Mom and Her New Boyfriend


This story is inspired by pictures I saw of Ziyi Zhang on the beach getting groped by her boyfriend, she was almost naked with her tits exposed and ass on display. So I recommend looking up those pictures and others of her and think of her while reading this story because the mom in this story is based on her.

Everyone discussing or doing anything lewd in this story is over 18. Hope you enjoy it and please give feedback, it’s my first time. I want to thank Crash for help with the story.


My mother was a very sexy woman in her mid-30s with a figure which would put most women in their late-20’s to shame. She had (and still has) a sexy slender body with long black hair which went down to her back. Her name was Cynthia.

Her Chinese heritage had given her those china doll-like facial features that all men love. Her breasts were small yet so perfectly formed that you might believe they had been specially moulded that way by a master artist. And her ass! Her ass was small and tight, it tempted you to take a bite out of it if you could.

That slim Asian body, those sweet lips and long hair, she was the perfect package.

Oh, my name is Charles by the way. I didn’t deny that my mom was hot and I knew when I compared her to the other mothers in the neighbourhood; she was a cut-above them.

Me and mom are originally from Beijing. Me, my mom and my biological father moved to America when I was young. Mom got a divorce from my father about when I was 14. He was a really up-tight and prudish man, though he thought of himself as being proper, and having traditional values.

I was too young to really know what the problems were between them but I once overheard my moms friends saying one of the reasons was his lack of sex drive.

The reasons for the break-up were more then just sex, but thinking back, they didn’t seem all that active in the bedroom; in fact, I can’t remember them ever having sex or even alluding to it.

A while after divorcing my father, mom stared to date around a little. Her friends would tell her of this man or the other, but nothing serious. Around when I was 17, my mom started to date this man, I wasn’t told much at first, all I knew was that he was rich and older. It got serious pretty quickly.

I remember the first time I met him. He was picking my mom up for a date. I didn’t know he was a white guy before I met him. He was taller then my mom as well.

After I met him I went back to my room, I could not get this niggling thought out my head: my Chinese mother was dating a tall older white man. That statement sounded kinky to me, it gave me an extra zeal when I did my ‘homework.’

He was a fairly rich guy named Joseph. He was quite tan for a white guy, he told me it was because of his Greek heritage or something. He was a divorcee, with three kids, two daughters and a son, all over 18. He was still cordial with his wife and kept in contact with his kids.

I liked him from the start because he was almost everything that my biological father wasn’t which was cool, confident and an all-around nice guy.

A nice enough guy but there was something about him, another side you might say. When I hit 18, Joseph moved in with us, which gave him more opportunities to show this ‘other side.’ To start with he wasn’t afraid of letting his lust for my mother show.

He was much more brazen a man then my father ever was. For instance, he wouldn’t think twice of grabbing my mother’s delicious cherry-like ass right in front of me. That happened on the first week he moved in with us.

Me and Joseph were on the couch, watching some football, mom was walking by us in white dress shirt and losses black trousers. Mom bent over near Joseph’s side of the couch to pick something up.

As mom was bending over, Joseph, almost instinctively, grabbed her left ass cheek with one of his meaty paws. Mom let out a high-pitched, “Oooh!” as Joseph nonchalantly felt my mom’s ass up as I sat right next to him. I looked at him with my mouth wide open, he wasn’t even looking at her while he grabbed her ass, he was looking pendik escort at the TV the whole time.

The way he grabbed it, it was like he was showing me who the owner of my mother’s delectable body was. After the commercial ended Joseph let go of her ass, she walked off like nothing had happened and we both went back to watching Monday Night Football. I was too nervous to even say anything to him.

A couple days later, the comments began coming in from Joseph. He would tell me I was a, “Very lucky lad for having such a gorgeous mother,” and I would agree with a friendly nod. Anymore then that and I’d have started to drool and talk about how hot she was to me, and that wouldn’t have been cool.

It wasn’t long before that man started to influence my mother’s sense of style and her attitude about life.

Gone were the long frumpy dresses that she wore at my father’s insistence, no more loose/baggy blouses and sweaters for her. She instead wore shorts which showed some of that sweet little ass of hers. These shorts also showed off her dynamite legs, which I’m sure a lot of men never noticed before.

Mom wore stylish and out-and-out sexy tank-tops to accentuate her killer figure, I noticed her tits and ass and so did all my friends, much to my glee at having such a hot Mom. Of course I didn’t say anything, but I did watch.

Everyday I would get compliments from my buddies about her figure and how she had turned into a hot piece of ass since my dad had left. I did my best to try to blow off the comments and act like I was just shrugging each comment off as if her looks were no big thing to me, but in truth, I loved every dirty lowdown filthy comment made by each of them.

Comments such as “Oh dude I knew your Mom was hot but I would bang the fucking shit out of her now, your new dad did such a great job making her a hot Asian milf”

“I’d slap that tight ass so hard that she will be begging for more. Hey, you can call me daddy if you want! Cause I’ll marry your mom now!”

“She looks so dirty doesn’t she? Like she just sucked a cock.”

“Fuck those lips where just made for cock. I so wanna see her pussy lips.”

Each time I heard those comments I always acted like they didn’t affect me, but they did and not in the way my friends would have thought of.

As things between my Mom and the Joseph got dirtier and dirtier, things around my house became much more exciting. There was one time when I was walking past Joseph and he called me over to show me a gift he had brought for my mother.

“This is something special for your mom,” he said, “It’s for a night me and your mom won’t forget.”

I was thinking what it could be, a ring perhaps? But then to my surprise he got out of his bag, the sexiest pink-lacy bra and panties I have ever seen.

I didn’t know how to react! I just looked intently at the fine detail, the sexy little bows and dotted heart decorations, knowing full well my mom was going to be wearing that

He looked at me, I looked at him and he said, “Well?”

I said, “Umm she’s will love it.” Not thinking that I just told my mom’s boyfriend that the sexy pair of bra and panties he brought for her would be loved by her! I quickly walked out of the room before I exploded.

That night was quite eventful too. After Joseph had shown me the ‘present’ he had brought for my mom, I went to my room and locked the door. I heard the footsteps of both of them walking into the bedroom. I can’t describe the feeling I got when I heard them walking into the bedroom, knowing what they were about to do.

I unlocked my door, hoping to get a peek, but they had locked their door. I put my ear to their door and jerked off in rhythm to the sounds of the bedroom. I could hear my mom’s soft moans, the springing of the bed and the various expletives Joseph would let out.

I listened to Mom and Joseph for about 30 minutes before I went back to my room. I got some sleep and woke up at around 8:00am. I went down to the kitchen and found Joseph there, he saw me and said, “Come have some sancaktepe escort coffee son.” He had taken at that point to start calling me ‘son.’

We sat down together at the kitchen table. It was really awkward for me but for him it didn’t seem weird at all.

After a few moments of silence he said, “Ahhh, I think I pulled my leg last night, damn is it sore.”

Yeah, I thought, he pulled his leg fucking my mom. I didn’t say I word, I just nodded. I could tell he was playing mind-games with me.

I finished the coffee and got up to leave the room. Before I left Joseph said, “Oh you know that present, she loved it!”


Another incident happened when I was on my way to the bathroom on one sunny morning. Going down the hallway I suddenly saw my Mom walk out of the bathroom in a loose, semi-tied bathrobe with her body all wet. Her hair was dripping water down on the ground. There was lots of steam and heat coming from the bathroom.

When she saw me she gave me a slightly embarrassed smile. The robe was loosely tied and being held together by her left hand. She walked briskly into her bedroom. There was enough cleavage on show from her that I was able to tell that she had nothing on underneath.

I thought to myself, Hmm what was that all about? Then I saw Joseph step out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and with a smile so wide you could have seen it a mile away. Joseph was also soaking wet.

He walked up to me, slapped me on the shoulder, said, “Fantastic day today!” and walked into the same bedroom my mom was in. Only when I went into the bathroom did I see the clear proof of Joseph’s smile.

There in front of me on the glass shower door were Joseph hand prints and when I looked closer, I clearly saw tit marks and cheek prints of a woman’s face. Joseph had just fucked my mom in the shower. I had to spend a few extra minutes in the bedroom that morning so I could function properly for the rest of the day.


Then came the incident which stays with me to this day, something so mind-blowingly amazing I can still think of it now and need an hour alone in the bedroom.

It was a hot and dry Sunday morning. I woke up and didn’t hear any noise in the house so I guessed that Mom and Joseph weren’t awake yet. On the way to the bathroom, I saw that the normally closed master-bedroom door was open ever-so-slightly.

I took a peak inside and what I saw was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. My mom, buck naked, lying down with her face down on the bed, her ass up in the air, looking more tempting then a whole swimming pool full of ice-cream covered with all the delicious red cherries you could suck on.

I could tell, she was all cummed-out from the rampant sex those two must have engaged in on a daily bases. I tried many times to see or hear the two have sex, but their door was always locked shut, only some light moans could be heard and those could only be heard by putting my ear on the door.

This was the first time I had seen her naked and it was amazing, even better then expected or dreamed of. While I was in full-on jacking off mode, I saw a figure rise from the sheets and move partly over her.

It was Joseph lying sideways on top of my Mom, fully naked. He was looking at her, admiring the fine work he had done on her, if I looked carefully enough I could see cumstains on the sheets.

He rubbed her back softly, and then grabbed a good handful of my mom’s tight ass. Squeezing and rubbing it, I could not believe what luck I was having, just to see that moment.

After a few more rubs he slapped her ass hard in order to wake her up. She was half-asleep and looked at him in a daze. Just from the look in his eyes you could tell what he wanted.

At first she seemed nonchalant to his groping, possibly because she’d gotten used to that kind of treatment.

He slapped her ass again and said, “Come on, I still got some juice left in me.”

My mom replied with a groan and mumbled, “I’m tired.”

Joseph didn’t listen. şerifali escort He moved on top of my mom, put his cock in and started to pound her ass.

Once he entered her, he wasted no time as he started pounding her with long hard strokes right into my mom’s asshole. I was in heaven at this point! I was watching my mother, my own mom, getting fucked hard like a hot slut.

The bed rocked up and down as Joseph kept thrusting his cock into her tight asshole. Mom was wincing as Joseph drove his cock in deep.

Joseph stopped after a few more strokes. He took a quick look at my mom and then almost forcefully turned her over and put his cock in her pussy.

Pumping up and down in her pussy, he bent down to kiss her delicate face and lips with dirty slobbering kisses, almost as if he was a bit mad at her.

Then Joseph started to say some shocking comments towards my mom:

“You like that you dirty bitch? Fucking whore not taking my cock, I’m your fucking daddy in the bedroom, you do what I say, when I say it.”

“Want me to go deeper you little slut whore? Like what you get, fucking bitch.”

“Yeah fuck that tight pussy, take it all you dirty cunt. Fucking slutty fucking dirty cunt whore, fucking dirty little Asian fucking slutty bitch.

“Is it too much? Fuck you bitch I want you to take it all, you’re my fuck doll. Lil sucking cock-machine.”

He was talking dirty; aggressively dirty, to my Mother! Not stopping for breath he kept going with the dirty insults. He put his hands on her tits and felt them up forcefully; taking big sucks while holding the tits so tightly, I suspected that she may have been in some pain.

After a bit more rough sex he stopped, looked at her and said, “Come on I want you to do it”. You could tell that she was embarrassed and a bit afraid of what he was asking her to do.

“But I never done this before” she replied with a reluctant look on her face.

He was in no mood to give-in to her pleas as he said, “Come on I know you can, I want you to get on your fucking knees and giving me a fucking blowjob!”

After this shocking demand, he nudged her off the bed and sat on the edge at such an angle that I could see him but he could not see me. To my shock Mom was doing his every bidding against her voiced wishes, she moved like a slave trying to please her master.

I had never seen her like that before and it was an amazing turn-on seeing her do it. She was on her knees looking at his cock, hesitant and unsure. He got a cross look on his face and snapped, “Come on and suck it bitch!”

She put those lips around it, softly at first and then fully committed and put most of it in her mouth. Sucking back and forth, Joseph got a look of total euphoria on his face.

“That’s right bitch,” Joseph said as he got sucked on by my mom.

I was getting out-of-my-mind excited while looking at my mom’s arched back and lips sucking his cock. Her sexy butt wiggling up and down as she sucked him off, it was so amazing.

My head must have been sticking out a bit too much as Joseph saw me out the corner of his eye. I ducked down as soon as he saw me. Joseph moved his head around to try to catch me in the act. My Mom stopped and asked him if everything was ok, he told her to keeping sucking, that was my cue to leave.

I just could not believe what I had seen, it was so unbelievable. I was amazed at how Joseph just fully owned my mom; she was his slave in the bedroom. Joseph’s mean streak was a huge shock as well; he was so dominating over here.

Later on that day, they didn’t look anything like the abusive couple I saw in the bedroom.

My Mom had an engagement ring on her finger and she could have not been happier. When sitting down later that day, with Joseph and mom, I was nervous because Joseph knew I had watched them have sex.

All of us were at the dinner table, having normal family conversations. After we had finished eating, my mom went to go clean the plates. It was just me and Joseph in the room.

After my Mom had left the room, Joseph leaned in a bit closer to me and said, “Enjoy the show last night?”

I nodded in approval.

He smiled his big grin and said, “You should have seen the encore!”



“…What show are you talking about Joseph?”

“Oh you know that Beatles concert they showed on TV, you left before they showed the encore…”

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