wear any panties. Just my stockings and garter belt.”

My cock was already half-hard, and this swelled it even more. We were in a quiet corner of the hotel restaurant finishing up dinner the next night after our modelling session. She was wearing a slight black dress that her big tits were oozing out of. Her face was made up like an expensive hooker.

“If you’re so wet you’ll just have to come back up to my room and let me fuck you,” I told her.

And so it was that as soon as I’d paid the cheque we were heading up in the elevator, unable to keep our hands off each other. As soon as the elevator doors closed I tugged down the front of her dress and let her gorgeous tits bounce free and she was dropping to her knees in front of me, unzipping my pants and hauling out my semi-erect dick.

She began sucking me then and there and I was just thankful we were going up and no one was likely to join us in the elevator. By the time we were at my floor I was hard as a rock and could barely walk down the hallway. I didn’t even bother zipping myself up and she hauled me down to my room by my jutting prick, her hand softly shucking me up and down.

Once inside my room she would happily have blown me to climax and taken another load in her face, but I had other ideas. I stripped down as she slipped out of her dress and once we were at the bed I forced her onto her back and began licking her pussy.

It was a beautiful güvenilir bahis little flower of a cunt, totally shaved and already glistening with moisture. My first thought was how was she going to take five huge cocks with that sweet little slit, but I didn’t spend too much time worrying about it.

She was wearing nothing but her black garter belt and stockings and I ran my hands up and down the crisp hose as I started eating her. I licked up and down her outer lips and worked my way inwards. By the time I touched her tiny clit she was already close to exploding.

“Oh fuck! So good! So fucking good!” she croaked. She clutched at my hair and heaved her ass up off the bed.

I didn’t want it to be over too fast, so I began licking her outer labia again, just teasing her clit with little pokes every few seconds. I licked that pussy damn near inside out, and she writhed and wriggled and moaned and whimpered, only occasionally spouting an intelligible word.

“Fuck! Eat my pussy! Cocksucker! Five men! Five cocks! So much sperm!” These were just some of the words I managed to decipher.

She came soon enough, in a mini-torrent of fluid that seemed to squirt halfway across the room. Another jet shot over my shoulder and a third soaked my face. By then she’d pretty much lost control of her lower body. Her legs were scissoring in and out, her hips heaving up off the bed.

“Fuck fuck fuck! I want cock! I need cock!” she howled.

I rolled her over onto her belly, rammed a pillow under her. I finished off licking her inverted cunt then moved up to lick her puckered asshole. Then I climbed up onto my knees, took my hard-on in hand, and nudged the head against her gaping pussy lips.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck yes!” she growled. “Fuck me till I can’t stand up! Fuck me blind!”

I eased forward and those tiny pussy lips folded around my cockhead and sucked me inside. In a matter of seconds I was inside her to the balls and I began fucking her with deep, vicious lunges.

“Yes! Oh fuck yes!” she türkçe bahis whimpered. “Fuck me deep! Ram that big cock all the way up into me!”

I did just that, pinning her to the bed with deep, hard strokes. Her pussy was so tight, but so wet. I had no trouble burying my prick again and again. I’m not sure how long I fucked her like that. It seemed to go on for some time. But I had an extra dirty, extra exciting game in mind, and after a while I reached over to the night-table for a small bottle of lubricant.

I paused in mid-stroke, my hard-on half in and half out of her swollen pussy. It glistened like the piston of some well-oiled machine. Then I poured a huge glob of lube between the cheeks of her ass, right onto her puckered asshole.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. I’m sure she knew then and there what I was going to do, but I wanted her to say the words.

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” I grunted. I was smearing the oil up and down the crack of her ass, poking it gently onto her anus.

“I think so, you dirty bastard. You’re going to fuck me up the ass!”

“That’s right, I’m going to fuck you up the ass. And how do you feel about that?” I wondered. I pulled my cock all the way out of her and smeared oil up and down the shaft.

“I want you to! Oh fuck, I want to try to take that big thick cock up my asshole!”

“As long as you’re sure, baby!” I hissed. And I pressed my oil-slick cockhead directly onto her anus.

It wasn’t easy. I had to go slow. But ever so gently I applied more force, bracing my hard-on with one hand, and the tight ring of her asshole slowly began to widen.

“Unhhh! Unhhh!” she groaned.

And I watched as the ring of her sphincter folded itself over the head of my cock. I eased in a couple of inches of shaft, paused for a second, then slid another couple of inches into her anus.

I waited, expecting to hear her protest, but all she did was moan softly and clutch at the bedsheets with both hands. I gazed down in amazement at my glistening hard-on güvenilir bahis siteleri half buried up her ass.

“I’m okay,” she gasped. “You can keep going. Ram that giant cock all the way up my asshole!”

I eased another inch or two up her ass, paused, then slid the rest of it inside her. My pubic hair nestled against the gorgeous twin cheeks of her ass. I couldn’t believe she’d taken it all. I lay down on top of her and began fucking her, driving my cock in and out of her oil-slick asshole.

“So strange! So dirty! So exciting!” she whimpered, her beautiful face turned to one side. Fuck, what a stunning profile she had.

I fucked her gently at first, not wanting to hurt her. But as my excitement grew I drilled a little faster, a little harder, till I was ramming my cock in and out of her with deep lunges. She wasn’t a big girl, and I felt as though my prick was penetrating her all the way up to her chest cavity.

“Fuck, you’re big! Fuck, what a feeling!” she gasped. “I feel like such a dirty slut!”

“You okay?”

“Oh yes! Never better!”

I couldn’t last long. The whole situation was just too damned erotic, too exciting. Not only was I fucking a beautiful young model up the ass, sodomizing her, but I was thinking about our last session, with me spurting semen all over her lovely face. And I was thinking ahead to Saturday night, when if things went according to plan, she’d be taking on five well-hung studs in an amazing gangbang. If her face had been unrecognizable after I’d painted it with sperm, what would she look like after all five of us had come on her face?

It was too much to think about. I buried my hard-on up her ass one last time and began spurting, shooting jet after jet of hot cum up her tight little asshole.

“Oh fuck, I feel it! I feel your hot cum!” she yelped.

And I kept right on drilling her, burying my prick again and again up her ass, spurting knot after knot of sizzling sperm. Again, it seemed I had endless pools of seed to deposit. The feel of her tight satin ass cheeks against my hips was unbelievable.

“Oh fuck! Amazing! Just amazing!” she groaned as I began to slow down at last. “What a dirty, dirty bastard you are!”

“Just wait till Saturday night,” I grunted.

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