Mom/Daughter Sleep-Suck Attack!


Betsy puttered around the kitchen one early morning as her kids slept. Robbie snored in the pull-out bed in the TV room, having stumbled home stone drunk at 5 a.m. and deep into an alcoholic slumber, something the 20-year-old was fond of doing. Anna, Betsy’s gorgeous 19-year old blonde daughter, slept in her room down the hall.

“Hey, Mom, what’s up,” Anna said droopily as she walked into the kitchen wearing a tiny white teddy, her blonde hair pulled into a ponytail.

“Just cleaning up a bit, honey, while your lazy brother sleeps it off in there,” Betsy laughed, rolling up her sleeves to attack the dishes, a pair of tiny cut offs on her sturdy, sexy 50-year-old legs.

“I gotta get something out of that room, I left my book in there,” Anna said, walking toward the TV room.

“Try not to wake your brother, you’ll have to climb over him and the bed to get to the shelf,” Betsy called out.

“Holy…fucking…shit!” Anna cried out as she stood in the door of the room.

“What! What is it?” Betsy cried, quickly drying her hands to run to her daughter’s side, fearing the worst.

“You gotta see this, Mom,” Anna laughed, eyes riveted on her sleeping brother.

“Holy…fucking..shit!” Betsy growled as she joined her daughter.

The boy was snoring soundly on his back, the blankets pushed down by his feet and wearing only boxer shorts, through which stood the biggest, fattest and stiffest cock the women has ever seen. They were dumbstruck and looked at each other and laughed.

“Wow, Mom, I’ve NEVER seen one that big, have you?” Anna groaned.

“Uh, no, not nearly, but c’mon, it’s your brother, now leave him alone,” Betsy said, trying to avert her eyes. “Just get your book…step carefully over him.”

“Yeah, VERY carefully, I’ll put my eye out on that thing if I fell,” Anna giggled.

Betsy sighed as her leggy daughter straddled her sleeping brother, catching a glimpse of her girls’ thong-covered crotch. Betsy’s own crotch tingled and she quickly quelled the thoughts that threatened to overcome her.

Anna grabbed the book and held it over her mom for her to take. As the women’s hands met, they were face to face, and just a foot or so over Robbie’s waving wand.

“Fuck, how long do you think it is, mom?” Anna sighed, staring at it.

“Anna, enough, stop, just come out of there now,” Betsy scolded, taking the book.

Anna smiled and stepped back, picking up a 12-inch ruler from the shelf.

“Anna, no, don’t,” illegal bahis Betsy said disapprovingly. “Enough’s enough.”

“Just a sec,” Anna said, gently putting the end of the ruler on her brother’s enormous balls and holding it up against his stiff cock. “Fuck, me, it’s OVER a foot!”

“Shit…maybe 13 inches…”Betsy sighed, then stopped herself. “Enough, girl, let’s go!”

She extended her hand and Anna took it, gingerly stepping onto the bed and then stumbling to her knees, her face – and mouth – now just inches from the sleeping boy’s huge prick.

“ANNA!” Betsy growled quietly. “Don’t you dare!”

Anna stared at the prick, the enormous cap barely grazing her lips. She winked at her mom.

“Let’s see how sound he REALLY sleeps!” she hissed. “Shit, he’s fallen asleep next too a stereo going full blast, I don’t think this will wake him up!”

Betsy watched in amazement as Anna’s tiny hand encircled the base of her brother’s throbbing meat and then dipped her mouth down, opening wide, and embracing the first six inches slowly into her young face. Betsy couldn’t believe it as she watched Anna’s pink tongue slather the sides of his monster dick and her hand slowly, gently stroked the rest.

“I cannot believe you’re giving your brother a blowjob, young lady, now you stop right now!” Betsy cried desperately, holding one hand over her eyes and sneaking a peak through her fingers.

Anna moaned and winked again at her mom, but did not stop, instead now picking up the pace, stroking him more firmly, sucking his cock noisily, spit soaking the shaft as she jerked it wetly, her tongue splashing around the massive width, filling the air with obscene sucking sounds. Betsy felt her pussy soak through her shorts.

“ more…pleas stop, this is so wrong…”

Anna popped her mouth of Robbie’s stiff prick and smiled as she jacked it in her small hand.

“Want some?” she growled seductively. “He tastes really good, you know that clear goo guys have before they cum? Fucking tasty.”

She pointed Cam’s prong at her mother, the thick eye plugged with pre-cum and her daughter’s spit as she stroked it. Betsy shuddered.

“Well…it has been awhile.. if you don’t think he’ll wake up…” she said timidly, blushing and then kneeling on the bed.

“Mom, I give the best head in town, I could make a dead man cum, and if he’s not waking u while I suck his cock, he may as well BE dead!” Anna laughed. “Now suck your casino siteleri son’s big cock!”

Betsy closed her eyes, groaned and came in her jean shorts the second she clamped her mouth over the tremendous, pulsating cap of her son’s mammoth dong. Anna groaned out a mini-orgasm herself just watching her mother gorge herself on her brother’s dick, and Betsy was feasting plenty. As Anna stroked half the prick up, Betsy’s hungry and moaning mouth came down. She made desperate, growling wounds as she sucked the biggest cock she’d ever seen, mewing madly as she worked her tongue over the thickness of her son’s prick.

“Fuck, Mom, you really now how to blow a guy, I guess that’s where I get it from!” Anna hissed, rapidly stroking her brother’s prick now jacking it hard up into her mother’s anxious mouth.

“How about this, Mom, you like this, too?” Anna groaned, suddenly pulling her teddy off with one hand, her firm, perky tits waving on her tight chest as she continued to jack her brother off. “You like my boobs, Mom? I love yours!”

The revelation that her daughter was sexually attracted to her combined with the fact she was blowing her own son put Betsy over the edge again, this time a huge, crashing orgasm that she couldn’t control. She fell back into a chair, hands clutching her crotch, her thighs quivering as she slammed them around her fists and she ground out the best and biggest orgasm of her life. When she stopped, a massive wet spot stained the front of her tiny cutoffs.

“YEAH, MOM!” Anna whooped, still whacking her brother’s sleeping cock. “Fuck, you cum good!”

“Honey, he’s not going anywhere for awhile,” Betsy said dreamily, peeling up her t-shirt and pulling on her own thick nipples. “Why don’t you come over her and let Mommy make YOU happy!”

Anna giggled and released her brother’s dick, which slapped wetly against his belly. He snored loudly and the women laughed.

“If he only knew,” Betsy sighed as Anna stood before her peeling off her tiny g-string and revealing a downy soft blonde cunt. “Mercy, what a gorgeous pussy.”

And then Betsy buried her face between her daughter’s trim thighs, cupping her ass with her hands, and snaked her long tongue into the furry cleft and finding the clitoral target, softly drubbing it at first and then more rapidly, her whole mouth buried in Anna’s steaming snatch.

“Fuck….Mom…that’s soooo fucking good…goddam it…shit, that’s so hot…,” Anna hissed, eyes closed poker siteleri and hands on her mother’s head, pulling her face tight into her gash, urging her on. “CUMMMMING!!!”

And she came long and hard with her hips snapping, her creAnna ass undulating and her thighs scissoring her mom’s face, squeezing it and an orgasm out, nearly gagging Betsy with her girl cream.

“Fuck, where did you learn to eat cunt like that, Mom?” Anna giggled as Betsy stood to french her daughter, Anna slobbering over her cum and licking it off her mom’s face.

“Oh, with…your Aunt Molly when we were little,” Betsy laughed.


“And Aunt Linda…and Aunt Andrea…” Betsy continued.

“Mom! You cunny-lapping little slut, you!” Anna laughed. “Done much since?”

“Oh, just with ….your Aunt Molly…Aunt Linda..and Aunt Andrea!”

“No WONDER you guys love going away together every so often!”

Betsy cupped Anna’s ass and nuzzled her soft neck as she looked over her to her son who snored louder than ever now.

“What say we finish him off and go back to bed for awhile, honey,” Betsy hissed, chewing at her daughter’s perky titties.

“Mmmm, you’re on,” Anna sighed. “You want the load or should I take it?”

“Let’s share,” Betsy growled.

For the next five minutes, both women stroked the 13-inch superstick between them, each taking the top or bottom, pointing it toward each other’s mouths for the other to lick and suck. Then as Betsy bathed her sleeping son’s huge balls in her mouth, sucking them both inside and lathering them with her tongue, the boy’s body involuntarily stiffened even as he snored, and Anna took the first three jets of boy cream into her moaning mouth, then pulling her mom up for the rest. The kid shot a gallon and Betsy came again as she felt the scorching load fill her mouth. She swallowed some and let the rest fill her mouth and splashed the last spurts over her moaning face. She came up as Anna stopped jacking him, cum in her mouth and all over her face, and thick strands coating Anna’s pumping hand and arm. The two women stood and embraced, shooting the massive load of cream back and forth into each other’s mouths, sharing it, swallowing some, pumping the rest into the other’s sucking mouth and finally licking all of it from their faces, Anna’s hand and Betsy’s tits, where a river of it had run.

“Goddam,” Betsy slurped, swallowing the last of it. “He really DOES sleep like the dead, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, shame, really, he’d be a lot more fun if he were awake,” Anna sighed.

“Well, let’s hit the bed for a few hours and come back,” Betsy said. “He should be awake by then and ready for more!”

Hand in hand, cum-stained mother and daughter danced off to the bedroom..

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