mom boss p2

mom boss p2”mornig sweaty”my aunt woke me up ”morning ”i stood up from my bed and i felt a smooth and weird feeling i look down , i was i very cute little diaper”…what””you were so full of his son cum , mommy had to make sure you didnt wet all your bed””come here princess”mommy lift my legs and removed my diaperit was all wet and goey, full of cum , mommy cleaning me smilling”you took how much? 2-3?”looking away my pussy ass cleaned mommy making comment about it gaping open”i took 2 from his dad , i can still feel his bbc pumping me full of his cum”she was smiling at me, like a slut happy to have been fuck all night”here all clean, i have a very cute sissy girl , come here cutie we will dress you up ””but….””oh dont be shy its ok, its ok to love big cock, i sure do love it””look he left mommy plugged and cute ”my aunt turning, her dress lift , string going over her plugged diamond toy , making her really cute indeedi looked at her , getting me a matching but smaller younger dress and a thong like her”we are going to be sexy arent we cutie”i was doll up , make up out my aunt telling me a make a very cute princess”you like being a good girl like mommy?””i think i do””its ok , its ok , my cute girl, you been such a good girl, i think we need to go shopping ”we ate talking about her boss son, what did he do and what i could have done better”its very easy , you need to swivel that cute ass slow and arch up as you suck, men love to see our ass move left right ””ok like this ””yes exactly , so cute””lets clean he table and go to the mall”i was soon in aunt car , calling her mommy most my life i was happy she was understanding me…even more than i do myselfi never expected to get at the sex shop near the mall but she drive here right awayi was walking urfa escort inside , my aunt holding me by the hand”hello Maria how are you!””hey hi there who is this beautifull girl ?””this is my ….daughter , you know i told you …..well it happen and i want to help her out””oh yes yes i see ok so this is great iam going to close the door ”the sexy tall black lady locked the shop and took me by the hand”you are beautiful come here with me i told your mom i would liked to help”we walk in the shop and infront the submissive zone i was sit on the bench lookiing at her present me the little chastity cage collection”we have lots of cute little cage , here lets take your size”i was dress lift and panty openthe black pretty women looking in my little panty”oh so cute, this is really pretty””you can choose the xxsmall one here””look at this one , pink with cute glittering pearls ”i was looking as she took packages from the wall making me lookmommy looking at the lady doing her ”job”smilling at me shy sit and about to be cage up by a stranger ladyand she had see my reaction, the hello kitty cage chowed to mei look away shy my lil cock reacting ”oh i see, you like hello kitty?””come here my little kitten ”she open the aqua blue little cage package and i was getting dress up my panty open again ”hold your pretty dress baby”i took it holding my dress legs spread looking down in my panty her hand working the plastick pieces down, until the little hello kitty cage was lock and she gave my aunt the keymy little panty help all off”i have another gift i cant resist you are too cute”going around the shop taking stuff, back to me , hello kitty plug in her hand and a hello kitty pink panty mommy smilling”wow what a lucky gurl ”ass up doggy the tall pretty black escort urfa lady so precise i her control of mehelping me ass up face down lubing me gently ”what a cute little white cunt”the hello kitty plug help in positionmaking me see in the mirror the kitten face in my ass , between my pretty open cheeks she slap twice gentlyhelping me in the hello kitty panty i was looking at me still hlding my dress up feeling like a sexy teen girl in her hello kitty cute undie”thank you Maria ””my pleasure””but a deal a deal beautifull””yes of course”mommy sat on the bench each legs apart helping me doing the same in her arm her hand rubbing my little panty an new cage”you are a beautifull girl , i want you to thank Maria”maria udress her ass toward us removing her dress her hot white panty and bubble ass moving sensually her dress down turning around , her panty deformed a huge black mushroom head going up and out of iti gulped looking at her move to me closer mommy kissing my neck whispering to open my mouth for Maria beautifull cockMaria hard cock went on my face mommy licking her , takling her , pointing it at my mouth , she went down in my open mouth mommy styroking her pushing my head on maria ”good girl suckk my friend thank her for these cute thing she gave you”i sucked and gagged mommy taking the bbc sucking it my face so close i could ear mommy moaning around the bbc i was locked and my lil cock coudnt get hard , it hurt and drool from the tip mommy telling me iam wet like a girl my panty indeed wet my lil cock drooling pleasuremouth stretch on Maria who got her titties off her bra , so hot pumping in my little mouth ”oh you to white girls are so sexy””ass up white girls”both one on top of another mommy moaning under me ass fuck like a bitch feeling the pounding urfa escort bayan both swinging and my turn come soonboth wet holes pounded by maria moaning loud she love my mommy and her princess”oh you white slut cant stop it can you”Maria cum in my aunt ass , all of it in her and i felt jaleouswe left thanking maria ”what is it baby you look….distant””you wanted cum dont you”i didn’t answer, but it was true”poor little girl , ok lets find you some cum”i look at her with question marks in my eyesbut it took her 5 min to park in the parc and she ask me to stay therei waited in the car until she was back with a young black teensmilling talking to himhe sat back with me looking at me with glowing eyesMom drive away without a wordthe sound of a zipper and her cute princess was sucking the boy big hard horny cockhe moan getting suck, he liked it , the horny sissy gilping the young bg cock like a champ”told you, she loves big black cock””yes she is gooood””my god you suck my cock good””omg what is this”soon her lil panty was down the black boy touching her hello kitty cage”wow you are cute i never seen one ””omg and you have the plug too, wow you are a real little slut ””all in hello kitty slut kit ””yes she is, a good hello kitty girl ””i love her miss, can i fuck her””off course, you are a real man just fuck her holes dont ask boy, never ask a girl dress like a slut sucking your big cock, if she want it, she needs it””i love to get fucked up like a slut by a big black cock””oh yeah maybe i should do u too””show me how you fuck and i may need it too ”he started fucking me like a bitch hard and deep showing how a man he wasi loved it i moan and moan”god she is tight fuck fuck”he cum in me in under 10 ”good boy , cum in her , get her full””good boy come here”she suck him cleancalling him a good boy, he loved it and he cum again so fast she giggles”oh you needed to get care of ””mmmmm ”he was done and left with a huge smile”happy now?”i nod, full of cum like a happy sissy

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