Mom exercises with her son


Mom exercises with her sonMy name is Alex, this story is about me and my mom, and how it got this way. This started around the end of summer vacation when I was, I’ll just leave my age out of this in case someone figures out who we are. But anyway, my moms name is Janice, really attractive, well to me anyway especially after things got going even more so. Mom has really large breasts, the kind that you just can’t hide. Originally she also had a little more in the hips and tummy but less than most women her age with really big breasts.Well this all started because of my dad Bret. When I was younger my dad wasn’t so big but as I got older he just kind of faded out of my life, he was still there, just sitting in a chair either eating or drinking. He got so fat that he lost his job. I don’t know how, but he managed to claim some sort of disability and now he just gets paid to sit on his ass, drink, eat and get bigger.Mom first started by cooking more healthy food, dad would have tantrums, so me and mom ate healthy. Then mom brought home exercise equipment which went in the basement, this is where it got good.I remember seeing mom wearing something that she wouldn’t let me see. It was under her bathrobe and she was asking dad if he would go work out with her. Dad wouldn’t even look at her, I said I’d work out with her and she closed her robe before I could see inside. Dad still wouldn’t look at her but told her to work out with me. I went and changed into sweats and so did mom. At that point mom obviously had her bra on, easy to tell when they are as big as hers. My Mom looked like she was ready to cry though and said that she was trying to entice dad into getting into better shape. I started talking fast cause I didn’t want to see her cry. I said that I didn’t get it, that she was really attractive and that any guy should want to jump at the chance to work out with her.She reacted like I had slapped her, head jerked, any signs of tears gone. She smiled and took my hand in hers for a second and just looked at me. Then she laid down on the weight bench and called out “spot me”Her boobs were sticking straight up from her bra but my attention was drawn to her crotch, the way she had scooted down the weight bench I was looking at my first camel toe ever! I stammered a little, set up a bar for her with like 20 pounds on it and when I put it on the rack, she hadn’t fixed her sweats. I could see her navel from where the sweats had tugged down. While that wasn’t really a forbidden zone my my mind was working overtime. I was clearly seeing my moms slit, her belly above that was open to see and I was realizing she must not have any panties on to show that cleft off so well.Well mom finally commented on where my eyes were glued. I snapped back to reality but had to have her repeat her question. “do you see something you like?” oh shit, how do I cover this? Umm your tummy? I said it like a question almost, my brain barely kept up with supplying my mouth with bullshit to spit out but I managed it. I admitted that her sweats pulled down to show off her tummy. She kept lifting, she didn’t shift to change her position, finally she said “even moms like to be appreciated, I guess I really don’t care if you see my tummy”I almost started babbling, I said that if we made a routine of working out together that maybe dad would feel compelled to join in. Mom smiled and said it’s a date, then said “I won’t object to you looking, as long as you’re a gentleman about it”. With that she wedged her butt down some to show more of her tummy, the effect was fantastic. The material from her sweats really dug in and showed off her slit even better.Mom suddenly announced that her bra was digging into her back and that as long as I would show some restraint then she would take it off. Of course I agreed. So now it was my turn to exercise while mom took her bra off. She went upstairs to take it off and I realized that there was no way I could lay down and bench anything without tenting my sweats so I adjusted the seat into an incline board for sit ups and was just starting when I heard dad yelling at mom. ” you took your bra off to workout with your son? What the hells the matter with you anyway?” mom came slowly down the stairs. Nervous look on her face with her arms crossed. She started to stammer something that would have led to her backing out of this so I blurted out “maybe this is what it will take to get dad to join in” silence. The silence ended with mom smiling, dropping her arms to her sides and proudly walking back to me at the bench.My god you could see them swinging back and forth inside her sweatshirt, I was in heaven! She gave me a grin and said maybe you’re right. Mom then bent over resting her hands on her knees bringing her breasts closer to my face while looking me over. She asked me what I was doing all while turning her body to look at my feet, then back up. The sweat shirt fell forward hiding much of what I could see, except that her turning motion caused her breasts to sway up against the sides of her shirt showing me right where they were and that they were swinging back and forth. I groaned a little hoping my raging erection wasn’t too visible. Mom smiled and stood up, they were visible, not like I would have hoped but they were still on display. Nothing much else happened that day except for when it was her turn to lift again. She laid down and as I put the weight bar on the rack her face was facing up at my crotch. No way for me to hide the tent in my sweats, as I placed the bar on the rack while looking at my lump, she asked if I liked working out with my mom. Like a dolt I blurted out “god yes” before thinking. She really seemed to like the answer though.Moms breasts fell down to her sides underneath the sweat top and nothing was really visible, mom looked down at her own chest, paused, then asked if I liked looking at her tummy. I was kind shy but nodded yes, she made me say it out loud by asking again. Then she got kind of a funny smile, lifted up her rear and reached down. Instead of just pulling the front down a little, mom grabbed the rear of her sweats and pulled up. She cinched the sweats tight against her crotch showing more camel toe. This didn’t show her belly though so she wiggled her hips pulling and the material slid showing some belly and really showing off her slit even better than before. Partly now because my almost numb mind realized she was doing this on purpose, she knew! Then she commented that looking at her tummy might keep my mind off her breasts, that she knew “how men were”Our workout routine got real regular, as in every day, I kept looking at mom more when we weren’t working out but for the most part she would avoid my eyes. Only occasionally when dad demanded a beer or another bag of chips would she glance my way. On those days she would say things that could have more than one meaning, like sexual implications. Dad on the other hand was making it clear to us that he was going to eat his way into oblivion. I started making a point of telling mom how good she looked and complimenting her progress. The sexual tension I think caused the both of us to work out longer and push ourselves harder than we would have otherwise. I did alot of situps to avoid showing off my raging erections. Part of the reason for that was after the first day mom started wearing her bra down into the basement. She told me that this was to keep dad from complaining, but once in the basement she would have me look away and she’d slip out of it. Knowing that she was secretly going braless for me and that it was a secret that I had to keep made a problem. My cock stick out from under the waist band of my shorts pretty much every time we worked out. I had to keep my sweatshirt on to keep it hidden because on the upstroke of my sit ups it would poke out from under my sweat pants sometimes. Mom changed that.After a few weeks, while mom was on her back, pressing 35 pounds and I was staring at her camel toe, she asked me if I really did like looking at her “tummy”. She had been making so many little comments that could have been taken another way that I decided to make my own. I said I loved seeing her “tummy” and I’d love to see more. She just smirked and I went back to complimenting her on her progress telling her that she was really going to be developing a knockout body. Mom then asked me if she should start doing sit ups like I was doing. God I thought, the chance to see her breasts really flopping around. I gave her an enthusiastic yes and she gave me a kind look that made me wonder what she was thinking. She told me that she couldn’t do sit ups dressed like she was, that she’d have to wear a sports bra or something. But that I’d probably be able to see more of her tummy that way. She turned the bench over to me and I started my workout while she put her bra back on out of my view. She told me that she really did appreciate the way I respected her privacy so she felt she could reward me some more too. God I was young I guess, why wasn’t I peeking?Mom went upstairs and when I heard dad screaming at her again about not wearing a bra mom said something then dad quieted right down. Mom came back down, she looked nervous but she was smiling. We heard dad yell “you know I’m not coming down” mom said to me “yes I guess we do” then she pulled off her sweatshirt revealing a grey sports bra. The thing is, it was almost see through! I could make out the shape and size of moms nipples, they were HUGE, just like her tits. Big dark areola that were raised up from her breasts with a center pointing out from her nip. I started sitting up faster and harder trying to distract myself from what was poking out from my sweat pants. Mom noticed that and asked if I liked looking at her. I strained out a yes. She said that since she was showing more, that maybe I should too. While I was dumb struck mom said that I had to be sweating under my shirt, I should take it off. I knew the head of my cock was poking out. I pulled my sweats up, then took my sweatshirt off. Mom smiled. I went back to doing sit ups, I knew it was going to happen. I figured I had been ogling moms camel toe for over a month now and she must know. Now she’s showing me her nipples through her sports bra, if my cock pops out, let it. About the time I finished thinking that, the head of my cock popped out from under my sweat pants. Mom sucked in air, then since she couldn’t really deny having seen it, she smiled and said “I guess you really do like seeing your mother like this” I gave her a sheepish red faced smile.Mom smiled and stood next to me, I froze laying down. She traced her finger over the head of my exposed cock and repeated “yes I guess you do” Then with her other hand she reached behind herself and pulled on her sweats to make a camel toe. Then with that one finger mom curled it around my sweat pants and pulled them down far enough to show that my briefs had ridden down far enough to show an inch and a half of my cock. She then swung her leg over me and planted the valley of her camel toe on my exposed cock. She started rubbing her covered pussy back and forth while hoarsely whispering to me “was it my belly you’ve been looking at for the last month or this?” I whispered “this” then she said, while still pumping me “do you like looking at your mothers pussy?” I started shooting off, mom kept pumping just saying “I cant get any of that on me, I have to be able to talk to your father” I was still squirting when she finished saying that but was almost done. Mom just kept grinding her pussy on me and stared at my squirting cock. When I finished she said we should take a break and go for a drive. Mom grabbed my sweatshirt and told me to wipe up with it. We went upstairs and mom told dad that we were buying proper work out clothes. He screamed that he wasn’t paying for it, she told him not to worry, she was using her credit card.The trip to buy workout clothing was a real eye opener. Mom had changed into some loose fitting shorts and a low cut summer top. She had a bra on that pushed her tits together to show off her cleavage better. We really didn’t have to go out, I had shorts I could, wear but she said I was coming. Mom got in the car just ahead of me and tossed her purse on the floor where my feet were to go. She immediately apologized and bent over to pick it up. I had bent over too and she said no I got it. I looked at her and was looking right at her tits. The top had fallen open and the bra was low enough to show a whole lot. Mom picked up her purse without acknowledging that I had just ogled her tits. She set it on the seat next to her and started the car.Mom started the conversation by saying that she would be leaving dad when I left for college. That we were mostly living off dads disability and she was putting her paycheck in the bank to pay for my college. That if I stayed home and went to community college, that by the time I graduated she will have saved enough to buy a house outright without a mortgage. I mumbled what about this house. Mom said that dad inherited the house from his parents so she would get none of it. Also that she had already talked to a lawyer who told her that if she could hold on she should, unless she can get dad to file. I guess the court thinks that who ever files for divorce, must already have a plan for what they will do next. So she needed him to file, not on her own. I was really dumb struck, mom took that as reluctance on my part and suggested that if I stayed local, we could keep working out together. I immediately blurted out I would be going to the community college. That brought a smile. We finally pulled up to the mall, mom picked a spot out further than where she normally tries to park and asked me if I’d open her door for her.I ran around and opened moms door, she slid one leg out spreading her legs open. Then she remembered her purse and turned to get it leaving me an unobstructed view up her loose fitting shorts to some sheer looking panties, her brown muff was clearly visible through them. She looked back totally catching me staring at her crotch, she smirked and said “you do get rewards when you’re helpful, thank you kind sir for opening a ladies door for her” I mumbled my god yes.We spent about 30 seconds looking for shorts for me then went to the ladies section. Mom pulled out all sorts of revealing work out outfits finally settling on a couple of sets that are bottoms only. She said they would go with her sports bras. Then we went to the exercise equipment and got a multi type exercise thing that lets you do curling, rowing, incline sit ups, all sorts of stuff. All on “her” plastic. Oh yea, she got a little spray bottle.At home dad was demanding food so mom started Mac an cheese while I put up the new equipment. Mom came down wearing her sweats and carrying that spray bottle about the time I came back down with the new shorts and a t shirt. Mom told me to take off my shirt. As I did she locked eyes with me and pulled down her sweat pants. She was wearing her new workout bottoms, I could clearly make out the white lines of her bikini panties. Mom kept looking at me and pulled off her sweatshirt. Now I gasped, she had on a white sports bra! This thing showed off her large brown nipples in beautiful detail. Mom looked down at her own tits and asked “it’s not too revealing is it?” I was able to whisper “no its beautiful”.I tried the rowing and was so turned on I rowed till I had a sheen of sweat showing, mom said she wanted to try that too. We put it to a lower setting, mom got on and looked down at her huge brown nipples poking out her thin white sports bra and commented that by the time she was ready to start looking that I would have her in great shape. Mom worked for a while, I could tell she was getting tired and she looked frustrated. She looked tuzla escort around and said she was getting hot, she wanted the spray bottle. I grabbed it from the bar top where she’d put it. She said “spray me” I spritzed her back. She said “my front” I did, then she said “more” I started spraying her chest and moms bra went transparent. When I got both nipples visible she smiled and said that’s good. Mom rowed, I stared.I was ready to go off in my shorts already, mom quit rowing and slid down on the bench she was on and laid down with her nipples openly on display. The evaporating water had her nipples jutting up against the cotton bra. Mom looked over at me and asked “do you like mommies breasts?” I nodded yes. “Then would you like to see more”? Again I nodded yes. Mom lifted up her bra letting her breast flop free. It immediately hung down off her side with gravity having taken over. We both instinctively reached to catch it, when she realized I was reaching for it she pulled her hand away and smiled. I picked it up and brought it to my mouth. Pointed her big meaty nipple at my mouth with her nipple standing out almost half an inch and sucked it in. Mom cooed, I started hunching my hips, I was so close I knew it wasn’t going to take long. Mom reached down and pulled my shorts over my cock and down. She just began to wrap her cool feeling fingers around my shaft when I started throbbing it off.Mom pointed my cock at her side and I started shooting onto the side of her sports bra and on her forearm. When I finished I had come dripping off the side of her breast that I was sucking on plus her bra and her arm. Mom looked at me and pulled up her bra the rest of the way to show off both her tits. She sat up and wrapped her arm around her chest to wipe my sperm load off on her breasts. She then scooped at the load clinging to the side of her bra and rubbed it on a nipple.She smiled at me and told me that as long as I worked her to where she was sweating naturally then she would make sure to “take care of me too” this way she will get in shape for sure. That ended our work out session for the day but changed every thing else in my life. From that point forward mom became more forward with her flirting language around the house. It was infuriating my dad but all he would do was eat and drink more. Mom would also bend over while wearing a top that would fall forward showing off her cleavage or hike up a dress to work with a shoe showing off her panties. She would do all this just out of sight of dad who was usually sitting in the living room eating and watching TV. One night dad started screaming at her about her language, that I was her k** and she should try talking to him the way she talks to me. Mom stood right behind dad and grabbed the hem of the skirt she was wearing. Right while she was talking to him she grabbed the back of the dress and flipped it up to show me her panty covered ass. Thing is dad saw that in the reflection in the window and started screaming at her. He told her to take it up stairs if she was gonna slut herself off in front of her son. Not all around the house for everyone to see. Well that got uncomfortable enough for me that I escaped upstairs to the relative safety of my bedroom. Dad was so fat now he rarely made the trip upstairs any more. I was in my room and heard mom walk up the stairs. Hoping to have something happen since dad had obviously pissed her off I started stripping. I’d never been able to fuck her yet although she had been getting me off almost daily now since that first time almost a month earlier. And yes we were really working out a lot, the sex started after a good workout session. Mom walked past my room to their room, even though dad pretty much sleeps in the living room now since he can’t do the stairs. I got naked and got into bed. I heard mom coming back and she knocked while walking in on me. She was wearing a open robe with a sheer nightie underneath. I was looking at her naked breasts under a transparent top and the brown triangle of hair covering her pussy, no sign of panties at all! Mom said “we should be safe up here” and came and sat down next to me on the bed. She started saying that she was really going to have to be more careful around dad since she didn’t want to give him any good cause for divorce that would make her look bad. I really didn’t want any of this to stop so I blurted out that he’d have to have pictures as proof since I would never admit to anything. That if we both denied everything we could make him look like he’s delusional as well as fat and disgusting. The look on moms face was a combination of lust, shock and god only knows what else. She stood up and pulled her nightie up to her neck showing me her naked breasts and pussy. She then sat back down on the bed after throwing the covers off finding me naked and hard. Mom asked me if there was anything that her little boy wanted to do with his mom? I told her I wanted her to show me how to suck a woman’s pussy. Moms face said yes but she told me no, that this would be going too far. But maybe I would like to suckle on mommies breasts? All while leaning forward to let a nipple hang down to my mouth. I immediately opened my mouth and felt her hand wrapping around my cock. I knew that I wasn’t going to last long but I had the feeling that this was just revenge for her against dad and all she wanted was to get me off. I was sucking on moms nipple when I heard dad start yelling about what the hell were we doing up there. God no! He was making the sounds he makes when he’s trying to get up out of the chair! I started pumping into moms hand and mom reacted by slowing it down like she was going to stop because dad was coming. I was thinking with my dick now and just wanted to get off. I was trying to pump into moms hand and she just let go. I strained a cry of “please” and I could see moms head turned to listen for dad. He was on his second oommph of trying to stand, it usually takes three for him to get up. She grabbed my cock and looked at me telling me to stay still. I froze, mom started slowly jacking my cock. We heard the thuds of dads feet coming through the living room towards the stairway. Mom started shifting over so that she was laying more on top of me. Mom kept jacking my cock while she straddled over me. It felt like she might be lining up to impale her self on my cock so I started pushing more to try to get there. Mom tilted my cock up wards towards her pussy and I felt the head of my dick rub against her brown curly muff. I heard dads feet thumping to the bottom of the stairs. I was there! Mom felt it. Just as I was about to cum mom slid her hand to the base of my cock and pressed down hard, inside my ball sack. What the fuck? She somehow made me hold off coming! I was trying to squirt but she was holding it back, while rubbing the head of my cock in her hairy muff. Dads first foot hit a step, there are 6 steps up to the upper part of our tri level. Mom rubbed my cock head through her hair and down over her wet slit. I felt some part of my orgasm building in my head while my toes were starting to throb, but it was held off by moms fingers pressing down at the base of my cock. Dads second foot hit another step, he was actually coming up the stairs! Mom d**g my cock back up to her belly and let go of the base. I started shooting, I could feel my load firing off with force I’d never felt before. My sperm actually made a sound as it hit moms sagging breasts. I lost my hearing, all I could feel was the throbbing of my cock as I went off. Time was almost standing still for me because of the panic from my dad coming. I counted 8 shots of load that I fired off full force onto moms belly and tits. It was splattering and dripping onto my chest. My hearing came back after the 8th full force squirt. Dad was in the hallway! Maybe four and a half feet from my door. I heard his hand hit the wall to steady himself after the exertion of climbing the stairs. Mom stood up, her nightie was tucked under her chin, still naked to my eyes with my sperm splatter all over the bottom of her tits and belly. She flipped the covers back over me while my cock was still letting out the last dribbles of cum. While doing that she gave a twist and her heavy breasts swung back and forth on her chest spreading my load across her skin showing s shiny wet sheen while she used her hand to massage my sperm into her lower belly where her breasts didn’t reach. She tilted her head up letting her night gown fall down. Put her hand under my covers to wipe my sperm off her hand and closed her robe finishing tying it just as dads hand hit the door knob. Mom spun and sat as dad opened the door. Dad saw nothing. Dad came in breathing hard and screaming about what the hell are you doing in her with your son. Mom said nothing at first. Dad was purple in the face with rage yelling that he was her husband and she should be dressing like that for him, not in front of our k**. Mom finally opened her guns, almost politely she asked “do you want to have sex with me?” Dad was shocked quiet. Mom walked to the end of the bed, with her robe closed dad had no way of seeing that her breasts and tummy were coated with my sperm. Mom dropped to her hands and knees in front of dad, she reached back and flipped up both her robe and night gown. I could see a side view of moms bare ass pointing at dad. Then I saw her ass lower some as she spread her legs baring a clear view to my dad of her hairy slit. With her robe closed there was no way for any of my load to drip to the floor.Dad was shocked speechless. Mom quietly said “if you want it, here it is, just go ahead and put it in. I’m sure Alex will leave the room if you can get it in.”Oh my god I realized that with dads sagging belly he’d have to have a three foot dick to get maybe two inches into her. Dad groaned, “you know I can’t do it that way, you have to help” that’s when moms voice got loud and mean. That is when she yelled at him that he couldn’t do it in any position. That he’d made his choice when he took food and drink over his family, his health and his career. The only way he can have sex is if she does it all for him and by god if she’s going to have to work that hard at sex it isn’t going to be with someone who loves food and beer more then family, sex, work or life itself. She even finished by saying that the only fuck he was going to get was if he could fuck himself and by god she thought he was too fat to even reach it himself. Dad screamed that this was his house and she could get the fuck out. Mom retorted with then divorce me.It got real quiet after that. Mom flipped her robe down, dad turned around and lumbered out of my room. We heard his foot falls one by one as they went down the steps. Then into the kitchen, we heard the fridge open and the sound of the partially drank 12 pack of beer being picked up. The cans rattling as he grabbed one and carried the rest to his chair in the living room. I guess we got his answer to moms outburst with that. Mom muttered about needing to get him to file first or she had to stick it out, but she wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth it. The next day I came to moms rescue. Dad pulled me aside when I was home and told me that he wasn’t sure how much of this I was involved in but that he wasn’t going to divorce mom and have me live with her because he wasn’t going to pay c***d support while I finished school and then also while I was in college. That he had already talked to a lawyer and knew that from long ago. Clearly these two had no use for each other and I was the only thing keeping them together in their misery. I told dad that I’d talk to mom and see if I could come up with something. I got a “yea you do that” I never did talk to mom, she came home from work and went up stairs to get dressed for our workout session. I went up stairs and fondled her tits for a bit while she giggled, then went back down. I told dad that if he refinanced the house and gave mom 20 thousand dollars, that she would sign an agreement to not request any form of support from him as long as he let her take her things and go. That I would be free to choose to live where ever I wanted. Dad said he could but no, she can’t sign away rights to c***d support, his lawyer already told him that. Now back to mom, I told her Dad would pay her 20 thousand dollars to move out but he said I had to stay because she couldn’t sign off on c***d support. Mom laughed and said that she had gotten two raises that dad didn’t know of and she made more money than he did. Dad would never pay c***d support because she was the primary earner, she told me to tell him that. So I told him that mom would agree to leaving me behind if he upped the money to 25G. He bought it.I went downstairs. Mom was wearing a workout outfit that I’d never seen before. Some sort of see through spandex suit. It held her breasts up but left her nipples visible. It was a one piece, sort of like a swim suit only meant to have more clothing underneath it, or your pussy and breasts will show through, like hers were. It was fantastic, Mom had a real gleam in her eye, she told me that this was the outfit that she had bought for dad, and he wouldn’t even look at her. It was her last ditch effort to stay with him. Then she laid down on the bench press seat and used her “motherly” voice. She asked me if there was anything, at all, that I wanted to do with mommy. I groaned and told her that I wanted her to show me how to go down on a woman. Mom reached down and pulled the crotch of her suit aside exposing the rest of what I had been dreaming of. My god, my mothers slit was fantastic looking. She had these full looking lips to her pussy that just stood out begging to be suckled on, they were even slightly darker than the rest of her skin so they really stood out. I groaned again and just went face first into the slit that gave birth to me. She was wet and musky and I was ready to cum just by being there. Mom let me just lap and suckle for a while before she started giving me directions as to what she wanted done. After a while she stopped talking and just held on to the back of my head and twisted her hips into my face while I sucked and licked away. I couldn’t believe how wet she got for me while licking and suckling. I groaned and thrust my hips a few times and came in my shorts. She tried to say something about that but lost her ability to speak by coming in my mouth. I stood up and moms face was just glowing when she looked at me, she asked if I had come in my pants while sucking on her and I nodded yes. She went back to her motherly voice and told me to come over here and let mommy clean that up. She pulled my shorts down and took out my deflating and wet cock and started licking my sperm off my rod. It didn’t take long and she had me back hard again, partially from being able to actually see my dick slide into her mouth as she sucked me in. Mom then looked back up at me and asked if there was anything else that I wanted to do with mommy?I looked down at her wet slit, she grinned and got off the bench press, she laid down on a rubber floor mat and spread her legs. I moved in between and got down on my knees. Mom reached down between her legs but was reaching for my cock. When I got it within her grasp she guided me into her slit, I slid easily inside feeling for the first time in my life the inside of a woman on my cock. Mom was really wet and I simply slid in and began thrusting. I was reveling in the sensation, warm, wet, feeling her hair press up against me down there. I was pulled out of my revere by her voice. “Does your little man like being inside of mommy? I grunted and thrust. Mom grunted back and commented “ohh, not that little are we?” then she said “do you like having your cock inside your mother?” now I was able to answer. All I could tuzla escort bayan do was quietly grunt out a “yes” “do you want to squirt your self off into mommies pussy?” this I was able to say “oh god yes” to.Mom voice got husky and low and she grunted back to me “good, I’ve been on the pill for a month now waiting for this, don’t hold back. Spray it in me, try to make a baby in your mommy, fuck me good and spray your balls inside your pussy. Mommies pussy is yours now. Fuck your mommy good” I lost it, I started hammering moms pussy for all I was worth. I couldn’t believe how sloppy wet she all the sudden became. We could both hear it, with my cock driving into her there was a slopping wet fucking sound that I had certainly never heard before since this was my first, but I could tell that mom heard it too. Since I had just cum I managed to hold on longer than I had though possible but still all too soon I just pushed forward. I buried my cock as far inside mom as far as I could go and began spurting my balls out. Not as hard as when she had held me off but still it was an incredible feeling to know that I was emptying my nut sack inside a real vagina.Once I was finished I couldn’t stop myself. I started making out with my mom like she was a girl my age, I wasn’t going to move till my cock fell out of her. At one point she kind of stopped and looked at me, I told her that I just wanted to kiss her till my cock fell out, that this was the best day of my life and I wanted it to stay in her as long as possible. She started slipping me her tongue. All too soon my cock did fall out, with a sound I’d never heard before, plus a good size load of my sperm slopping out as well. My load really stood out on the black rubber of the exercise mat that mom was laying on. Looking at a real puddle of cum that had just drooled out of a real pussy that I had really just finished fucking. I made a point to focus on that. Till mom asked me, “oh yea, what did your father say when he found out he wouldn’t have to pay c***d support?” I never looked up, I was too engrossed with seeing my load drip from my moms gorgeous pussy lips. “He never found that out, he agreed to twenty five thousand for leaving me behind. I’m gonna have a friend help me move out of my bedroom window while you distract him while I move your stuff out” Mom had a finger under my chin, where it came from I do not know. All I could see till the finger moved my head up was pussy dripping with my cum. Mom locked eyes with me. “You can look at that later, you did what?” “It’s all dripping out now mom” “You will fuck me again later, you did what?” That finally broke my magic moment, just to a different one. I smiled, god how I loved my life. I asked if this meant we were going to get to go house shopping. Mom flipped me over onto my back while kissing my face and shouting yes, yes, yes. I am going house shopping! This led to some real interesting experiences.That night dad slept in the living room like normal, as I was walking to my room mom walked past me and lightly took hold of my little finger. She didn’t say a word, just led me into their room. We slept naked.In the morning mom sent me off to school and said that she was going to find a realtor and we would go house hunting when I got home from school. I really didn’t learn a thing that day, I did tell my friend Dennis that my folks were getting a divorce, he offered to borrow his brothers truck to help us move. He is an awesome best friend.After school mom picked me up, low cut summer top, knee high skirt, the days were starting to get cooler but she seemed really excited. She told me that she finally found a realtor that she figured she could trust. A middle aged woman, she explained that a younger woman might not feel comfortable with showing a house to a mom and son. But she had promised the realtor a quick sale if she didn’t try to show us stuff out of her budget or give us any problems. Just as we pulled up to the house, in my same school district, mom suddenly looked nervous. She said “I really have gotten to love the flirting we did around your dad” I didn’t know what she meant by that but I found out soon enough. The realtor arranged for the people that were selling the house to just be gone, it was obvious they still lived there. Mom walked up to the sink and started running water, even started washing a dish to see how she liked the kitchen layout. Then she stuck her ass out at me and wiggled it. I saw the realtor look away, I ran my hand over moms ass, mom pressed her ass back into my hand more. Oh my fucking god, mom wanted to flirt in front of the realtor lady. I remembered mom saying she promised her a quick sale if she didn’t bother us. Off to the living room window, mom reached for the ceiling, I reached around her waist, the realtor looked away, I felt moms heavy breasts. The realtor was getting uncomfortable, mom smiled and told her not to worry. This was just between herself and her son, we went up stairs to look at the master bedroom. The realtor walked back to the kitchen. Mom just walked around the room real quick and we left to see the next house. Once inside the car I asked mom how far she wanted to go, she smiled and said she wanted to go till the realtor left the room. The very next house the realtor had a more determined look to her face, she stayed with us longer explaining the details to the house and just decided to not look at us while I was fondling moms breasts. This was while I was standing behind mom, while she was rubbing her ass into my crotch. In the living room when my hand was inside my moms top, the realtor snapped and demanded to know if mom was really going to buy a house. I was busted with my hand on mom bra, I froze. Mom smiled and told the realtor about her 500 pound husband giving her 25g to get her to move out. That in the process of trying to make him file for divorce that she had developed, well, some bad habits of flirting with her son. But that all of that would pass soon enough, she was sure of it. The realtor said “these cost more than 25G” mom said she’d had been saving a college fund for years, and that we were working this out, between mother and son. The next house the realtor seemed a little more warmed up to the idea of showing us the house. The price was right in line with moms budget, just on the border of my school district. The realtor now had her eyes glued to us in the kitchen while mom rubbed her ass to my groin. I reached around and began to fondle moms tits. Mom had her eyes closed so she didn’t realize that we had the realtor’s full attention. I turned mom to the overhead cupboard. My hands and moms breasts were visible to the realtor. Moms head was behind the cupboard. The realtor lady was breathing a little more rapidly, she watched me fondle moms breasts then quietly asked if mom liked having her son fondle her like that. Mom told her how she was mortified at first, scared second, pissed off at dad third. But after so many years of having no one but an obese man pawing at her, that she started flirting with her son. That together we got her in to the best shape of her life. Now the flirting feels more like an addiction. By the time mom had finished her story, I had her top open, her bra opened in the front and I had her large breasts swinging freely in front of the realtor lady who was now clenching her legs together. We walked to the living room, the realtor now openly ogling moms huge swinging udders. Mom bent over the arm of the couch and thrust her ass out to me while swinging her breasts back and forth as obscenely as possible. I slid my hands up moms dress finding her damp panties, which I slowly pulled down in front of the realtor. Mom was wiggling her hips while talking money. Once the panties were clear and in my pocket mom announced “basement, I have to see the basement” The realtor jumped like she’d been shot and led us to the basement. Mom casually told her that the basement is where we do our exercises and most of our foreplay has also been down there as well. Once in the basement which was mostly empty, mom grabbed one of those metal uprights in the center of the room, she bent forward and thrust out her ass towards me. Mom said “Alex sweetie? Do you think you’d be able to fuck mommy here in this basement?” The realtor put both hands up to her mouth, I flipped moms dress up to expose her bare ass and began pulling my pants down. As I thrust into my mother, who was sopping wet and was able to take my cock in one thrust mom grunted to me “off with the shirt, show her those abs”. I stripped off my shirt and finished pulling my pants off while fucking mom from behind. I was totally naked and the realtor walked up besides us so she could see my cock slipping in and out of mom from behind. I could tell she was also eyeing me as I thrust into mom. Mom was grunting while she talked, she told the realtor the offer she was going to make on this one and named a low ball price on the first one we’d looked at. She said whoever accepted her offer first got the sale. The realtor’s eyes lit up with greed and lust and told her that was the best approach she could take. The market sucks and if the seller knows that you’re ready to live anywhere they’ll feel pressured more to take the offer they’ve got.The realtor stayed watching till the very end, that being my sperm load dribbling out of moms wide open slit, mom squatted down holding her pussy open and got her panties back from me to wipe herself clean. Then she had me put them back in my pocket and went out naked underneath, after having my help in re-securing her swinging breasts.Mom had the cash in the bank, we moved into the house we had already christened, debt free. Mom said that by the time I graduated from High School that she should have enough to pay for the first two years of community college, then maybe I’d be able to transfer to a full up university to finish. The move was another totally fantastic event. My friend Dennis came through with his brothers truck. Size wise we really didn’t need it but the problem was we couldn’t move any of my belongings out the front door. In fact we decided it would be best if we never even appeared to go in my room. The plan I worked out was almost totally fool proof. Mom pulled the moving van up close to the front door. Then Dennis backed up the front lawn to under my window. We opened the garage and pulled the ladder out, ladder went from the rear of his truck to my open window. Dennis quietly moved all my belongings out the window while mom and I worked on the house. It went off almost perfectly, the only way dad could see what was up was if he walked right to the front door and looked to his right, which he started to do. Dennis had all my stuff packed and was waiting outside, mom was on her way back in. Dad looked at Dennis, he could see the truck from that angle but hadn’t yet. While he asked who Dennis was, (he said he was the driver) mom unbuttoned 3 buttons on her blouse. It opened to underneath her bra showing off a lot of cleavage. Dad looked back, maybe because of moms arms moving and went off on mom. “Jesus Janice what the hell are you doing dressed like that in front of these boys, what kind of a slut are you turning into?” Mom squared off with him saying “we don’t live together so how I dress doesn’t concern you any more does it?”During the move it became obvious that Dennis wasn’t going to be able to get my bed out the window. He did actually manage to get both my dressers out though which was pretty incredible really, not a fucking sound either. Mom quietly told me we wouldn’t need a bed for me till I had a girlfriend to bring home.Dad spun around away from the truck and stomped back into the house. I was just coming up from behind dad and saw mom pull her blouse open a bit before lining it up to re-button it. Dennis’s eyes were wide open. Once we finished the house we were starting to take the ladder back to the garage when I stopped. I told everybody that dad hasn’t touched a tool in at least 10 years since he became professionally fat, I wanted the tools. Dennis high fived me, mom rolled her eyes. The ladder fit in the rental truck, we looted out the tools from the garage and while doing that Dennis told me that my mom was awesome. I had to agree. The next day at school life got much better. We were at lunch and for the millionth time Dennis was retelling his James bond story of how he helped me move out. When he got to the part of my mom opening her top one of the other k**s asked me how big they were. I pointed over to this girl Calissa in our class, quiet, very big boobs and said they were like that. Dennis agreed with me and the k** started yelling awesome. Well Calissa saw me point and heard the laughing and hooting so she came over looking pissed. She asked if we were talking about her boobs and everyone got quiet. I stepped in and said “well actually yes” Then I told Dennis that it was my turn to tell the story, they all stayed quiet and I told the story my way. My version was a lot more polite. She asked what that had to do with her boobs and I said one of the guys asked how big my mom was and well, you’re about the same as my mom. Now Dennis butts in and says “yea and she’s been flirting with him just to piss his dad off to make him file for divorce, she told me that after she opened her top” I was like a deer in the head lights, Calissa knew what he said was true, as did everyone else. That brought on a whole lot of new questions and I had to bail from the table. Thank god Calissa came with me. When Calissa towed me away from everyone else it looked to me like shelooked more excited than pissed. I knew she was going to be asking questions that I was not going to answer so I got ready. We got near the doors of the cafeteria where no one else could hear us. Calissa looked excited when she asked me if my mom was doing stuff with me. I smiled and said yea she was, then I lifted my shirt and showed her my abs and said we’re working out together. She almost looked disappointed but she did stare at my abs. She asked again, I was really getting the impression that she was turned on by the idea of me doing stuff with my mom so I decided not to blow her off. I told her that she’d have to be my girlfriend if we were gonna talk about stuff like that.She persisted, saying that I’d have to have something to talk about if we were gonna talk about it. I held my hands up and said I only maybe could talk, I had promised not to tell anybody anything. Calissa’s eyes lit up with that, and she definitely looked turned on, she immediately said that I would never have to make that kind of promise if nothing was going on. Now I was starting to feel trapped, I tried one last thing, I told her that if she bent forward and her top opened, I’d look, but I’d also swear that I wasn’t doing anything. Her neck was turning pink and it looked like she was breathing a little faster, she said “I really want to know” I said, if I make the same promise to you that I made to my mom, I wouldn’t break that promise either. Her eyes flew open, then it looked like she was starting to think of something to say. She then smiled and said she wanted to talk more with me later. I smiled back to her and said “later”On the way back inside I got cornered by a teacher who saw me lift my shirt. She demanded to know what it was I had hidden under my shirt that I had shown Calissa. I grinned, my friend Dennis was watching along with at least 15 different girls, this was lunch. I tightened my gut and lifted my shirt showing the teacher my 6pack abs. Her mouth opened but no words came out, I grinned and told her that we had been talking about me working out with my mom. Oh man everyone around busted out laughing, they thought I was getting busted. That teachers face almost turned purple, totally awesome escort tuzla day.That night when mom came home, I told her everything, she seemed really interested in my deion of Calissa. She warned me to not do anything that could get us into trouble, I promised. Turns out I lied.The very next day Calissa met up with me before the start of school. With what I learned from my mom I made sure to pass compliments to her. She blushed and said she really did like hearing things other than comments about her boobs. Then she got a mischievous smile and said “but you might know something about big boobs, might you?” I smiled and said I might, but if I did I still couldn’t tell. We were close to the building now, Calissa whispered “walk home with me?” I said definitely. No real idea what it was I was supposed to learn that day in school, at all. What I learned on the way home was awesome. I learned where Calissa lived, near a cemetery, that behind the cemetery is some woods with pathways through it, probably cemetery property. That’s where we stopped and Calissa really started questioning me. She started out with saying that I would never have to promise not to tell something if there was nothing to tell. I asked her if she wanted me to make the same kind of promise to her. She nodded yes, I smiled and gave her a little kiss on the lips and said I promise. She got real excited and said so tell me, I told her that my promise to my mom was still good. She looked down but I took her chin with one finger, like mom had done to me. I told her that I had never promised my mom that I wouldn’t show somebody what we’d done. Calissa’s face lit up. I told her that she could tell me to stop, when she didn’t want to know any more. She stopped me right off and said that she was gonna want proof that I wasn’t just making stuff up to fool around with her. I promised her that I would take her home with me and prove it, if she let me show her everything. She stopped talking and just started looking nervous.I stepped around her and said my mom lets me hug her like this. I slid my arms around her tummy and gave her a nice hug. She murmured that’s nice but… I interrupted her and said hug and a kiss. Then I pulled Calissa’s hair up and away from her shoulder and neck and leaned in and gave her a sensuous kiss to her neck. She gasped then said “your mom lets you?” I slowly started lifting my hands picking up the weight of her heavy breasts lifting, squeezing and separating a little while saying “I can show you this too” . She groaned. Then said “no, no way” but she was making no move to stop me. I whispered “today, I can show you today” now Calissa was appearing totally turned on. Each step of the way I told her what mom lets me do. I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and slipped my hand in feeling her bra. She held my hand, pressing it into her breast. She gasped when I slid my hand under her bra and started feeling up her tit. She moaned “she lets you?” I murmured yes while sliding around in front of her and telling her “she lets me do more”. As I started pulling Calissa’s nipple into my mouth she gasped out “today? You can show me today?” I nodded yes while pulling her nipple with my teeth.I asked her if she wanted to help me suck on my moms tits, she got weak kneed so I helped her down. I sucked a little more then said there was more, she said “show me”. I slid down and started pulling her pants down, she reached to stop me and I said “I swear, today” she groaned and pushed at both pants and panties. I got them clear of one foot and dove in to suckle her wet pussy. She did have pubes, didn’t shave it like I’d heard some girls do. Her pussy lips were wet but not as big as my moms. I sucked and licked for a few then she pulled my head up, looked straight in my eyes and said “she lets you do this?” I nodded yes and said that moms lips down here are bigger and have more color than hers. Then I asked if she was going to want to help me suck on my moms pussy. Calissa spread her legs wide pulling her knees up to her shoulders. I kept working on her till I felt her shudder some. The noises she was making told me that I’d gotten her off. I started stripping down, I got my face back in there for a few licks here and there while I got my pants off. Calissa stayed right there with her legs spread knowing that I was stripping down. I was so turned on I was hoping to last long enough to get it in her. I was used to my mom being wet so when I lined it up I thrust straight away all the way in. I felt something tear as I thrust past her hymen. She gasped, I was thrusting and groaning. I told her I was gonna cum, she screamed “not in me” I don’t know how but I pulled out, I aimed for her one exposed breast and started shooting off. Calissa reached up and pulled her bra up to her neck exposing both breasts to my load that I was throbbing off. I emptied my ball sack mostly on her massive breasts but I also hit her belly, between her breasts and a little on her chin. I was gasping that my moms on the pill, she lets me cum inside her. My god Calissa looked so incredibly hot there with her tits jizzed, pussy gaping open from being fucked along from her legs being spread. I stayed hard, Calissa’s eyes were glazed with lust she said “put it back in me, do it like you do with your mom” I dove back in. I had gotten maybe two thrusts back in her pussy when we heard the sound of bikes being dropped. k**s voices yelling “over here, I heard them over here”. Busted, we were getting totally busted while fucking. I jumped off, they were way too close. Calissa was scrambling, I could see their heads, I started helping her dress. She was working on her bra and I lined her panties and pants with her leg. She got her top on and I pulled up as she stood. The k**s showed up and she only had one shoe off, they got to see my wet limp dick as I scrambled to get dressed. It was plain to see the disappointment in their faces but they had heard Calissa talking dirty to me and came in like sharks. I had to threaten to kick their asses if they didn’t leave us alone, they were younger and got a good enough look at my body to figure I could do it so they took off.After that we changed our direction, we headed for my house. Because we were farther away it took a while to get there, mom was already home from work and wondering where I was. When I came in she lit right into me, till she saw Calissa. I wish I had something better planned, I really wasn’t prepared for this but I was horny enough to give it a try. I introduced mom and Calissa. Mom demanded to know what we were doing, our pause in answering was enough really so I just blurted it out. We were fooling around behind the cemetery off Baker street, it’s close to where she lives. Mom blurted out “What? You could get caught there” Calissa kinda smiled saying “yea we did” then mom goofed with “what did you tell her, did you tell her anything?” Calissa had me ready for that one and I took my opening. I told her that I hadn’t told her anything, but that she did just now by asking if I told her anything. Mom didn’t get it yet, she denied saying anything. I pointed out to her that if nothing was happening, then there wouldn’t be any worry about me saying anything. Then I said “I kept my promise mom, I never told her anything” . Mom suddenly started looking really worried, my calm smile told her something was up, she quietly asked “what did you do” more of a statement then a question. I walked towards mom and quietly said “I showed her” Moms head snapped, she wanted to know what I showed her. I had to apologize, sorry, I made the same promise to her that I made you. I never told her anything, I can’t tell you either. Mom retorted “but I’m your mother” I walked behind mom and said yes you are, but I made her the exact same promise that I made you. I can’t tell you what I did, but I can show you.Calissa spoke up, “he brought me here to prove that what he showed me was the truth, that he really did do those things with you” Mom gasped, she looked like she was ready to faint. I wrapped my arms around her tummy from behind and hugged her. I whispered it’s ok mom, then leaned over to look at Calissa, “see, I can hug my mom”. Mom started to say well that’s ok, then I brushed her hair away and leaned in to kiss her neck. Mom groaned an “oh god no” Calissa said that she thought it was very nice. Mom looked at Calissa and held her breath as my hands began moving up to lift her breasts. Mom said no but didn’t move her hands, Calissa’s smile got huge. Right as I started squeezing moms breasts and lifting them mom gave another oh god while Calissa quietly said “you were telling the truth”.Mom stopped me there pulling free and turning around, telling me that I couldn’t have done more. I smiled and said, well only a little bit more, but remember now I can’t tell you. If you want to know you’ll have to let me show you. Mom hesitated, then said “only a little bit more?” I smiled and nodded and said only a little bit more, I could tell she knew I was lying. She only said “oh” I walked back behind her slid my arms around her waist then up to her breasts. Then I told her that there were some things I was going to have to say while I did them. Mom got flustered while I unbuttoned her top, Calissa stood by with an intense sexual stare at us. I told mom this wasn’t the part yet where I had to talk. This kept mom off balance until after had felt her tits under her bra and was starting to pull one out. Mom started to stop me but I said this is where I have to tell you what I said. This stopped mom long enough for her breast to drop free, she went to cover herself and I said “I asked if Calissa wanted to help me suck on my mothers breasts” Mom gasped, Calissa stepped forward. As Calissa started to take moms breast in her hands moms knees gave out. Calissa and I helped her to the floor while I commented that Calissa didn’t get weak knees till the next thing that I did. Mom said “next?” Calissa took moms nipple into her mouth and began suckling. I moved around and freed up her other breast taking it into my mouth. I didn’t suck long though, I started going down moms waist, I saw her fingers in Calissa’s hair. I started talking while pulling moms skirt down. I told her that Calissa’s knees didn’t give out until I started doing this. That it was when I asked her if she wanted to help me suck on my mothers pussy that her knees gave out. I saw Calissa pull her mouth away from moms nipple and nod her head yes.Mom was lost now, there was no more defense left in her. I was displaying her openly and she was being taken. I unzipped her skirt and threw it open, Calissa and I each took sides and began pulling her panties down. Mom didn’t lift her hips, but she didn’t try to stop us either. I pulled moms leg closest to me open exposing her slit. Her full dark lips were openly on display. Calissa moved between moms legs while breathing out saying “oh god yes” while Calissa covered moms slit with her mouth I moved up to moms head. I told mom that while I was going down on Calissa I had to prove to her that I wasn’t lying so I told her that “you have full lush pussy lips that are dark and hang out to suck on” mom gasped. Weather it was caused by my talking, Calissa sucking, or both I don’t know, but it didn’t take long and mom got off in Calissa’s mouth.By then I was ready, I don’t think mom heard me stripping down. As mom came down from her cum Calissa lifted moms knees towards her shoulders while saying “he had me like this” mom now saw me aiming my cock for her slit and started to cry out. I told her to hang on, mom paused, I thrust inside, mom gasped and I told her that I didn’t cum inside Calissa. I nodded to Calissa, she didn’t do anything so I told her. Show my mom where I came. Now while I was thrusting into my mom Calissa began taking off her top while talking. Very matter of factly she told her that I pulled out and shot off on her tits. By then the shirt was off and she was unfastening her bra. She explained that my cum has probably dried to her tits by now, which it mostly had. Her breasts dropped down but she had to peel her bra off. There were still a few shiny spots but she definitely had dried cum on her tits. Mom finally spoke now, she asked if that was her sons sperm. Calissa said yes, then mom hissed “if it’s his then I want it now” Calissa leaned forward to offer mom a breast, it took some aiming because mom’s head was rocking back and forth from my thrusting inside her. Mom took one nipple and Calissa started pointing her other one up to her own mouth, it still looked wet. Mom spit the first one out saying “mine, his sperm is mine” Calissa looked shocked and turned on, as mom licked my cum off her nipples.This did it for me I started pushing my hips in and unloading inside mom while she sucked on Calissa’s breasts. Calissa complained, she said that this is where we got busted, that I had never cum inside her, that she wanted me to take her like I had my mom. After I had come down from going off inside my mom it was obvious that neither of the girls were done yet. Mom stayed on the floor with her legs spread showing off her dripping slit while licking and suckling on Calissa’s tits. Calissa kept caressing moms breasts. Mom asked if this meant that Calissa was my girlfriend now, Calissa said not until I had come inside her like I had just now with my mom. Mom smiled and said we could do that, that I am rarely done after my first time, then looking at the dried sperm between Calissa’s breasts she said I can probably go three times, for a good reason.Mom guided my now drying cock to Calissa’s mouth and after she started sucking me, mom started undressing Calissa. When she got to her pink stained panties she asked if it was that time of the month. Calissa blushed, my cock was in her mouth and she still blushed. She pulled it out and said it had been her first time, mom stopped dead in her tracks. I was getting hard now, Calissa said as way of encouragement that her mom has had her on the pill since she was a B cup, and that was when she was 12. “Mom always says that girls with big boobs don’t always get to stay virgins for long” my mom was beaming with pride at me as I moved to put it in her. I was pumping Calissa while mom stroked her hair with one hand and her breast with the other. As I got closer mom smiled to Calissa and moved her hand down between our legs. She told Calissa that with this being her first time having a boy go off inside of her that she’d remember it better this way. Then mom pressed her fingers to the base of my cock like she had before with me when dad was coming up the stairs. Her doing that made me ready to cum and at the same time prevented me. I was straining trying to go off inside Calissa and mom pointed that out to her. She was saying “look, he’s trying to put a baby inside of you right now but I’m not letting him, not just yet” A groan or a whine started coming from my throat, not sure which it was. I could feel it curling my toes and my head started to throb. Mom said “now” and pulled her hand away, I began firing ropes of sperm up inside Calissa, her eyes went wide as she started saying “oh god I can feel it, he’s going off in me”. Calissa’s phone rang as I was coming down and she answered it, we were all naked on the floor and we could hear her mom asking where the hell was she. The whole thing of us being naked, the sex and all, it was too much for her and she started stammering. Mom grabbed the phone from her and introduced herself, she apologized for not having had her call sooner, then said some boys had chased her daughter and “my son stood up for her” they were afraid of the boys coming back with friends so they came home here and we were just about to pile in the car to bring Calissa home. Calissa’s mom bought it. Mom had us clean up, she said that we had to reek of sex and she doubted that Calissa’s mom would not notice the smell. I had an awesome time washing myself along with Calissa and mom. We didn’t get dressed till after we were clean, then we took Calissa home.

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