Mom at the Cottage Ch. 07


Chapter 7

The last few miles

Settling into the truck, Annie was undecided whether or not to tell Jr. about what happened. He already knew her secrets, but she felt she needed a few very private ones. He knew that she felt vulnerable and craved protection. He knew that she was normally conservative until pushed to the tipping point. He knew that once she reached that point she really loved being kept in heightened state of arousal. He knew that she was a closet exhibitionist and the he loved showing her off. He knew she loved his cock. He didn’t know she enjoyed Maggie’s tongue so much or that some strange woman’s fingers had reawakened a forgotten feeling in her. Annie let it be.

Looking at the hand drawn map, Annie found they had about 40 miles before they exited the highway. She pulled out her travel case and touched up her make-up. “I want to reiterate about Jake’s dad mom.’ He said to get her attention. Continuing, he went on, ‘I loved it back there when you let that couple see you giving me a hand job. I know that Jake will try to be all over you, but we have to be careful of his dad. I’ve only met him a couple of times and he can be intimidating and I don’t want him to know about the three of us. His mother is also big in the church. I would like you to be a little conservative at the beginning. His dad is quite a successful contractor who is a self made man. His name is Brice, Brice Lumley. But every body calls him BULL. He’s Welsh, with real coal miner look. Short, big chest, big arms, built like a fire-plug. I think he got the nick name from his playing rugby at school. Anyway, since Jake’s mom is involved with the church, we will have to start slow and play it by ear. It’s OK for him to look if it is just the two of you, but when we are all together no shenanigans.

‘Of course, that’s what I want to. I’ll do what’s best for all of us at the time.’ Annie confirmed, then continued, ‘You know you’re a lot like your dad. You already he likes looking at me but did you know he likes other people to look as well. He hides if from you, just like you hide it from him. When you were in your room, did you know he made me play with myself while he decided about the weekend?”

“Wow, like father like son.” Jr. declared with a look of wonder in his eyes.

She was still excited from the encounter in the park, but Jr. had offered no release. He had his release she thought, what about hers she was thinking when she heard Jr. say, “Mom, why not take the edge off before we get there. At last she murmured as she turned to Jr.

“How do you want me to do it?’ she responded quickly.

“How do you want to do it?’ he replied.

‘I don’t care, I just need to cum.’ she said urgently.

“Lean back against the door and masturbate for me.” came the necessary direction from her son.

Contrary to the safe driving laws in that State, his mother undid her seatbelt and made sure the door was locked. Grabbing the cotton blanket she put it on the seat, sat on it then swiveled around to lean against the door. Slipping down the seat she put stretched her left leg along the bench seat to Jr. and her right foot over to the top of the dash. Jr. saw a few sparkles on her thighs remaining from the lip balm. Jr. got into the slow lane, put on the cruise control so he could watch the show. Driving with one hand he began to caress her left toes and foot. Lifting her hips she rolled up the skirt so it formed a belt. She flexed her shoulder blades so she could pull down her top and pushed it to meet the skirt. She was now naked except for a swath of sage green across her tummy.

She began by playing with her nipples. She always found that to be the best. Lightly caressing the nipples, slowing drawing tantalizing circles over the areola, she closed her eyes. Images of Jr. came flooding into her mind. The time of camping trip when she he was watching take a shower. The times at home when she had seen his erection as she had been serving him breakfast. The times at night when they watched TV and he stroked her legs. Delicious.

“Wait, mom I got something for you.’, Jr. interrupted, reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a long blue cord, the kind you use to hold reading glasses on. ‘Try this, I got it on the way to the wine store.’ he said as he handed it to her. Opening her eyes and taking the cord, his mother was unsure what he meant. She saw nervously that each end had a loop that could be cinched güvenilir bahis closed. “Get each nipple erect, then put one end on each.” Jr. instructed. Oh my thought Annie, this is different, not sure I’ll like this.

She laid the cord on her stomach and went back to stimulating her nipples. She rolled her head back and forth as she massaged her aching nubs. They responded by getting thicker and longer. They were to a point where she could grasp them with her fingers and pull. Pulling toward the ceiling of the cab, the elongated nipples supported the weight of her large breasts which hung like milky sacs. Letting go her breasts, they fell back. Taking the cord she slipped the tight rubber rings over one nipple and slid it down to the base, she pulled it tight, trapping the blood. Trying to fit the cord around her neck, Jr. said. “No, mom just let it hang down and put the other end on.” Jr. groaned as he saw her slip the other end on her one inch long nipple, tighten it up with the cord hanging down in a loop to rest on her clitoris.

Annie went back to stoking her nipples, as she began to realize the exquisite ache being created by the tight rings. There was a sharp increase to the sensitiveness as her nipples as she began to climb the stairway to an orgasm. She loved this feeling. She wanted it to last and wanted it to end at the same time. She clenched her jaw and sucked in her breath as she went to the next level. She released her nipples and slid her hands down her abdomen so that her fingers contacted the wetness of her demanding pussy. She hefted her left leg up to the top of the seat, displaying herself fully to Jr. Scooping up some her juices, she coated her thighs and her outer lips with a slick glaze of desire. She fingered the outside of her cunt, feeling the orgasm building. She looked over her trussed breasts and saw her clit poking up, asking to be stroked. She took two fingers, surrounded the root of her need and worked them back and forth. Her thumb caught in the cord connected to her nipples and she found that that every time she pushed downward on her vagina, she pulled down on her now dark red nipples.

Over come with lust, she increased the forceful rubbing of her gaping labia as her other fingers sought to enter the oozing cave. Jr. could barely take his eyes off the sight. This is better than I ever thought it would be he remarked quietly as he saw her put three fingers in. The sounds of her plunging fingers was deafening, the smell intoxicating. Jr. knew what he had to do. As his mother raised her hips to drive through her orgasm, Jr. grabbed the nipple cord and pulled hard.

‘Uh, Uh, Uh…………oooooowwwwww.’ Annie screamed, entering one of her most intense orgasms. Supported only by her feet and shoulders, with her thrusting hips about a foot off the seat, her labia contracted then exploded open as she squirted a stream of release onto Jr. She slumped down and was quietly whimpering, thank you, thank you, thank you, when she heard Jr say, ‘Damn mom, that was wild!’ She lay there for the next ten miles while Jr. returned to watching the road.

Finally rousing herself, she went to the glove box and took out some more wet wipes. She cleaned herself off, brushed down the seat and wiped off Jr. jeans and arms. “That was unbelievable, your dad is a great lover, the time with you, Jake and Randy was super sexy, but I’ve never cum like that.” she said with a weakness to her voice.

“Do you mind if I keep this? Jr. asked as he reached for the nipple cord. “We can’t let Jake’s dad see it.” Massaging her sore tits, she eased the strap off her nipples and watched Jr. put it in his pocket for safe keeping.

Annie pulled off her ribbed jersey outfit, smoothed it out and folded it. She found the bra she had taken off earlier and cradled her swollen flushed breasts in the soft cups. She found her sundress, slipped it on and did most of the buttons up. She looked for her thong, but then remembered that Maggie did not give it back. Oh well, with this dress on, it will be ok.

‘Almost there.’, Jr. declared as he slowed to turn off the highway. “About another ten minutes or so.”, he stated thinking about the route on the rough country roads he would be taking. “Good, just time to do my makeup and hair.’ his mother replied. Finally turning onto a private lake side road, they continued to the end. “I think this is it. That is Jake’s Jeep on the gravel drive’ Jr. said as he pointed ahead türkçe bahis to the left.

The tires crunched over the gravel as they pulled up beside the Jeep. Annie and Jr. looked in amazement at a three story summer home built into the hill on the left. On the right the grass area had a path leading downhill to a dense bush of trees and likely ultimately the lake. Wow, this was a treat. Jr. tapped the horn and his mom got out of the truck to stretch her legs. The sound broke the silence and brought Jake and dad, looking sweaty from hard work, from around the back of the house. Jake saw Annie and with full smile said, ‘Hi Jake, Hi Mrs. Sullivan.’ Annie was taken aback by the discrepancy in size, Jake as about 6’4″ and his dad only an inch or so taller than herself. From his features, Annie thought he was likely about 35, ten years younger than herself.

Mr. Lumley called out in Welsh accent, ‘Hey Jake, glad you could make. So glad you decided to come as well Mrs. Sullivan. Nice to meet you. I’m Bull, err…sorry I’m Brice Lumley but everybody either calls ne BL, sometimes BS, but normally Bull.’ He exuded confidence and with no apology continued. ‘You can see that Jake didn’t get his height from me, his mother my wife Barbara’s whole family is tall, musta got it from her side. Lucky he did I guess.’

She liked him immediately and replied, ‘Please call me Annie, what a charming place you have here, it’s seems magical.’ She continued to look at Brice and saw Jake was right. Under his clothing she could see a barrel chest and muscular thighs. ‘Sorry about being late, we stopped in Clarksville on the way to buy a few things then had a picnic at some rest stop.’

‘Don’t fret missus, we are somewhat on cottage time here.’ he said with a lilt to his voice. Stepping up onto the bumper of the truck to see in the bed, he called out ‘Boys, grab all the gear. You’ll be down stairs, put the groceries and wine in the kitchen, and I’ll take Annie’s bag upstairs, give her the cooks tour and we’ll meet out back in 10 minutes.

Grabbing her travel case from the cab of the truck Annie walked up the flagstone walk to the entry at the lower level. She entered into a large area with a pool table and dart board. On the far wall was a large wooded X frame with hooks and straps. In front of it was a bench and beside that a bar suspended from the ceiling and another bar lying on the floor secured with loose chains. “Must be for weight training? she naively asked Brice.

‘Well let’s just say its for working out.’ he commented. Over there are two bedrooms, each of which will accommodate four, but they all have to share this bathroom here. Barbara thinks it will be great for holiday get togethers. I hope so.’ Bull laughed before directing her straight up the stairs to the main area. There Annie saw a large living room a dining area with a refectory table to seat 10, a long galley kitchen with a family room at the back. “Voila, the heart of house. And…there’s a powder room off the family room next the door to the back garden where there is the hot tub and BBQ area.’ Brice recited like a real tour guide. “Up one more flight Annie, your room will be on the left. Bull easily carried the large bag and kept a measured distance behind Annie so he could watch her graceful ass roll from side to side as she climbed the stairs. At the top of the stairs was a large alcove, a mirror on one side, a pull out sofa on the far wall and on the ceiling there was large bank of lights, almost like a movie set.

“This must be a great place to read a book on a rainy day.’ she exclaimed.

“Oh, it’s quite a versatile area, Mrs. Sullivan, the door on your left please.’ Brice directed. Annie entered closely followed by Brice. Brice swung the bag onto a small table against the wall. Sweeping his arms around he proclaimed, ‘The bathroom is over there, hope you don’t mind it’s a jack and jill layout. That means it is shared with our bedroom on the other side of the hall. Just knock before you enter. The closet is there. Although, it might not be big enough for everything you brought.’ he chortled. The French doors at the end of the room there, leads to a balcony that goes all around the third floor. You can follow the sun to tan yourself, with no houses on either side its very private.” He said in a most interesting way.

‘I’ll just tidy up a bit, you unpack, look around. You don’t look like a beer drinker, so I’ll open a bottle of white wine güvenilir bahis siteleri and leave it on the kitchen counter for you. Find a glass, pour yourself a drink or two and make yourself at home. The boys and I will likely work till dark out back clearing some branches, then have a beer, then we’ll throw some steaks on the BBQ.’ he said almost without taking a breath. Annie was agog at the whirlwind when he left the bedroom and crossed the hall into the master suite.

She opened her bag, hung her clothes up, put other articles in the drawers, then decided to look around. Going to the bathroom she was startled when she saw how big and spacious it was. A corner shower sized for 2 or 3 people with no walls or curtains, just a rain head and a floor drain. Centered on the back wall was a large soaking tub in front of window framing a view of the tree canopy. A long double vanity ran along the near wall and in its wrap around mirrors you could see the whole space. On the other side of the tub both a bidet and a toilet. She walked through the room, trailing her hands over the smooth finishes. This is real nice, she thought, real nice.

Opening the door on the other side, she poked her head into the master suite. It was essentially the same as the room she had, although on the one wall was a curtain that seemed to hide a window, yet it was an internal wall. She carefully walked into the room and looked at it’s yet to be moved in state. Brice had laid out a couple for suitcases for unpacking. Obviously he had been making trips up to the cottage and was bringing personal items each time. Looking down at one case, she saw what she could only think was a black corset with red ribbons. Surprised, she touched the item and felt the stiffness of the supports. ‘This is interesting, it must be his wife’s case, she surmises. Lifting it up and holding it to herself, she saw that it was too large for her. She must be a big woman to wear this properly Annie deduced. What lay under the corset, was what really shocked her. Lying there was black strap on dildo that was larger than her toy or Randy’s cock. Her eyes were drawn to its length but more to its girth. Like the shifter in the car, it had to be two or three inches in diameter. She reached out and touched it. Like an electric shock, she pulled her hand back as she felt it firmness. She was intrigued by its power so she touched it again and grasping it in her small hand she took it out. She hadn’t felt like this since her days at the all girl boarding school that her parents had sent her to. She also hadn’t worn one since then. Looking around nervously, she undid the bottom buttons of her sundress, slipped off her thong and stepped into the harness. Adjusting the straps, she felt the familiar feel of leather between her buttocks as the base of cool plastic snugged against her vagina. Creeping silently into the bathroom, she undid the rest of her dress and dropped it to the floor. She looked at the gigantic dildo obscenely sticking out. Turning sideways to the mirror, she took her two hands, and like she had see Jr. do, she began to stroke the long truncheon. It looked wickedly powerful. Taking some lotion from a bottle on the counter, she smoothed it over the rippling length. She grasped it as tight as she could, she stroked furiously up and down. Thrusting her hips, she thought of the girls at school and what Randy would do. ‘Show me your pussy, finger it, put your tongue on my cock, lick me, suck my cock!’ she spat out. Oh this feels so good. “Open your mouth, come closer, stick out your tongue, catch my cum.’ she wailed as she fisted her virtual cock and pretend to cum on the face of a lover.

Jake could not believe what he was seeing. Up in the tree branches trying to clear a snag, he has seen the light go on in the bathroom and turned his head to see his mother pretending to masturbate with the biggest dildo he had ever seen. Oh my god, he thought as she turned to lean on the vanity and pull on the black cock with both hands. With what appeared to be practiced ease she unhooked the phallus, and turning it around, rubbed the head against her leather encased vagina. She contorted her face as she ran it up and down the length of her lips, getting its smooth ebony head slippery and wet. Then lining it up with her gash, she wiggled it past the outer lips and began a slow rhythmic penetration. When she could take no more she withdrew, before plunging it in again and again. Her knees splayed, she squatted and worked the rod deeply into her cunt.

“Jake., what the hell is taking you so long?’ Jr. called out as Jake witnessed Mrs. Sullivan slump to the floor with her red vaginal lips wrapped around the black monster.

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