Mom Becoming a Model Ch. 02


Lewis answered and I began to explain everything that had happened with mom. I told him that she seemed reluctant to go into modelling but at the same time I felt that she wasn’t completely against the idea either.

I asked him if he could give me more details about this amateur producer that he mentioned briefly a few months ago.

“Yeah Brian, his name’s Shorty. I don’t really know his full name but I met him through a friend at university who takes the same photography major as me.”

“Did you send him the pictures that you took of mom a few months ago?” I asked.

There was a moment’s pause at the other end of the line. Lewis became unusually quiet and wasn’t saying anything.

“Well did you?” I repeated.

“Not quite, I sort of passed them around the boys taking the same photography major as me. Sorry bro, I know I should have asked but I couldn’t help it.”

The situation started to make sense now. No wonder every time mom went out, she was getting attention from other men especially younger men who were probably knew Lewis.

I wasn’t annoyed by this either in fact it actually gave me a hard on thinking about it. The thought of all those men lusting over my own mom was a turn on.

“Alright cool man, are you going to pass them over to Shorty then Lew?”

“I can’t now because the thing with these producers is that they want material that they can sell or publish on websites. If he knew that a lot of people have already seen your mom’s pictures then he won’t be interested.”

“But that’s why she’d go into modelling, so he can take new ones of her Lew?”

He sighed.

“To get noticed or even tempt these producers to take her serious, I’ll need some new pictures or even a video or two Brian.”

Then it struck me. I knew at home mom tended to be more open in the way that she’d dress. She’d always in the mornings come down in her robe with no lingerie on underneath.

That’s how she tended to sleep at night too. You’d tend to catch glimpses of the top of her breasts and lower ass cheeks when she’d make the smallest movement.

“I think I know what to do Lew, leave it to me.”

After which I ended the call and began to think about what I’d do. I decided that I’d borrow Lew’s camera that he used for his degree and hide it in mom’s room.

With any luck I could probably get to record her in her robe or even naked. This would probably work but the problem was doing it without being caught.

Part of me knew also that this wasn’t going to be a good idea at the same time. Mom didn’t agree to this and she’d probably flip at the thought of me doing this behind her back.

But I couldn’t resist the temptation that was there in my mind. After contemplating the idea further, I decided that on Monday I’d carry this through.

With an interview scheduled on for that morning I decided to get up extra early so that güvenilir bahis I could set up the camera that I borrowed off Lewis.

So at 7:30am on that Monday whilst mom was in the shower I carefully went into her room and placed the camera behind one of the clothes racks in her walk in wardrobe.

Figuring that mom would come into her wardrobe after her shower to get changed, I couldn’t think of another better place to record.

Moving the clothes that she hadn’t worn for years, Lewis’s camera snugly fitted in between her jeans and jumpers. With the camera being black, I covered it with her dark jumpers on one of the shelves behind a rack.

After carefully setting up the camera I made my way downstairs to quickly grab some breakfast before setting off.

A few moments later I could hear mom’s footsteps as she came downstairs and into the kitchen. The sight of her after her shower made my jaw drop and my cock incredibly hard.

With her jet black hair down and wet, she walked into the kitchen in a light blue shirt that she’d wear when out in the office or when attending a meeting.

She wasn’t wearing anything on the bottom except a short thong and had stretched the shirt so that it half heartedly covered the top of her ass. Her round ass was fully exposed at the bottom as both her cheeks hung out.

Her hourglass body shape meant that the bottom of the shirt curved tightly around her ass and tits.

As she walked over to the kitchen work top, I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing a mini-black thong which was barely visible. Both her ass cheeks engulfed her thong and with it being dental-floss thin, it was struggling to contain her cheeks.

The buttons at the top of her shirt were slightly undone but not too far to allow me to see her tits or bust but the fact that she was still wet and dripping from her shower made her look so horny.

Every time mom bent down or tilted herself to the side to grab some cups and plates her shirt would just pull upwards from the bottom exposing more of her ass.

As my cock continued to harden, I couldn’t help but let out some sexual tension that had been building.

“Wow mom, nice ass.”

She immediately turned back around to face me and at the same time tried to pull her shirt back down more.

“Brian, I’m your mother don’t be so rude and distasteful. You shouldn’t be saying shit like that, what would your father think?”

“Then why dress like that when you know I’m here?” I asked.

Mom’s cheeks began to go red as she started to blush and smile. She tilted her head downwards as she looked down at her body from the front.

“I know it’s a bit short but I just got out of the shower, can’t I be free in my own house?”

She continued to smile but tried desperately to cover it by turning back around and keeping her back towards me.

“Don’t worry mom, I know you know türkçe bahis as well as others that you’re still attractive. Did you get the chance to think about what we were talking about on Saturday?”

“I can’t believe we’re having this discussion again. Don’t you feel any shame speaking to me about stuff like that Brian?” She asked.

“Not when you’re dressed the way you are, it’s not exactly easy not to look.” I replied.

There was a brief moments silence between the both of us as mom continued to pour cereal into her bowl.

Still keeping her back to me, I continued to glare at her ass from behind and imagine how tight she must be after not being fucked by dad for a long time.

After a few minutes she turned around and came over towards me. Pulling a chair to the side, she sat down at the table.

“Yes, I’ve thought about it. I don’t think it’s for me Brian and I know your father would be completely against the idea.”

“Even if it was a good career move which would help us all financially, you’d still turn it down?” I asked disappointedly.

“Modelling isn’t everything Brian and I still find it weird the thought of it coming from my own son.”

She finished her cereal and continued.

“Besides the lifestyle, the atmosphere, the people you meet, the social stigma surrounding it and everything doesn’t suit me.”

Assertively I shook my head in disagreement.

“But you’re the one who has always complained about working in that crap store. You’d earn more doing one shoot as a model then working a couple of shifts in store.”

She got up and moved over to the kitchen sink to wash up and clean the bowls. With her down and wet combined with her shirt being made even tighter by her wet skin I couldn’t help but move closer. Slowly I got up and walked over to put my bowl next to the sink so she could wash it too.

I made sure that I stopped right behind her and leaned across her back. Putting my right arm over her shoulder I slowly put my bowl next to the sink.

This allowed me to place my left hand onto her left ass cheek whilst pressing my hard on against her firm ass.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Brian?” She screamed.

Quickly she turned around and pushed me away before making her way out of the kitchen.

“You’re so perverted; I’m your mother for fuck sake.”

After which she stormed out of the kitchen and back upstairs. I couldn’t help what I tried to do.

Her toned thighs and curved peachy ass cheeks were almost impossible for me to resist. With the hidden camera in mind I decided to leave for my interview at 9am in the hope that in the mean time I could get some footage recorded.

Returning back home at around 2pm that afternoon, I was eager to see if I had managed to record anything.

As I entered the front door and walked into the living room to check if mom was around, it güvenilir bahis siteleri was evident that she wasn’t. Calling out to see if she was upstairs there was no response.

After taking the camera out of mom’s walk in wardrobe and plugged it into my laptop. Loading up the film that had been pre-recorded earlier in the day, I was very anxious of the thought of possibly not having anything recorded that I could pass onto Lewis.

As I began to play the film, I became more and more turned on at the sight of mom in her flimsy shirt. At the start of the film at around 10am, mom walked into her wardrobe with just her shirt on.

Like before, the bottom of her ass and thong slip was completely visible. She began rummaging through various shelves for outfits which I assumed she’d be wearing for the day.

Luckily for me the camera was situated directly in view of the mirror which was hung up against the furthest wall away from door.

This meant that whenever she’d try on a outfit, it would be in complete view of the camera recording. I immediately started to get turned on by the small glimpses of her body and curves.

The slightest movement forward to grab a shirt or jeans off the shelf only made the bottom of her shirt lift upwards.

At one point her entire peach shaped ass was visible with her mini-black thong only covering her pussy lips. The rest of it was struggling to contain her ass cheeks which were thick and perky.

As the film continued to play, she was deeply in focus about the type of shirt and jeans that she wanted to wear.

Pulling various shirts off the rack and pressing them against her chest with her back turned facing the camera. Still this wasn’t enough for me, despite being turned on, I couldn’t help but want more.

The film carried on playing through with mom casually placing different kinds of shirt against her to see what would match. Some would be long, some would be short, and in summary it wasn’t much of a viewing.

I had initially anticipated that seeing as though she’d be home alone, that there would be more skin being shown but sadly this didn’t seem to be the case.

Once she settled on a set of tight jeans with the hips hugging tightly around her waist, mom left her walk in wardrobe and appeared to have changed outside in her room.

The film then ended. Feeling slightly disappointed, I stopped the recording there and closed my laptop down.

I decided to ring Lewis and talk to him about it.

“I had a feeling it wouldn’t work Brian and the way you freaked her out earlier probably didn’t help either.” He explained.

“So what do we do now Lew?”

“Why don’t you let me bring Shorty round to your place and we’ll leave them to talk?”

I briefly paused.

“But you said he wouldn’t even bother to look at her without anything new or unique. We don’t even have a portfolio not even to mention the fact that she isn’t even sold on the idea.”

Lewis chuckled.

“Don’t worry B, Shorty is good with the ladies and he’s dealt with them all. I know your mom and him will get on fine.”

The conversation ended.

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